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Easy Sunny Sunday

Published February 23, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue's tribulation 002Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here wif Mum to do a update bloggie n spread a bit of Sunshine around da bloggie werld today! Ferst me say me slowlee on da mend. Mum meowed wif Docktur Dave via email today n fingz are starting to werk propurr inside me.
Me n Mum wantz to give a “MEOW OUT” to all of ya who haz emailed here n purrivate emailz n purrred n purrayed fer me to reecover! Mum n Dr. Dave fink da support iz just as impawtent as da meddycashun n me haz to agree! Phank ya ALL fer standin by me n Mum thru da dark timez n neber leevin us on our own….ya all meen da WERLD to us!!!

Seckond me gotz a lubly award today!! It iz called da Sunshine Award n it iz frum Musingz By Marty Manx who iz a new furend of mine (n bery handsum *ahem* )……sunshine-award-sunflower frum Musings By MartyPhankz so much Marty Manx fer britenin me day!!! Me iz apposta give diz award to 10 bloggiez dat inspire me so here goez:

Speedy, da Cheeky House Bunny n Miss Rachel; Brian’z Home n Dad Terry; Savannah’z Paw Trackz n Miss Linda; Bacon n June frum Pig Love; Fozzie Mum , Aunti Bev; Mag’z Corner (me nose ya iz award free but we givez ya a shout out fer da support anyway); Bailey Boat Kat me Brofur; Da Kat On Me Head wif Miss Janet n da Kittehz Blue; On Da Road Wif Animal Courierz wif Miss Annie; Sammy, One Spoiled Kat n Miss Pam n  Da Misadventurez of Misaki wif Miss Dawn n furinallee Da Island Kittehz (who MUMM FERGOT TO ADD to diz list; me apaulogizes fer da oversite Wally, Ernie n Zoe!!!)  Me menshun Hu’manz as well as 4 leggedz beecause ya are so pawsum n support me n Mum so much we iz deeplee humbled!

Thirdlee me apposta tell ya 10 interestin fingz bout me. Well ya all nose so much….what can me share?? Me doez not like bathz butt me likez when Dr. Dave givez me a spa bath; me watchez NASCAR n Bollywood moviez; me iz ackshully well behaved at da Vet’z fer me; me lubz turkey now cause me used to hate it befur; me askz fer catnip by goin to nipnap mat n starin at it n Mum getz da message. Now me tell ya 5 fingz about me Mum: She werkz wif feral kittehz n wif Animal Shelter to get kittehz furever homez; she iz so deevoted to me she will tell peeple off if dey say bad fingz about me; she iz a poet butt to shy to post dem here; she wantz to do 4 man bobsled; she iz in lub wif Bennydict Cumberbatch (SHERLOCK)…Okayz so iz me…..MOL 😉

On to da forth fing to share: PIX of me in da Sunpuddlez diz mornin:Nylablue's tribulation 004Nylablue's tribulation 005Nylablue's tribulation 006

MMM dat Sun felt pawsum on me fer dat whole 30 minutz….now it iz snowin again…butt me enjoyed da Sun while it waz out. Do ya like me wistfull look in da last piccie?? Me iz finkin bout me new boyfurend Bacon of Pig Love. He n me bin gettin to nose each other n we planned to go on a date….den me got sick again! *FLOUNDER* So me iz hopin me can get bettur so Bacon n me can plan dat speshell dat wif da butterfliez…..Me LUBZ ya Bacon! Okayz me off to haz another nap so me n Mum wishez eberyone an Easy Sunny Sunday…Nylablue out 🙂


Xtra Xtra: Tuna Monster spotted!!!

Published February 22, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Hi Everyone: As all of you know (unless you already went to the Moon) (shameless plug for Sammy’s trip Feb. 27th), Nylablue had another BAD episode of the Bowel Disease this week. It was very unpleasant for both of us. Thankfully Miss Sheila was available to take us both Tuesday & Thursday for treatments.  My Vet  warned me that the 48 hours AFTER the Antibiotic treatment are crucial so I have been like a ‘Mother Hen’ all over Nylablue like a rash, lol….

This morning I was so surprised to have a request for this:My tuna-tuna monster 001

When I went to check on Nylablue I found this:My tuna-tuna monster 004My tuna-tuna monster 006My tuna-tuna monster 008Uh huh it appearz the ‘tuna-tuna’ monster has returned to The Purrfect Pad!!!! Do we dare to exhale now??

Let’s look one more time:My tuna-tuna monster 010My tuna-tuna monster 013Yes I DO believe my ‘tuna-tuna’ monster has returned!!!!! What’s that Nylablue? YOU want to add something? Okay go ahead ‘Sweet Feet’….

Yow Krazy Katz iz me Nylablue n me just wantz to say a B-I-G PHANKZ fer all da support n concern n LUB frum ALL of ya here n in da grater bloggie werld!!! Me iz feelin sumwhat bettur…me not purrfect yet…me haz sum way to go to gettin ALL bettur butt me feelz much more like Nylablue ‘tuna-tuna’ monster n less like ‘Xplodin Tushie’ monster’!

We lubz ya n leevez ya wif diz piccie of me:My tuna-tuna monster 012Izn’t me just da cutest kitteh ya eber seen??? Nylablue n Mum OUT!!!! (where’s da tuna-tuna bowl got to Mum???)

No one nose da trubblez I’ve seen…

Published February 20, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here furinallee…me sowwy me not bee here diz week. Fingz went ‘haywire’ wif da freekin smelly  annoying Bowel Disease!!! Yah ya read DAT rite!!! Altho me went to da Vet Feb.10th n had da “Full Monty” of meddycashun n den went diz Tuesday fer da follow-up of Pepcid n Mirtazipine sumfing went bad reel quick!! Mum said it waz me “Tushie Gone Bad”….like “Gurlz Gone Wild”!!!!  We got home frum da Vet’s n within an hour me started havin xplosive die-arrhea….it waz pawfull 😦 Mum wuud cleen me up n me wuud bee okayz fer an hour n den WHAM it wuud hit again n again!!! Wavez of die-arrhea hit me…it waz a bowel Tsunami…Mum n me have spent ALOT OF Time in da bathroon me can tell ya!

Waitin fer more leest in rite room!

Waitin fer more poop….at leest in rite room!

So diz haz kept Mum n me on ourz toeziez me can tell ya! Me kept tryin to eat butt me TUSHIE wuud xplode afterwerdz…

Miss Sheila took us BACK to Dr. Dave this mornin n me spent almost 2 hourz dere!  Me took a selfie befur treetmint:

Oh nose not diz again?

Oh nose not diz again?

Doez me look scared?? Ya betcha me waz scaredy-kat…tryin to escape even:

Where is da EXIT Dot?

Where is da EXIT Dot?

Dr. Dave did sum examin:

Yah it still werkz Dr.Dave!

Yah it still werkz Dr.Dave!

Den came da SubQ fluidz….again…..

Me a pincushun again...

Me a pincushun again…

Dr. Dave checkin  me waz gettin ‘guud’ fluid:

Look up....way up.....

Look up….way up…..

Den fingz got UGLEE!!! Me tushie xploded rite in da carrier!! Me waz so embarrassed n felt pawfull…dere iz no pickturez ’cause me haz sum dignitee…okayz me had nun left butt Mum cuud see me distress n put cammyra away! Dr. Dave took me into 2nd exam room n gave me a lubly bath wif bubblez n den litely dried me off….so back in me carrier me thott all waz finished..OH NOSE!!! Me had a double shot of Covenia PLUS Amoxicillin injeckshunz ’cause me haz a seckondery infecksuhn in small bowel…*FLOUNDER* Me n Mum just looked at each other n meowed in unnyson: “NNNOOOOOOO!!!”

We came home n Mum washed out me mini Minkie blankie n got mee sum fresh food…me eated n shure enuff da bowelz xpressed demselvez again so Mum did da cleen-up n den me went to sit in da bedroom  n cleen meself too:

Diz cleenin iz neber endin it seemz..

Diz cleenin iz neber endin it seemz..

Oh n check me back out where da SubQ waz in. Me haz sprung a leek me finkz:

Holey Kt me sprung a leek!!

Holey Kat me sprung a leek!!!

What a week it haz bin so far! Me iz tryin to bee brave n fight thru diz eppysode n me will do me best but me iz tired…..



Bery BERY tired…….

Wake me up sumtime tomorrow.....

Wake me up sumtime tomorrow…..

Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue is fast asleep now so we shall leave ‘sleeping cats’ lie so to speak!!! Poor “Sweet Feet” has been thru so so much again…Please say a prayer or 2 for her. She is a warrior & walks in her Auntie Mingflower’s paw tracks…

Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen out 😉






To nap; purrchance to dreem (after Da Ball)

Published February 16, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow me Krazy Katz: Nylablue here back frum da Queen of Heartz Ball n reelaxin diz weekend….me had da BESTEST time wif me poochie Kuruk! He iz a true GentlePoochie n treeted me like a Queen…oh wait! Me IZ a Queen! Well he did treet me so well n me got to dance wif me handsum mankat furendz n NO REEPEAT of me kissin anyfurry under da *ahem* buffet table. Me kept me furry head about me diz time!! Me did not come home wif Ringo Starz drummin in me head to a Mum tippytappin her toesiez on da floor wif armz crossed n disapprovin look on da face! Whew…neber again fer diz kitteh me can tell ya!  Me found a Sun puddle yesturday so reecharged me fur:NylaB after the Ball 004NylaB after the Ball 005 Dat iz sum lubly Sun on da old kitteh bonez….so me n Mum were meowin about da Ball n she said me waz quite da COOGURR n me had a guud laff over dat!!NylaB after the Ball 006 Den me settled in fer a wee nap:NylaB after the Ball 007 So as me waz nappin me heard sumfin frum da kittchen n TA-DA me awoke after me lubly slumber to sum tuna-tuna (no werdz needed!)NylaB after the Ball 016NylaB after the Ball 019

MMMMMMM diz iz *nom nom nom* guud *slurp* *nom* tuna-tuna Mum!! What don’t talk wif me mouth full?? Yah Yah….*nom nom nom*

So after da tuna-tuna me went to meow wif me loyal peepz of da realm n regail dem wif storeez of da Ball:NylaB after the Ball 020NylaB after the Ball 022Yah Mum me iz tellin dem about da champy-pain n da salmon treetz…MOL!! Me can tell da storee just fine wifout yer help 😉

After all diz eggcitemint me curled up in condo fer a well deeserved happy nappy:NylaB after the Ball 024 What a pawsum Valentine’z Day me n Kuruk had….so many memoreez made!! Me hopez ya had as much fun at Da Ball or whereber ya were sellybratin da Heart’z Day!!

One more fing: Kittehz Blue n Aunti Janet gave me diz award befur Heart’z day n me wanted to show ya all:best-blog frum Kittehz Blue Feb. 2014Yow me, er me meenz ME n Mum iz da BEST bloggie in da werld what a compleemint!!!!! PHANKZ to me Sisfurz n Brofur fer finkin of me n Mum!! Bery sweet 😉

Me not shure if dere are rulez fer given diz award out…so me gonna pass it to 4 bloggiez dat make me n Mum “ROFWL” which iz guud ’cause laffter iz da best meddycine!!

1) Dennis’s Diary of Destruction

2) Easy Rider 

3) All Fer One n One Fer All

4) Pig Love

Wishin eberyone a reelaxin weekend like me bin havin n me see ya in me dreemz 😉 Nylablue out!NylaB after the Ball 015

“RED lettur” Valentine’z Furiday!!!!

Published February 14, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here to share da Valentine’z LUB wif ya all…queue Barry White singin:

Yow sing it Barry!!!! So befur me n Kuruk headed out to Madi’z “Queen of Da Heartz” Ball me did a photo shoot fer Mum. Me waz sittin wif Mum’z  RED LADY statue n we thott “Say diz bee guud fer Valentine’z Day cause da color of LUB iz RED”Nylablue & THE Red Lady 003

EASY like Sunday n da EYE of KATGOD captured

Published February 2, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Eeoww Krazy Katz: Nylablue here to show ya me getting me *easy on*:

Gettin me EASY On

Gettin me EASY On

How me doin so far?? Mum found a funny kitteh pic on FB she wantz to share here:Cold ToesiezIzn’t dat da funniest fing ya seen all Winter?? 😉 Mum can we keepz da kitteh boy pleeeze???

As most of ya nose diz iz Super Bowl Sunday n dere are pawtiez eberywhere! WE wantz to invite ya over to Timmy Tomkat’z place fer a smashin pawty!! We sellybrated Buddy’z 13th Birfday yesturday n today iz da Super Bowl Pawty. Fer ebery commint left Timmy’z Hu’man Dad iz donatin half a *green paper* up to 50 green papurrz to a place called Tabby’z Place…..

Here is da linky to Timmy’z:

N here is da linky to Tabby’z Place:

Me n Mum went to bizit dere page n it iz a bery lubly place fer Kittehz wif illness n dey live cage free!!! Purrfect kitteh haven in New Jersey, USA….da Hu’Manz left der jobz to open Tabby’z Place in memoree of dere BEELOVED boy Tabby kitteh…pleeze pop over n give dem a “shout out’…

We leeve ya wif a beeuteefull photo taken by Miss Nancy S. of Ohio…it iz da Kitteh eye of KATGOD lookin down on all of us…Rainbow eye of G-D by Nancy S in OhioNylablue n Sherriellen Mumm over n easy out 😉

Snow bound, snuggled up n seein Sterling

Published February 1, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Da Nylablue here to reeport on all da newz frum Da Purrfect Pad…where to start???  As ya all nose Winter iz holdin us hostage here in Canada n we iz up to da eyeballz in snow!! Yesturday (Furiday) dere waz NO SNOW n we were so happy!! Plus sumfing speshell came in da mail fer me:

Me purrize frum AC 2Me purrize frum AC 1

Me BERY OWN Beer Pawz opener frum Animal Courierz fer beein such a faithfull reeder!!!

Phankz Miss Annie!!

Mum furinally got it put on me condo in it lookz so kewl:Me purrixe on me condo 1Phankz again A/C n Miss Annie fer da purrize!

So diz waz me diz mornin when da snow started:



Me iz disguested wif diz weather:



So Mum to da resckue wif…..ya guessed it:

Tuna-tuna savez da day!

Tuna-tuna savez da day!

Mum alwayz nose how to deestract me frum bad stuff…. 😉

WE haz a biziter we wantz ya to meet. Hiz name iz STERLING n he iz a Starling birdie:Sterling snackin 1

Sterling snackin 2








He finkz he iz a Mournin Dove as ya will see in diz next piccie:Sterling finkz he iz a DoveWe met diz Starlin in da Spring n he waz hangin out wif da Dovez butt we figured it waz just a coe-inn-see-dence butt it appearz he iz a part of da flock:

Me iz a Dove, no reelly!!!

Me iz a Dove, no reelly!!!

Sterling  proved diz by sittin wif Mr. n Mrs. Smith:Sterling wif da Dovez 1Sterling wif da Dovez 2Diz fella iz accepted by da Dovez as one of dere own n let me tell ya he lookz NUFFIN like a Mournin Dove!!! Starlingz are sorta greessy n awkkwerd lookin yet da Dovez treet him like part of da flock…dere iz a lesson in diz fer all of us to accept otherz just as dey are n in fact we can lub sumone who iz bery different frum us…YOW, me iz so filly-sof-ickal today! Dat iz what happinz when ya are sittin in an Igloo, MOL… 😉

Me got a beeuteeful award also frum Binky of AngelWhispurrz2011 n me n Mum just ADOOR diz award cause it haz flowerz; fingz we not haz at diz time!!! Phankz so much Binky n Cecilia fer diz pawsum award.field-of-flowers-award from Binky & AW2011 Accordin to da rulez me iz apposta give diz to 8 furendz n explain why. Me finkz me will give it to furendz who iz havin isshuez wif weather whereeber dey are; so here goez:

1) All Fer One N  One Fer All/Fozzie Mum

2) Bacon of Pig Love

3) Misaki of Misadventurez of Misaki.

4) Da REEL Maple Syrup Mob/Da Maple Syrup Mob

5) Tabbiez O’Trout Towne

6) Da Poupounette/Vidock n Violette

7) McDuff frum Colder Weather

8) Penelope of Da Kat Frum Hell

9) Sammy of One Spoiled Kitteh

Sum of ya are in heat wavez n sum in mud n rain n sum of ya like us iz in snow!! So me leevez ya wif dese 2 picciez of me. Mum came lookin fer me butt me waz nowhere to bee found til she peeped into da pantree n look what she saw:

Not comin out Mum!!

Not comin out Mum!!

Me meenz it!!!

Wake me when itz Spring!

Wake me when itz Spring!

Nylablue out…or in diz case IN (da pantree), MOL 🙂