Da ‘Other’ Side of Midnite Milo

Published November 14, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: So did ya notice all da pix of Midnite Milo frum preeveeus blog were on hiz left side?? Well last nite Mum was able to take pix of Milo’z right side when he came fer suppa. He haz such beeuteefull furz in he lookz like he stepped into white paint n got sum on him…his top fur iz jet black!! Such a handsum mankat.Other side of Midnite Milo 003Other side of Midnite Milo 004

Other side of Midnite Milo 002




Other side of Midnite Milo 005Other side of Midnite Milo 006




Izn’t Midnite Milo sum kind of gorgeeuss?? Yah me nose ya all fink he iz me boyfurend but me haz Hitch kitteh N Kuruk poochie…how many boyfurendz doez a kitty gurl need??? 😉

Iz funny he doez not mind da cammyra n da flash butt he iz scared of bein close to Mum n me…..we just keep givin him food n meowin thru da glass n maybee he warmz up to us.  Speekin of warm, it iz around 40 F here wif Sun butt n sum wild Wind n so diz will make it eesier fer Midnite Milo to keeps warm n hiz food not bee chilled…

Dere haz bin meowin ’bout me going to see Dr. Dave tomorrow….me not eatin much at all so me haz to go…me will try NOT to shred Mum or Dr. ‘Daredevil’ Dave; wish us luck…we gonna need it!!! Nylablue over n out……..somewhere out….

49 comments on “Da ‘Other’ Side of Midnite Milo

    • Hi Speedy: Midnite Milo is so skittish; he is always on guard & if we move towards the patio door he bolts away…maybee if he sticks around for the Winter he will get used to us….fingers & paws crossed.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxo

    • Eoww Timmy we haz a orangey dat lookz like ya who comez around once in a while…but Midnite Milo n him do not get along well 😉
      All went well n me beehaved fer once, MOL!!
      RRAAWWRRRR Nylablue

    • Yow Miss Alasandra me haz bin eatin guud fer a few weekz now. Me waz bein seen by Dr. dave twice a week n he fixed me purrty guud…me now haz to go ebery 5-6 dayz to see him n he givez me meddycashun. Weight iz stable at 9.25 lbz…me iz feelin alot bettur den me waz.
      Midnite Milo iz purrty handsum! me getz Mum to check out yer linky!! Phankz fer sendin it.
      Nylablue xx

    • Hello Carol: I found about Ginger Jasper thru the CWB-FB group & as he was sick at the same time with Leader Otis (Cult of Otis) as well as Nylablue I was doing alot of praying!! I feel so sad for you losing GJ as he was such a lovely boy & I know you adored him. I think I have ‘survivor guilt’ with Otis also going to the Bridge & Nylablue not making the final journey…she still have health issues so no one really knows how much time she has left….
      Every day is a bonus.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Hello Anne (AC): Midnite Milo is a handsome Tuxie boy & he is timid. I understand that. I think he has been on his own for quite a while now.
      The last visit to Dr. Dave was Friday & it went well. Nylablue only needed B12 & pepcid shots & oral mirtazipine….she has been eating well since then!! I think the Pancreatitis is under control/gone?? I will find out Wednesday when I take her back.
      I am far behind on your blogs again…will visit ASAP!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

    • Yow Miss Susan of LLCnD: Izn’t Midnite Milo handsum?? Me waitz fer him ebery nite….
      Me had a guud Vet bizit n must do a bloggie wif new pix..
      We hopez all iz well where ya are!
      Nylablue n Sherriellen Mum xoxoxo

    • Yow Mollie n Alfie…wuud Alfie want another mankitteh about?? Me waz not happy when he ferst showed up butt Mum told me he haz no home like Shalley-Shalimar n MoJo beefur…so me nose we must take care of da ‘Shadow’ kittehz so dey not hungree or bery sad…
      Me iz stable now..pawz crossed me can keepz it up 😉
      Lub to ya both frum Nylablue xxx

    • 😉 He shure iz Brian…Mum haz bin givin him me kibble frum befur n usin da Friskiez dat me can not eat (altho me DID nom sum frum hiz dish earleer n Mum cot me…) *Ahem* me waz doin qualitee control Mum honest!!
      Me iz all right; just sneezin sum frum stoopid nasstee Heres Virus…me shedz it so often…AACCHHOO….’xcuse me…MOL.
      We hopez Brian iz doin bettur.
      Much Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxoxo

  • Mr. Midnite Milo for sure is one handsome mancat sweet Nylablue. We hope all went well with your trip to the doctor you feel more like eating sweetie. You and your sweet Mum have a nice weekend and keep enjoying the visits from Midnite Milo. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie: Me waz guud at da Vet n had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz. Also got dat Mirtazipine down da throat…Dr. Dave shure iz strong! Butt gentle too.
      Me eatin purrty guud..sheddin da Herpes Virus so me iz glad me haz da Mirt in me so me keepz eatin 😉
      Mum n me sit n wait fer Midnite Milo ebery nite n he n me ‘meow’ thru da window…he haz alot to say me can tell ya…me finkz he iz lonely…
      Hope ya all haz a grreat weekend dere.
      Kiss da Chancy fer us xx
      Lub Nylablue n Mum…

    • Yow Miss Vera: Midnite Milo iz a Tuxie fer shure n he iz so timid we not nose how to unscare him…so Mum sayz we just feed him n maybee he will see we are furriendly n let Mum closer.
      Me waz guud at da Vet’z n had 2 injeckshunz n Mirtazipine in da mouth n me iz doing all right today!
      Yerz Nylablue xx

      • Nylablue dear, I am so happy that the mirtaz. is doing you good. It always did help my cat Kahli’ very well.
        Yes, feed your beautiful tuxedo boy, and talk to him too. Cats love to be talked to. But you know THAT !!!
        All my LV… yr. friend.

        • Yow Miss Vera..me needz Mirtazipine fer shure…me iz fightin da stinkin FHV n me iz sneezin n feelin snuffley…Mum iz snugglin me close!
          Mum iz feedin Midnite Milo butt he not lissen to her or me…he eatz n goez….at leest he nose we do care!!
          Nylablue n Sherriellen

  • We are not happy that you need to return to Dr.Dave, dear sisfur. You must be a good girl and eat your noms. You have a new friend to keep an eye on and you need to be well to take good care of your mum. Sorry we hadn’t been here to comment, but you and Mum Sherri-Ellen were and remain in our purrayers everyday. We love both of you bunches. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow Miss Janet: Me iz hidin in da cupboard so me not haz to go…butt Mum sayz she can see me…FLOUNDER!!!!
      Me haz to go back twice a week butt Mum n Dr. Dave sayz it too hard on all of us so Mum came up wif da once a week idea…so me will go ebery 5-7 dayz n get meddycashun…
      Me iz tired of needle n pokin n proddin, butt me nose me haz to go fer me own guud. We will have to let eberyone nose what happinz sumtime over da weekend. Me not bery hungree so need Mirtazipine again…
      Me n Mum hope ya had a guud bacashun n we missed ya n iz glad ya iz back home.
      Much Lub frum Nylablue n Mum xoxoxo

    • 😉 Me wuud lub to bee Adventurer butt me lubz stayin home, MOL!!
      Really me can haz more den 2 boyfurendz??? Mousiez diz iz guud newz!!!
      Phankz Easy…now me feelz much bettur. Me pounced a big orange kitteh thru da window last nite to purrtect food for Midnite Milo….so i guess he IZ me therd boyfurend 😉
      Lub Nylablue xx

    • EEoww Aunti Rebby diz Midnite Milo iz handsum butt me seez him as a BIG Bruvver more den a boyfurend…
      Ya almost had a mankat like Milo?? Dere are alot of strayz in diz werld!
      We leevez in 40 minutz fer da Vet’z *shudderz*
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xoxoxo

  • Hope it goes well tomorrow. He is very lovely. Maybe with a lot of a time and a little perseverance he will eventually let your mum get close! I wouldn’t worry about him being your boyfriend, I see him more as a brother!

    • Yow Basil ya n me fink ALIKE!!! me finkz he iz da B-I-G Bruvver type fer shure! Mum sayz she will keep puttin put food n meow thru da window n purray Milo getz used to her. Mum sayz when she went out to fill bridfeeder last nite she cuud feel Midnite Milo watchin her butt she cuud not see him. Right after she came in he showed up n started eatin…so maybee he waz sizin her up 😉
      Me iz preparin to go to da Vet’z; we iz leavin in 40 minutz….
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • My stars Nyla, a gal can never have too many beau’s and he is INDEED handsome..it’s ever so awesome of your mom to help feed him….hope you are doing
    well today N best fishes tomorrow…hugs girl from dai$y =^..*=..the boys send toona 🙂

    • Yow Miss Laura n sweet Tabbiez..me can neber have too many bowz?? RRAWWR RRRAAAHHH EEOWWW..diz iz guud newz. me shuud send ya tuna-tuna as me not alloud to eatz it anymore 😦
      Mum sayz after da Vet’z today she will give me sum n see if me eatz it…
      ~~head rubz~~ to Daisy n all da Tabbiez frum me Nylablue!

  • He sure is handsome. Nylablue purring you have a good vet visit. My Garfield has eye problems and he hates going to the vet. Used to have to go weekly. He meows loudy and hisses. He is sending extra hugs.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    • Yow Miss Sue n Garfield n Charlie, cashew n Tubby: Me iz not lookin forward to diz bizit butt me needz to go. Garfield do ya wanna come wif me fer morel support?? Me hissez n growlz n sumtimez peez or even poopz ond a exam table…me can bee nastee…
      Me haz to stay calm!!!!
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • He looks so like our Jacob that Mummy Janey wants to cry …she remembers when Jacob was hungry and outside. But knowing that you love Milo and share your food (well, not the tuna tuna!!) makes Mummy Janey all smiley.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob
    Pee Ess. Heathcliff went to the vets today…he was sedated and only bit the vet once….perhaps you could ask to be sedated?

    • Yow Miss Jane n da RMSM: Heathcliff ONLY bitted the Vet ONCE wif seedashun??? He must have will of iron to reesist seedative! Mum did ask Dr. Dave thru email ’bout seedashun…we shall seez what happinz. Yow ya iz right..milo DOEZ look alot like Jacob! We wuud let him in butt he iz scaredy Kat n runz frum Mum…at leest he likex da food;)
      Me not eatin tuna-tuna anymore…me went off it…Mum sayz she will give me sum after Vet bizit to see if me eatz it after Mirtazipine…
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    • EEoww me Blue Ku wooo ooo..me not feelin hungree…me haz to go back to da Vet’z today. it will bee a bother butt me haz to have me meddycashun.
      Midnite Milo iz just a stray kitteh we iz helpin out…me haz YA n HITCH n me iz happy wif da 2 of ya…
      Lub lub lub Nylablue wooo oooo woo oooo

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you for these photos of Midnite Milo. He is very handsome, and he looks very strong too. Definitely he’s a good guy to have on your side.
    I’m so glad the sun came out where you are today!

    • EEoww Miss Susan: Sun waz lubly; today all cloudz again 😦 Plus Mum said da “V” werd n me nose she not mean da TV seriez…..*sighz*
      At leest me can go fer a car ride.
      Izn’t Midnite Milo hunky n handsum fer a black n white kitteh?? He iz purrty speshell…me iz chasin da other kittehz away thru da window…no one teakez me Milo’z snackz!!!
      Lub Nylablue xx

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