CATurday Catchup n da Spa xperience…

Published December 7, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Bet ya wundered where we bin hidin?? Well fingz bin ‘fast n furreuss’ around here latelee n we not bin able to blog. So much to share wif ya all so me try n fitz it all in (kind of like Mum tryin to fit into *skinny* jeanz, MOL!) “What Mum?” “No, me not talkin bout yer big butt, hehehe…”

Ferst we wantz to show n share diz pawsum award da KITTIEZ BLUE sent me a bazillion dayz  a few weekz ago:one-lovely-blog frum Kitties BlueNow me not bemember if dere iz any rulez n ya all nose me not follow dem anywayz!! 😉 Phankz Miss Janet n me Sisfurz n Brofur fer da award! We invitez eberyone to take diz award! Okayz now on to sum newz n mewz! We had a lubly little Chanukkah n here iz pix frum da last nite:

NB & Menorah8th nite MenorahNB & dreidls 2013 As ya can seez me lubbed havin Dreidlz wif me n da Peecock Feever n da Menorah looked so lubly all lit up wif candlez….Mum n me got leekey eyed finkin diz iz me last Chanukkah together butt we snuggled thru dem teerz n deecided we haz just da momint n make da most of it, right???

Den on Fursday a parcel came fer ME!!! Me waz so eggcited:Nylablue & parcel 2So dat nite Mum n me opined it n me posed wif me birfday giftz frum Miss Jane n da REAL Maple Syrup Mob:

NB & Bday gifts 1NB & Bday gifts 2Me wantz to say a BIG PHANKZ fer da Turkey feeverz (which got me finkin bout Grilled Turkey fer suppa) n da lubly Shrimpy Pure Bitez..nom, nom, nom….Mum also sayz Phankz fer da Lippy Balm frum Miss Jane!!

Den dere iz newz bout missin Midnite Milo….he waz gone fer 3 nitez n Mum n me were so wurried n me do diz nitely:Waitin fer MiloWe not nose where he went butt guess what?? He told a furend ’bout da ‘good eatz’ here n now we haz a new kitteh gurl comin fer suppa!! So we wellcome Trinka to da furamily (well outside furamily):Trinka EyesTrinka 2Trinka 1She iz a real cutie butt bery shy. Mum had truuble gettin guud pix so me apaulogize fer da cwap shotz….at leest ya getz an idea of what Trinka lookz like!!

Now to tall ya all ’bout da Vet bizit on Tuesday….me waz not lookin so guud n stopped eatin Monday n waz sneezin n Mum thought of Brian n Gracie n Precious so sick @ Brian’s Home so she took me into Dr. Dave a day earlee finkin da Herpes waz actin up! Dr. Dave checked me out n said da Depomedrol waz wearin off so me needed it ASAP…so me had 3 injeckshunz: B12 n Pepcid n no trubble. Butt when me saw da 3rd needle me kind went beeserker plus da Vet Teck had NO CLUE how to rap n hold me n wuud not lissen to Mum….so me did dat *twistee* fing me doez wif me butt n da needle went flyin…it landed on da table so Dr. Dave got it quick n Mum did a re-rap n me had  needle again to get da Depomedrol in…whew!! Den me had to have da Mirtazipine n diz  umm inxperieinced Vet Teck held me like porseelan doll n me got so angree n poor Dr. Dave tryin to put da pill down me throat n Mum gettin furreuss wif da gurl…well it waz all TOO MUCH fer me n me pooped….bad smelly loose, did me menshun SMELLY poop!!!! All over meself n all over da blankie; me waz aimin fer da new gurl 😉  Butt me waz covered in me own poop n Mum waz bery upset n Dr. Dave looked purrty upset too. Da Vet Teck waz banished wif poopy blankie n towelz while me stood on a wee towel smellin ABIZZMAL TO ALL!!!!! Da gurl brought in a burgundy tub wif warm soapy bubbly bath n guess what?? Me had a Spa xperience!!! Not once butt twice!!! Dr. Dave washed me so carefull like n me did not flinchy or try to get away. Now Mum n Dr. Dave were BERY sirprized….okayz,  so waz me too!!! Me hatez gettin wet butt me hatez bein POOPY more, MOL….now Mum did not have cammyra n me waz glad of dat cause doez pix wuud have been pawfull to view…me haz a sirtain image to preeserve, right, right?? Anywho after da 2 lubly bathz Dr. Dave towelled me as best he cuud n den put me into  carrier dat also had a Spa bath cause me sorta messed in it too…Aunti Cathy warmed up her car n me had a nice ride home altho Mum waz a bit beeserker still….me came in n started nommin like nuffin happined….after all dere waz tuna-tuna waitin fer me!!! 😉 Mum sayz Terry da Vet Teck iz on diz comin Tuesday which meenz fingz shuud go well n no poopin…butt ya neber nose wif me, MOL…beeware Dr. Dave!!!!!! 🙂

Furinally (are ya all ready fer a nap yet?) me wantz to say how much me iz LUBBIN me Peecock feever whether me playin wif it or just hangin out if it:Nylablue & her Feever 1Savannah shure iz right bout deze feeverz!!! By thee way me not look too bad fer a kitteh dat went to da Vet’z n Spa do me??? Til next time Katz diz iz Nylablue O-U-T!!!!!


48 comments on “CATurday Catchup n da Spa xperience…

  • WOW! Nylablue! What an experience you had at the spa ..errr … vet!! I reckon that bath was better than the needle, so you just lay back and thought of tuna treats, eh!!! What a silly Vet Teck! She won’t do that again!! ConCats on your award. 🙂 You take care now, baby 😉 xox

    • Yow Austin me waz not shure where DA KAT me waz!! Ferst it waz da stinkin stoopid helpfull Vet n den me waz at da Spa wif diz gentle handsum Dr. Dave washin me so nice like??
      Me haz to keep finkin tuna-tuna ebery time me goez to da Vet’z…
      Mum already got Miss Terry on Standbye to be da Vet Teck tomorrow! No fliez on me Mum…
      Phankz fer da conkatz…me werked hard fer da award 🙂
      Yow Baby *blushy earz* neber bin called Baby befur…
      Nylablue xxxxx

    • Yow Basil it shure waz sum kind of xperience…me n Mum had a laff…ok a sorta chuckle when we waz doing da bloggie…..when diz happined we not laffin much me can tell ya…. 😉
      It’z alwayz sumfing izn’t it Basil??
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • Congrats on the lovely award and thanks so much for sharing it with me and mummy:-)

    I don’t blame you for trying to poop on the vet tech, shame your aim wasn’t too good BOL but glad you’re eating and having fun with your peacock feather 🙂

    • EEowww Misaki me wanted to share da award…dere haz bin sum of ya who haz really kept me n Mum goin da past 2 monthz…Ya iz so speshell to us.
      Me agreez about me aim…me tried to get da Vet Teck butt she moved away too fast! FLOUNDER!!
      Me iz doin all right altho me needz more meddycashun tomorrow….
      Peecock feever iz callin me…
      Lub Nylablue xoxo

  • Goodness me Nylablue what a kerfuffle you got yourself into at the vets!! the least they could do was offer the Spa treatment ,your Dreidel looks like fun to play with and you got Pressies as well!! wow what a lucky girl you are ..Turkey fevers sound like a hoot!! and a lovely award too!! wowsers! thankyou for passing it to us we are very honoured and thankyou for your sweet and mum are very special to us down here 🙂 Midnite Milo..where has he gone…perhaps his peeps found out he was wandering the neighbourhood and put a stop to it..but you have a new guest partaking of mums take out buffet menu!! poor babies must be so cold…so you snuggle mum and take care of her coz she is needing kitty lovies ! I must away busy busy …and busy hehehe 🙂 loves to you and mum Aunti Bev xxxx

    • Yow Aunti Bev: Dere iz alwayz sumgfing cwazy goin on here it seemz! Kerfuffle iz RIGHT! Mum all reedy set up dat Terry iz Vet Teck wif me diz comin Tuesday; she wantz no reepeatz of last week 😉
      Me haz bin spoiled wif pressiez n dreidlz n stuffiez n me iz eber so gratefull dat Mum n otherz LUB me so much! Neber new me life ciid bee so bunderfull 🙂
      Of coarse we give ya da award…ya iz alwayz meowin wif us n givin Mum guud support n care…we LUBZ ya oodlez…now me iz gettin all leeky eyed!! Guud Greef!
      Midnite Milo had takein to comin AFTER we went to bed…me cot him n me told Mum so we stayed up til almost 1:30 A.M. a few nitez ago n Milo sauntered onto da patio la-dee-da…Mum waz so happy to see him dat me got xtra kissez (guud deel me finkz!!)
      Midnite Milo musta told little Trinka cause she bin comin almost ebery nite aroudn 7 P.M. fer guud eatz…MUm sayz she iz running a ‘kibble kitchen’ (like a soup kitchen butt fer kittehz)…MOL..
      Phankfully we not haz much snow butt it iz chilly at 25 F (meanin furry cold).
      Me iz snugglin close to Mum n we iz watchin da Football….
      Me nose ya iz busy busy n more busy so phankz fer stoppin by to bizit.
      Lub to all frum me Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

      • Oh snugglin with mum sounds perfect!!! it is cold today…who knows I give up…and I am glad you got to see Midnite Milo…we have soup kitchens in Australia too perhaps we need Kibble kitchens as well…good that the vet tech is more need for stress.
        You have a lovely night I head to the shops and try and avoid all the xmas crazies….sheesh!! love to you Nylablue and mum from Aunti Bev xxxx

  • Hi Nylablue! Your menorah is blue like you!! Ours is shiny silver like the bits in Mummy Janey’s hair!
    Is Dr Dave a beautician as well, because you are looking really pretty after the spa day!! Remember we said Midnight Milo looks like Jacob? Well, Trinka’s tail looks like Zoe’s..we’re going to check that they not sneaking out to visit you!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Eoooww Miss Jane n da REAL MSM: Ya nose we neber reealized about da Menorah bein me color…ya haz a guud eye der!!! MOL…Yer’z iz da color of Miss Jane’z hair…dat iz cute.
      MOL me finkz Dr. Ddave IZ a BEEUTISHAN fer shure!! Me neber looked so fine!!!!
      HHMM Midnite Milo lookz like Jacob n now Trinkz lookz like Zoe…ya bettur ask dem 2 what dey bin doin??
      Trinka did not come fer suppa last nite; just Midnite Milo….Mum sayz we need more food fer dem in a few dayz…she iz bery deddycated to makin shure dey eatz guud!!!
      Mum wuud feed da werld if she cuud 😉
      Much lub to all dere frum me Nylablue n Mum too 🙂

  • Wow that’s an adventure. I did that too once, I pooped on my dad’s hands as he hold me at the vet. I’m egg-sided too for this wonderful parcel you’ve got. Turkey-feathers are as good as a whole turkey and mybe you can even fly with it? All my power of the crossed paw to you and your momma.

    • YOW Easy ON NOSE!!! What did yer Dad do?? Bett he waz BERY sirprized holdin such a speshell gift frum his poochie boy…..rofwmeowz!!!! Oh let’z me catch me breath!!!!!!
      izn’t da parcel sumfing else?? So many turkey feeverz…Mum sayz she wantz to make a wing fer me to play wif…me finkz me cuud try to fly wif it IF she getz it made….
      Phankz fer da Power of da crossed paw…me needz a few more purrayerz fer shure….
      Mum sendz her LUB to all of ya dere as doez me too!
      Nylablue n Mum ❤

  • Hello there, Nyla!
    Wow, that was quite a week for you … a spa experience, and receiving a pressie with the mail! Good for you!

    McDuff has only gotten a shoebox that he’s very fond of 🙂

    Cheerio! /Rebby

    • Yow Aunti Rebby it iz ya n McDuff!! me n Mum did not nose what to finkz….ya changed yer name again, MOL….keepz us on our toesiez!
      it waz a wild week…da bathz were so nice (don’t tell Mum or she will want to bath me too..) n da gifties were lubly too!!!
      Me had a shoebox too but Mum said it no goez wif da furneeture so out it went…..but me doez have 7 bedz so me not complain 😉
      Purrleeze give McDuff a *kiss* frum me n one frum Mum too!
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum too… xoxo

  • Dear sweet Nylablue, Your mummy told us about the oopsy poopsy at the VET. We sure wish you had hit that tech. They should never let anyone who is inexperienced and doesn’t know you even come in the room. We are not surprised that you have another kitty, Trinka, visiting. Once you are nice to one kitty, the word goes out on the street. We do hope Midnite Milo comes back ’cause neither your nor your mum need anything to worry about other than yourselves. We are so pleased that you came home and ate a good dinner. We keep praying and purring for you and Mum Sherri-Ellen and so glad the two of you felt well enough to post today. We love you bunches and bunches, Aunti Janet and your brofur Mauricio and sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  • Hoo Cat NylaBlue you really had a few days.
    Dad really likes your Menorah. Beautiful. And how about those giftee’s! My goodness you have treats galore and a wonerfur feavver too!
    Now I do not tell many cats, but since you are so honest, I will tell all that I have let the poops out at the vet before. Not even when I was getting poked. You are really really brave.
    I am glad it ended well my furend. You really do look very nice after that spa treatment
    Purrs from all of us here at the Tomcat Home

    • Eeoww sweet TimmyTomcat…it iz all right dat ya haz pooped at da Vet’z befur…seemz it iz a natrual reeackshun cause we iz not amused to bee dere n sumtimez we iz scaredy kat a bit!!! me waz just furry angree dat da gurl did not hold me well n it waz no fun fer dear old Dr. Dave tryin to give me meddycashun 😦
      Me triez to bee brave butt sum dayz me iz jsut too peed off to care…
      Phankz fer da compleemint; me DID feel bery purrty once me waz home n dry n floofly again! N phankz fer da compleemint bout da Menorah…it waz me Mum’s Mumz Menorah….da giftiez were grrreat n me iz bery blessed. No matter what happenz me will alwayz bemember diz Chanukkah n how nice Hu’manz n 4 leggedz were to me since me bin so sick….
      Deep purrz to all of ya at da Tomkat House frum Nylablue xxxxxxx

  • Congrats on the nice award sweet girl and thank you so very much for sharing it with me and my Dad. I don’t think Dad ever got an award before MOL! Hey sweetie, I’m glad you got a spa day, but next time try it just for total enjoyment, not cause ya need it. Love ya Nylablue!!!

    • Yow Brian ya haz NEBER had an award befur?? Diz iz so bery sad…well me will bemember diz!! Me gave diz out speshell to da peeple n 4 leggedz who have bin so supportive to me da last few monthz…
      Ya nose me must try a Spa day wifout da drama ferst…what a novell idea Brian!!! 😉
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx

  • Congrats on your award. Nylablue maybe next time that tech will listen to your mom. Hope you are feeling better today. I saw your beautiful decorating picture at Speedy’s. Very pretty.What nice gifts you got. Hugs and purrs.
    Sue B

    • Phanks Miss ue…we admired yer decoratin too at Speedy’z!!! Diz iz so much fun izn’t it??
      Me iz a bit sneezy today but all righ otherwise; Mum iz down wif a dodgee tummy n sneezin too…what a pair we are 😉
      Da Teck gurl iz newish n not nose much about feisty Katz…she shure got a lesson frum me!!!
      Me haz bin gettin giftz as dey arrive in case me not be here fer me Birfday or Catmess wif Mum…it bery eemoshunal as ya can eemagin!
      Purrleeze give Charlie n Cashew n Garfield n Tubby sum *kissez* frum us.
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxoxoxo

  • Oh sweet Nylablue. I’m so glad you are still holding on and enjoying the good things life has to offer. None of us knows just how long we have and need to embrace every second. Tomorrow is my gotcha day. I’ll have hitchhiked my way home 5 years ago. Than Mistletoe’s gotcha day is Tuesday. She’s been here 10 years. I guess she’s a senior kitty now, but I’m not telling her that!

    I’ll be thinking of you while I spin the Bella Bird and chase the red dot. Forever yours,

  • That was quite a vet experience, Nylablue! Bet you were NOT expecting a spa day on top of everything else! I’m glad you got all your meds… eventually! Purrs to you and your human. Maybe even to Dr. Dave.

  • Thank you and Mum for the update, Miss Nylablue! I like the photos of Miss Trinka. I am very glad you had a Spa Day. I wish it could have been easier on everyone, though! Best wishes for an excellent Caturday.

    • MOL Miss Susan M…ya nose me do not do anyfing EASY!!! 😉
      Izn’t Trinka purrty?? She iz peeteete like me…okayz more peeteete DEN me n she will lookz at Mum wifout runnin away…It iz sad dere are 2 ‘Shadow Kittehz’ out dere….
      Caturday bin guud so far…tuna-tuna n nappinz n snugglin n da bloggie dun!! Iz ALL guud!!
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • Oh my Nylabluewooowoooooo! You got spunk my sweetie grilfurriend! Lovely candles and peacock feather toootwooowooooo! Mama especially likes the feather! Sending you lots of kissies, and fur to keep you warm! xoxoxoxoxoxox, Ku

    • Woooo oooo me sweet Ku…..not only haz me ‘spunk’ butt me gotz sum guud ‘stunk’ too, MOL/BOL!!!
      Me lubz me Peecock feever…now it iz me fave toy!
      MMM Ku fur to keep warm; catabuluss 🙂
      Lub frum Nylablue xx

  • Nylablue looks so cute with the dreidles. Did she get tuna for a Hanukkah present? I am glad that Dr. Dave was able to clean her up and she smelled a lot better. My cats hated going in the car too and meowed all the way home!

    • Yow Aunti Toby of coarse me got tuna-tuna fer dreidlz n more feeverz n treetz frum da Vet n blankie n Tanuja kitt who waz a Birfday n Chanukkah gift….me had a furrabuluss Chanukkah n watched Mum lite da menorah ebery nite n me sat on top of da Condo lookin at da litez n finkin of da Life me haz had wif Mum….
      Mum sayz me smelled bery nice after da “spa” bathz n me waz glad too…
      Me Not mind da car Aunti…me mind when peeple not hold me propurrlee n make me mad..RAAAWWWRRR!!!
      Me furroshuss Kitteh!! Lub Nylablue xxx

  • Nylablue what a tale that is and I’m not one bit surprised you had a “whoopsie” at the Vet – but I’m also excited that they took such nice care of you after your accident and shots….you got a nice warm soapy bath and I just know that felt very good….you look really GREAT Nylablue – your eyes are wide open and clear, you just look perky so I think you have yet again pulled through – you are such a strong girl. Also thank you for the One Lovely Blog Award and concatulations to YOU for getting it from Kitties Blue! I very much appreciate you thinking of me. Now relax and enjoy this period of feeling good – it’s nice isn’t it?

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  • Oh Nylablue what a day you had! And then another bath at home I heard…you must be the cleanest MeeZer in Canada MOL! I’m thinking you may be in need of some new fevvers…I know I can break up one of those long peacock feathers in a day or so…heh…heh…luvluvluv you girl furriend; and head bonks for Mum

    • 😉 yah me IZ da cleenest MeeZer in Canada….n purrobablee da most GRUMPEE too, MOL!!!
      Mum hopez she can get to da Peecokc Feever store soon cause me feever lookz a bit ruff fer shure!!! We need multee packz, MOL……
      Lub ya Savannah n Miss Linda too frum Nylablue aka Miss Squeekey Clean (hhrrmmpphh)

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