Published November 20, 2013 by NylabluesMum

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What DA KAT??? Where waz da Memo ’bout water in da tub?? No one told me n me jumped in!!!! HHRRMMPPHH!! What a start to Wednesday…W-E-T!!!! Bet Mum iz gonna take me to da Vet’z too right?? 😉 Nylablue out…out of da tub….out of da room….O-U-T kinda out!!!!!


50 comments on “WET WEDNESDAY Inndeed!!

    • Yow Savannah me cuud not put da breakz on so me landed right in da water befur Mum cuud warn me away!! When she came in me waz standin in da tub n den me jumped out in did da *wet paw* dance: Shake da left front paw; den da right front paw…den da left back paw n da right back paw…den reepeat over n over again!!! Mum waz laffin so hard she did not take pickturez right away. Once me sat down to ‘lick n dry’ she got da cammyra out…
      Me finkz she furgot da memo ’cause da FLU fried her brain 😉
      All dry n toastee now! We had snow today n it IZ stayin fer shure…so bery cold out…guud newz iz Mum brought da bird bath over to da patio to use as a ground feeder so me getz to watch da Mournin Dovez n Woodstock our valeeant Sparrow who stayz wif dem all year long….
      *paw patz* Nylablue xx

  • Hey sweet Nylablue. We hazn’t been around too much lately cause Mom had puter problems. Itz great to see that you iz feelin better. Hope you iz dry and warm by now. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • Eeoww Miss Judy n C>A>T>S> Me n Mum ewundered where ya waz hidin…puter prublemz are da werst aren’t dey??? Me haz gotten thru da Pancreatitis sumhow n me feelz much bettur!!!
      Me iz all dry frum da dip in da tub, MOL!! Dat waz sum funny wazn’t it???
      One Lub frum Nylablue xxxxx

      • The good thing iz Mom got a new puter, now she is tryin to get the stuff off of the old one. Lucky for her she did not lose all the beyoootiful pickshures of us. MOL

        We guess that sometimez we have to do silly thingz to make our hoomanz laugh. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

        • Eeeoww Miss Judy: Me iz happy to read ya have a new puter n got da picciez frum da old one…Mum haz a bunch of me on a disc so she can put on any new puter in da future…
          As fer da *wet paw* dance me had no choice as me landed in a watery tub!! Eemagin, a tub wif water in it n no warnin sinez!! Pawfull, MOL!!!!!!
          Lub to ya n da C>A>T>S> frum Nylablue n in da doghouse Mum!

  • Oh Dear Nylablue!Well Mum got me home and She was very cross with grandma cause she Had to give Me a Bath!Thats right after missing mummy and Daddy they gave me a bath and the dried me with the hair dryer!so not Happy at the moment!Thump!xx Speedy

    • Yow DUUBLE THUMP FRUM ME TOO Speedy!!!! ya had a Wet Wednesday too?? pawfull, just pawfull!!
      Me not like da hair dryer up close; me likez it like a gentle breeze far away…
      Oh Speedy me hopez ya getz over da bath n get to snuggle wif Mum n dad…
      Lub Nylablue xxx

    • Yow Sammy me do diz just fer ya!!! Oh n Mum too….she wuud bee losted wifout me!!
      Me doex feel purrty guud all fingz considured n me hopez me can stay well fer a few more monthz…
      ~~head rubz~~ frum Nylablue xx

    • Yow Coccolina n Miss Katie it waz whatcha call a ‘roode awakenin’ fer shure…butt hearin Mum laffin so hard made it a bit more bearable ’cause she bin sicl all week…
      Today Mum made a big BATH n she warned me befur me jumped in!! So me not make DAT misstake again 😉
      Lub to ya both frum me Nylablue n poor old sick Mum xoxo

    • Eeoww Ernie ya haz dun diz too?? Me got such wet pawz…phankfully me got outta da tub befur me got *ALL* wet *shudderz*. Me iz NOT a Turkish Bathing Kitteh or a Maine Coon Kitteh me beminded Mum, MOL!!!
      Hope ya neber go thru diz again!
      Lub Nylablue xxx

  • Oh that happened to my Charlie once. He surprised me and jumped in and out. He was not happy with me. I bet your super clean now Nylablue. Hope this is a good day for you sweet kitty.
    Sue B

    • Yow Miss Sue B…me furgave Mum fer not tellin me ’bout da water….
      Da Vet bizit went purrty fuud n da Pancreatitis haz gone!!! Doin a *happy dance*
      We haz to watch da Bowel Disease…butt we nose what to look fer wif dat!
      it waz a guud day n no one got a new ‘cat-too’f rum me 😉
      Nylablue xxxx

  • *snicker* well … as we say; sh*t happens!
    Hadassah did that too … she somehow slid into the kitchen sink, full of water and Dawn. Half of her body got drenched … she had a very big fur, and looked extremely funny, with the tail and hind legs wet.

  • Miss Nylablue, I have never had an unexpected encounter with water that was at all pleasant. I am glad to see that you have preserved your dignity, as befits a fine lady like yourself.

    • Yow Miss Susan me had little dignitee to purrserve after da eppysode!! Me did da 4 foot shuffle n Mum waz in hissterickz laffin at me!! Me gave her *stink eye* n she laffed even MORE!! As she haz bin sad me deecided to let diz go…what we kittehz do to amuse our Hu’Manz!! 😉
      Lub Nylablue (still Da Queen!)

    • Yow me Blue Ku wooo oooo da ya likez da snow?? Betcha do…rain n water iz so wet…snow iz nicer…me hopez da rain slowed down so ya cuud get outside to carry in yer buziness 😉
      Lub you Ku woo oo yer Nylablue xxxxx

    • Snigger snigger..it waz ackshully bery funny Jane….well fer Mum n seein her laff waz funny. Me did give her *stink eye* n she laffed more n apaulogized fer laffin n laffed more….me iz gonna keepz an eye on dat tub frum now on! me betz a few of yer kittehz of da Mob have dune diz too 😉
      Lub to all of ya at da REAL MSM frum Me Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  • Some of us have done that before or jumped up on the toilet seat for a drink and landed in the bowl. We absolutely hate either of those things happening. How is our dear sisfur? We have been trying to catch up with all the blogs we follow, now that the humans are home. It is very slow going. We’re thinking you look pretty good in all these photos. Love to you and Mom Sherri-Ellen and prayers, or course, and our usual purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow Kittehz Blue…me furgot to tell ya ’bout da uppy toilet seat…one day Mum fergot to put it down n me jumped up n fell right in HEAD FERST!!! Mum came racin out of da kitchen n she pulled me outta da toilet n rapped me in towell n me howled n we wrestled…she apologized a bazillion timez n me had her grovellin at me wet front feet pleadin fer furgiveness…
      Me finally furgave her n she bin carefull to make shure da lid iz alwayz DOWN on da toilet. now me gotta teech her ’bout da tub…it’z alwayz sunfing wif da Hu’manz!!!!
      Me fallen beehind readin bloggiez too…no wurriez..we will catch up sooner or later…
      Much Lub frum Nylablue xxxxxxxx

    • Yow Misaki….me jumpz in da tub once in awhile n neber any water til today!!! HHRRMMPPHH…da day went bettur n me peed on da Vet Tech in purrtest of da water feeasco!! MOL/BOL….
      Me iz doin purrty guud!
      ONE LUB frum Nylablue xx

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