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Rappin up diz Catmess seeson!!

Published December 29, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue comin to ya live frum da livin’ room!! We hopez eberyone in da bloggie werld had a furabuluss Catmess!! We shure did…da best eber!!! WE wanted to do a Catmess ‘rap-up’ fer ya….so here we goez:

Me wantz to say PHANKZ to all who sended Birfday pressiez n ecardz to me n me wanted to share da one me got frum Aunti Janet n Kittehz Blue:NB's Bday card from Kitties Blue 2013

It iz such a purrty card izn’t it?? Den Mum got me a seckond Peecock feever n me enjoyed being tickled PINK wif 2 Feeverz:Birthday pix of NB 007Birthday pix of NB 008Birthday pix of NB 009Birthday pix of NB 010 While me waz playin,  TwinkleStar n Eesha Chinmayi got ackquainted wif each other:TwinkleStar n EeshaDen Eesha Chinmayi gotz a purresent n he named Trumpy:TwinkleStar n Eesha n TrumpyMOL now da Ellyfant haz her bery own stuffed Ellyfant toy!!! Mum finkz of eberyfing!!!! Plus Aunti Eevee sent sum kewl stuff n Mum gave diz to Eesha Chinmayi also:Birthday pix 004Ternz out diz iz a Insence holder butt it so purrty Mum says she not use it!! Dat’z me Mum fer ya; bery senty-mentall 😉

Mum tooked down da Winter display today n when she went to put it away n she met me:Goodbye Catmess 001Ya wanna do what Mum?? Oh nose!!!!! Bye Catmess…..Goodbye Catmess 002Goodbye Catmess 003*Sighz* another Catmess comez to a close….butt do not bee sadz we got a pickture of da HOLE GANG here at da Purrfect Pad:Da Hole GangFrum left to right iz Binky Mouse, Dot da Ladybug, Fuzzy Top (leanin on TS), TwinkleStar me Pony; Eesha Chinmayi, Trumpy da stuffy Ellyfant, Pookie da G-Piggie, Pinky da Piggie, Tanuja me adopted kitt n Petal Puss (to da right of TS). Yah, dat iz da Purrfect Pad crew…a fine lookin bunch of stuffiez if me sayz so meself…which me doez!! 

Wif all diz n dat bein said we rapz up diz Catmess n we lookin forward to Sammy’z 14th Birfday pawty on January 1st!!!sambirthdaypawtyYow dere iz nuffin like more pawtyin to keep da sellybrashun goin, am I right?? See you @ Sammy’z….Nylablue out!!

Me DID get a PONY!!! N Mum got me in oil!!!

Published December 26, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here…dere iz so much to tell ya butt me iz so eggcited me must share ’bout me bestest gift!!! Miss Janet n Kittehz Blue frum DA KAT ON ME HEAD bloggie sent me n Mum each a gift. Look at what she sended me:Birthday pix of NB 012Birthday pix of NB 013Izn’t she pawsum?? Me did me happy dance around da pony!!! Me n Mum thoughted long n hard ’bout a name n we deecided on “TwinkleStar”…n Mum did bizit Miss Janet’z bloggie a few dayz ago n read bout dere sellybarshunz n dat dey were bememberin dere Kitteh named……wait fer it…..Ya got it: “TWINKLE!!” Mum n me got all leeky eyed. Honest we did not nose ’bout dere kitteh befur we named me Pony….me got a pony!!! ME GOT A PONY!!!!  As ya can tell me iz burstin wif joy:Birthday pix of NB 021Birthday pix of NB 023

Den Mum unrapped her giftie frum Miss Janet n look:Birthday pix of NB 015Nylablue in oilIzn’t diz paintin sumfing speshell??? Mum got all leeky eyed n she had a guud weepy n snugglin me n lookin at da paintin!! We iz so happy n humbled by Miss Janet’z kindness n beeuteefull giftz fer us!!! Phank ya a kabillion timez Miss Janet fer meakin diz da BESTEST Birfday n Catmess EVER fer me n Mum 🙂

We not bin bizitin bloggiez ’cause of da hollyday so purrleeze bear wif us. We will pop in to each of ya sooner or later…

Did ya all haz a Merry Catmess??? We hopez so…me gotta sayz diz waz da BESTEST Birfday n Catmess me n Mum eber had!!! Whew me so worn out me gonna goez have another nappie wif…ya guessed it: TwinkleStar!!!! Nylablue out! 🙂Birthday pix of NB 020

N da awardz continuu…dada ta-da…..

Published December 15, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow me Krazy Katz: As ya read yesturday me  we were given many awardz n we waz gloatin so happy dat we fergot da MOST IMPAWTENT fing which iz TO SHARE DA AWARDZ!! Me n Mum apaulogizez yet again (Mum yer an idiot…)  er me meanz Mum fergotz…me waz gonna fire her butt; she begged fer a seckond chance n how cuud me sayz “NO” to diz face??Strawberry S-E. 2012Crooked grin n all…such a Hu’Mum….oy vey n MOL!!!  So Mum bin busy makin a HUGE list of all our Anipal reederz here n off-site. It waz NOT easy to figure all diz out n if we fergotz anyone purrleeze fergive me as it iz all Mum’z fault  an oversite ’cause we iz wait bombarded!! Dat’z da rite werd….

Here is da FANTABULUSS AWARD:fantablulous award frum SavannahWe givez diz award to Savannah Paw Trackz n Easy Rider. Now YA ALL IZ fantabuluss so ya can all haz it! We centered picked out Savannah cause she n her peepz bin doin so much werk beehind da scenez n are “Guardian Angelz” to me. As fer EasyRider he iz da funniest most cleverest poochie who makez us laff n Mum spit tea all over me nite after nite wif hiz tailz of highlarity n sumtimez sirius stuff butt he alwayz makez us laff….so Phankz fer da fish to both of ya fer makin our werld a MUCH bettur place!!!

Den dere iz da Blog of 2013 Award:Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpegNow me not nose how to getz da starz, bleh, bleh, bleh;  butt me doez nose me wantz sum of ya to haz diz award cause ya haz bin inspirashunall to Mum n me diz past year n we wantz to say a BIG Phankz fer dat!! So we nommie-nate The Poupounette (oui oui); Pig Love wif Bacon; Rumpydog n DeDe of Rumpydog n Bailey da BoatKat n Haiku by Ku fer Kuruk n Nalle. All of ya inspired us to write bettur n learn new stuff which is grrreat!!!

Den we haz da Furendz n Followerz Award:FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS award frum DA KAT on me HeadDiz iz da long list n dere iz no ordur other than ya iz faithfull followerz n furendz to us n WIFOUT ALL OF YA me n Mum wuud be typin to ourselvez 🙂 We nommie-nate: Sammy, One Spoiled Kat; Savannah Paw Trackz;  Easy Rider; Speedy da Cheeky House Bunny; Hutch A Guud Life; FozzieMum/All Fur One N One Fur All; Maple Syrup Mob/Da REAL Maple Syrup Mob; Da Tabbiez O’Trout Towne; Cat Frum Hell wif Queen Penelope; My Mini Pet Pig wif Coccolina; Pig Love wif Bacon; KirbyzDawgBlog wif Kirby n Miss Leah; My Three Moogiez; Basil’z Blog; Dennis da Viszla; WriteToWag wif TrevBear; Misadventurez Of Misaki:; Sparkle da Deesigner Kitteh;  Da Kat On Me Head wif me Sisfurz n Brofur n Miss Janet; Bailey Da Boatkat me other Brofur; Texas, A Kat in Austin wif Tex Cat n Kitshka n Milou; HotRodCowGirl; Long Life Katz n Dogz; On Da Road Wif Animal Courierz; Katrus wif Miss Sue n her 4 kittehz; Judy n da C.A.T.S.;  Colder Weather wif Aunti Rebby n me ferst boyfurend McDuff; TimmyTomKat frum TomKat Commentary; Da Island Kittehz; Da Travelling Kittehz; CATachresis; Blog Of Otis n furinally Brian’z Home wif Brian n da Sisfurz…..We also wanna give a MEOW OUT to Aunti Maggie n her crew frum Mag’z Corner n Miss Vera frum her blog n Miss Susan M. frum Seattle, Washington n Miss Dorothy from Mistletoe n Hitch (me still LUBZ ya Hitch!!) We also want to menshun Aunti Amanda frum Walez, UK who wif Ben da Hood Kitteh keepz tabz on us frum long distance!! N to da G-Listy peepz who also reed me bloggiez n purray fer me..phankz, phankz, phankz!! Yer purrayerz have werked so well. 🙂

Furinally me made a bery impawtent award fer doez of ya who went thru turrible sickyness or loss of 4 leggedz n as me almost went to da Bridge too, me n Mum thought diz wuud be sumfing speshell to give out. Diz pickture waz made by me Aunti Eevee who haz a bloggie here at Phank ya SO-O much Aunti fer such a bunderfull collage of ME!!! Here is da Award:EVERYONE LOVES NYLABLUE AWARD 2013Ya can biggefy it to see all da pix of me butt dat is not what’z impawtent…oh nose,  diz Award goez to DA BLOG OF OTIS who in da face of such sadness losin Leeder Otis n Momma Kat (run free you 2) have kept in touch wif us here n let us share dere journey wif dem. Den we give diz to HUTCH A GUUD LIFE in memory of sweet NIBBLEZ (may he run free in Summerland)… We give diz  to Brian’z Home because all da Kittehz dere were sick n Brian twice n Sistur Gracie almost went to Summerland…Den dere iz me sweet Bunneh furend SPEEDY who underwent eye surgery n he came back fightin fit n we had dat pawsum Pirate Pawty wif him! We pass diz to My Three Moogiez fer Oscar who fought off da attack of sum turrible creeture n survived almost losin half his beeuteeful face!!! If dere iz anyone else who losted a 4 legged to Summerland or had turrible sickness purrleeze feel free to take diz award. In fact we GIVE diz to Aunti Eevee as she lost her beeloved poochiez Max n Snickerz n her wee rat Lunar diz year too.  Oh grrreat now we all gonna be ‘hang doggie lookin’ n sad!! No do not bee sad…we knew all deze bunderfull 4 leggedz n we haz memoreez n feelinz dat will neber leeve us so we can reejoice in all dere livez n bee happy we knew deze 4 leggedz! So on diz happy note me iz gonna sign off n get me ‘easy’ on 😉

 Lub to all of ya far n wide frum Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum 🙂

Just NAP!!!!

Just NAP!!!!


Award winnin Caturday

Published December 14, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow yow Krazy Katz…..must bee Caturday cause here me Nylablue iz; ready to share all da newz n mewz wif ya all. Ferst off we wantz to show off display da awardz me  we bin givin so here goez:

Blog of the Year Award 2 star jpeg Phankz Misaki n Miss Dawn fer diz award. We not nose how to give or reeceive starz butt we lub da award just cause it is frum ya both!! Den we got diz award twice no wait we haz it three timez:FRIENDS & FOLLOWERS award frum DA KAT on me HeadPhanks so so much Speedy n Miss Rachel n Da Kat On Me Head n Miss Janet  n Auntie Bev aka FozzieMum fer diz pawsum award!! Me n Mum got all leeky eyed gettin diz frum 3 of ya ’cause we bin so beehind in reading bloggiez n we iz humbled….ok Mum iz humbled, MOL!!! Den we gotz diz furabuluss award:fantablulous award frum SavannahPhanks so  much sweet Savannah n Miss Linda fer da ‘fantabulous’ award!! ME er me meanz we neber got 4 awardz together befur n we iz so happy!!! Now to show off display our Catmess cardz we reeceived so far:Catmess cardzIf ya biggefy da photo a few of ya will see yer cardz are here safe n sound…why iz da pickture crooked?? Well me had sum trubble tryin to hold da cammyra straight n click da pick!!! 😉

Here is our Ecard fer Catmess so anyone who wantz to copy n save it purrleeze feel free wif our compleemintz of da seeson:Merry Catmess frum NB & S-E.We were not able to send alot of Catmess cardz due to postage costin so much me wuud have had to give up me kibble fer a month to buy stampz…me drawz da line at goin wifout me NOMMIE kibble 😉 MOL…

As ya may have herd we iz gettin snow like cwazy here in Canada n where we live iz full of da white stuff too!! Me wanted to share pix of me poochie furend Sadie Mae who came to bizit Fursday n she was ‘dashin thru da snow’ in her bery own cart wif Hu’man attached: Me bizit wif Sadie Mae poochie 003Me bizit wif Sadie Mae poochie 004Me bizit wif Sadie Mae poochie 005

Izn’t Sadie Mae da cutest poochie?? She came in fer a bizit n snackz…her OWN snackz n den she deecided to clean up fer me:Me bizit wif Sadie Mae poochie 007She iz such a helpfull poochie!! MOL…Mum haz tot her a new trick n she can doez a ‘Hi-Five’ wif her paw butt me cuud not capture da momint…sowwy…Anywho after Sadie Mae n Miss Mary Lou left, me got to bizit thru da window wif Cassie bird:NB & Cassie1NB & Cassie 2She iz such a cutie…if ya biggefy da pickture ya can see da beeutee spot on her face…dat iz how we nose it iz Cassie! 😉 So we haz bin busy wif bizitin. No nite time bizitz frum Midnite Milo or Trinka gurl n Mum called Miss Sheela da Feral Kat Resckue lady n dey are finkin da kittehz are hidin out….we iz purrayin dey both found sumwhere dry n sumwhat warm n haz sum food to eatz cause it bin snow fer dayz here now n so fridgid…me meanz BERY fridgid…me waz finkin of steppin out on da patio yesturday so Mum opined da door n when da North wind smacked me  in da face me reetreated back to me bed by da rad!!! Ferget DAT idea *shiverz*…  Me iz so so greatfull to bee indoorz warm n snug n lubbed!!!! We purrays fer all da FERALZ eberywhere….

Me must apaulogize fer not makin it to many bloggiez lately….Mum waz out ebery day last week n next week just as busy!!! So we gonna try to at leest bizit each of ya once diz weekend (don’t hold yer breath..) me izn’t gonna…..MOL…

Furinally me waz at da Vet on Tuesday n me beehaved purrty guud plus Miss Terry waz dere to hold me so fingz went bettur n Dr. Dave got da tunez goin…so it waz OK!! Me had da *usual*: B12 n Pepcid n Mirtazipine…me goez back da 17th, da 24th (Mum’z n mine Birfday; What Da Kat?) n da 31st pawz crossed….Just fink me waz so close to da Bridge in (T)ocktober  n me haz come diz far. It bringz a tear to da eye..,,*sniff* *sniff*…Ok me bein notty but me iz trulee GREATFULL fer da mirackle of LIFE dat haz bin givin to me!!

 WE wantz to say a B-I-G PHANK YA to our Anoneemoose “Guardian Angelz” frum WP who haz supported us da past 3 monthz…ya NOSE who ya are n we LUBZ you wif all our heartz!! Wif all diz bein said me iz tired now n gonna take a happy nappy:Me bizit wif Sadie Mae poochie 008Yah me gotz da reemote n me gonna watch sum bobsleddin n nap wif one eye opin!! Me iz bery tallented! Nylablue out 🙂 Whoosh:



CATurday Catchup n da Spa xperience…

Published December 7, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Bet ya wundered where we bin hidin?? Well fingz bin ‘fast n furreuss’ around here latelee n we not bin able to blog. So much to share wif ya all so me try n fitz it all in (kind of like Mum tryin to fit into *skinny* jeanz, MOL!) “What Mum?” “No, me not talkin bout yer big butt, hehehe…”

Ferst we wantz to show n share diz pawsum award da KITTIEZ BLUE sent me a bazillion dayz  a few weekz ago:one-lovely-blog frum Kitties BlueNow me not bemember if dere iz any rulez n ya all nose me not follow dem anywayz!! 😉 Phankz Miss Janet n me Sisfurz n Brofur fer da award! We invitez eberyone to take diz award altho me wantz to *give* it to a few furendz who haz bin helpin me n Mum thru dese tuff dayz…so here goez:

Savannah  n Miss Linda n Mistur Peter of Savannah’s Paw Tracks

FozzieMum (Miss Bev) of FozzieMum n All fur One N One Fer All

Speedy n Miss Rachel of Speedy da Cheeky House Bunneh

Sammy n Miss Pam of Sammy One Spoiled Kitteh

Misaki n Miss Dawn of Da MisAdventurez of Misaki

Brian n Mistur Terry of Brian’s Home

Bemember we wantz all of ya to haz diz award butt we had to menshun da 4 leggedz n Hu’Manz who haz bin front n centre helpin us….okayz now on to sum newz n mewz! We had a lubly little Chanukkah n here iz pix frum da last nite:

NB & Menorah8th nite MenorahNB & dreidls 2013 As ya can seez me lubbed havin Dreidlz wif me n da Peecock Feever n da Menorah looked so lubly all lit up wif candlez….Mum n me got leekey eyed finkin diz iz me last Chanukkah together butt we snuggled thru dem teerz n deecided we haz just da momint n make da most of it, right???

Den on Fursday a parcel came fer ME!!! Me waz so eggcited:Nylablue & parcel 2So dat nite Mum n me opined it n me posed wif me birfday giftz frum Miss Jane n da REAL Maple Syrup Mob:

NB & Bday gifts 1NB & Bday gifts 2Me wantz to say a BIG PHANKZ fer da Turkey feeverz (which got me finkin bout Grilled Turkey fer suppa) n da lubly Shrimpy Pure Bitez..nom, nom, nom….Mum also sayz Phankz fer da Lippy Balm frum Miss Jane!!

Den dere iz newz bout missin Midnite Milo….he waz gone fer 3 nitez n Mum n me were so wurried n me do diz nitely:Waitin fer MiloWe not nose where he went butt guess what?? He told a furend ’bout da ‘good eatz’ here n now we haz a new kitteh gurl comin fer suppa!! So we wellcome Trinka to da furamily (well outside furamily):Trinka EyesTrinka 2Trinka 1She iz a reall cutie butt bery shy. Mum had truuble gettin guud pix so me apaulogize fer da cwap shotz….at leest ya getz an idea of what Trinka lookz like!!

Now to tall ya all ’bout da Vet bizit on Tuesday….me waz not lookin so guud n stopped eatin Monday n waz sneezin n Mum thought of Brian n Gracie n Precious so sick @ Brian’s Home so she took me into Dr. Dave a day earlee finkin da Herpes waz actin up! Dr. Dave checked me out n said da Depomedrol waz wearin off so me needed it ASAP…so me had 3 injeckshunz: B12 n Pepcid n no trubble. Butt when me saw da 3rd needle me kind went beeserker plus da Vet Teck had NO CLUE how to rap n hold me n wuud not lissen to Mum….so me did dat *twistee* fing me doez wif me butt n da needle went flyin…it landed on da table so Dr. Dave got it quick n Mum did a re-rap n me had  needle again to get da Depomedrol in…whew!! Den me had to have da Mirtazipine n diz reely stoopid umm inxperieinced Vet Teck held me like porseelan doll n me got so angree n poor Dr. Dave tryin to put da pill down me throat n Mum gettin furreuss wif da gurl…well it waz all TOO MUCH fer me n me pooped….bad smelly loose, did me menshun SMELLY poop!!!! All over meself n all over da blankie; we waz aimin fer da new gurl 😉 Butt me waz covered in me own poop n Mum waz bery upset n Dr. Dave looked purrty upset too. Da Vet Teck waz banished wif poopy blankie n towelz while me stood on a wee towel smellin ABIZZMAL TO ALL!!!!! Da gurl brought in a burgundy tub wif warm soapy bubbly bath n guess what?? Me had a Spa xperience!!! Not once butt twice!!! Dr. Dave washed me so carefull like n me did not flinchy or try to get away. Now Mum n Dr. Dave were BERY sirprized….okayz,  so waz me too!!! Me hatez gettin wet butt me hatez bein POOPY more, MOL….now Mum did not have cammyra n me waz glad of dat cause doez pix wuud have been pawfull to view…me haz a sirtain image to preeserve, right, right?? Anywho after da 2 lubly bathz Dr. Dave towelled me as best he cuud n den put me into  carrier dat also had a Spa bath cause me sorta messed in it too…Aunti Cathy warmed up her car n me had a nice ride home altho Mum waz a bit beeserker still….me came in n started nommin like nuffin happined….after all dere waz tuna-tuna waitin fer me!!! 😉 Mum sayz Terry da Vet Teck iz on diz comin Tuesday which meenz fingz shuud go well n no poopin…butt ya neber nose wif me, MOL…beeware Dr. Dave!!!!!! 🙂

Furinally (are ya all ready fer a nap yet?) me wantz to say how much me iz LUBBIN me Peecock feever whether me playin wif it or just hangin out if it:Nylablue & her Feever 1Savannah shure iz right bout deze feeverz!!! By day way me not look too bad fer a kitteh dat went to da Vet’z n Spa do me??? Til next time Katz diz iz Nylablue O-U-T!!!!!