White out Wunderfull

Published January 7, 2014 by NylabluesMum

 Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here frum da comfurt of da sofa dicktatin to Mum…diz iz da Life!! We haz bin havin one blizzerd after da other n diz one iz a DOOZZY!! It started at suppa time last nite n bin ragin all nite…we now haz sum 4 feet of snow! It iz -14 Celsius wif a -26 Celsius windchill which n plain meow meenz it iz freekin fureezin out n me not leevin da apartmint no matter what!! Nicole frum da Vet’z called earlee n told Mum Dr. Dave iz stuck at home n me broke out in a happy dance:


Mum gave me da ‘stink eye’ butt me waz busy dancin like Snoopy!!! Ternz out da Chiropracktur is closed; dere iz no busez or taxiz…nuffin butt snowplowzPoe-leece n tow truckz out dere!!!!! Yippee!!!! Okayz so me HAZ to go to da Vet tomorrow….butt not today 🙂

Mum waz guud n she tooked sum picciez of me lookin out n den she went out into da blizzerd n took sum more picciez to share da storm wif all of ya, so here goez:

Huh what no Vet today?

Huh what no Vet today?

My my look it all dat snow!

My my look it all dat snow!

So now diz iz what it lookz like frum outside lookin in:

White out 011White out 013White out 014White out 016White out 017

Sumtimez Winter iz a kitty gurl’z best furend!!!! MOL…so diz iz what me gonna do da rest of da day; shure hope Mum’z hand don’t wear out!! 😉 White out 005

Bee warm n safe Katz!! Izn’t Winter wunderfull????



52 comments on “White out Wunderfull

  • Awww look at you all warm and snuggley,Love the photo’s your mummy took Nylablue,stay warm both of you,all we keep having it rain wind,more rain and wind with flooding in a lot of places not where we live but still fed up with the rain,some snow would make a nice change right now,xx Speedy and Rachel

    • Yow Speedy n Miss Rachel me cuud try to send ya sum snow…we haz FOUR feet of da stuff!! It apposta warm up above fureezin n den rain on cAturday n den temp plum-met again n we get more snow!! Pawfull Winter…n ya iz havin so much rain…we saw reeportz of floodin in many placez in UK n we purrayed ya were not in da flood zonez!
      Wild Winter izn’t it??
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxo

    • 😉 Yow Coccolina n Miss Katie..wish it were DAT simple…me goin to Vet’z diz mornin butt me needz meddycahsun..Mum sayz she will cover carrier wif 2 blankiez..me will be okayz…n furry angree…MOL/SOL/LOL/
      Okayz not so angree…*sighz*
      Lub Nylablue xx

    • Yow Sparkle it IZ fridgid here butt we iz warm n toastee inside. Power stayed on so no prublem dere n Mum haz lotz of me food. We are still gettin local flurriez off da Georgian Bay butt we CAN get to da Vet’z diz mornin…we wanna go earlee in case da snow goez into over drive like last nite!!!
      It iz one wild n woolly Winter here!!
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • That’s a lot of snow Nylablue. I love seeing pictures of you. So pretty. The snow is also very pretty. I love a fresh snowfall. It has been 45-50 below zero the last 2 days at night here and Monday it was minus 14 all day plus a really bad windchill. They said not to be out for more than 10 mins. My kitties are all snuggled up too. Hope your vet visit goes really good. Hugs to you both.
    Sue B

    • Yow Miss Sue me n Mum goin thru commintz n horroar of horroarz we see we missed reeplyin to sum commintz!!!
      Yow da snow waz sumfing else me can tell ya! Me waz so happy to see it keep fallin n fallin……
      Windychill can bee nastee up here too……brrrrrr….glad me haz fur n indoor heet!
      Me got to da Vet da next day which waz a guud fing 😉
      Pleeze give me lub to Charlie n Cashew, n Garfield n Tubby!
      ~~head rubz~~ to ya too frum me Nylablue xxxxx

    • Hi Rebby: It has not stopped snowing…it is like someone forgot where the “OFF” button is!! This is a brutal Winter!! Mind you we had these all the time when I was growing up here!
      Ice is NOT good. I hope you don’t have to go out anywhere for the next few days….then again this storm will be on its way to you…UGH!
      All is well indoors.
      Nylablue has gone off her food tonite so I am praying the Vet can get into town tomorrow so I can get her to him for her medication…
      Have a good evening & stay safe.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xxx

  • We are glad that you stayed in today. It is way to nasty to go outside. It will be fun to look at these pictures again during the hot summer months. MOL The local weatherman said that this extreme cold weather will kill a lot of bugs. He said that there should be a lot less fleas this summer. We are inside catz but we still say yipppeee! Our Mom looked at her phone and the actual temp was -11 F at 6:00AM. She was going to get up in the middle of the night but she was too snuggled under our electric blankie. She did take a picture of our outside thermometer at 9:00 am and it was around -6 F. There is only one thing to do in cold weather and that is snuggle!!! Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    Pee Ess: We love that happy dance music. Mom made it the ringtone on her phone for Christmas. It makes her feel all warm and fuzzy.

    • Eeeoww Miss Judy ya iz right Mum will look at da pickturez on July n bemember 😉
      Me iz happy dat fleez will bee killed; me hatez fleez!!!!
      Yow it iz just as cold here…we iz in da deep fureeze!!
      Me n Mum iz snugglin together…..mmmmmmm….
      Izn’t Peanutz musick grrrreat?? Makez me n Mum warm n fuzzy too.
      Lub to ya Cali, Andy, Tater n Shelly n ya Miss Judy frum me Nylablue xxxxx

  • Wowee, what a lot of snow! Whee are glad you and the hooman are safe inside. Mummy shows us the news about all the snow your side of the pond and whee were worried!

    Stay safe and warm

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Yow we haz 4 feet of snow totall now n it iz STILL snowin like cwazy!! Mum haz anuff food fer me n her n we iz warm n comfy. We just ride da storm out…jut hope me can get to da Vet’z tomorrow cause me appytite iz not guud…me needz Mirtazipine 😉
      Phankz Nacho n Noah, Buddy n Basil fer finkin of us
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

  • Goodness me Nylablue…looks like you are living in an igloo!!!! tell mum to stay inside and stop going put in the snowz for pictures!!!!! it looks so quiet and serene but boy that’s too cold for this little black duck!!! I hopemums hand doesn’t run out of patting…and I am sure Dr Dave is still going to be ready for his visit with you….hope he has mittens on!! hugs Aunti Bev xxxxxx

    • Yow Aunti Bev wif all da snow piled up it feelz like we iz in an igloo too!!! Me can barelee look out da bedroom window cause dere iz so much snow 😦
      Mum went out one more time to shovle butt so cold she came in quick like.
      Mum called me Aunti Laura n she yakked fer 2 hourz so Mum’z hand iz rested n she can resume patting 😉
      me wunderz if we can get to Dr. Dave tomorrow…it iz STILL blizzerdin at 8 pm…me needz Mirtazipine cause Mum put down 3 suppaz n me did not eat anyfing…me feelz da ‘stink eye’ on me again….
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

      • Oh Nylablue I do hope mum can get you to see Dr Dave..you do need to be eating especially in the cold weather…glad mums pattin paw is rested..as you were mum!!! Take care sweet feets Aunti bev xxxx

        • Yow Aunti Bev me iz goin to see Dr. Dave diz mornin (Wed.) fer me meddycashun n reecheck. It still snowin but not blizzerd so Miss Sheila can see where we goin 😉
          Mum’z pattin paw got a rest butt she gonna needz it when we come home 😉
          As ya were Mum!! dAt’z so funny Aunti!!!
          Lub Nylablue

  • Hi beautiful Nylablue. I am glad that the weather is your friend today. It’s cold here too. The television cannot talk about anything else. HuMom keeps muttering about Daytona, whatever that means? Mistletoe is mad at the HuMom and has been hiding for the last three days. She doesn’t like when HuMom gives me too much attention, but I soooo cute, HuMom says she cannot help it. I bring my favorite feather toy too HuMom and she goes “ahhhh, your so sweet, what a cutie patootie”. Then we plays and Mistletoe goes under the bed and pouts. I hope your Mum is playing with you too. Stay warm and tucked up inside. I thinks about you.
    Purrs and snuggles,

    • Eeeoww Hitch me lubly sweet n furry Hitch…me haz missed ya so so much!!!
      We haz had so many lizzerdz here in da past 2 weekz!! Rite now me n Mum can not see da sidewalk or across da street da snow iz blowin so much!!! Bery inntense me can tell ya!
      Mum channel surfz tween American n local channelz to get updatez too…
      Yow Daytona iz da zoomie zoomie car racez….we iz waitin fer da seeson to start…it iz another month tho…30 sum nite time sleepz…. 😉
      Mouseiez me iz sad Mistletoe all bent outta shape n UTB!! Hope she comez out soon…..
      We iz warm n safe inside. Me not up to much playin today; just nappin beeside Mum n tellin her what to type…oh n “KAT” Loader just came into da driveway so me must go watch!!
      Lub ya n hope ya iz warm n safe dere…..
      Yer Nylablue xxxxx

  • Sweet Nylablue we hope too that your mum’s hand don’t wear out because what better way to spend time with a blizzard raging outside. Wow, you all have some terrible cold weather and way lots of snow. We sure hope you and your mum stay warm and safe and that blizzard goes away very soon. Stay well. Hugs and nose kisses we love you and your mum!

    • Yow Aunti Maggie…me let’z mum rest her hand when me napz 😉
      Den she haz to type reepliez so she iz gettin guud hand werkout, MOL!!!
      We are warm n safe n snug as a bug in a rug n we shure hope it stayz diz way.
      Much lub to ya n Popsy n Chancy n da rest of da gang frum me Nylablue xxx

  • Wow Nylablue you have a HUGE amount of white stuff out there! I’m glad you and your Mom are staying snug as two bugs in a rug and off the roads…..I know you feel lucky you didn’t have to see your vet today BUT you know he’s trying to make you feel better so in THAT way it’s too bad you didn’t get your shots today. Hopefully you’ll be feeling alright until you can get there…..in the meantime, you get EXTRA snuggle time at home!!!!! YAY!!!!!

    Love and Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy n Miss Pam: Dr Dave cuud not get out of hiz driveway to get into town….so me had to stay home!! Dere are no busez or taxiz runnin n we haz whiteout condishunz…bin bad all day. Can not even see da sidewalk now!!!
      Mum sayz dere iz bout 4 feet of snow totall now…it iz BERY white n quiet…
      Me iz not eatin too guud but me iz okayz n can wait til tomorrow.
      Much lub frumm Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

  • We’re snowed in..the snow has blown everywhere and it’s cold enough to freeze your furs off.
    We can’t see out of our windows so we’re just snoozing.No sun puddles either,so nothing to do but snooze…yawn…time for more zzzzzzzzzs.
    Stay cosy!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Yow Miss Jane n Chris n da sweet kittehz we wundered if ya were all right!?!? We snowed in too…it shure iz gonna bee a l-o-n-g Winter….*sighz*
      Me snoozin beeside Mum in beetween dicktatin reepliez. Grrrreat day fer a nappie….a long nappie!!!
      Keep warm n lub to all of ya at da REAL MSM frum us here.

  • Dear sisfur Nylablue, Mom was just thinking about checking by e-mail to see how your vet visit went. You are so, so lucky you didn’t have to go. We just hope you are feeling physically well enough to skip that visit today. Will things really be cleared up enough by tomorrow to go out? If we had that much snow here we’d be shut down for ages. It got to 0 degrees F here last night, which is darn cold for us. The pipes to the kitchen sink are frozen. That hasn’t happened in about 20 some years. Enjoy those nice rubbies from your mum, and stay warm and snuggly. Mauricio has asked all his pals at Cat Scouts to purr and pray for you, which they are doing. We got your adorable Hello Kitty thank you note yesterday. So cute and thoughtful! You and Mum Sherri-Ellen kiss and hug each other from us. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, and Calista Jo with extra special kisses from your Aunti Janet

    • Dear Sisfurz n Mauricio n Aunti Janet: Me finkz me iz lucky too!! Yah me shuud have gone fer me shotz n da Mirtazipine butt Dr. Dave waz snowed in so he not dere to meddycate me 😉
      Me ate sum butt not feelin tippy top…did do a bit of *happy dacne* tho’. Now snugglin wif Mum on da sofa n watchin da snow fly!!!
      Fingz here are different den where ya are! WE haz BIG snow plow truckz n peeple wif plowz on dere truckz who do parking lotz. We live wif diz sort of fing all Winter….no big deel fer us. Except when it blizzerdz wif blowin snow. Den roadz are closed n transit shut down so no one getz hert 😉
      We iz sowwy da pipez are furrozen…we hopez dey get thawed out soon….
      Our tempz got down in da -10 F here last nite n today….bbbrrrr….
      Mauricio phankz so much fer gettin da Kat Scoutz to purr n purray fer me…it all helpz!
      Glad da card arrived safe…we wanted to bee poe-lite n say PHANKZ to all who sent such lubly pressiez 🙂
      Much lub to all of ya dere frum us here!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • OMD! What I would do to be there playing in the snow and you my Nylabluewooowoooo watching me through the window all nice and warm with all my extra furs Mama brushes off of me! Woooowoooooo, xoxoxoxoxoxo, Ku

    • OMKat me wishez ya were here to play in da snow!!It iz pawsum lookin!!! we wuud watch ya n den snuggle iwf ya once ya cem in to warm up!!
      AARRROOOOO OOOOOOOOOO me blue Ku, me lubz you ❤
      Nylablue xxxxx

  • Miss Nylablue, you and Mum are doing the best possible things for a snowy day. Staying inside, keeping warm, and cuddling. I’m glad Mum went out to take those pictures, but I hope she stays inside the rest of the day. I hope you both have lots of smiles and no stink-eyes.

    • EEoww Miss Susan: Mum did go back out to shovel a path frum patio to da sidewalk in case of eemergencee. She now back in so we can cuddle n watch TV. We also had alot of bloggiez to reed so we not bee boared 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxo

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