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Diz iz a ‘fish’ story butt it IZ TRUE!!

Published January 30, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Iz Nylablue here n feelin purrty guud n wantz to tell ya a story compleet wif pix to PROVE me iz not tellin ya a ‘fish’ story!!! Fer doez of ya who not nose what diz meenz, diz iz when peeple go fishin n dey say, “Da fish waz DIZ B-I-G!!” n wif ebery tellin of da story dat little fishy getz bigger n bigger! 😉

As ya all nose, we iz havin an ‘old fashioned’ Winter here…..Winter came ferst week of Novemburr n bin here in full force eber since. Diz new  storm lasted 6 dayz n we were in what da Weather Peepz call a Poe-ler Vortex n KATGOD it shure iz furreezin out dere!!!! We now haz a total of 8 feetz of snow n dere iz no where left to putz it when Mum shovelz. Da town waz closed down fer da past 3 dayz xcept fer da corner shopz which were opin fer buzziness……which waz guud cause me needed Chickin Feast ASAP!!! Mum waz feerless n she went to both storez to get me foodz! Mum iz PAWSUM!

Now me cuud waffle on’ bout how high da snow pilez iz n how white it iz n how cold it lookz butt me finkz Mum’z pix will speek bettur fer me so take a look at dese:Crazy Winter pix 006 Mum sayz dere iz a bus shelter sumwhere in diz piccie…where in da werld iz it?? MOL…Crazy Winter pix 009Diz iz da back of our buildin…sum where back dere!Crazy Winter pix 014Diz da front of our buildin..pleeze do not park in da fire route…..tell da snow dat!!!! ROFWM….Crazy Winter pix 015Diz iz our pine tree deckorated wif snow…say Mum can we haz Catmess again??? 😉Crazy Winter pix 016Crazy Winter pix 017Crazy Winter pix 018Diz a collage of our place n da 2 nayburrz on da “North Wing’ az Mum likez to call it….Guud Luck mailin a lettur in dat frozen mailbox 😉Crazy Winter pix 020Furinally diz iz what me bedroom window lookz like; can’t see a fuzzy fing cause da snow iz blockin me view!!! Crazy Winter pix 002Crazy Winter pix 003Crazy Winter pix 004Of coarse me must show off da obligatoree Mournin Dove pix as dey iz me furendz!! Mum now putz seedz on da chair also n on da ground plus in da feeder so dere iz lotz to go around n da Dovez do not fight so much!!

So we showz ya all diz iz NOT a ‘big lyin fish story; diz iz fer reel n we iz “livin da dreem”…..da Poe-lar Vortex freeze yer A**EZ off   Winter dreem…wake me up when it iz over!!!! Nylablue OUT!


Chatty Caturday wif Nylablue

Published January 25, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here…come snuggle up together wif yer hot toddiez n treetz n let me tell ya all ’bout me new awardz n  da calender me won frum Misaki n other deelitez…..

Me waz given diz award frum me Sisfurs n Brofur Mauricio of Kittehz Blue a while ago (sorry Miss Janet, Mum bin on leeve n not gettin me bloggiez dun!)fantablulous-award fum Kittehz Blue Jan.'14Diz iz pawsum award n da ferst one of 2014 so phankz so much Kittehz Blue!!  Me wantz to pass diz award on to Speedy da Cheeky House Bunny; Austin Towerz of Catahresis; n Madi of Madi n Mum who iz hostin da Valentine’z Ball.

Den me sweet Bunneh furend Speedy sent me diz furabuluss award:shareloveshareboxaward from Speedy Jan 2014Pawsum Speedy as me likez playin in boxez!! Phank ya fer such a cute award!! Me wantz to give diz to Binky frum Angel Whisspurr 2011;  Texas A Kitteh in Austin; Marty frum MartytheManx; Sammy, One Spolied Kitteh; Da Chan Kittehz frum Da Poupounette n me Brofur Bailey da Boat Kitteh.

Den me waz given diz ward TWICE!! One frum Kittehz Blue n da 2nd time frum Binky me new kitteh furend frum AngelWhispurrz2011 bloggie!!cracking-crispmouse-awardNow if me is right me iz to say PHANKZ which me doez n den tell ya 7 fingz ya mite not nose about me…..hhmmmm….let me fink….

1) Mum n me like to play peecock feeverz befur bed ebery nite.

2) Me triez to go out in da snow ebery day butt Mum sayz “NO, Nylablue TOO COLD!”

3) Me watchez Bollywood moviez wif Mum n can speek a bit of Hindi…me nickyname in  Hindi iz ‘Chota DiDi’ which meenz ‘Little Sister’.

4) Me iz now ackshully older den Mum az she iz 58 n me iz 64 in Hu’man yeerz…so who iz da ‘little’ sister now Mum??

5) Me lubz to write Haiku n Kuruk iz me teecher…

6) Kuruk iz also me Poochie Boyfurend!!!

7) Me haz a H-U-G-E crush on Brian kitteh boy frum Brian’z Home bloggie n Sir Thomas frum da Cult of Otis…

So now ya nose a bit more about me! Now me finkz me apposta give diz award to 10 furfurendz so here goez: Speedy da Cheeky House Bunny; Kuruk of Haiku by Ku; Austin Towers of Catachresis; Einstein of Timmy Tomkat Commentary; Brian of Brian’z Home; Sauce frum Tabbiez O Trout Towne; ; Savannah of Savannah’z Paw Trackz; Misaki of Misadventurez of Misaki;  Sparkle of Sparkle da Deesigner Kitteh; Bacon frum Pig’z Love n Coccolina frum My Pet Piggie n of coarse da FAB 4 frum Hutch A Guud Life!!!! N yah me cannot count 😉

Now on a sirius note we haz lost 2 poochiez diz past week frum da bloggie werld n we haz bin sad. So me wantz to give dere furamiliez me purrsonal “Everyfurryone Lubz Nylablue” award.EVERYONE LOVES NYLABLUE AWARD 2013

 Diz goez to Rumpydog n Jen on da loss of DeDe whose smilin poochie face n guud advice we all gonna miss n to Dennis da Viszla n hiz peepz on da loss of Tucker who always made us laff wif hiz poochie antickz in dere comic adventurez. May DeDe n Tucker run free in Summerland; we will never furget ya both 😉 

A while ago Misaki offered 2 calenderz fer anyone who wanted one n we entured da contest n got picked!! Da calender arrived safe n Mum took sum pix of me checkin it out:Nylablue and Misaki 002Nylablue and Misaki 003Nylablue and Misaki 004Izn’t Misaki adorable playin in da snow!! We haz another 2 feet of it here so come on over Misaki n play wif me!!! 😉

So ya are probably wunderin how me iz?? Diz waz DA BEST WEEK ME HAZ HAD IN FUREVER it seemz!! Vet bizit went well n me onlee had Pepcid injeckshun n oral Mirtazipine n me bin eatin n playin n chasin da birdiez thru da patio door n snugglin wif Mum:Nylablue n Mum 2We were watchin Bobsled! Go Jamaica Go!! MOL…me crackz meself up!!! Me werked on Mum fer a while n den me got da hole peellow to meself:Nylablue gets the pillowMOL me reelly nose how to werk da peellow doezn’t me?? Furinally we leeve ya wif a few pix of outside so ya seez why Mum not let me goez out 😉White out 013White out 016Me guessez Mum iz right it iz too cold n snowy fer a kitteh gurl like me…,now if me had me own furry poochie like Kuruk or Misaki den me cuud goez out right Mum, right??? Wishin eberyone a warm n snuggly weekend. Nylablue out…. 🙂

Sweet Siamese Saturday

Published January 19, 2014 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here! Bet ya all iz wunderin how me iz doin? Well me did have a setback last weekend n had to go back to Dr Dave. Terned out da Depomedrol (steroid) had worn off after onlee 4 weekz. So I had to get another injeckshun plus da Pepcid n da oral Mirtazipine…no funny reeackshun diz time which waz a reelief fer both me n Mum! Poor Mum she doez go to peecez when fingz not go smoothlee here 😉

So me haz had  a FURABULUSS 5 dayz! Me n TwinkleStar bin hangin out together:Nylablue with TwinkleStar 2

Ya gotta LUB a Kitteh n her Pony!

Ya gotta LUB a Kitteh n her Pony!

Me iz gonna let Mum take over da bloggie so she can share ’bout sa 2 Siamese kittehz at da Shelter now! Wait til ya reed diz story! Okayz over to ya Mum!

Hi All…Sherri-Ellen here. As you know I have been visiting Samurai at the local Shelter for the 4 weeks now. He was neutered 2 weeks ago so he is ready to go! Now if only we could find him a new home. No one has shown a blind bit of interest in him aside from me. When I went to visit today he let out a mighty MEEOWWWW as if to say ‘Hello There’. He recognizes my voice straightaway which warms my heart & upsets me because here is this gorgeous boy waiting for a new ‘furever’ home. He is just 3 years old so has many years left. I can admit I have fallen for him BIG time (sorry Nylablue; I still love you best). Altho Nylablue might not agree when she sees this photo:

Okay Lady! You love me; I love you. Now take me home!

Okay Lady! You love me; I love you. Now take me home!

I can kiss Samurai (who they still list as Gong but he does not answer to that ‘name’) & scratch him & stroke his belly & he loves to chat with me as I am paying attention to him. He really is a cutie!Shelter kittehs 005Shelter kittehs 014My flash is so bright he always closes his eyes…so I tried to get a photo thru the cage door:Shelter kittehs 016*sighs* I am in love with another cat; I confess. Forgive me Nylablue! LOL

Now on to Sweetie:Shelter kittehs 021She looks very sad doesn’t she? As I was busy visiting with Samurai a fellow came in & surrendered this 6 year old spayed Siamese girl. He said his Mother had died & ‘no one wants Sweetie’. He paid the fee and walked out like he had just taken the garbage out!! I wanted to go after him & beat some sense into him speak to him but I was not allowed to do this as I am not an employee there.

Sweetie is devastated & confused. First her Human dies and then she is on her own for who knows how long & now she is taken to a strange place & get this: THERE WAS NO BLANKET OR STUFFIES OR TOYS OR FOOD OR TREATS!!! Nada, zip, zilch, zero!!! I asked the girl working there why didn’t you ask where Sweetie’s belongings were & she replied that things happened so quickly she did not even realize Sweetie had nothing with her. For all we know she might be on a special diet. By the time we got to the parking lot the fellow was long gone. I do not even know if she got his name or phone number! If I had been working there I would have asked ALOT of questions; but then again I’m a nosy old broad, lol…Now I would love to find this fellow & smack him upside the head   ask him where the H*LL  Sweetie’s food & belongings are. The other thing that irrritated & angered me is the fact that no one in this woman’s family gives a ‘flying fig’ for Sweetie; what a stunning disregard for the woman who died! I hope she comes back & haunts them all!!! 😉

Darling Sweetie how could this have happened to you?Shelter kittehs 022I have it right in my Will that if I go before Nylablue Dr Dave is to be allowed to take her & put her to sleep quietly. I have told my neighbor also. So for all of you who read our blog please make provisions for your 4 leggeds. I know we will probably outlive them but one never knows when time is up!! Now I know you are not reading this much because you are looking at Sweetie’s photo and thinking she sure looks alot like Nylablue & you would be correct!!! I did the math tho & Nylablue has been spayed for 7 1/2 years so she can not be Sweetie’s Mum but for a moment I wondered this very thing!Shelter kittehs 023Tonight Samurai & Sweetie are in cages side by side; not seeing each other…only knowing by scent that there is another cat close by…my heart aches for both these Siamese cats. I wish I had a place big enough that I could just bring them both home & care for them & love them as they deserve to be loved. Please pray for these darlings to find new ‘furever’ homes soon….ok Nylablue back to you….

Nope Mum diz waz yer bloggie tonite. Me feelz yer sadz n me wishez me did not have Feline Herpes Stoopid Virus n da Bowel Disease n not like other kittehz around me…me iz sowwy Mum ’cause me nose ya haz enuff LUB in her heart fer all of us….let uz all purray fer dese Siamesez…like me dey did NOT deeserve to end up homeless. May dey find a Mum just like mine! Nylablue n Mum over an out!!!

White out Wunderfull

Published January 7, 2014 by NylabluesMum

 Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here frum da comfurt of da sofa dicktatin to Mum…diz iz da Life!! We haz bin havin one blizzerd after da other n diz one iz a DOOZZY!! It started at suppa time last nite n bin ragin all nite…we now haz sum 4 feet of snow! It iz -14 Celsius wif a -26 Celsius windchill which n plain meow meenz it iz freekin fureezin out n me not leevin da apartmint no matter what!! Nicole frum da Vet’z called earlee n told Mum Dr. Dave iz stuck at home n me broke out in a happy dance:

Mum gave me da ‘stink eye’ butt me waz busy dancin like Snoopy!!! Ternz out da Chiropracktur is closed; dere iz no busez or taxiz…nuffin butt snowplowzPoe-leece n tow truckz out dere!!!!! Yippee!!!! Okayz so me HAZ to go to da Vet tomorrow….butt not today 🙂

Mum waz guud n she tooked sum picciez of me lookin out n den she went out into da blizzerd n took sum more picciez to share da storm wif all of ya, so here goez:

Huh what no Vet today?

Huh what no Vet today?

My my look it all dat snow!

My my look it all dat snow!

So now diz iz what it lookz like frum outside lookin in:

White out 011White out 013White out 014White out 016White out 017

Sumtimez Winter iz a kitty gurl’z best furend!!!! MOL…so diz iz what me gonna do da rest of da day; shure hope Mum’z hand don’t wear out!! 😉 White out 005

Bee warm n safe Katz!! Izn’t Winter wunderfull????


Gettin me *easy on* n sum werdz of whizzdom

Published January 5, 2014 by NylabluesMum

EEowww Krazy Katz: Nylablue here. Me iz back in a bad flare-up of me Bowel Disease. Mum had to rush me to da Vet yesturday which waz Caturday. Me had Pepcid n Cerenia injeckshunz. Pepcid went in fine butt sumfing happined wif da Cerenia n it bubbled out of me n den me bled! Mum kept calm n so did young Jodi da Vet Teck. She got me a new needle wif another half dose n Mum n Miss Christy held me tight while Jodi re-did me needle. Me wriggled butt da meddycashun got in n me  n me waz none da werse fer what happined….so me came home n headed fer da stereo:

Shhh Mum me dreemin of Sammy'z pawty

Shhh Mum me dreemin of Sammy’z pawty

Mum went out to do Laundry n when she reeturned me helped her wif it:

Diz so ya not haz to iron Mum!!

Diz so ya not haz to iron Mum!!

Mum sayz me is a *big help*…wunder if she bein a bit snarky-castick??? 😉 MOL…..

Diz mornin me feelz still kind of ruff n me ate in Mum’z bed n den me sat wif Mum n we meowed a bit n she tooked me piccie:

Gettin me Sunday *easy on*

Gettin me Sunday *easy on*

We gotz all da stars fer da Bloggie of da Yeer award butt we not bemember who gave us dem ‘cept fer HOTRODCOWGIRL N SPEEDY BUNNEH….da rest iz a misstery so pleeze do not bee upset wif us fer not bememberin…here iz what it lookz like:Blog of the Year 2013We Phank eberyone who bizitz our bloggie n commintz n haz beefurended us here…me sayz EBERYONE copy diz AWARD to yer wall ’cause YA ALL ARE STARZ  to Mum n me!!! 🙂

Aunti Janet n Kitties Blue (phankz fer da rite spellin Mum) gave us diz award n it iz da ferst one of 2014 fer us. Me not nose how to linky so me say PHANKZ here!!! sunshine-award from Kitties Blue

Me apposta tell ya 11 fingz bout meself ya doez not nose…me n Mum gonna share tellin ya stuff.

Me lubz salmon butt me can not eat it anymore cause of da Bowel Disease. Me LUBZ Bob Marley musick. Me sleepz wif  TwinkleStar me pony when Mum iz asleep n she not nose (well now she doez). Me likez to go out in da snow butt me not alloud (me triez tho’)  Ok Mum over to ya!!!

Hi All…well 6 things you do not know about me….hmmm…I was the first female Tow Truck operator in Ontario back in the day. I have been married 5 times; 3 divorces and widowed twice all before I was 45 yrs old. I secretly like Hockey. I keep in touch with 2 of 3 husbands still living & my ex Fiance also. My comfort foods are Mac & Cheese or a very sloppy & juicy Angus burger. I totally am in LOVE with Keanu Reeves. 😉 

Now we are supposed to give out this award so we offer it to everyone of our followers & readers & I am going to list our  Top 10 bloggers who have supported us faithfully all thru 2013!!! 

1) Savannah Paw Tracks

2) Speedy Bunny

3) The Cat On My Head

4) All Fer One N One Fer All

5) Haiku by Kuruk

6) Hutch A Good Life

7) Brian’s Home

8) The REAL Maple Syrup Mob

9) Misadventures of Misaki

10) Sammy One Spoiled Cat

Yow Okayz Mum me meow sum more. Beesidez me havin da stoopid flare-up n nott feelin guud dere waz sum big sadz here on Furiday….a woman who lived in da east wing of da buildin waz found dedd in her apartmint n Mum waz da one to tell da boyfurend of da woman. Da woman bin dedd since Catmess nite n it waz sue-e-side n Mum haz not bin herself…she had sum turrible flashbackz to when her Husband Kevin dedded himself in 2003….me did not leeve Mum’z side ‘cept fer da stoopid die-a-rrhea n bein at da Vet’z. Me hopez she will get thru diz sad time!! As ya all can eemagin me NOT want to bee sick n leeve Mum cause den she will beecome a baskit…no wait a baskit weaver….no, no wait…ummmm a baskit CASE!!!! Dat’z it!!! So purrleeze purray fer me to get thru diz flare-up cause Mum needz me n me wantz to stay wif her…dere iz alot more to diz pawfull story butt we not meow bout it here…all me will say iz Mum did purrayerz n lit candlez on Furiday nite fer da woman n did sum purrayer smoke n more purrayerz…What a way to start a new yeer!!*FLOUNDER*

So if Mum not quite herself or not get back to ya quick like ya will nose she iz werkin thru sum fingz n takin guud care of me….

To end on a happy note so we not all leeky eyed here, wazn’t Savannah’z 2nd Gotcha Pawty furabuluss?? Me waz more a watcher den pawticipant butt me waz glad to bee dere to sellybrate wif me BFF gurl. Got a piccie of me watchin Savvy hazin a grrrreat time on da dance floor:

Boogie down Gurlfurend!!!

Boogie down Gurlfurend!!!

Sumfing dat occured to me iz we  must make da best of each day n grab Life by da biskitz cause we neber nose what cuud happin in da future!! So Krazy Katz pawty on n bemember we iz all in diz cwazy Life together!! Nylablue over n out frum da couch… 😉

DJ Spin dat S**T…..oh me head….

Published January 2, 2014 by NylabluesMum
Pat wif care Mum!

Pat wif care Mum!

Yow Krazy Katz: What a pawsum pawty Sammy’z Birfday waz!! We pawtied like it waz 1999 n me boogied me little pawz off!! Dere waz guud eatz n doze Niptiniz’ were furabuluss…me lost count after three……doez anybody nose how many me had??? Purrluss me got into da nip nommiez….Mum iz not impurressed…oh me head hertz…Mum tern da stereo down…what Mum?? It iz not EVEN terned ON???? Oh me head… head……

Which way iz up???

Oh me achin head….

What da KAT waz me finkin?? Me waz bein all gangsta like diz guy:

Whose yer Daddy??

Whose yer Daddy??

Me waz actin all like “Spin DAT SH*T DeeJay!!

Spin DAT Sh*t!!!

Spin DAT Sh*t!!!







Like me waz starrin in da movie “8 Mile”:

Me gonna Wh(r)ap yer face off!!

Me gonna Wh(r)ap yer face off!!






Den me almost burned Sammy’z down when me lit da candlez on da cake:

C'mon Baby Lite me Fire!

C’mon Baby Lite me Fire!

Now me iz all nipped over n me feelz like a kitteh in a ditch n it not feel guud n me not lookin so purrty!!

Me so embarrassed

Me so embarrassed

Mum tried to comfert me butt she kept snickerin n givin me da stink eye….lookz like diz:

Stink eye hertz me head too..

Stink eye hertz me head too…

Me iz so in da doghouse me prubablly not alloud out til SPRING!!! Mouseiez it iz gonna bee a l-o-n-g Winter fer me…..Mum tried to give me a leckture butt diz did not goez well at all:

All me hearz iz blah, blah, blah...

All me hearz iz blah, blah, blah…

Fer da furseeable future purrleeze just talk to da paw:

Talk to da paw...quietlee..

Talk to da paw…quietlee…

Mum, Mum bemeber befur Sammy’z pawty how we snuggled on New Yeer’z Eve n ya kissed me so sweet like???

Bemember da LUB Mum!

Bemember da LUB Mum!

Mum'z LUB...ahhh...

Mum’z LUB…ahhh…

*Sighz deeplee* So Mum sayz me needz to apaulogize publicklee fer me bad beehaveeor…so hear goez: “Me Nylablue humblee apaulogizez fer eberyfing notty me did at Sammy’z birfday pawty n fer smoochin anybody me not apposta have smooched n me iz bery bery sowwy….”

“Nanner, nanner, nanner…what happined at Sammy’z stayz at Sammy’s Mum….”

Nanner, nanner nanner Mum!!!

Nanner, nanner nanner Mum!!!

What Mum?? UMMM no me not beein notty again…ok me haz to post diz befur Mum seez it!!! Happy New Yeer Efurrybody…Nylablue out….way way way out…..

Oh here comez another leckture....

Oh here comez another leckture….