Alive n Kickin

Published October 24, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy KATZ!!! Nylablue here n me haz to say me IZ BERY UPSET!!! Seemz dere haz bin 3 postz in da bloggie werld in da last 8 dayz sayin me waz dead…now me nose how much eberyone carez…me nose eemoshunz are runnin high fer all of us….butt purrleeze Hu’Manz do not upset me Mum anymore den she iz!! She bin cryin alot wurryin who haz bin postin wrong info n why! She iz BERY sennyseetive. We not sharin diz fer drama or attenshun; we sharin diz to help us deal wif me bein so sick n fer Mum to reech out to all of ya n ’cause we all in diz together, right?? So, leckture over! When me crossez to Summerland Miss Linda (Savannah’z Mum); Miss Bev ( Fozzie Mum) n Miss Rachel (Speedy Bunneh’z Mum) will be noteefied n if Mum cannot post dey will….dey are da ONLY 3 who have purrmisshun to post on our beehalf!!

Today was fire alarm test day n Mum got up @ 6 a.m. butt cuud not get back to sleep so we snuggled together n watched birdiez out da window (well me drifted off alot). So just befur 10 a.m. Mum  sayz, “Condo time Nylablue??” n me almost fainted….da Sun waz out (after 6 days or rain, sleet n snow pelletz) n Mum offered  Condo time so me went right in! As it iz only 39 F here wif sum breeze Mum wrapped Condo wif blankiez n told me we bee out fer 15 minuttez n den come in…..n me stayed out fer an hour!!! 😉 

Mum who never missez a ‘photo op’ got sum cute pix of me which show me in condo (n prove me NOT dead today; sowwy me katty side just showed…)

Nb's last days 010Nb's last days 011Nb's last days 014Nb's last days 017Nb's last days 018Nb's last days 021Nb's last days 022 Me not feel da wind at all n me did enjoy da Sun smilin down on me….whatever time me haz left me iz gonna make da MOST of it ya can bee shure!!! Me nose how hard diz iz fer all of ya out dere in Bloggie land n me wishez me cuud take away da hert….bemember me n Mum haz had 7 1/2 amazin yearz together. She showed me what LUB really iz n she got me fancy condo n alwayz took care of me no  matter how sick me haz bin. We haz spent a lifetime together in doze yearz n no reegretz…so try to smile thru tearz n just fer today me iz ALIVE N KICKIN!!


Nb's last days 020





Me signz off wif one of me favfurite songz by Simple Mindz called “Alive n Kickin”…hope ya will sing along!! Lub Lub Lub frum Nylablue xxxxxx


95 comments on “Alive n Kickin

  • Dear Nylablue, thank you so very much for reminding us to make the most of every moment and to always remember and be grateful for the good times. I really needed to be reminded of those things. Peace, Love, and Blessings, AJ

    • Yow ya iz wellcome n Mum haz bin thru diz many timez befur butt DIZ time wazda ‘reel deel’…we nose too we must spend lotz of time together n meow bout all d fingz we never did befur. Sumtimez it takez a crysis to help us see what iz REALLY IMPAWTENT, right???
      Yer furned, Nylablue n Mum (tuna-tuna purrvider)

  • Nyla, I know its hard right now. The blogging world isn’t perfect, and let’s face it, some of us love the attention… that’s why we blog. You just take care of you and let the rest sort itself out.

    • Yow Rumpy…me nose misstakez can bee made….it waz peeple mis readin what waz happenin…Mumm iz calmed down now n me n her bin spendin LOTZ of qualitee time together!!!
      🙂 Dat iz what iz impawtent right Rumpy??
      Lub Nylablue xxxxx

    • Phankz Texas me did lub da sunshine yesturday….today da Sun iz out butt it BERY cold n North wind so me just found da sun puddle in da bedroom n laid in it baskin!! Me feelz a bit bettur…noce to have a guud day fer once!!
      Lub frum Nylablue xxx

  • Auntie Toby says”Kick Butt” at long as you can and this old Auntie will do the same too. I am so glad to hear that you enjoyed a day in the sunshine . Your mom takes very good care of you and you do of her too. So stay together as long as you can! With love, Auntie Toby

  • Golly, whee is so glad whee didn’t read any of those posties. They would has made us cry and cry and the hooman would go all blotchy and unattractive looking.

    Glad you are still fighting to stay with us, whee know you has the bestest hooman in the world (apart from our of course!) to look after you. Stay strong Nylablue’s Mummy, whee are all with you in spirit.

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • Me too G-Piggiez..we finkz peeple got da wirez crossed n misread da updatez frum otherz…so many of us bin goin to Summerland n it doez get confusin…so we iz calmed down n makin shure eberyone nose me is still here wif all of ya. Me Mum bin *blotchie* n ruff lookin since me got sick diz time; she haz bad leeky eyez n me haz to comfurt her ALOT!
      Me Mum even got me sum new pate n me likez it n she sayz she will get me more…
      Me can feel ya wif me Nacho, Noah, Buddy n Basil….ya iz pawsum little dudez!
      Lub ya Nylablue xxxxx

  • Quite pleased to see that typists rubbishness at keeping up with blogville means we have not seen the false bad news. I am so pleased to hear you are still enjoying your time together, sending you both a big hug!!

    • 😉 Basil me iz glad yer typist fell beehind too…it waz so shockin fer Mum to get emailz askin if me died durin da nite….den she got all upset…diz happened 3 timez so now she iz keepin in tuch wif peeple so no one getz wrong info 😉
      We had a guud day yesturday n last nite was so snuggley wif mum on da couch. Today me haz eaten sum more n watchin Pidjun TV frum da bedroom!!
      *nose kissez* to ya Basil frum Nylablue xxx

    • Yow Speedy N Rachel! Me n Mum trustz ya 150%…we nose ya iz guud peeple/bunneh n we countz ya as closest bloggie furendz. Me felt kinda pawsum yesturday in da Sun. Feel ok today butt too cold to go ut so me found a sun puddle to bask in 😉
      At leest da new nmedz make me feel more like meself!!! 😉
      Lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo

    • EEoww Brian me haz bin purrin fer ya since we met n me n Mum hopez so hard dat yer UTI iz goin away!! me nose how hard dey are to get over…me haz pawz crossed fer ya sweet Kitteh n we hopez to reed sum guud newz when we go over to yer bloggie…….
      Yer Dad iz pawsum…purrleeze tell him!!! We iz so lucky to have such pawsum Hu’manz in our livez 😉
      Lub to ya frum me Nylablue =^..^=

  • Beautiful girl you catch the sun when you can and the cuddles when you can’t..we have your back like Sammy said..mistakes I think and confusion as I am sure nobody would mean you any glad you are still kickin…you must have some more chats to have with mum and your time here is still important..we send our love and purrs we send our hugs and we send our scritches…love to you and Mum Auntie Bev xxxxxx

    • MMMMM Aunti Bev dat Sun waz lubly yesturday…too cold to go out today so me found a Sun puddle n laid it in all mornin. Me nose ya all haz me back n me appurrsheatez it so much as doez Mum. She is alone so all da lub here haz helped her get thru wifout goin bonkerz. Me agreez; just confushun bout me…glad it iz sorted out. Mum getz so upset so easy deze dayz!!!
      Me haz bin meowin wif Mum ebery nite n dix time haz bin so speshell fer both of us…
      Mum purromised she will do another resckuewhen da time comez….
      *nose kissez* n Lub frum Nylablue xxxxx

      • Glad you are spending time with mum is hard and so you two have to love each other and hug and sit in sun’s all that matters….worry bout the future when it becomes the present swwet Nylablue 🙂
        Head scritches to you love Aunti Bev xxxxxxx

        • Time wif Mum iz purreshuss to me Aunti Bev! We haz to get all da lubbin n meowin n befur da end…..we not nose when dat iz so me bin buzzy wif Mum n doez sun puddlez…
          We had wet snowz here today so no way waz me goin out!!! BBRRRR!!!
          Phankz fer da head scritchez…a bit to da right purrleeze, MOL….
          Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx

                    • MOL oh Auntie, Mum sayz she iz a BEELUGA WHALE dat walkz!!! Me iz lile Mum ya iz vole-up-two-us n she givez me diz sniggery snickur n sayz ‘Shure Nylablue shure…’ She not beelieve me at all….me lubz Mum whether she iz a bit chubby or not cause she lubs me just as me iz too!!! DAT iz true Lub izn’t it??
                      Lub Nylablue xxx

                    • MOL can ya eemagin da amount of rappin papurr me wuud need to rap Mum up??? Oh me iz laffin…butt ya iz right…Mum iz da bestest GIFT of all!!!
                      Lub Nylablue xxxx

                    • Yow Aunti bev: We still has to watch dat video…it iz on da FB n when me can get Mum to sit still fer longer den 5 minutz we will watch it!!! Mum iz still lookin at da giftiez n me flower iz dancin a bit….not much Sun here butt soon as Sun comez out we out flower out fer a reecharge 😉
                      Phankz so much fer eberyfing!
                      Lub Nylablue n Mum too…

                    • I am sure the flower will start to dance soon Nylablue..poor mums bum 😦 I am sure she will here the video soon…its perfect for you and mum 🙂 LuBS Aunti Bev xx

                    • Yow Aunti Bev: Da flower danced a bit today…it iz so cloudy here so poor fing is not gettin alot of Sun…Mum put da flower under da table lamp, MOL!!! Whose da ‘clown’ now???
                      Mum iz bery sore still n had truuble walkin today…da Chiro werked on her n she iz a bit bettur…but me seez da Codeene bottle out so me nose what she iz havin fer deesert!!
                      Me try to get her to watch dat video tonite 😉
                      Lub Nylablue xxx

                    • Hahahaha MOL indeed Nylablue..I would try it under the lamp too…poor little flower was a stowaway and in an aeroplane cargo hold..lordy knows what with!! I wonder what stories she would tell…she needs a name…I have an idea….she waves…wavey hmm straight away I think wavy hair…so lets’s Bette Midler maybe bwahaahaaaaa …I hope mum feels better it can be worse to get better with the chiros..makes me cringe just thinking bout it!! better haz some tissues for the video’s an old and I mean old Aussie song prob 20 years but beautiful 🙂 Luvs Aunti Bev..who is washing clothes washing floors about to vacuum get washing off the line take the rubbish out sew those thingies on the santa sacks,finish a patchwork square wash more floors..arrgggggggg heheh xxxxxx

                    • Yow Aunti Bev…bee carefull doin al dat stuff….we don’t want ya fallin off yer perch either!!! Mum haz to do some vacummin soon ’cause we haz more ‘outdoorz’ indoorz…pine needlez n cedar twigz n bird seez n dirt…n me litter all over da place 😉
                      Oh tomorrow Mum haz to go to Laundromat too…dere iz alot of washin fer her…ya Hu’Manz are alwayz so buzy!!
                      Mum got all leeky eyed over da song…it iz so purrty n den we readed diz email n Mum sayz we may call da flower ‘wavebaby’…it iz a song from da 80’z here dat she lubz…

                      Mum posted da linky to da song on FB message in case it not werk here…..we lubz our flower….

    • EEowww Austin phankz! me IZ fightin to stay here wif Mum n all of ya…me lubz bein out in da Condo. In Wintur me sleepz in Condo inside too…me purrtendz it iz Summer n dreemz of warmth n sunshine 😉
      Me is not givin up just yet!!
      Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  • You look so lovely out in your condo in the sun, NylaBlue. You are so wise in enjoying the here and now. None of us know if tomorrow is ever going to happen. The only thing that matters is now, and of course LOVE!

    The Chans

    • Phankz Chan Kittehz n V Horsiez n Tommy n #1… DID enjoy me condo time. It waz too cold today to bee outside so me found a nice sun puddle to loll about in…da ‘here n now’ iz all we haz!!
      Ya iz right dat we shuud make da most of each day n alwayz LUB!!! Mum haz bin sittin wif me n lubbin me so much…me feelz purrfect!!!
      Mum sayz to tell ya she will get to yer blog over da weekend. We fell beehind ALOT!!!
      Lub to all of ya frum me n Mum xxxxxxx

  • DEAR Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen, No matter how long we are all here together we will always smile when we think of you. While we will miss you if you must go Nylablue see will always be glad to have gotten the chance to know you. None of us knows how much time we get, so it’s important to be kind to yourself and others, (as long as those others return the favor). Enjoy the sunshine and thank you for bring that lovely warmth to us.
    Mistletoe, Hitch & Dorothy

    • Bery wise werdz Miss Dorothy n Hitch n Mistletoe!!! Me iz feelin a bit bettur da past dew dayz. Diz meddycashun haz helped alot.
      Mum n me iz havin a lubfest every day n cuddlin…
      Purrleeze give Hitch sum kissez frum me ok??
      Me hansum Mankat!! *swoons*
      Lub me Hitch alwayz…
      Nylablue n Mum too..

    • Yow Mollie n Alfie…da Sun iz out only fer a while here too…den da cloudz come n eat it up it seemz!! It iz bery chilly here wif a North wind so me had to stay in today.
      me is still here…alive n kickin; just like da song sayz!!!
      Lub Nylablue xxxxx

    • Yow Island Kittehz me iz so happy to still b here….me enjoyed da Sun n even found a sun puddle today to loll in…n Mum found me sum new food me likez alot. It haz bin a few guud dayz here 😉
      Lub Nylablue xxx

  • Meow How can some feeble peep post such things. A cat never would as we know these things and we know you are out livin large in the sun! We are sending purrs to you and Mom and Dad too.
    Timmy and Family

    • Eeooowww Timmy Tomcat me haz wundered how ya iz doin!!! Guud to see ya here. Diz wrong post waz a misstake n we gotz it all sorted out…me iz still here…phankfully!!!
      Me lubz to live large in da Sun!!!
      Phankz fer da purrz fer Mum n Dad…he iz not wif us butt callz ebery nite to see how me iz doin…
      Purrz to ya Timmy frum me, Nylablue xxxx

  • Miss NylaBlue we are so happy to see you in those warm sunpuddles enjoyin your day. We say each and every day is a blessing and a gift and we are so glad you and your Mom and loving each and every moment. YOU Just keep on keeping on and everything will be more sunshine and warm nice sun puddles.

    • Yow Angel Abby as long as it not more snow!!! Dere were flakez n pelletz dancin frum da sky yesturday…butt today it haz bin quiet…just dat one hour of Sun n me got to be out in it!!! Pawsum! Phankz fer yer purrayerz n fer keepin in touch…we iz so glad to nose ya!!
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxx

  • Atta girl! Nylablue you are one tough little cookie…..I think all the love vibes we’re all sending your way are helping…..AND some sun, and good tuna-tuna, and cuddles with your Mom, and of course Dr. Dave and his magic shots…..all of that is keeping you tickin’ along. I’m so happy. I really think that people just got a bit confused about your illness because so many of our other friends are sick or have gone to the Bridge but WE know you’re here and WE love that you are and WE aren’t going to let you go any time soon so just REST…..we got your back girlfriend!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Eeeowww Sammy…me had another purrty guud day..meddycashun wrkin well fer now. All da LUB haz helped me 150 purr cent; no doubt ’bout DAT!!!! It waz a stoopid misstake bout me bein gone. Furgotten n we iz enjoyin our time together…me calmed Mum down… 😉
      Phankz fer havin me back…can yer Mum scritch a little over to da right fer me?? MOL
      Lub Nylablue =^..^=

  • nyla….wee bee trooly sorree de post that bee posted wuz knot a post that shulda been posted frum de get go….like what de ba jezuz huh…anymew. glad ta see ya gettin sum condo time N & hope by de time ewe reed thiz ya haz eated 87 canz oh toona !!

    • Yow Tabbiez O Trout Towne….turrible newz: me iz havin truuble wif da 87 canz o tuna!! Tuna-Tuna now upset me tummy 😦 Do not deespair cause me iz eatin seafood feast minced n dat iz yum-yummy!!! So it iz not all stoopid, rude, caca poopin chicken fer diz gurl! 😉
      Anymew da Condo time WAZ pawsum…we had flounderin snow here yesturday n me waz NOT impurresed me can tell ya!!!!
      me iz stil wif ya all. Lub Lub Lub Nylablue xxxxxxx

  • HIya Nyla Blue… We all at Katie Katz am gladz u gotted to have sum condo time… that sounds furry sunny… and you looks kute too. Glad you am doing furry goods and not deads… dats am dum. u am alives ina condo! Hugz and paddy paw purrz, Joey the Nike cat… and alla da other purriez.

  • Dear sweet Nylablue, we iz so glad that you were able to go outside in the sunshine. We iz so sorry that you and your Mum had your hearts hurt. Everybody lovez you so much. We continue to send prayerz and good thougthz, head butts and hugs. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    I am glad that I did not see any of those posts. I think it is a very good idea to designate a few people to speak on your behalf. Judy

  • So glad you got some sun. My kitties love the sun too. I love your condo. I have a kitty who love one like that. You and your mom enjoy each day together. Hugs to both of you.
    Sue B
    Charlie, Cashew, Garfield, Tubby

    • Yow Sue n Charlie, Cashew n Garfield n Tubby,,,,dat Sun waz so lubly. Today waz too chilly fer me to bee out so me laid in da sun puddle dat came to bizit in da beddroom!!! me n Mum iz hangin out together alot n meowin ’bout alot of fingz…it iz so guud to have sum more guud dayz!!!
      Yer furend Nylablue xxxx

  • Oh, sweet Nylablue we are so very happy that you got to enjoy condo and sunshine time. You and your sweet Mum keep enjoying watching those birdies and get in all the condo time you can sweet, beautiful girl. We are doing a happy dance here for you. Hope your Mum is feeling better. Keep eating, enjoying and we will keep praying nothing but good times and days ahead for you. Love you both bunches and send tons of hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie n sweet Chancy…we doin a happy dance too!! Mum iz so happy da new meddycashun helped me n me iz eatin alot…Condo time iz impawtant!!! Me n Mum meowed bout da stainless steel (silvur) condo n we iz doe-natin it to da Feral Kitteh rescue Mum helpz wif 😉 Mum will keep da black Condo fer me n den fer *new furbaby* when dat time comez. We also figured out which balnkiez to doe-nate to da Vet fer da poochiez n kittehz who have to bee dere overnite…lotz of guud fingz///
      Mum iz all heeled frum da stoopid fallz she had so she can take guud care of me!!!
      Phankz fer da purrayerz n Lub. Dey iz keepin us goin here!!
      Lub ya Nylablue xxxxxx

    • EEowww Coccolina me iz makin da most of me time left wif mum. We spendz all spare time together n cuddle….me haz sum stuff left to do so me tryin to stay….butt if me time comez me nose peeple will bee here fer her!!!
      *nose kissez* to Coccolina n lub to ya Miss Katie frum Nylablue xxxxxx

  • Hi lovely sisfur, your mum told us this a.m. About this last naughty person posting the unforgiveable info about you. How fun that you got to have some condo time in the sun. Good thing your fur is extra floofy ’cause 39 degrees is really cold. Mom’s out running errands, so we will write more later. Love, purrs, hugs and smooches, your sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista, brofur Mauricio and Aunti Janet

    • Yow me Sisfurz n Brofur n Miss Janet..sowwy me not get back to ya sooner…me n Mum havin sum qualitee time together n Mum lost track of da commintz…. 😉
      Me can handle sum coolness cause dere are da blankiez wrapped around da Condo…today waz so chilly wif da North wind so me stayed in!!! It iz da wind dat makez me sick…maybee condo tomorrow….maybee..
      Lub to all of ya frum Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • We didn’t know this had happened until we read it on Savvys’ blog. We HAD heard a sound like many many hearts breaking…it must have been peeps reading that stuff.
    We are so happy that you are enjoying the sunshine…because you are sunshine TOO!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Yow Miss Jane n da RMSM…we cuud hear da heartz breakin too n it made Mum so mad..she was furreuss cause diz iz not da ferst time since da die-agnosis!!!
      We iz sharin da journey n not fer fun either…
      At leest me iz still here wif Mum…da thought of leavin her wurriez me so…
      Phankz fer da compleemint…
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh Nyla!!! Mes did not reads those posts of your demise (thank Baast) mes would has been terrible upset! And mes LOVES the pictures of yous enjoying the lovely weathers!

    • *quiet eeowwz* me sweet iz glad ya did not reed any of da postz frum otherz. Me n Mum were horroarified when we saw dem!! Thank BAAST iz right! Me iz doin all me can to stay here wif Mum n it iz not easy. It iz bery chillie here…not even 40 F butt wif blankiez me enjoyed da Sun n me ate sum chicken n Mum waz smilin thru her tearz…she shure haz leeky eyez ALOT!!
      Me hopez ya iz doin well n da eyez not buggin ya anymore!!
      Much LUB n *nose kissez* frum Nylablue xxxx

  • I thought my heart goes south as I heard about that mistake. I will sing with you!!! You turn me on, you lift me up. And like the sweetest cup I’d share with you. You lift me up, don’t you ever stop, I’m here with you … Enjoy the sun, we have mist and rain the whole time :o)

  • My Nylabluewoooowooooooo! I am shocked about the very, very, very, very, very premature announcement of your trip to the Rainbow Bridge! I am so happy to see you get some sunshine as you are the sunshine in my heart! Eat lots of tuna-tuna tooowooowooooo. xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo to infinity, your sweet Blue Ku

    • Yow KU!!! Guess what Ku???? Guess what??? Yer in me mail today!!! Da book arrived n me sniffed n pawed it n Mum n me iz doin a *happy dance* Phankz phankz phankz so much frum me N Mum too!!!
      Ya iz me Sunshine too me blue Ku!!! Wooo oooooo….
      (Tuna-tuna iz only guud in small porshunz cause it upsetz me tummy if me eatz too much..) 😉
      Lub n phankz frum me n Mum ❤ ❤

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you *so much* to Mum for sending us these beautiful photos of you in your condo enjoying the sun and even having a little to eat! That’s wonderful that the sun came out, and it’s great too that you have a safe condo and those nice warm blankets so you can really enjoy it!

    • Phankz Miss Susan me Mum makez shure me haz all me needz n she alwayz finkz ahead… me doin me best to stay here….Diz Mirtazpipne iz fierce ne me iz eatin everfing in sight….time fer a nappie!!! 😉
      Lub Nylablue xxxxx

  • Does this old heart good to know all is well in the household…..keeping you both close always in my heart..and btw you look beautiful xxxx

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