Vogu-inn like Madonna

Published January 22, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz look at me Vogu-in fer Mum after da Vet’z:

NB sittin pretty 006NB sittin pretty 008NB sittin pretty 003NB sittin pretty 004NB sittin pretty 003NB sittin pretty 002 Diz a ‘rapp’! Nylablue out!!


62 comments on “Vogu-inn like Madonna

  • Yow Aunti Bev me n Mum ran away!!! Diz bin a ruff week fer her n she found out her so called furend waz not such a furend after all…Mum waz sweared at n made to feel purrty bad n she walked away n she sayz diz pawsun iz NO LONGER one of me Aunti’z so me nose it IZ sirius fer shure!
    We snuglin n me got Mum to sing to me last nite n she iz smilin like diz again:)
    Lub Nylablue xxx

  • hello nylablue its dennis the vizsla dog hay strike a pose!!! just like harlow jean on the cover of a magazeen!!! hay thank yoo and yore mama for yore kind wurds and thawts dooring tuckers ilness it wuz graytly appreesheyayted we wil miss him but wer graytly hartend by all the support he reeseevd at the end!!! ok bye

    • Yow Dennis it iz a pleashure to have ya bizit me!! Me waz werkin da cammyra like madoona me can tell ya n Mum waz snappin pix….she picked da best onez fer diz bloggie 😉
      Yer BERY wellcome fer da kind werdz n support. We nose how it hertz to say Goodbye n we feelz so bad fer ya n da furamly n sweet Tucker…may he run free in Summerland…
      We supportz ya thru diz n purrayz dat yer memoreez will bee a comfert durin diz sad time n fer alwayz…
      Much lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

    • Yow Phankz Aunti Rebby n McDuff me waz feelin fine n sassy fer da pix!!! Mum waz werkin da cammyra like a pro 😉
      Much lub n ((Hugz)) n puurz n ~~head rubz~~ to all of ya frum me Nylablue xxxx

  • You look stunning Miss Nylablue!! we have not been around due to heaps of Secretary work..hence why we will never look as fine as you..too dang tired 😉 so come on vogue..let your body move to the music….sing along 🙂 talk later my sweets I am very tired and need a nana nap……………..or zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hugs Aunti Bev xxxxx

    • Why Aunti Bev how kind of ya to sayz… 😉
      Me n Mum figured ya waz bery busy so we nott bug ya…plus da heet musta zapped yer energee!!
      Ya iz as guud lookin as me Aunti…never feer!
      “Yow let me body move to da musick…come on n Vogue…” MOL….
      Say did dinnermintz tell ya me n Kutruk are goin to Madi’z Valentine’z ball???
      Ya shuud see me outfit…amazin!!! N Kuruk in hiz Tux…WOOZERZ!!!
      Lub Nylablue xxx

      • Indeed I heard from Dinnermintz that you are all ready to go!! I must get Dinnermintz and Apollo sorted…and yep been starting a blog up for my CWA branch and it’s been really draining and very fiddly…..my eyes are sore from it and everything still needs doing in the house etc..so might be a bit scare for a few days until get it sorted…arghhhh heheheh 🙂 hugs and loves Aunti Bev xxxx

        • Yah Aunti Bev…me must stay well so me can go to da Ball wif me poochie boy Kuruk…
          Dinnermintz n Apollo will make a lubly couple too 😉
          Oh nose ya iz werkin on another bloggie…dat will make yer head sipn n stuff…
          Ya takez all da time ya need to get sorted n we bee here fer ya…
          Much lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxo

          • Yes you stay well and you will have a ball Nylablue..literally 🙂 and yes my head is spinning…pushing my limits of patience it is..Thanks for understanding sweet feets 🙂 Luvs to you and Mum Aunti Bev xxx

            • Me n Mum understandz Aunti Bev…Mum iz gonna take tomorrow off n reed all da bloggiez cause we fell beehind. Mum sayz payshuntz iz hard to come by so do not givez it up easilee… 😉
              We lub ya, Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

                • Yow Mum here too Aunti..she haz lotz of payshuntz til she ‘redlinez’ n den she blowz a gaskit…speshelly when peeple hert her feelinz or are BERY nastee to her!! At leest she nose when to say sumfing n when to walk away…which she had to do diz week wif sumone in da buildin here….
                  It iz alwayz sumfing butt we get thru it…together 😉
                  Lub ya Aunti frum Nylablue xxx

                  • Walk away from trouble if you can…sing along..it don’t mean your weak if you turnnnn the other cheeeek….and yes always someone that wants to sit on your birthday cake!!! 🙂 HUgs Aunti Bev xxx

  • Wowzers Nylablue you should be on the cover of Vogue…Greta Garbo and Monroe have nothing on you Sweet feet!I might have to play this one at my gotcha day party what do you think?xx Speedy

    • Yow Miss Sue me haz had a few guud dayz…it goez in rollycoastur fasshun wif da Bowel Disease…sum guud dayz n den sum bad dayz…we just go wif it!
      Phankz fer da compleemint!! Me feelz so guud to be beeuteefull
      Lub Nylablue xxxx
      Lub to Charlie n Cashew, n Garfield n Tubby too…

  • You are looking very beautiful sweet Nylablue. We love your fashion model pose and your facial expressions. Gorgeous. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • Yow Miss Judy n C>A>T>S> many phankz fer da compleemintz. Me lubz to werk dat cammyra when me feelz guud… me iz Gorgeeuss?? *blushy earz* So lubly of ya to sayz.
      Lub to ya all frum me Nylablue xxxxx

  • Oh, Miss Fine and Feisty NB, you are looking mighty good, sisfur! That must mean things went well with Dr. Dave, and no stupid techs were working. Keep on keeping on. Every time we get a post and you are doing well, we all send up a gigantic cheer and purr. Can you hear us? We love you bunches and you know that your Aunti Janet does as well. You and Mom S-E, give each other some kisses and hugs from us. Purrs and paw-pats your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • MOL Miss Fine n Fiesty…me lubz dat nickyname Kittehz Blu n Aunti Janet… 🙂
      Fingz went well n me had onlee Pepcid injeckshun n oral Mirtazipine n me did wriggle sum n play wif Terry da Vet Teck…we likez each other so it went well.
      Yow me n Mum wundered where da cheerin waz comin frum!!!! Phankz fer beein me cheeleederz; dat iz so sweet.
      Me n Mum snuggled diz mornin n me ‘healed’ her wif vacuumin n sum chorez… She wuud bee lost wifout me help.
      Much lub to all of you frum me Nylablue n me worn out Mum xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • 😉 Miss Jane ya got it in one….me bin purrfectin me sereene look fer a few monthz now….
      Lub to da ‘Baker’z Dozen’ aka REEL MSM n ya n Mistur Chris frum me Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

    • Not shure what iz goin on wif WP today…Mum lost me ferst bloggie n had to reedo it….must bee da WP gremlin werkin his magick!! Do nott wurry cause me nose ya LIKE me post today 😉
      Lub to da Tabbiez n ya Miss Laura xoxoxoxoxo
      Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum

  • my stars nyla, strike a pose and madonna will be mega jealous if she sees you…you should be on the run way in Paris…those models have nothing on you….indeed …hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=

  • Oh Nylabluewooowoooooo! You are so stunning in your Vogueing posies. My heart goes pitter-patter! Looking forward to taking you to the Ball soon! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo, your Ku

  • Sorry Bacon, Easy, Sammy, A/C Annie n Tabbiez O Trout Towne…da ferst bloggie got eaten so we had to reedo it….we can’t post yer commintz so pleeze come back n reepost dem n LIKE me…purrty pleeze??!!! WP iz actin weerd here today 😦
    Lub frum Nylablue n Mum (doin a slo burn) xxxx

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