No one nose da trubblez I’ve seen…

Published February 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here furinallee…me sowwy me not bee here diz week. Fingz went ‘haywire’ wif da freekin smelly  annoying Bowel Disease!!! Yah ya read DAT rite!!! Altho me went to da Vet Feb.10th n had da “Full Monty” of meddycashun n den went diz Tuesday fer da follow-up of Pepcid n Mirtazipine sumfing went bad reel quick!! Mum said it waz me “Tushie Gone Bad”….like “Gurlz Gone Wild”!!!!  We got home frum da Vet’s n within an hour me started havin xplosive die-arrhea….it waz pawfull 😦 Mum wuud cleen me up n me wuud bee okayz fer an hour n den WHAM it wuud hit again n again!!! Wavez of die-arrhea hit me…it waz a bowel Tsunami…Mum n me have spent ALOT OF Time in da bathroon me can tell ya!

Waitin fer more leest in rite room!

Waitin fer more poop….at leest in rite room!

So diz haz kept Mum n me on ourz toeziez me can tell ya! Me kept tryin to eat butt me TUSHIE wuud xplode afterwerdz…

Miss Sheila took us BACK to Dr. Dave this mornin n me spent almost 2 hourz dere!  Me took a selfie befur treetmint:

Oh nose not diz again?

Oh nose not diz again?

Doez me look scared?? Ya betcha me waz scaredy-kat…tryin to escape even:

Where is da EXIT Dot?

Where is da EXIT Dot?

Dr. Dave did sum examin:

Yah it still werkz Dr.Dave!

Yah it still werkz Dr.Dave!

Den came da SubQ fluidz….again…..

Me a pincushun again...

Me a pincushun again…

Dr. Dave checkin  me waz gettin ‘guud’ fluid:

Look up....way up.....

Look up….way up…..

Den fingz got UGLEE!!! Me tushie xploded rite in da carrier!! Me waz so embarrassed n felt pawfull…dere iz no pickturez ’cause me haz sum dignitee…okayz me had nun left butt Mum cuud see me distress n put cammyra away! Dr. Dave took me into 2nd exam room n gave me a lubly bath wif bubblez n den litely dried me off….so back in me carrier me thott all waz finished..OH NOSE!!! Me had a double shot of Covenia PLUS Amoxicillin injeckshunz ’cause me haz a seckondery infecksuhn in small bowel…*FLOUNDER* Me n Mum just looked at each other n meowed in unnyson: “NNNOOOOOOO!!!”

We came home n Mum washed out me mini Minkie blankie n got mee sum fresh food…me eated n shure enuff da bowelz xpressed demselvez again so Mum did da cleen-up n den me went to sit in da bedroom  n cleen meself too:

Diz cleenin iz neber endin it seemz..

Diz cleenin iz neber endin it seemz..

Oh n check me back out where da SubQ waz in. Me haz sprung a leek me finkz:

Holey Kt me sprung a leek!!

Holey Kat me sprung a leek!!!

What a week it haz bin so far! Me iz tryin to bee brave n fight thru diz eppysode n me will do me best but me iz tired…..



Bery BERY tired…….

Wake me up sumtime tomorrow.....

Wake me up sumtime tomorrow…..

Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue is fast asleep now so we shall leave ‘sleeping cats’ lie so to speak!!! Poor “Sweet Feet” has been thru so so much again…Please say a prayer or 2 for her. She is a warrior & walks in her Auntie Mingflower’s paw tracks…

Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen out 😉






107 comments on “No one nose da trubblez I’ve seen…

    • Yow Misaki n Miss Dawn…me iz slowly comin along…bad flare-up of Bowel Disease…not purrty. Went to Vet’z twice last week. Me iz on da mend…
      Me nommienated ya fer da Sunshine award in today’z bloggie…
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Oh Meow My!
    Nylablue you really are a very tough kitty to get though this week fur-sure. You wonderfur Mom too! I wish there was something I could offer that would fix you up just like that (Timmy snaps his paw) but I cannot. We will purr hard fur you and Mom so keep working on getting better and the energy of love and caring will flow to you from all of us around the world.
    Possibly it is all the weather causing a flare? Our brofur Rumpy had his goopie poopie come back this week too.
    Purrs my dear furend
    Timmy, Dad and Furmaly

    • hello Timmy & Dad & family: Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue is resting well & has had a good day. Has been able to eat & no diarrhea.Please just keep purring & praying for Nylablue to recover…that is the BEST gift of all!!!! All of the people & 4 leggeds we are connected to in the blogging world have done so much for us & we are genuinely touched by all the love. No Nylablue’s flare-up is not weather related…she has a bacterial infection which happens with Bowel Disease….she did have a violent Herpes flare-up so that might have led to the infection…
      Poor Rumpy…we hope his goopy poopy stops soon also….
      What a week it has been 😉
      Thank you for stopping by…
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Yow Wally, ERrie n Zoey: It iz lubly of ya to stop by n bizit!!! Diz iz a big set back butt me iz tryin to reecover! Have bin able to eat today wifout me bowelz xplodin whhich iz nice 😉
      Me can here yer heelin purrz all da way frum Da Island 😉
      Phankz fer stoppin by.
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

    • Hello Maggie & Crew…Nylablue made it thru the nite..she slept with me for most of it once we got to bed. She is eatin small meals & so far no diarrhea. We are hoping the Double dose of Covenia works…we hope….
      Thank you for stopping by! Your support means the world to us.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo
      P.S.: Kisses to Chancy from Nylablue

      • We are so happy to hear that sweet Nylablue is getting better. We hope that she can keep eating have no more diarrhea and is feeling great very soon. Hugs and nose kisses and love to you both!

        • Hi Maggie: No diarrhea all day 🙂
          She has eaten well today & had some of her Fibre response kibble tonite…she even asked for catnip!! Fingers & paws still crossed….
          ((HUGS)) back my friend & kisses to the poochies & kitties too!
          Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Hello Trev Bear & Mom: We appreciate all the prayers & healing…please keep them going….Nylablue made it thru the nite…so prayers & medicine are working!
      Whew it has been another very rough week…the support here has helped so much.
      ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Hello Savannah & Linda: Thank you for stopping by! I know how busy you are these days!! Nylablue made it thru the nite; so paws crossed she will make it thru the treatment…Dr. Dave is wonderful. I am jsut Nylablue’s humble Hu’Mum & I hope we can pull her thru’.
      All the love & prayers & purrs is working!!!
      Love to both of you from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • Oh Nylablue, that’s so sad that you had a Tsunami in your tummy. What a bad week you had, sweet girl. I will think about you every evening before I go to my bed and I will make a wish every evening that you will be well soon.

    • EEoww Easy me iz so glad we iz furendz…da ‘Tsunami in da Tummy’ haz settled down fer now…da meddycashun iz bery strong n me iz bery tired. Me wanted to say EEOOWW to me sweet Easy tho’. Purrleeze keep wishin n poochie purrayin…it all healps me Champeeon….
      ❤ Nylablue ❤

  • N.B. We ❤ ❤ ❤ you for your bravery. You deserve a nice long nap and so does Mum S-E. We cannot believe what you have had to go through this week. You and Mum Sherri-Ellen deserve some super big hugs and we are sending them. Hope some of that medicine you got helps the leaky/exploding bowel. We are purring and praying with great fervor and hope that it helps as it has in the past. We hate that you now have an infection. We love you and your Mum S-E so much. Purrs and paw-pats from your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and smooches from your Aunti Janet

    • Yow me Kitteh Blue Sisfurz n Brofur n Aunti Janet: me just wantz to say me made it thru da nite….mum stayed up bery late wif me n furinallee da meddycashunz kicked in so da bowelz stopped runnin!!!
      Diz infechshun stuff iz all part of da Bowel Disease…it will continue fer da rest of me life…we just haz to accept it n try to werk wif what we haz…
      Much LUB to all frum Nylablue =^,,^=

    • Hi Eevee: it has been a very difficult week. I am beyond exhausted. Nylablue made it thru last nite which is a miracle!! She is a bit better today. She is trying to recover…every bout of this disease takes more of her strength tho. One day she will not succeed…7 months she has struggled…I only hope she truly wants to be here…
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

  • Hello Sweet Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen, We hope the night gave you a little peace and rest. We also want you to know that we wish we could take all this bad and sadness away. Our purrs and prayers are going strong, we are sending you tons of loves.
    Marty, mom and the gang

    • hello Marty, Mom & the Gang: I was up late last nite with Nylablue. She slept with me once we finally got to bed & she made it thru the nite!! Has been able to eat on her own today & no diarrhea…so there is some improvement…
      Thank you for the purrs & prayers & love….it all helps 😉
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxo

    • Eeoww Miss Annie: It iz alwayz so mbarrassin when me bowelz let go at da Vet’z…n so smelly 😦 Miss Jodi da new Vet Tech waz so kind to me n Dr. Dave rapped me in towel n took me into room fer me spa bath…he is so gentle too….
      me had a long nite; cuud not settle down so Mum had to stay up wif me…we DID furinally get to bed n sleeped n me iz still here!! Me haz ‘keeped da goodenss’ in frum me meelaz today! Dat die-arrhea iz pawfull 😦
      Me iz hopin wif lotz of rest we can calm fingz down fer a while again…
      Much lub Nylablue xxx
      Pee ess: Mum sayz she will stop by yer bloggie soon!

    • Yow Princeton n Precious: me made it thru da nite n iz havin a bettur day today…no die-arrhea 😉
      Me iz eatin guud n sleepin beeside Mum while she doez reepliez fer me…
      Keep sendin da lite n lub n purrayerz; it all helpz!
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

  • Ohhh Nylablue, I wish I lived closer as I would come see you and hug you, hold you and help you however you would need….love your Mom Sherrie Ellen and we are praying for you and for your Mommie to….you are so very brave and such a good girl to put up with all the prodding and pokes too…you are so very brave and so very beautiful. I had a Burmese kitty a long time ago…he was a brown point Burmese. His name was Poochago. God Bless You and Sherri Ellen too….hugs and prayers!

    • Hi HRCG: We too wish we lived closer so we could have visitors.
      Nylablue was incredibly brave yesterday. Wed nite she gave me the look of resignation & I figured she would not let us treat her yesterday but she did! I think all the love & prayers are working on her…she chose to live again…she comesback from the brink…it is amazing! I think it also is due to my vigilance & taking her in as soon as things change.
      How she withstands the needles is beyond me too! Nylablue is so much like her ‘Aunti’ Mingflower was…
      Poochago sounds like he was a gorgeous cat…I have always wanted a Burmese but I am allergic so admire from afar, lol.
      Thank you for the ((HUGS)) & prayers! How is Minnie’s eye doing? how are you today?
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

      • I am so happy to hear Nylablue has chosen to live….poor baby….she is truly a saint and such a good good girl..yeah the needles would be hard but she knows that they will help her and save her life…Pocchy had a bluest eyes and the chocolate brown really set them off…he was a character. Minnie is doing good….much better and she too chooses to live…my vet gets such a kick out of her…and I’m good, just about over this dang cold. I am so happy Sherri-Ellen for you and for Nylablue:)

        • Thank you HRCG…I have had some people suggest I am keeping her alive against her own will. I am weary enough without this line of thought. Nylablue obviously wants to live. I had some doubt the last time she went into a flare-up but not this time! She does not fight the needles or the subQ & she is always purring when we come home.
          Hurrah for Minnie! Our felines are amazing 🙂
          Pocchy sounds like he was a lovely boy….
          I am relieved you are almost over the head cold thingy; me too….it was not life threatening but is sure made me feel rough for a week.
          happy weekend to all there from us here!
          Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

            • HI there HRCG: The people who do not understand the bond between Nylablue & I can not understand why we continue on…Yes our choices of treatments are limited & little by little the Bowel Disease gets stronger but I will not put Nylablue to sleep til SHE TELLS me….(or The Vet).
              Thanks for your support!
              Love to Miss Minie girl from us here 🙂

  • Nylablue I am sorry you are feeling so poorly and having such a bad time. I am praying extra hard for you. My kitties and me are sending lots of love to you and your mom. Both of try and get some rest.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    • Hi Sue: Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue slept for 2 hours straight & had a ibt of supper & is now snuggling beside me…This Bowel Disease is so awful…I know there are many horrid feline illnesses & I have seen alot of suffering cats go thru…this is by far the worst illness…we are shooting in the dark trying to keep her stable. I am hoping a good nite’s rest will help us both feel better…we both are exhausted.
      Thank you for sticking by us.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

    • Hi Marty & Mom: We appreciate you stopping by & sending Nylablue love & purrs & prayers…
      Inflammatory Bowel Disease is worse than Kidney Disease to control. Poor Nylablue is so tired & fed up yet when I decide to put her to sleep she always rallies…Overwhelming is the only way to describe this….
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

    • Yow Sparkle it haz bin bery ruff n it iz far frum over…me n Mum hope da Covenia werkz butt it iz a duuble dose n Amoxicillin too so it will either werk or not…
      More will be reevealed 😉
      WE iz sowwy we not bizit yer bloggie butt me bin too sick n Mum haz her handz full wif me…
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Ah my sweet baby..bless your heart for trying so are a wonderful brave girl.
    Sending much love n head bonks and cuddles for you and Mum and thankyou for taking the time to let us know xx

    • Hi Pearl: I knew you would want to know about this latest down turn. The Vet is hoping the mega doses of Antibiotic rid Nylablue’s bowels of the infection…we will have to wait & see….
      She is trying her best to stay with us….
      Thanks for stopping by!
      Much love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxo

        • *kissez Bacon on his cute snout* Oh phank ya so much fer understandin. Me iz bery groggy frum da meddycashun so me iz goin back to bed n get more sleep…keep da faith me sweet Bacon…me will try to stay here fer ya…(n me Mum too..)
          Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

            • Yah Bacon…me is snugglin wif Mum n we iz watchin SHERLOCK n Mum iz all swooney over Benedict in da Tux….how iz yer Mum??
              Me hopez diz meddycashun combo werkz….fingz must get bettur….pleeze KATGOD let me live sum more…
              Lub Nylablue -^,,^-

              • Amen! We want you better too. Mom is getting ready for bed. She already told me to get ready. She will be here in a minute to tuck me in and tell me a story. Yawn. I may not make it o story time. I’m sleepy tonight too. You get some rest my little friend. Hopefully you will be feeling so much better in the morning. We will say a prayer. XOXO – Bacon

                • Hi Bacon & June: Nylablue has gone back to sleep. I am trying to get caught up on replies here so hope I did not miss you! Thank you for your devotion to Nylablue. Hope your Mom told you a happy story & you drift off to piggie sleep…thank you for your prayers..
                  Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • EEoww Miss Andrea n Leo n Star we iz happy to see ya drop by!! Phankz fer da purrz fer me n cyber {{{HUGZ}}} fer Mum (she needz dem!)
      All we can hope iz da meddycashunz werk…Dr. Dave dubbled da Covenia n dat cuud werk in reeverse n me cuud not reecover…it will werk or not…all we can do iz wait!
      Purrz to Lea n Star n ~~head rubz~~ to ya Miss Andrea frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Sweet Nylablue know you and your Mum in our thoughts and prayers everyday. We’ll be thinking of you both during the “Duels”. Maybe an 88 victory will make you both feel better?
    Head butts and purrs,
    Hitch, Mistletoe & Dorothy

    • Yow Hitch n Mistletoe n Miss Dorothy: We haz missed seein ya around here n hope all of ya iz well.
      Pleeze keep purrayin fer me okayz?? me needz deevine intervenshun fer shure!
      Mum n me say da Qualeefyin on Sunday…pawz crossed me iz still here to watch Daytonah wif Mum on Sunday…
      *paw patz* Nylablue =^,,^=

      • We love you, Nylablue and if love and encouragement can make you better, you would live forever. Just look at the outpouring of love posted here today. And I bet that a lot of these folks are like me and have never been lucky enough to touch your beautiful fur. Some of our love for you is an offshoot of our love for your Mum. We’ve experience her kindness and joy In life and that draws people to her and makes us want to be her friend. And so many of us have watched her save you and then care for you, never wavering in her devotion. So many people would have cut and run as soon as things got difficult, but not your Mum. She has stood and fought for you every step of the way. So beautiful Nylablue, I know you’re tired and sometimes giving up seems like the only option. In that time I implore you to let this outpouring of love and strength to fill you and give you the will to fight. Fight the way your Mum has fought for you for so long. But know that when you must leave us and go to Summerland, we will be here to comfort and sooth your Mum. I know she’ll be heartbroken when you go but I also know that she loves you and wants the best for you, even if it means pain for her. So, fight Nylablue, until you can fight no more. And when you must rest, lay your head down to sleep and upon awakening open your eyes in Summerland. There, where pain is only a distant memory that can never again touch you, you will wait with the Princess May Ling in sunshine and soft breezes until your Mum comes over the hill, with it’s bright yellow buttercups dotting the lush green grass, to join you, turning Summerland in to paradise with the magic that can only exists when such honest and true hearts are allowed to dwell together. I hope I have not overstepped. Please accept this with the love that inspired it. May the love and light of friendship push back the darkness you battle so bravely.

        • Thank you Dorothy, Mistletoe & hitch for your lovely post.
          Nylablue made it thru the nite & is having a restful day. has been able to eat & NO diarrhea!!
          Cautiously optimistic altho we are not out of the woods yet.
          Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

    • Phankz sweet Austin…Mum haz had leeky eyez fer 2 ddayz now butt sayz she haz dust in dem 😉 It haz bin a pawful time here n me haz a long road to go to bee bettur again….me iz tryin tho…itty bitty stepz…
      Purray hard!! Me doez not want to leeve Mum yet..
      Much lub frum Nylablue =^,,^=

        • MMMMMMM Phankz Austin dem purrz felt so guud n me furry ear….mmmmmmm….me cuud lissen to ya purr all day!!! Phankz fer da smoochiez too…**blushy earz** Ya make an old kitteh’z heart feel bettur!
          Me made it thru da nite n me haz had sum food today (no tuna-tuna tho’)…
          No die-arrhea today so far so pawz crossed wif alot of rest me can beet diz infecshun….
          Me hopez…..
          Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Oh my Nylablueowooowoooooo! I am so sorry your bowels so leaky! You rest up and maybe not put any food in your tummy until it settles down fur a day. I wuvwuvwuvwuv youwoowowooo and send all the Reiki healing energy Mama taught to me to youwoowooooooo! xoxoxoxoxox, your Ku furever

    • EEowww Kuruk me sweet poochieboy!! Me wuud nott eat butt me waz given da Mirtazipine on Tuesday to stimulate me appytite….so me haz to eat…n dat makez da bowelz allstoopid dellycat… Me lubz ya too n me sayz PHANKZ to Miss Julianne fer da Reiki heelin…it haz werked guud befur….Mum n me appurrsheatez it so much!
      A Rooo wooo oooo sweet Ku frumm yer Nylablue ❤ ❤

  • Oh Nylablue you have so many people here rooting for you sweet’s a big day you had with Dr Dave and I love that he gave you a spa treatment…he cares so much for you too…we all hope that you have a better day today and that your leaky bits stop! Pickles sprung a leak when our old vet gave her an emergency SubQ when I rescued her…gave me a fright I can tell you! no more bloggie for now girl..make mum snuggle you and leave the bloggie world to us sweet one! love and hugs Aunti Bev xxxx

    • Yow Aunti Bev: At leest Dr. Dave givez me Spa treetmint when me poopz all over meself!!! Maybee me doez it on purrpose, MOL 😉
      Me haz onlee had a bit of die-arrhea since me got home n ate sum food…as fer da SubQ leek; diz alwayz happenz n me n Mum thott it wuud bee kind of funny to post about…
      Yow Picklez sprung a leek too?? It iz scarey fer shure.
      Me iz goin back to bed now…Mum iz gonna snuggle wif me.
      Much lub frum Nylablue =^..^=

    • Hello AngelAbbyGrace: Thank you for stopping by with your kind regards…Nylablye has eaten some more & had some more tushie action & had yet another wash & she is sleeping in her bed now….hopefully the Antibiotic & Covenia shots work to heal the infection….she is getting more & more bowel infections..
      Hopefully she has some more time…
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxo

    • EEoww Brofur Bailey…merci fer stoppin by n cheerin me up!!!
      me waz FURRY brave today; so brave in fact both Mum n Dr.Dave were BERY sirprized!!!
      Me haz bin sleepin alot n asked Mum if me cuud reeply to sum of me bestiez….
      Now me is off to bed fer a long rest!
      Bisous n Purrz frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Thank G-d you came home with your mom and I am sure you are both exhausted. A bout in the bathroom or 2 would sure poop me out! Hope you continue to improve! Love Auntie Toby

    • Yow Aunti Toby…a bout or two wuud ‘poop’ ya out iz BERY funny!!! Ya alwayz makez us laff aunti…phankz ya fer stoppin by. Me iz restin comfy like n me hopez diz meddycashun werkz!
      Lub Nylablue =^,,^=

    • Hello Vera: This Bowel Disease is wild & so frustrating! Both Dr. Dave & I are baffled how she could get a bacterial infection with the amount of medication she is taking….mind you we did not give her any Antibiotics 2 weeks ago…maybe an oversight yet she was stable…or so we thought.
      Please pray that the Antibiotics work for her…
      If they do not…doesn’t bear thinking about 😦
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

      • Hi, again, so sorry and sad about these difficulties. Does he know that it is bacterial because he did blood and stool work?
        Are you supplementing her with bioflora, probiotics that is? it is a necessity when taking antibiotics.
        Could it also be her immune system? chronic bowel inflammation (cealiac disease etc.) is difficult to treat in people too. Maybe rest and very little mild food for a few days can allow this crisis to subside.
        When my Scottie had chronic gastritis, rice cooked to a very soft point in light chicken broth did help. With her it was primarily her stomach though.
        The fact is that cats are more finicky eaters, and they cannot go without any food the way dogs can. It is easier to treat a dog than a cat. She can dehydrate easily if she cannot hold anything.
        Try asking about probiotics if you have not done them already. Except that they must be taken by mouth to reach her bowels. And did he check her pH ? I keep my two cats and myself on water that is ph neutral, it keeps down the acidity of body fluids. Hydrating her with the fluid that is used medically also corrects any electrolyte imbalance though.
        Let me know how she is doing, and you. V.

        • Hello Vera: My Vet has done testing & Nylablue has had INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE since July 2013. She also contracted PANCREATITIS in Ocotober 2013. Trust me the Vet knows what he is doing.
          Nylablue will NOT eat the probiotics in any form. We have tried everything but she is very finicky & does not like the taste of them. That option is out.
          She will not eat chicken or rice or anything different from her Fancy Feast wet food & her prescription Fibre kibble. We have tried to change her food a million times but she only eats the Fancy Feast. She will NOT take oral meds. Everything is given via injections. Only the Mirtazipine is given orally & that is with Vet Tech holding her wrapped & me holding back legs & Vet stuffing pll down her.
          She has had subQ fluids twice in past 2 weeks. Her drinking water is filterd & pure.
          Nylablue was not supposed to make it past July; so every day is borrowed time & I am grateful for this. Thank you for your concern and ideas…trust me we have tried them all.
          Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen

          • Well, because this touches me so deeply I have sent an email to you. Forgive if it is repetitive – I am glad that Dr.Dave is really involved !
            I know ALL about finicky cats and cats that cannot be pilled etc. After a while you do all you can, then you have to allow nature to take her course. Hard as that is. Love, Vera

            • Hello Vera: Thank you for your indepth email. You have done your research well. Dr. Dave has a 14 yr old cat of his own with almost the same health profile as Nylablue. They even go into flare-ups within a few days of each other.
              Nylablue has had Chronic Cystitis for years which we managed to cure (or so we thought). It morphed into Bowel Disease & the Pancreatitis is an off shot of that. She also has Feline Herpes Virus so her appetite nose dives alot hence the Mirtazipine. Without it she would not survive. We have done the Prednisolone and other cortisone medication. We can not force Probiotics down her throat. We have LIMITED options & trust me my Vet has looked into everything possilbe to try for her & we have done so. There is no point in anyone losing sleep over Nylablue other than me. Like I have said in many previous blogs she has been on borrowed time since July & on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time since October. I appreciate your concern & effort to assist me however you are right in saying that NATURE will take her course! I am doing what I can to deal with symptoms as they arise & keep Nylablue comfortable. When she ‘tells’ me she is done or she no longer enjoy a good quality of Life I will do the right thing. For now all I ask is for prayers & support. And trust me I am doing all I can for Nylablue & know what I am doing!
              Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen xo

  • nyla….mega sorree ya haz had a week frum de bad place with flames…hope yur system has settled down N yur bak ta eatin toona toona in noe time…az all ways, sendin de blessings oh R pal St Francis yur way…..xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

    • EEowww Tabbiez phankz fer da purrayerz n da blessinz of Saint Furrancis…me bloody needz dem fer shure! Me NOT ALLOUD tuna-tuna fer a while either…*sighz* me hatez beein sick!!!
      Phankz fer stoppin by…
      Lub n *paw patz* Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Sherri-Ellen, I understand how completely exhausted you must be…emotionally and physically. Poor sweet Nyablue going through all this…wish we could all make it better. We inherited a cat with bowel disease and it’s no fun…he wasn’t explosive, just had no control when he went through a bout.
    try to get some rest.Did Dr Dave say it was OK to keep feeding or should Nylablue’s system be given a rest for 24hrs?
    Jane x

    • Hello Jane: Thank you so much for your empathy & understanding. I can barely function. All my energy is focused on Nylablue.
      Do you still have the cat with Bowel Disease? Can you share anything about how you care(d) for your kitty?? Nylablue is amazing in that she always makes it to the litter box (thankfully) altho sometimes her bum is hanging over the box & she graces the floor…but that is easily enough cleaned up.
      We should fast her Jane, but she was given Mirtazipine on Tuesday to stimulate her appetite so she keeps wanting food. I made the portions smaller…that helped a bit.
      Now that she has a double dose of Covenia plus Amoxicillin running thru her system she is not eating alot…hoepfully the medication will work….
      Fingers & paws crossed…
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

      • No, Tio went to heaven about nine years ago. His system basically closed down, he’d gone through a hard time before he came to us and his disease had been left untreated. We helped him along for a couple of years but he was too just tired. We syringe fed him A/D food as he lost so much weight, but he just couldn’t cope with it anymore and one day began seizing. I’m so glad that Nylablue has you and that you’ve been looking after her so well. xxx
        Jacob had Convenia for his bladder problem, but last time it didn’t work, (we don’t know why) and oral antibiotics make him throw up. We are hoping that if we need it again the Convenia will work.
        Love to you both, hope little miss is feeling better today.
        Jane x

        • Hello Jane: I am so sorry about Tio. thank you for sharing about him.That is my worst fear: Nylablue having seizures!! If that happens I will do the right thing…
          I am doing my best for Nylablue. Dr. Dave has run out of options; so the double dose of Covenia was a last attempt combined with Amoxixillin….Nylablue made it thru the nite. She has eaten small meals today & NO DIARRHEA!! Thank KATGOD 😉
          Oh my Jacob sure has a sensitive system…I hope he doesn’t need further treatement & if so the Covenia does work….
          Thanks for stopping by again.
          Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxo

  • Oh No! Poor sweet Nylablue. We are so sorry you have been put through the ringer again, and are crossing all paws and hooves that things settle down again soonest. And Genji wanted to tell you how touched and honoured he was by your invitation. He is supposed to have a girlfriend, Miss Rose over at The Oliver and Ruby Chronicles, but she only blogs very rarely now, so he would be delighted to hang out with you!

    The Chans

    • Yow #1 n Chan kittehz n Tommy n V Horseiez….it iz lubly to see such kidn werdz frum ya all. Me iz reelly havin a bad time wif da Bowel Disease…it waz so quiet n now diz!!!
      Purrleeze tell Genji me haz to rest fer now butt he iz in me thottz n me sendz *paw kissez* to him! Miss Rose iz bery lucky to haz Genji as a boyfurend!
      Much lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Oh Sweet girl we are keeping our paws and fingers crossed for you and lots of prayers too,Speedy send lots of healing super charged snuggle to you sweet girl.
    Sherr-Ellen rest up as much as you can and try not to worry about blogging,I can do update’s for you if that helps,love to you both as always,xx Rachel and Speedy

    • Hello Rachel & Speedy: Thank you for stopping by. What a very long day it has been for both of us! Nylablue has only had a wee bit of diarrhea since we came home. She has eaten a few times & things are quiet in ht eposterior area 😉
      The amount of meds she was given will either clear the infection or she will not recover…yes we are at that crossroads again….
      I will not be blogging for a bit. I have so many blogs to visit when I can……
      I will send you updates via email & yes please post on your blog!
      Thank you for your assistance.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • Yes, thanks for the update, we have been very worried about you sweet Nylablue. All seven of us are always sending our best purrs and prayers. Get some rest sweetie, it will do ya good. Hugs.

    • Yow Brian n yer Sisfurz n Mistur Terry n Miss Celeste phankz ya fer yer support..Me can feel da purrz n purrayerz n me iz restin guud n not exertin meself too much.
      *paw patz* n lub to all of ya frum Nylablue =^,,^=

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you so much for the update. You and Mum sure have been through some troubles these past few weeks. I am once more so thankful for Dr. Dave. And Mum — you are also a warrior. I hope you have a nice nap, Miss Nylablue, and I hope Mum gets some rest too. I’m praying for you both and for Dr. Dave.

    • Hello Susan: Thank you for your support!! I am a snivelling warrior (cry in bathroom when Nylablue not in there). This is how Bowel Disease behaves…it is such a nasty illness…even worse than the Kidney Disease Mingflower had…I am beyond exhausted & so is dera Nylablue.
      I need a nap with my ‘Sweet Feet’ 😉
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

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