Published November 11, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz…Nylablue da KHAN KITTEH here! Me iz bery bery  bery angree n me not gonna take diz no more!! RRAAAWWWRRR…haz me got yer attenshun?? Well let me tell ya what happined yesturday…me waz feelin a bit punkie n not 100 purr cent n nappin lyin on da modem aka me purrsonal heatin pad.

Mindin me own buzinezz

Mindin me own buzinezz

Da next fing me nose Dr. Dave iz standin in da livin room n me iz like “What da Kat; how did he get in here?? Did he *bleepin* tellyport in??” Me was fast n furreeuss n went into bedroom n den dey AMBUSHEYED me!! Mum put me on bed n Dr. Dave tried to give me da Pepcid needle n me went ‘KHAN KITTTEH’ all over Mum…took another needle to get da Pepcid in. To add da insult to da injuree Dr. Dave pulled out a seckond needle n me waz really angree. Mum furgot to rap me in a blankie n  so me did “KHAN KITTEH” again n diz iz what Mum’z arm lookz like:

Artistic xpresshun by ME

Artistic xpresshun by ME

Mum wrestled wif me to have da Cerenia injeckshun n it herted alot!! Mum let go of me like a hot ‘tato n she went to bathroom to wash da woundz..dere are 3 punckture markz n dey iz purrty deep….Me went UTB….Dr. Dave waz all “Me sowwy” butt me not lissenin….KHAN KITTEH doez not lissen!!!

After he left Mum came in to meow wif me n bring me new wet food…siriusley Mum?? Ya wantz me to eat PORK N CHICKIN LIVER?? Not gonna happin…..MMMMOOOEEEE!!! (NO in Birman). Mum went back into bathroom n had a guud weepy n me went to kitchen n me tried da new food…YOWWWW it iz sumfing frum da bottom of a swamp…purrluss Dr. Dave we iz Jewish n do not eat da PORK n we haz PIGGIE furendz!!!

Me bin doing diz all day today beside Mum:NylaB snoozinNot only is me royally cheesed off wif da Hu’manz it iz wet snowin out!!!! RATZ!!! Mum n me did have a wee meow ’bout da situashun n she emailed nastee sweet Dr. Dave n she purrposed me not have home bizitz anymore!! Guud!!! Right on Sistah ya iz gettin da pickture now!!!??!!  Den she said she wuud bring me into Clinick once a week on a rotatin baysis..so ebery 5-6 dayz n if me allowz treetmint den Dr. Dave can give me injeckshunz. If me do not allow him, me can go peacefully….Mum got all leeky eyed once again n me wishez me had sumfing to plug dem holez…Mum meanz well…she iz tryin her best fer me n so iz Dr. Dave…me just not shure how much more of diz me can takez…

Me gonna sign off now butt me leeve ya all wif a purrty piccie of me wif me new PEECOCK FEEVER (earlee Birfday gift frum Mum in case me not here in Decemburr):

Tickle me fancy Mum!

Tickle me fancy Mum!

So diz iz KHAN KITTEH aka Nylablue signin off fer now….BEAM ME DA KAT OUTTA HERE SCOTTY WHEREEVER YA ARE!!!! 😉



40 comments on “Da WRATH of KITTEH KHAN

  • Oh you poor thing! It ain’t easy … and they tried to feed you pork, on top of all that?! Wowzer … what a let down. Hadassah did the same thing as you, but she clawed the vet. Then the vet broke the needle when she tried to inject it..

    • Yow Aunti Rebby…dat Rx food iz just plain nastee..pork n chickin LIVER…add da insult ot injuree!!! Yow me like Hadassah?? Me tried to break da needle on Sunday….me NOSE Mum iz gonna rap me like a Chanukkah gift today! Me haz no chance to attack….
      We kittehz shure are fun aren’t we???
      Lub Nylablue n Mum
      PeeEss: Purrleeze *KISS* McDuff fer me too!!!

  • Wow you showed them there is still plenty of fight in you! Another Dec birthday – typists is in Dec as well. She is saying all the best people are born in dec (I am ignoring her!)

    Give mum a hug from us!

    • Me iz feerce Basil heer me RRRAAWWRRR, MOL/BOL…me shure sirprized Mum n Dr. Dave…no more ‘home bizitz frum him now…*meowin beehind da paw*….
      Me not nose when me Birfday REALLY iz so Mum said she wuud share wif me when she haz herz on da 24th which iz lubly of her…so we getz toeat tuna-tuna on dat day…
      Me gave Mum a guud ~~headbutter~~ frum ya Basil! 😉
      Lub Nylablue xoxo

  • Oh, sweet Nylablue we are so sorry for you and your mum. You were not expecting Dr. Dave to be there and then your mum forgetting to wrap you just made it not a good time for all of you. We think maybe that is a real good idea to have all your treatments at the clinic. We know Dr. Dave is good to you and your mum loves you so much and we know you did not want to hurt your mum like that so it should all work out better at the clinic we think. Hope your sweet mum’s arm heals quickly and you and she keep enjoying snuggle time together. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Eeoww Aunti Magie..me agreez wif ya..me wuud rather go to da Clinick fer treetmint n come home to me safe place. Mum emailed Dr. Dave n asked him to look into seedashun med…nuffin sirius; jst sumfing to calm me b4 he werkz on me..of coarse wif da Mirtazipine he haz to bee carefull.
      Mum iz playin Docktur on her arm n it lookz purrty guud!! Do not fink dere iz infeckshun; me shurez hopez not!!!!!
      We bin snugglin LOTZ!! 😉
      Lub to ya all dere frum us here xxxxxxx

    • RRRAAAWWWRRRR we iz Easy…me iz ackshully a fiercesum Coogar Kitty Gurl! 😉
      Mum’z iz playin Docktur on da arm n it iz healin purrty well. She goeez to HER docktur today; wunder what Dr. V. will say to her ’bout da tattoo art on da arm…..
      Needlez just suck!!!
      Lub ya Easy frum Nylablue xx

  • Youch! That looks like one messy foot you gave your Mum BUT I know you didn’t MEAN to do that – you were just not happy with all that medical yuckiness going on and had to express yourself. Your Mum understands that I’m sure. It’s understandable that you don’t like the treatments and shots and fuss but thank heavens Dr. Dave and your Mum are there for you. SO ARE WE!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

  • Hey sweetie girl…these are for you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and these are for your Mummy XXXXXXXXXXXXX….there are none for Dr Dave because although he means well..he’s still a V.E.T.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx
    PS Your Mummy’s arm will be OK so don’t worry, OK?

    • XXXXXXXXXXXX to ya Miss Jane. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to all da 4 leggedz dere.
      Mum’z arm iz doin purrty gud. No sine of infeckshun…whew…me waz wurried!
      Dr. Dave iz a guud guy..can he haz just a few kissez??? Purrleeze???
      Lub to all at da REALMSM frum Nylablue n Mum too ❤

    • Sisfur Savannah..guud to hear frum ya!!! *paw wavez back* Me snedz ya a bunch o’ *smoochiez* too all da way to Callyfournia!!!
      Me iz quiet today…not bery hungree but Mum iz not panickin…she sayz me go back to Clinick on Furiday…we seez what happinz den!
      Much Lub n ~~head rubz~~ to YA n Miss Linda n Mistur Peter xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Awww poor Nylablue. Whee find the vet furry scary. Mainly because it all smells of other big animals that might want to eat us and the pokie needles so whee understand. *huggles*

    Hope things get easier for you and your Mummy. Give her a snuggle from us

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Yow Nacho n Noah N Buddy n Basil….it iz scarier havin da Vet man at da aprtmint den goin to dee him at da Clinick!!! Yow when me waz at da Vet’z l;ast week dere waz a bery big German Shepherd poochie n he kept lickin me thru me carrier door…me hissed n swore at Beau poochie butt he just kept kissin me…me thought me waz at Woofstock, MOL!!!
      Me iz snugglin Mum as we answer commintz…Mum n me gonna spend all da time together we can cause we lubz each other furry much.
      Much lub to me G-Piggiez frum Nylablue xxxx

  • Sending hugs for you and your mom. Sorry you got scared Nylablue. I know the vet and your mom are trying to help you. Hope you both are having a good day.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    • Phankz Miss Sue n kittehz fer da kind werdz. me waz bery scaredy Katn me doez not nose why…
      Me not so furry angree tonite n me snuggled Mum alot today so she feelz bettur.
      Hope me appytite pickz up; me not feel much like eatin 😦
      Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  • I’m so sorry you and your human had such a traumatic experience, Nylablue! I don’t usually stand up for vets, but I know yours is just trying to help you with your quality of life… even though that was definitely not a quality experience!

    • Yow Sparkle Mum n Dr. Dave were just tryin to help me. Fer sum reeson me got all Scaredy-Kat n lashed out…maybee it waz too soon to see Dr. Dave after bein at da Clinick last week.
      Dr. Dave iz a really lubly man n me feelz sowwy me fought wif him n herted me Mum…
      Me seez what happinz diz week……
      Nylablue n Mum xo

  • Oh my Nylablue those shots sound pretty awful. We have 2 Khan’s here and Dad tells the vets if they think of meds that it will not work. Luckily they only have needed things not very impawtent so fur.
    Very difficult and I know your Mom is really torn up by wanting you to have the best care and then not hurting you. We will purr for both of you to come to an understanding and will support you both no matter what that is.
    Love from all of us
    Timmy, Dad and Family

    • Yow Timmy Tomcat me haz had deze shotz befur…in fact da Pepcid shot doez not even hert…me just got angree dat Dr. Dave waz in me palce…Ya haz 2 Khanz dere too?? Oh mousiez me hopez dey neber get real sick!!
      Me n Mum moewed bout a revised plan of ackshun so me only GO to da Vet’z once a week. If me agreez…if not we make final choice…keep purrayin fer us…we needz dem.
      Lub to ya Timmy n Dad n furamily frum Nylablue xx

    • Phankz Aunti Bev…me n Mum had a meow after it waz all over n me understandz. Me just do not nose how long me can keep gettin injeckshunz..dey hert more n more…me furgivez Mum n Dr. Dave. Dey doin all dey can to keep me healthy butt me iz bery tired…poor old n crapped out caring n lubbin Mum…she iz so guud to me…
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

    • Yow Kuruk me nose dey lub me n doin all dey can to get rid of Pancreatitis, butt me not gettin bettur…wifout Mirtazipine me not want to eat…it iz so hard to go thru diz n yo see Mum wif leekt eyezo much! Me snugglin Mum alot so she nose me furgivez her….Dr. Dave nose too cause Mum sent him email…
      Lub ya Kuruk n Miss Julianne xxxxx

  • OH NylaBlue we is sorry that those shots hurt you and scared you and made you go KHAN kitty on your Momma. She is trying her hardest to help and we hope that this new regimen will work out for you and her and Dr Dave.

    • Yow Angel Abby me did not meen to go “Khan Kitteh’ on Mum n Dr. Dave…da Pepcid shot doez not even hert…me just got so angree dat me iz still sick n haz to have so many injeckshunz…
      Me nose dey tryin to help…me try to stay calm next time me goez to da Clinick! Mum sayz no dr. Dave here so me not get Scaredy-Kat again!!! 😉

    • You Rumpy poochie…me haz missed ya…me must get Mum to go to yer bloggie so me can reed it!!
      Me n Mum sumtimez speek same werdz n sumtimez she goez deaf doez not get what me meanz..it is all right; we made up n made a new plan of care…Me iz da boss now Mum sayz… 😉
      Much Lub to ya frum Nylablue xxxxx

  • nyla…we iz grate friends with de klingonz…want we shuld ask em ta puts a purrson nell force feeld over EWE then noe one can get neer ewe less ewe press de… aye oh kay button ….a cloakin dee vize mite werk two…let uz noe which ya want…

    • Yow Tabbiez O Trout Towne ya nose Klingonz fer reel?? Mousiez me iz impurressed!!!!!!!!! Me cuud use a purrsonal force feeld to make me be all bettur…can dey do dat????
      If me goez fer da cloakin deevice Mum will have a conn-ipshun fit so maybee we save dat fer another time…
      butt a force feeld wuud bee pawsum!!!
      Lub to ya all n yer Mum too xxxx Nylablue xxxx

  • Poor baby , Nylablue. I know that you suffer with those shots, but they are there to help you. Maybe Dr. Dave and mum could have wrapped you in a blankee or towel so that you would have felt a little more cuddly as they were jamming the needle into you. Well sometimes we forget to do those things as we are human and not cats. Your poor mum suffered too with those scratches that you gave her, but she loves you and puts up with all kinds of scratches and maiming. Auntie Toby prays and hopes that you return to your old sweet self soon.

    • Yow Aunti Toby me bin doin so guud wifout da blankie dey both furgot to use one on me here…dat will teech dem guud 😉
      Dr. Dave iz bery gentle wif da needlez n da Pepcid one doez not really hert; me just freeked out. Now da Cerenia hertz alot…Mum shuud have rapped me up like a Chanukkah giftie!!!
      Me n Mum made up befur bed altho me waz still angree ‘what happined…today me snuggled Mum so much she had leeky eyez! Me saw da woundz n me waz sirprized what me did…so me head butted Mum’z arm gentle like to make it bettur….
      Phankz Aunti Toby fer alwayz bein here fer us n bein a guud support to Mum…do ya nose she admirez ya to bitz??? We not tell her me told ya ok???
      Much Lub frum Nylablue =^..^=

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