Sweet Siamese Saturday

Published January 19, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here! Bet ya all iz wunderin how me iz doin? Well me did have a setback last weekend n had to go back to Dr Dave. Terned out da Depomedrol (steroid) had worn off after onlee 4 weekz. So I had to get another injeckshun plus da Pepcid n da oral Mirtazipine…no funny reeackshun diz time which waz a reelief fer both me n Mum! Poor Mum she doez go to peecez when fingz not go smoothlee here 😉

So me haz had  a FURABULUSS 5 dayz! Me n TwinkleStar bin hangin out together:Nylablue with TwinkleStar 2

Ya gotta LUB a Kitteh n her Pony!

Ya gotta LUB a Kitteh n her Pony!

Me iz gonna let Mum take over da bloggie so she can share ’bout sa 2 Siamese kittehz at da Shelter now! Wait til ya reed diz story! Okayz over to ya Mum!

Hi All…Sherri-Ellen here. As you know I have been visiting Samurai at the local Shelter for the 4 weeks now. He was neutered 2 weeks ago so he is ready to go! Now if only we could find him a new home. No one has shown a blind bit of interest in him aside from me. When I went to visit today he let out a mighty MEEOWWWW as if to say ‘Hello There’. He recognizes my voice straightaway which warms my heart & upsets me because here is this gorgeous boy waiting for a new ‘furever’ home. He is just 3 years old so has many years left. I can admit I have fallen for him BIG time (sorry Nylablue; I still love you best). Altho Nylablue might not agree when she sees this photo:

Okay Lady! You love me; I love you. Now take me home!

Okay Lady! You love me; I love you. Now take me home!

I can kiss Samurai (who they still list as Gong but he does not answer to that ‘name’) & scratch him & stroke his belly & he loves to chat with me as I am paying attention to him. He really is a cutie!Shelter kittehs 005Shelter kittehs 014My flash is so bright he always closes his eyes…so I tried to get a photo thru the cage door:Shelter kittehs 016*sighs* I am in love with another cat; I confess. Forgive me Nylablue! LOL

Now on to Sweetie:Shelter kittehs 021She looks very sad doesn’t she? As I was busy visiting with Samurai a fellow came in & surrendered this 6 year old spayed Siamese girl. He said his Mother had died & ‘no one wants Sweetie’. He paid the fee and walked out like he had just taken the garbage out!! I wanted to go after him & beat some sense into him speak to him but I was not allowed to do this as I am not an employee there.

Sweetie is devastated & confused. First her Human dies and then she is on her own for who knows how long & now she is taken to a strange place & get this: THERE WAS NO BLANKET OR STUFFIES OR TOYS OR FOOD OR TREATS!!! Nada, zip, zilch, zero!!! I asked the girl working there why didn’t you ask where Sweetie’s belongings were & she replied that things happened so quickly she did not even realize Sweetie had nothing with her. For all we know she might be on a special diet. By the time we got to the parking lot the fellow was long gone. I do not even know if she got his name or phone number! If I had been working there I would have asked ALOT of questions; but then again I’m a nosy old broad, lol…Now I would love to find this fellow & smack him upside the head   ask him where the H*LL  Sweetie’s food & belongings are. The other thing that irrritated & angered me is the fact that no one in this woman’s family gives a ‘flying fig’ for Sweetie; what a stunning disregard for the woman who died! I hope she comes back & haunts them all!!! 😉

Darling Sweetie how could this have happened to you?Shelter kittehs 022I have it right in my Will that if I go before Nylablue Dr Dave is to be allowed to take her & put her to sleep quietly. I have told my neighbor also. So for all of you who read our blog please make provisions for your 4 leggeds. I know we will probably outlive them but one never knows when time is up!! Now I know you are not reading this much because you are looking at Sweetie’s photo and thinking she sure looks alot like Nylablue & you would be correct!!! I did the math tho & Nylablue has been spayed for 7 1/2 years so she can not be Sweetie’s Mum but for a moment I wondered this very thing!Shelter kittehs 023Tonight Samurai & Sweetie are in cages side by side; not seeing each other…only knowing by scent that there is another cat close by…my heart aches for both these Siamese cats. I wish I had a place big enough that I could just bring them both home & care for them & love them as they deserve to be loved. Please pray for these darlings to find new ‘furever’ homes soon….ok Nylablue back to you….

Nope Mum diz waz yer bloggie tonite. Me feelz yer sadz n me wishez me did not have Feline Herpes Stoopid Virus n da Bowel Disease n not like other kittehz around me…me iz sowwy Mum ’cause me nose ya haz enuff LUB in her heart fer all of us….let uz all purray fer dese Siamesez…like me dey did NOT deeserve to end up homeless. May dey find a Mum just like mine! Nylablue n Mum over an out!!!


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  • S & S…we troo lee hope ewe both finds yur forevers home, N like how kewl wood it be…ta getz adopted two gether..by months end…may St Francis leed ewe ther asap if knot quiker…N nyla, hope ya iz feelin way mor better two day N ya been eatin PLENTEE oh toona toona 🙂 !!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    • Yow yow Tabbiez O Trout Towne me n Mum shure hopez Sweetie n Samurai find new furever homez…
      Dey can not go together ’cause Samurai iz like me n onlee wantz a Hu’man n no other 4,leggedz wif him.
      Sweetie wuud not mind…but it can not happin…
      Me purray to Saint Furrancis too fer dem!
      Eatin tuna-tuna n feeling guud after da vet bizit yesturday.
      Lub to all frum me Nylablue xxxxxx

  • Dearest Nyla,
    Yous and mes knows what it is like to be a disposable cat! It is awfuls!
    My Mommy and Daddy has made a agreement with one of our human brothers (the one who was Caesar’s Daddy before he went over the bridge). That hes will takes care of all of us! Wes all loves him to pieces and he loves us too. And we is all a little jealous that when Mommy went to Calgary, all she took was our Hairy Slobbery Sister Bob because he is so furry much fun.
    Me is so furry glad yous is feeling betters and that Dr Dave tooked such good cares of yous!

    • Eeeow Penelope me nsoe ya nose bout beein a dizposeable kitteh…we have come such a long way n me feelz so bad fer Samurai n Sweetie…..
      Mum haz purrvishun in da Will dat me goez to Dr. Dave if she goez befur me!
      Me went to Dr Dave today n me onlee had Pepcid injeckshun n orla Mirtazipine!!! ONLEE ONE needle!!! Pawsum!
      Me came home n eated quite guud n now me n Mum snugglin togther n doin commintz…
      Are ya goin to Madi’z Valentine’z Ball?? Me just asked Kuruk da poochie n he said YAH!!! Who ya gonna ask???
      Hope yer eye iz doin bettur too.
      Lub lub lub Nylablue xxx

  • Oh those poor kitties, especially Sweetie. That poor thing has no idea what happened except her life was turned upside down. I feel so bad for them both and hope they find loving homes. They are lucky to have you visit but got Nylablue’s sake, not too often! She is always number one and knows it 🙂 Feel better sweet NB.

    • Yow Coccolina n Miss Katie…me nose dat feelin…me waz thrown out like Samurai when me waz 4 yeerz old n den me waz taken to same Shelter…spent da day dere n went home wif sum Hu’man n she made me haz more kittz befur me waz spayed n half me teefiez taken out…den me got so sick n me waz brott to Sherriellen’z…had no idea what DA KAT waz happinin….Phank KATGOD Mum waz payshunt wif me n da rest iz histery!
      Me understandz Mum goin to bizit dem….she onlee goez when dere are Meezerz dere or she haz resckued a kitteh n sent it to Shelter…
      She told me dat me iz #1 akwayz so me feelz bettur now. 😉
      Vet bizit tomorrow fer regular treetement…
      Much lub frum me Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too xoxoxo

  • We are glad to hear that you are feeling better! Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    It makes me so angry to hear about stupid people who get rid of pets like they are garbage. I can’t imagine being so thoughtless and uncaring. I pray that these two kitties will find loving homes. I hope Sweetie’s Mom comes back to haunt her stupid son. That is certainly a terrible way to honor his mothers memory. Judy

    • Phanzk Miss Judy me iz stable…eatin a bit bettur. Vet bizit tomorrow for weeklee treetmint so me shuud bee even bettur!!! Over to Mum:
      Hi Judy! I SO-O agree with you. I hope the guys mother comes back & haunts him & Karma bites him & the entire family in the backsides!! I’m angry about this also. Only good thing is sweetie is safe & warm; other than that I hope the guy gets what he deserves…the lady who perated the Shelter emailed me last nite & told me this happens ALOT! People need to make provisions in the Will for their 4 leggeds.
      If the 2 Meezers are there friday I am going to visit them…..
      Sherri-Ellen xo

    • Yow Silver me too…me Mum tellz me Samurai iz bery lovey-dovey n handsum n Sweetie iz a big bundle of SWEET fer shure!! Me bin in dat Shelter which iz a guud place n bettur den beein out in da fridgid cold n snow…butt it iz sadz dat Samurai waz thrown out like me waz yeerz ago n me can onlee eemagin da sadz Sweetie feelz wif n Hu’Mum n nuffin furrmiliar around her!!!
      Phankz fer stoppin by Silver.

  • First of all, I’m glad you are a bit better sweet baby. Second I thought it was very kind of you to let mom rave on about other kitties!! You are a star for sure!! And now I really hope and purray that furrever homes will be found for those beautiful kitties. They’ve had a rough time!! xoxoxo

    • EEoww Austin nice to see ya!! Me iz feelin bettur cause da Depomedrol iz werkin guud. Me doez need me Pepcid n Mirtazipine tomorrow 😉 gotta keep diz ‘bettur’ goin fer as long as pawssible!!!!
      Mum bin goin fer weekz now to see Samurai n me nose she is onlee tryin to cheer up a homeless kitteh n den she told me bout Sweetie n how cuud me nott let Mum blog bout dem both???
      We hope n purray like ya dat both Kittehz find new furever homez BERY soon….
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • Forgive the curses in the background here – darned WP app just lost a long comment I was leaving 😦 anyhow… Delighted to hear things are looking up for you dear Nylablue. Very sad to hear about these two beauties. They’re lucky to have your Mom to keep an eye out and give some love. We really must make sure that all our animal families are looked after should they outlive us. Case in point the three Corgis we’ve just brought back from Spain. They’re lucky as they have a great support group behind them and things look good for new homes but so many aren’t.

    • Oh nose Annie dat wuud make me curse a bit too, MOL!!
      Me iz purrty guud n bein bossy to Mum which makez her bery happy. She purrtendz she iz all upset butt she iz smilin while scoldin me….
      Mum checkz daily via email how dey iz doin n she iz goin up to see Samurai n Sweetie on Furiday.
      Da 3 Corgiz were bery lucky to find new homez…diz iz a guud lesson…maybee me n Mum shuud do a bloggie bout diz topick??
      Say me n Mum wanted to ask ya were ya da purrson who waz sendin da Beer Pawz purrize??? Mum emailed Long Life Katz n Dogz n me did a *paw palm* n said ‘Nose Mum it waz Miss Annie frum A/C; so now we need to nose who we won da purrize frum! If ya sent it we not get it here yet….butt me send Mum to check da mail in a bit 😉
      Lub Nylablue n adle brained sweet confused adorable Mum xxxxxx

    • Mr too Misaki…me too….Shelter is closed today except for the person who goes in to feed and do litters & check the cats & dogs & 1 guinea pig! We are having some serious snow & it is supposed to snow for 3-4 days so adoptions won’t happen….poor Samurai & Sweetie….but they are safe & warm & fed so that is soemthing 😉
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • hello nylablue and mum its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada sez he kannot eeven go into theez shelter playses becuz he wood want to leev with evry animal they hav and that wood be a lot of animals!!! but i no he wil be bak their wen it is finaly time for him to reeplayse the layt lamented trouble the kitty!!! ok bye

    • Yow Dennis guud to see ya…me Mum iz alot like yer Dada…she wantz to catnap/dognap adopt dem all. Mum sayz she doez not reelly look at da other kittehz dere n she wil not go into da poochie part of da Shelter. So dat iz how she getz out wifout bringin a bunch home! 😉
      Our Shelter holdz up to 80 poochiez n kittehz butt it iz bery small place so dey try to keep no more den 60 4 leggedz at any time.
      Yow may Truuble run free in Summerland….
      Mum almost brott Samurai home yesturday butt diz freekin stoopid Herpes Virus stopped her or else me wuud haz a little Brofur!! (Not shure me cuud handle dat butt we will neber nose…)
      Phankz fer stoppin by! Hope ya iz gettin yer *easy on* diz Sunday.
      Lub Nylablue xxx

  • There’s a word I like to think of often…Karma. Sweetie, and the people who abandoned her will get what they deserve. In Sweetie’s case,someone will take one look at her,fall in love,take her home and give her the life she deserves. Same with Samurai.Their forever people just haven’t met them yet…but they will.
    Jane x

    • Hi Jane: I am hoping for the KARMA therory to work in their cases for sure!! Samurai is a darling boy & he did not deserve to be thrown out into our harsh Winter. Sweetie is just that & so scared & confused. She did not deserve to be dumped at Shelter with nothing of hers…not even a piece of clothing that had her owner’s scent on it. That can send a Siamese crazy!
      I so wish I could be Samurai’s forever home but I can’t…so I pray that someone falls in love with him & rescues him soon….
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • That makes me to sad to hear they just dumped her like that. Hope both of those kitties get a wonderful loving home soon. Love seeing you and your pony. Hugs to you and your mom.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    • Hi Sue I didn’t realize what was going on til the man had walked out as I was with Samurai. WE ran out to parking lot but the guy was gone! I told the girl working there she should have asked where Sweetie’s belongings were…she was so shocked she forgot to ask…but I hope she learns a valuable lesson.
      Nylablue loves her TwinkleStar pony…she is not eating much today & sleeping alot with pony…
      Give your Fab 4 kisses from me.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Yow Brian!! Guud to see ya here!!! Me iz not eatin much butt me iz all right n hangin out wif Mum alot.
      Me n Mum agreez wif ya dat da ‘not a reel man’ met KARMA on hiz way home!!! me can not beeleeve day sum one cuud just bring a kitteh to Shelter wif nuffin…dat cuud put Sweetie over da edge…we Meezerz are dellycat n we can pine away fer our ownerz bery quick like…me hopez Sumone will come fer Sweetie n give her a guud home!! Me n Mum meowin bout Samurai butt wif da rotten stinkin FHV not much chance Mum will bring him home….
      Much lub Nylablue xx

  • It makes me so sad to see cats abandoned. Sweetie is a lovely cat and Sherriellen you are a good person to visit with her.. Providing love for an animal who gives so unconditionally is so important. .

    • Thanks Toby altho it is Samurai I have been visiting weekly. Sweetie was just brought in yesterday while I was there. I am hoping to get to the Shelter on Friday to visit them unless they are adopted.
      I want them to know they are cared for so they do not retreat into themselves. Siamese do not do well in Shelters. All the other cats are outgoing & friendly.
      We just hope someone comes for either one or both these darlings.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

  • Hi Nylablue. We’re so glad you’re feeling better again! The Vs say they love the pics of you with Twinklestar.

    Those meezers are just so gorgeous How can people throw away animals? We’re crossing all our paws that they will find good homes.

    The Chans

    • EEowww #1 pleeze tell Vidock n Violette me finkz of dem when me snugglez TwinkleStar…me iz stable altho nott eatin propurr. Me waz all spunky diz week n pooped meself out me finkz!!
      As fer da Meezerz we not nose #1 how Hu’Manz (if we can callz dem dat even??) cuud throw Samurai out ind a cold. At leest Sweetie waz brott to da Shelter butt she haz nuffin of her own stuff n nuffin of her owenr’s wif da scent on it….poor kitty gurl!
      Pleeze cross da pawz wif me n we purray both find a new furever home soon… (Samurai bin dere 4 weekz now Mum told me) 😦
      Much lub to Tommy n da Chan kittehz n da V’z n ya #1 frum Nylablue n Mum xoxoxo

    • Yow Miss Michelle: We agreez wif ya! Samurai n Sweetie did not deeserve diz at all….
      Sweetie iz so confused n scared Mum iz wurried she mite pine away fer her Hu’Mum n die which can happen to Meezerz bery easy!!!
      We hopez fer a quick adopshun fer Sweetie n sumeone speshell fer Samurai.
      Mum sayz she will bizit on Furiday if dey still dere 😉
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

  • Nylablue, I’m glad all things went good and you had a great time with Twinkle star. I can’t believe that some people dispose animals like garbage. But at least he brought Sweetie to the shelter, where she is safe. I hope Samuarai and Sweetie will find a home soon, they are beautiful animals and efurrybuddy deserves a good home.

    • Yow Easy me agreez wif ya as doez Mum. At leest Sweetie iz safe n warm not thrown out as Samurai was~he haz bin at shelter fer 4 weekz now…Mum goez once a week to bizit him. WE want to bring him home butt me FHV makez dat a bad idea.
      So we do *power of da paw* n purray dey are ‘doptted soon.
      Lub Nylablue & Sherriellen Mum xoxo

  • Oh how terribly sad about poor Sweetie….just dumped like a bag of unwanted belongings – she’s probably very confused and sad…..she’s gorgeous as is the other Siamese boycat…..My heart just aches for animals who through no fault of their own are passed around or left out in the cold or any manner of sad circumstances…..I do hope these two find a home but then I hope that for every lost, abandoned or homeless animal – especially those who HAVE known the love and security of a home then all of a sudden LOST it. As for you Nylablue – you look happy for now and that makes ME happy!

    Hugs, Sammy

    • EEooww Sammy when Mum came home n told me da storey me had leeky eyez…it iz so sad ’bout Sweetie. Onlee guud fing iz she was brott into Shelter. Samurai was kicked outta hiz place like me waz yearz ago…me shure feelz fer both of dem Meezerz!
      Sweetie had her owner fer 6 yeerz so she must bee furry upset n confused n scared outta her furz!
      Samurai waz prubablly a stud kat so he iz not sochall wif anyone; just Mum!
      If onlee me not have FHV me wuud have a little Brofur……..*sighz*
      Lub Nylablue xxx

  • Poor Babies ,we really hope they get new homes sone as they gorgeous little sweet hearts.
    And we are so pleased to hear you felling better Nylablue,Big hugs to you both,xx Rachel and Speedy

    • Hi Rachel & Speedy: I so agree with you about Samurai & Sweetie get new homes. Smurai acts like a breeding/stud cat. He does not know much about affection altho I think my ‘crash course’ is working!
      Sweetie is so upset & confused….she will be easier to place in that she had an owner who loved her…
      Nylablue had 5 good days. Yesterday she was not eating much and today even less. Her stomach is quiet tho’…seems the Mirtazipine is wearing off quicker & quicker these days. I had to bring her out to living room to see the Doves & she has perked up a bit…I am not fretting over her; just letting her decide what she wants to do (as always).
      We send our love to you both.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Me too Rebby…I would love to bring them home…I have done the blog about them; put them on Facebook; emailed friends & generally made a nuisance of myself tonite to see if I could get some interest in either or both of these beauties.
      A few friends say I should just bring Samurai home…but with Nylablue’s Herpes Virus that is not a good idea….
      Hopefully someone will fall in love as I have 😉
      Nylablue sends her purrs to McDuff.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • Nylablue I am glad your week was good 🙂 and I am furious too for poor sweetie….I know I would be haunting anyone who dumped my babies!! We know that Doc and Forrest will most likely leave us before we leave them..however if something drastic happened then I know our family have the money and our wishes to look after them..poor Sweetie..what a lack of respect indeed for her mum!! I hope someone falls in love with her and gives her a home where she can come to terms with her mums loss….beyond sad..at least the guy bought her in though and didn’t throw her out in the streets or leave her in the house..why am I a human I feel so ashamed to be one…again..Hugs to you and mum Love Aunti Bev xx

    • Sweet Jesus I just lost my reply to you Bev!!! It is almost time for bed for me! I am glad Nylablue had a good week also. She did not eat alot today & has slept alot but she looks all right. I know there will be good days & not so good days.
      I agree it is shameful that Sweetie was brought to the Shelter but I agree at least she is safe & warm. How she will process all that has happened only time will tell.Some Siamese just wither & die without their owner…I am hoping because Sweetie is only 6 yrs old she can bond to someone else.
      I also hope my beloved Samurai finds a good home. If Nylablue did not have this bloody FHV I would have attempted to integrate Samurai with us here…but I can’t expose him to this virus.
      You can see how much he likes me & I him. He does NOT interact with anyone else….I am hoping with the blog & putting the link on FB & doing the 2 posts on FB and emailing local friends we can find him a home….my Ex-fiance Jon wishes he could take him til NB’s time comes but he has 2 of his own cats & we do not know how Samurai would do being shifted all over the place. So all we can do is pray. If Samurai is still there friday I will go visit him again….at least I can spend a bit of time with him…
      We send our love, Nite Nite Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

        • That is my thought Bev! Samurai knows my voice & he snuggles & rubs me so much. It is a joy to see his ‘authentic’ self. I have no diea how people ‘do not see’ him there…he is gorgeous…
          I am not wild about the situation either. Just glad he was sighted & brought in from the cold…in fact we are in another cold snap!!!! BRRRRRR 😦
          Had a good sleep…gotta do some chores & finish laundry…busy week & if I can get back to Shelter I will to see the kitties 😉
          Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue x0x0x0

          • Try and keep warm sweets 🙂 and I hope you get a chance to visit the kitties again…as heartbreaking as it is at least you can share a little love with them 🙂
            Love Bev and gang xx

            • Thanks Bev…it is warm in the apartment & frigid outside…we are going to have another 3 day snow event!! If it gets too bad the Shelter will be closed so that means no people coming to see the cats (or dogs) available. I am aiming for Friday to visit the Meezers unless they are adopted by then. Sharin some love & treats with them is so natural for me; kind of like breathing 😉
              Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

                • Three days of snow is normal for us here Bev!! We used to have week long storms here when I was a child. Went to Laundromat anyway & did laundry. Was speaking to the owner who went to Dominican Republic & she said it was warm…38-40 Celsius….I mentioned Australia & she said she’d seen news items & wondered how bad it was…I told her about being under fire alert & she was like me: thinking we like snow better than hot heat, lol.
                  Is it any cooler/less humid there today?
                  As for the Meezers..I want want want Samurai so-o much….can’t can’t can’t…*sighs*
                  Love S-E. xoxo

                  • I guess it’s always what you are used to seems so weird to others 🙂 we are used to drought and hot summers but this has been insane..it’s much much cooler ..mid to high 20’s today and doonas at night..so at last a slight reprieve..we still have 6 or so weeks of summer to go with Feb being notoriously our worst fire time..by then everything is dead dying or dried to dust! just as well we have a break..the pups particularly Fozzie had bags under their eyes..discernible bags! they are getting older and it hits them pretty hard..the girls cope differently..they all ended up in the loungeroom lying against the skirting boards behind the furniture..but the boys just spent the days panting…I hate it..it shows me how they have aged..my garden has taken a beating..my roses seem to have bounced back but they burnt..the Japanese maple burnt,salvias and other plants just bent over and gave up..i am soaking them again this morning…but to spend so much damn time busting my hump out there and watch everything just keel over …grrrrr…who knows what will happen with the meezers ..fingers crossed they find loving homes…no life in a cage 😦 Love Bev xx

                    • You are right Bev. I have grown up with 4 seasons so that seems natural to me. Living in California or Arizona or Australia or Carribean would be a real shock to my system, lol. I like warmth but not the humidity we get here..it is worse south of where I am so I am grateful to be up a bit further North 😉
                      Poor pups; it sounds like the heat did get to them…I bet all the 4 leggeds are feeling better today.
                      As for the garden OUCH! That would be hard to watch…all your work dried up & singed. I applaud you for trying tho’.
                      As for Samurai he has been in the cage for a month now; Sweetie is on day 2….you are right…no life for 4 leggeds. Better than them freezing to death in the snow tho’.
                      Life is not always fun is it??
                      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • Nylablue, we love seeing you with your TwinkleStar. We hate the you had a bad week, but are happy your most recent round of medication is helping out again. Samurai and Sweetie look like very nice kitties and both deserve wonderpurr forever homes. We cannot believe how some people feel it is okay to treat what have been beloved companions with such disregard. Mommy’s friend is in charge of finding homes for any of us who might be left when our pawrents are both gone, and she will have money to take care of us. She has kitties and knows how impawtant we are. Continue to stay well both of you. We love you and continue to keep you in our prayers and purrs, your brofur and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your Aunti Janet

    • Yow me lubz hangin out wif TwinkleStar n meowin wif her ’bout many fingz! She is a guud furend to me. Diz week waz purrty guud; da week befur waz pawfull 😦
      Diz zi da nature of me illness; it goez up n down….rollycoastur like!
      As fer da Samurai if Mum had a seckond bedroom she wuud have brott him home after da neuterin….she adorez him n me doez not mind hiz smell on her clothez butt he can not bee here wif da Herpes..me HATEZ diz stoopid virus!!! GGRRRRR!!!
      Sweeite waz in shock me iz shure. me waz in shcok when diz happined to me. Onlee me was thrown out like Samurai…at leest Sweetie waz brott in to da Shelter where it iz warm 😉
      We all put our pawz together fer dem n hopez fer da best!
      Mum haz to change da contack fer me butt dat will be easy as she iz gonna make Dr Dave n da Pet Hospital me keeperz….dat way me will be safe.
      Lub to all of me Sisfurz n Brofu n Miss Janet of coarse frum Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • We like that Dr. Dave will be in charge of your well-being if something should happen to Mom S-E. But, of course, we pray that the two of you have a very long time together and neither of you will be left alone. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

        • Yow me too Aunti Janet n me Sisfurz n Brofur!! Dat way Dr. Dave can keepz me or if me not healthee den me can join Mum in da Spirit Werld….we haz to make shure fingz are taken care of just in case, right??
          Me wantz to bee wif Mum fer as long as pawssible…
          *paw patz* n ~~head rubz~~ to all of ya frum me Nylablue xxxxxxxxx

  • Damn it Sherri-Ellen this is why I think people should have to have a license to HAVE a pet. Then maybe we would have less wonderful babies out there that get dumped and left alone and scared. I have let my whole family know where my kids should go should something happen and my parents or best friend no longer be able to care for them either. I have it in my will already and update things as they change. People can say what they want but they are my children and I want to make that they don’t end up in just that situation. It breaks my heart!!!! I would adopt more if I could but I am at the limit for town here and it breaks my heart every time I visit the shelter to drop off food and toys. Keep up the visiting, at least you bring light and love into Samurai’s life and maybe you can in Sweetie’s life too now.

    • Hi Kelly: I just realized I did not reply to your comment…sorry about that!!!
      I agree wabout having a pet licence…that would smarten some people up. I saw the fellow who brouth Sweetie in & he was around my age so his Mother was probably in her 70’s I would think. Why she did not have a plan in place baffles me!!! I have it in the Will that Nylablue is to go to Dr. Dave & he can either keep her or put her to sleep. She would not suffer…
      I do my best to bring light & love to Samurai. If NB did not have FHV I would try bringin him home & see if I could integrate them…..but I will no trisk exposing him to the Virus. I can not deal with another sick baby for years to come.
      I will keep tabs on both cats & if they are still there I will go visit on Friday.
      Let’s pray for 2 wonderful people to adopt these 2 wonderful cats 😉
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

  • how sad about sweetie : ( someone in the family could of at least looked after her for a while so she could get over losing her owner, she looks so much like my Polly it is spooky, Samurai is so handsome, I really wish you could take both those kitties in but I know it is no possible for you and I know it breaks your heart : ( its really kind of you to go and visit them, it is probably helping them more than you know xx

    • Hi Eevee: I thought of Polly when I saw Sweetie up close actually! I do not understand how the bloke could walk in, pay $49. to surrender her & give her name & age & walk out & not bring a thing that belonged to her…no food, nothing!!!! I was spitting nails when I realized what had happened!!!!!!!
      I wish I could take them both too…I have bonded with Samurai but it would not be fair to him or Nylablue at this point. If i had a 2nd bedroom thaen he would be mine!! Period!
      I watch Samurai before I go into the cat room. He sits hunched up with eyes closed like he is day dreaming…when he hears my voice tho he comes to Life…
      I am in love with him which means I must let him go if someone comes in for him. Then I think what if he is waiting for me to take him home…he does not interact with anyone else…what a dilemna….

    • Hi Sparkle…I SO-O agree with you. I was only paying half attention which I regret now!! Poor Sweetie is so upset & confused. The only GOOD point is that the son did not dump Sweetie out in the woods to fend for herself…that would have been a fate worse than death. Thankfully this is a no-kill shelter…
      As for Samurai, altho he was found wandering we feel he was used as a stud…people do not keep unaltered males unless using them for breeding…
      We just have to think positive for both of them!
      Thanks for stopping by Sparkle.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxo

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