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Purrsonal Kibble n Hu”manz are ODD!!

Published November 29, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue n Mum here too! We want to say Happy T-Givin to all our American furendz…hope ya had sum turkey n stuffin n got to spend time wif da Peepz ya lubz!

We also want to wish our Jewish/Mewish furendz A bery Happy Chanukkah. Here is da card me n Mum put together (n Phankz to Miss Michelle fer resizin fer da video. Ya did pawsum!)Chanukkah Greetings from Nylablue & Sherri-EllenSo now we got greetinz out of da way me wantz to share sumfing me discovered da other day. Bemember when me had to switch to Fibur kibblez?? N how happy me waz dere iz a ‘blue’ kitteh on da bag??? See:kibble n stuff 001Fancy right?? Well Mum told me we needz kibble fer Midnite Milo so she went lookin fer sum not az ‘spensive kibble:Ah hah found itMM smells guudCan me haz sumN den it hitz me like a tun of brickz so too speek! Da cat on da bag lookz JUST like Midnite Milo! See piccie of MM:Midnite Milo 005N here iz another piccie of da kibble bag:Look Milo is on da bagIt IZ Midnite Milo!!! Mum found him hiz bery bery own kibble…izn’t she GRRREAT??? Me iz so impurressed!!! Now diz Alley Kitteh food iz not fer dellycat kittehz like me. Diz iz hardy kibble wif alot of protein n beef tallow in it…Mum sayz it iz like bird suet only fer kittehz…so me callz it ‘kitteh suet’ givez Midnite Milo energy to keepz warm but wuud not bee guud fer indoor katz cause we not burn it off. So now me misshun iz to sneek a few kibblez each nite when Mum getz MM’z tray ready. Mum iz easily distracted 😉 n me can even get her out of da kitchen..den me saunterz over n nomz a few kibbiez…YAH me getz a leckture butt it iz all right…me LUBZ keepin Mum on her toesiez!

As fer me weekly Vet bizit me losted a bit of weight; went frum 9.25 to 9.02 lbz butt da FHV (Herpes) iz active n me sheddin it so Dr. Dave finkz diz iz why da weight fell off. Mum had to sheep rangle me outta da cupboard to get me into carrier butt me waz purrty guud at da Vet’z. Me did curse alot butt no one got ‘cat-ttoed’ (Phankz Easy fer da new term!) n me not pee or poop on anyone. Me had B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n oral Mirtazipine (YECH!) n once back in carrier da Hu’manz started sayin me was “TOO GUUD” n ”Let’z hope Nylablue iz all right n nuffin brewin..”  Ya just cannot make dem happy!! So next time maybee me gonna do sumfing notty…seemz dey purrfer “Notty Nylablue” ROFWM!!!!!

Once home me bin buzy readin Kuruk’z book again:Nyla B readin Ku's bookIt iz so pawsum!!!! So dat iz me weekly reeport on da goin’z on here at Da Purrfect Pad….so we leevez ya wif a cute piccie of me (like dere are ANY other kind, right, right??) 😉NB Nov weekend 015Lub ya all n speshell shout out to me “Guardian Angelz” here on WP; ya nose who ya are!!! Phanks fer helpin me n Mum….Nylablue out…






Me iz a MUM Again!!!

Published November 23, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow me Krazy Katz: Me got a new pressie fer me Birfday on Dec.24th. Mum sayz me can haz da giftiez az dey arrive so me can get a headstart on enjoyin dem…which iz pawsum!!! Mum did not save da package diz giftie came was plain brown bubbly enbelope n me waz suspisshuss….Mum opened it fer me in diz iz what we found:Tanuja n NB 001 Izn’t she a cutie?? Bigeefy da piccie to read da note! Ternz out me Aunti Amanda found diz wee one n thought me wuud make a guud ‘MUM’ fer her so she sent diz kit all da way frum WALES…

Mum n me were like ‘what do we call her??” We tossed sum namez back n forth butt nuffin, zip, nada, zilch….we came up emptee pawed. Furrustrated we went lookin up da Sanskrit namez n BINGO! We found a name, eazy-peazy!!! So we now introduce ya to TANUJA which meanz ‘born of da body’ n ‘dott-her’…me waz like diz iz da name fer shure Mum!!!!

Tanuja n NB 009Tanuja n NB 007Tanuja n NB 005 

Tanuja n NB 008

Me wantz to say a B-I-G P’hank Ya’ to Aunti Amanda fer me Birfday pressie n fer sendin Tanuja to me…me purromisez to take guud care of her fer as long as me iz here!!

Wishin eberybody a guud weekend..we haz snow here so me n kitty kit Tanuja iz gonna sleep all day:NB & TanujaAhhh diz iz da Life!!! Nylablue N Tanuja out…..zzzzz……


Published November 20, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Wet feet Nylablue 001Wet feet Nylablue 002Wet feet Nylablue 004

Wet feet Nylablue 005Wet feet Nylablue 006Wet feet Nylablue 008

What DA KAT??? Where waz da Memo ’bout water in da tub?? No one told me n me jumped in!!!! HHRRMMPPHH!! What a start to Wednesday…W-E-T!!!! Bet Mum iz gonna take me to da Vet’z too right?? 😉 Nylablue out…out of da tub….out of da room….O-U-T kinda out!!!!!

2 PAWZ UP Weekend!!!

Published November 18, 2013 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Diz Nylablue here wif new pix n stuff to share wif ya all. Ferst we start wif Furiday Vet bizit. It went bery WELL!! Me waz calm-ish n not fightin anyone. Dr. Dave waz able to give me B12 n Pepcid injeckshunz n me waz guud. Now we playz SEAL’S CD ‘System’ n dat calmz me down sumwhat.  Me also had Oral Mirtazipine n Terry held me rapped like a burrito n me waz guud den too….no Hu’Manz were injured in da treetin of me!! 😉

When we got home me waz able to go out in Condo!! NB Nov weekend 012

NB Nov weekend 013

Now we wantz to say diz dancin flower iz BERY SPESHELL to us ’cause it came all da way frum AUSTRALIA!! Dat’z right! Miss Bev n da ‘down under’ gang as we callz dem sent us sum pressiez n diz iz me fave.

We named her ‘Wave Baby’ after a song Mum n me lubz to listen to by dat name!





Den on Caturday me waz able to sit out again n me took a few selfiez in da Sun:NB Nov weekend 001

NB Nov weekend 002








NB Nov weekend 003

Me waz purrayin fer sum tuna-tuna:NB Nov weekend 008






N Ta-Da:NB Nov weekend 009








AFTER da tuna-tuna:

NB Nov weekend 011







Sum of da Pidjunz came to bizit me:

NB Nov weekend 007Dere iz Aramis in front n Adelphi beehind him on da left n Maximus on da right…we iz wunderin where Claudius iz ’cause he not bin here fer over a week. Seemz  Adelphi iz now wif Aramis…we not ask questshunz! 😉

So we had a guud Furiday n Caturday n Sunday altho it waz cloudy n windy so me had to stay in! Diz not a prublem as me deecided to lissen to sum tunez on da stereo:

Lissenin to SEAL

Lissenin to SEAL

Wishin everyone a reel guud week n if ya getz stressed out do what me doez:

Just NAP!!!!

Just NAP!!!!

Nylablue out, way out…nappin out…..aahhhhhh……

Da ‘Other’ Side of Midnite Milo

Published November 14, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: So did ya notice all da pix of Midnite Milo frum preeveeus blog were on hiz left side?? Well last nite Mum was able to take pix of Milo’z right side when he came fer suppa. He haz such beeuteefull furz in he lookz like he stepped into white paint n got sum on him…his top fur iz jet black!! Such a handsum mankat.Other side of Midnite Milo 003Other side of Midnite Milo 004

Other side of Midnite Milo 002




Other side of Midnite Milo 005Other side of Midnite Milo 006




Izn’t Midnite Milo sum kind of gorgeeuss?? Yah me nose ya all fink he iz me boyfurend but me haz Hitch kitteh N Kuruk poochie…how many boyfurendz doez a kitty gurl need??? 😉

Iz funny he doez not mind da cammyra n da flash butt he iz scared of bein close to Mum n me…..we just keep givin him food n meowin thru da glass n maybee he warmz up to us.  Speekin of warm, it iz around 40 F here wif Sun butt n sum wild Wind n so diz will make it eesier fer Midnite Milo to keeps warm n hiz food not bee chilled…

Dere haz bin meowin ’bout me going to see Dr. Dave tomorrow….me not eatin much at all so me haz to go…me will try NOT to shred Mum or Dr. ‘Daredevil’ Dave; wish us luck…we gonna need it!!! Nylablue over n out……..somewhere out….

Midnite Milo

Published November 13, 2013 by NylabluesMum

EEooww Krazy Katz: Da Nylablue here meowin ’bout Shadow Kittehz. As many of ya nose Mum werkz wif a local Feral group in town….she also feedz Shadow kittehz dat come to our patio. Now me iz BERY crankee terry-toreeal ’bout me ‘crib’ (as Easy wuud say) butt me nose dere are kittehz out in da werld alone n hungree so me haz to share what me haz wif dem. It iz only propurr right?? So Mum waz told ’bout 3 kittehz roamin round here. We saw a big Grey kitteh but he haz a collar n just snackz on da food so we figure he is an indoor/outdoor boy rovin thru da nayburrhood. Dere iz also a dark Tabby butt bery bery warry n will not even come to da patio…den dere iz Midnite Milo!!!! He came on da patio ’bout a week ago at, ya guessed it: ‘midnite’ n Mum wanted to name him dat…but me sayz Mum, he iz not all black so he needz 2 namez like we haz….so she thought n thought n dere waz rubber burnin alot of thought n TA-DA she sayz Midnite Milo cause he travelz milez around lookin fer food…APAWZ APAWZ!!! Mum IZ quite clever me finkz….so now we introduce ya to our ‘Shadow Kitteh’: MIDNITE MILO:Midnite Milo 001Midnite Milo 004Midnite Milo 005Midnite Milo 003

Midnite Milo 006Midnite Milo 007


















Izn’t Midnite Milo a hunky handsum kittehboy?? Me did try to pounce him thru da window n Mum chuckled n said “Diz no way to treet a boyfurend.” Me reeplied, “Mum he iz NOT ME boyfurend; he iz YERZ!” MOL me iz so funny!! Purrleeze say purrayerz fer Midnite Milo…he meanz da werld to us! Nylablue out!!!! (not outside tho’; bery bery cold out dere!!)


Published November 11, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz…Nylablue da KHAN KITTEH here! Me iz bery bery  bery angree n me not gonna take diz no more!! RRAAAWWWRRR…haz me got yer attenshun?? Well let me tell ya what happined yesturday…me waz feelin a bit punkie n not 100 purr cent n nappin lyin on da modem aka me purrsonal heatin pad.

Mindin me own buzinezz

Mindin me own buzinezz

Da next fing me nose Dr. Dave iz standin in da livin room n me iz like “What da Kat; how did he get in here?? Did he *bleepin* tellyport in??” Me was fast n furreeuss n went into bedroom n den dey AMBUSHEYED me!! Mum put me on bed n Dr. Dave tried to give me da Pepcid needle n me went ‘KHAN KITTTEH’ all over Mum…took another needle to get da Pepcid in. To add da insult to da injuree Dr. Dave pulled out a seckond needle n me waz really angree. Mum furgot to rap me in a blankie n  so me did “KHAN KITTEH” again n diz iz what Mum’z arm lookz like:

Artistic xpresshun by ME

Artistic xpresshun by ME

Mum wrestled wif me to have da Cerenia injeckshun n it herted alot!! Mum let go of me like a hot ‘tato n she went to bathroom to wash da woundz..dere are 3 punckture markz n dey iz purrty deep….Me went UTB….Dr. Dave waz all “Me sowwy” butt me not lissenin….KHAN KITTEH doez not lissen!!!

After he left Mum came in to meow wif me n bring me new wet food…siriusley Mum?? Ya wantz me to eat PORK N CHICKIN LIVER?? Not gonna happin…..MMMMOOOEEEE!!! (NO in Birman). Mum went back into bathroom n had a guud weepy n me went to kitchen n me tried da new food…YOWWWW it iz sumfing frum da bottom of a swamp…purrluss Dr. Dave we iz Jewish n do not eat da PORK n we haz PIGGIE furendz!!!

Me bin doing diz all day today beside Mum:NylaB snoozinNot only is me royally cheesed off wif da Hu’manz it iz wet snowin out!!!! RATZ!!! Mum n me did have a wee meow ’bout da situashun n she emailed nastee sweet Dr. Dave n she purrposed me not have home bizitz anymore!! Guud!!! Right on Sistah ya iz gettin da pickture now!!!??!!  Den she said she wuud bring me into Clinick once a week on a rotatin ebery 5-6 dayz n if me allowz treetmint den Dr. Dave can give me injeckshunz. If me do not allow him, me can go peacefully….Mum got all leeky eyed once again n me wishez me had sumfing to plug dem holez…Mum meanz well…she iz tryin her best fer me n so iz Dr. Dave…me just not shure how much more of diz me can takez…

Me gonna sign off now butt me leeve ya all wif a purrty piccie of me wif me new PEECOCK FEEVER (earlee Birfday gift frum Mum in case me not here in Decemburr):

Tickle me fancy Mum!

Tickle me fancy Mum!

So diz iz KHAN KITTEH aka Nylablue signin off fer now….BEAM ME DA KAT OUTTA HERE SCOTTY WHEREEVER YA ARE!!!! 😉