Yow eberybody breathe OK?

Published October 20, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz..Nylablue here….me just had da Vet here to give me da injeckshunz…diz waz me when Mum said he waz HERE:

Me seez ya coming!!!

Me seez ya coming!!!

So me iz watchin da FRONT door n guess who comez in thru da PATIO door??  Yeah Mr. SmartyPantzVetMan!!! Bery clever!!! Da Pidjunz were even waitin fer him:

WE gotz yer back Mizz Nylablue!

WE gotz yer back Mizz Nylablue!

So Mr. SneakyPantsVetMan came in n he n Mum meowed bout ‘der plan’ n me made a dizcreet exit to UTB (under the bed). So Da Vet got da needlez reedy n Mum cuud not find me!! Den me came out n she snatched me up before me cuud meow me own name!!! She rapped me in blue blankie n she waz so firm wif me dere waz no arguin wif her. So me had ferst shot of Pepcid n no prublem den da seckond shot waz da Dexamethasone shot n me tried to wriggle n fight butt Mum had strong grip on me n me not as strong as me waz so da meddycine went in!! Dere waz purraise fer me n den she let me go!! Me went UTB!!! Den Mum n da Vet talked bout da next week n den Mr.SmartyPantzVetMan left n Mum came to sing to me n bring me sum chicken….me ate n came out to sirvale da kitchen fer any lingerin of da Vet n took up me post by da mircowave:

Me checkin out da area...

Me checkin out da area…

So all in all it waz not as bad as we all ‘spected. Mum haz to watch me *like a Hawk* (Phankz Mr. SmartyPantzVetman, like she doezn’t do that alreedy) fer da week n when me lookz pawfull she iz to take me into Clinick n den me getz a Depo shot…so dat’z all frum Da Purrfect Pad….Nylablue out xxxxx


79 comments on “Yow eberybody breathe OK?

    • Hello Timmy you little cutie!! Sherri-Ellen here. Just wanted to say there is no ‘normal’ for Nylablue. She is still on borrowed time. The meds will only work for so long & then I will have to let her go….every days she has is a blessing for me & a bonus for her!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xx

    • Yow Aunti Eevee…me lubz da sunflowerz too…dey iz so bright n purrty. Dr. Dave was so guud wif me today. n Mum played me SEAL CD n dat helped too….me not gonna bee here much longer…LUB ya!!!

    • Hi Dawn & Misaki! Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue is not doing so well. She is sleeping more than awake; not in pain…just sleeping…we go back to Vet tomorrow.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

        • Hi Susan: Not much of an update to give you. Nylablue is not responding to the Dexamethasone shot as we hoped. She is sleeping more than anything. We go back to Vet Wed afternoon.
          Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

          • Hi, Sherri-Ellen. I was just glad to hear that Miss Nylablue is not in pain and is comfortable enough to sleep. Best to you, Miss Nylablue, and dear Dr. Dave.

            • Hi Susan….I am sure she is not in pain…she has catnip available so she has some whenever she needs it. She seems to prefer sleeping to anything today…
              Thank you…I will let you know what happens tomorrow after we get home from Vet’s…
              Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • Nylablue, I’m gald to read that the treatment seems to be okay so far. I hope that it will work!
    You are lucky to that an “under-bed” you know. The humans here have bought a bed with drawers and I can’t go under it anymore :-/
    Take care of yourself sweetie and eat the chicken and tuna-tuna!

    • Hi there Texas, Sherri-Ellen here. Nylablue did not respond much to the Dexamethasone shot. She has been sleeping more than awake. Vet tomorrow (Wed.) I hope I have better news.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Hello Angel Abby: yes the Vet visit went well however the Dexamethasone is not working on her at all…so she is going back to Vet to be re-assessed…this is so frustrating!!! For both of us. I keep visualizing Nylablue better but her body is not co-operating 😦 Sorry it is not better news…
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • The Cat on My Head mentioned you weren’t feeling well Nylablue , so we have come over to say, We hope you feel better soon sweetie!

    We are sending you and your Mama lots of love and hugs,

    the critters in the cottage xo

    • Hello LP & Critters in the Cottage, how lovely to meet you….unfortunately Nylablue is ill with Cystitis & Inflammatory Bowel Disease that has morphed into Pnacreatitis. She also has FHV (Herpes Virus) so she is in her last days.
      There is little hope of her making it thru the rest of the year it is THAT serious…at this point the Vet & i are working on a medication regime to keep her stable so we can have a little more time…
      Thank you for sending love & ((HUGS)) & well wishes…every one means alot to both of us. Nylablue is my ‘heart kitty’ & this final chapter is breaking my heart!!
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

  • Nylablue, I have it on good authority (though not sure I really believe it) but sometimes those jabby things can be good for us!!!!!!! Yep, that’s what I’ve been told!!! You were furry brave, that’s for sure!!!

    • Yow Austin da injeckshunz have helped me befur…dere iz zum guud meddycine in them…me jsut wishez dey not hert so much!
      Da ya nose me used to go fer Accupunkture?? yow me did fer a year n me felt purrty guud….butt it costed so much we cuud not afford it n dere waz da assidentall poisonin..yeah me bin thru ALOT!!!
      Phankz fer stoppin by again Austin; ya iz a bery thoughtfull mankat!
      Nylablue xxxxxx

  • CHCIKN !!!????
    CHICKN !!!?????
    say it aint sew nyla….knot…….CHICKN !!!! ????
    more blessings oh St Francis comin yur way N we toll ya burdz bee THAT stoooooooopid…they shoulda seed de vet comin from MILES a way N called ya on yur cell ewe lar dee vize ta gives ewe noe tiss…..

    • *quiet eeeowwz* Sowwy Tabbiez O Trout Towne bout da Chickn…me findz me cannot stomack da oceanfish anymore…me iz still nommin tuna-tuna tho’.
      MOL about da Pidjunz; yeah dey shure were useless yesturday..no eearlee warnin sistem frum dem dumm doo doo’z pidjunz… 😉
      Mum sayz me not havina cell ewe lar cuase me wuud bee on it all day chattin up da mankatz frum here 😉
      Where dere iz Life dere iz hope, MOL.
      Lub to all of ya n Mum Laura frum Nylablue xoxoxo

    • Yow Miss Susan we wanted to do a happy bloggie…dere iz so much sadness dese dayz wif diz Pancreatitis…da Dex shot not werking well enuff n me iz feelin bery tired…Mum sayz we goez to Vet Eed fer sumfing else.. MMEEOWWW!!
      Lub Nylablue

    • Speedy if me had more energee we cuud binkie together…butt me iz not feelin grrreat frum da Dex shot…it izn’t werkin well…me herd Mum sayz we got to Dr. Dave Wednesday fer sumfing else…
      I lubz ya too sweet Speedy!
      Nylablue xxxxx

  • I hope the in-check-junks will work and I’m really glad that it isn’t as bad as assumed. My dad once had to hold a kitty with a blankie what got in-check-junks, sadly the kitty popped out like a jack in the box and gave his face a raggery… 3 stripes across his face like the jogging-shoes BOL

    • Hello Easy…Nylablue can be ferocious when she feels strong enough!! She has ‘tattooed’ Dr. Dave on many occasions. Now he & I both wear long sleeves to protect our arms. I have learned a few ways to wrap her so that we can hold her firmly (& gently) so the injections can be given.
      The meds are helping somewhat but this combo is not as powerful as the 3 pack (but the Cerenia is part of the 3 pack) & Dr. Dave hopes to limit having to hurt her with so many injections….
      It is what it is Easy…borrowed time & make the best of things & keep Nylablue comfortable.
      Wish I had better news for you.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

        • You have that right Easy!!! It is so difficult to watch a beloved furbaby deteriorate & hard to decide whether there is a quality of life worth fighting for or let them go….
          My cat Pyewacket (2 cats b4 Nylablue) had Distemper (my Ex did not keep her in & she escaped the house, got pregnant & sick too…) Anyway at the end I was the ONLY person she would not attack & I had to take her to have her PTS. There was no weighing the pros & cons; she had to be put out of her suffering…Nylablue’s situation is different in that she is not going crazy so can be taken care of…for now…
          Thanks for stopping by…
          Sherri-Ellen & Nyalblue xoxoxo

    • Hi Katie! Hi Coccolina!! As Dr. Dave did not give her Cerenia aka the stinging needle Nylablue was calmer & things went well. I hope she can stay strong too….
      Thank you for the well wishes…we LOVE you both too. (I am so far behind in reading your blog; I apologize).
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxoxoxox

  • My cats remember those blankets well. If they knew the vet was coming or they were going to the vet , they hid, but mommie was smarter . She planned ahead by getting them into the bathroom with the carrier and closing the door. Then she popped the cats into the carriers before they knew what was happening. I am glad that Nylablue co-operated as best she could and enjoyed her chicken after. Love, Auntie Toby

    • Hi Toby: I was pondering what to do b4 the Vet arrived & decided to not do anything out of the ordinary. That way she had no time to get all worked up. She did do the UTB thing so I just calmly moved bed & picked her up & talked gently to her the whole time. Wrapped her gently & the 2 needles were done b4 she could really act up. I wish visits to the Clinic went SO well, lol….
      Nylablue is stable & nibbling but certainly not hosing the food done as we would like. As long as she is not suffering I will be able to keep her with me…
      Love you oodles, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too xoxoxoxox

  • We think you did good sweet Nylablue, it is just fun to have our mums have to get us out from UTB, right? We hope the shots help you feel a lot better. Happy you got some chicken when it was all done and over with. You are just such a good girl. Wow! Those pigeons were waiting for that Vetman weren’t they? You have lots of pigeons, we don’t have any around our place. Big hugs and some nose kisses sweet girl from all of us here at our place. Love to you and your mum!

    • Phankz Aunti Maggie: Me DID do guud…a bit of UTB n chase about da bed got me all limber fer da injeckshunz 😉
      had me sum marynated chicken n tuna-tuna n sum regular chicken….nom nom nom…..
      Dose are da ‘Lookout Pidjunz” Butt dey furgot to tell me 8where* mr. SmartyPantzVetMan waz…oh n dat 4 were maximus n Stacia n Claudius n Adelphi…dere are otherz butt diz iz the core four!!
      Me feelz ok today. mad it iz rainin AGAIN so no condo time….me watchin ‘Bird TV’ tho…
      Lub to ya n Popsy n da poochiez n kittehz frum us here!!! ❤

    • Eeeoww Bestie Savannah me hearz ya in dat!! Mum tried scruff of neck befur n me got real nastee so she odez da scopp n carry methud n me iz much calmer n nice!!!!
      It went bettur den we all thought! What a reelief..me goez back to Vet Wed or Thur. We let ya nose 😉
      Lub lub lub ya n Aunti Linda n Unckle Peter ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Yow Florida Kittehz…me DID go UTB n Mum moved it like she waz Herculeez or sumone like dat!! So me just gave up n let her pick me up n put me on bed n rap me up like a Catmass gift!! 😉 MOL

  • I’m sorry you have to have those needles, but I think they have a good plan, and it hurts just for a second. Thinking of you, and hope you’ll have a good week now … /Rebby, McDuff’s mum [who lost all her ‘followers’ when she moved the blog LOL]

    • Yow ya did not lose ALL yer followerz Aunti Rebby..ya still haz us 2!!! When we came here we only had 5 includin ya n now we cannot keepz up!!! Haz ya looked thru da fotographee seckshun here?? Maybee ya cuud find peeple dere…..
      Mum nose she haz a few reepliez to do to ya n she will get to dem soon. She haz so much to do wif me care n all da commintz here…
      Da needlez do hert fer a few minutez butt me still not shure me likez da idea…butt ya iz right..Mum n Dr. Dave haz a plan..
      Lub frum Nylablue n Mum
      Pee Ess: Purrleeze give McDuff a kissey frum me 😉

      • Yeah … and for that I’m eternally thankful 🙂 Will check soon, and most of them weren’t active anyway… I’ve been dealing with all this for almost two days LOL
        McDuff sends little kisslings right back 🙂

  • We readed bowt U at Cat on my Head and I wanted to come over and say PAWSOME for giving that ebil vet a hard time!!! Do you know *I* am so bad at the vet that they has to knock me OUT before they can do anything to me??? You are a GOOD GIRL! Sending you lots of purrs and headbutts, too. XOXOXO

    • Spitty?? Dat YOU, King Spitty who iz so pawsum n reegal?? Me almost fell off da couch when Mum read me yer email…me haz alwayz wanted to meet ya…
      UUmm errr so where waz me?? Oh yez da EBIL Vet..he can bee a reel *pain in da *AZZ* in more wayz den one….me fightz more at da Clinick den at home tho’…Me haz bin knocked out befure too butt when me wakez up. me getz pukey n Mum not find dat funny…Me iz a furroshus Cougar RRRAAAWWRRRRR!!!!
      Phank ya fer stoppin by…me day iz now purrfect cause me met DA KING!!!!!
      Purrz n ~~head rubz~~ back atchya.
      Nylablue xxxx

  • PHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW! (That’s us letting our holded in breath out).
    We have been thinking about you all day…so has Mummy Janey…and she just called Daddy Chris in to show him your post. They are both very smiley…and we are getting treats now.
    WAY TO GO Nylablue!!
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • Right on me righteeuss Kittehz!! Treetz all around fer eberybody!!! Purrleeze tell Miss Jane n Mistur Chris dat me iz all right fer 4 or 5 dayz….say me bettur bee guud each time so ya can get more treetz 😉
      Lub to da REAL Maple Syrup sweet Kittehz frum Nylablue xxxxxxxxx

  • Well I am very proud of you, especially the UTB part sweet one. My sisters and I are just stopping by to drop off more purrs and prayers. I sure hope you feel better sweet Nylablue. Now, I’m off the litter box again. Later girl.

    • Yow Briiiiaaannnn ya still goin to da litterbox alot?? Oh nose!!! Purrleeze meddycashun make me furend Brian all bettur….pawz crossed fer ya n me Mum iz sayin a Get Well purrayer fer ya!!!
      We can purr n purray together…
      Me feelz a bit bettur….cept when me ran into da wall…me felt guud soon after da shotz n kind of ran about a bit n went to jump on me tote butt me went wide n hit da wall; now me haz a headachey!!! OUCH!!
      It’z alwayz sumfing…*sighz*
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Our dearest, sweet sisfur, Nylablue, We are over the moon at how well you did today! In your picture by the microwave, you look so meowvalous and alert. Yippee! You definitely are the PURRFECT CAT. We’ve got efurrybuddy praying and sending you lots of love. Even our human dad keeps asking after you. You don’t know him. His name is Tom, and he is a great cat guy. Have a great snoozy tonight and dream about all the things you love, like your mum, tuna-tuna, your blue elephant, the pigeons and the squirrels. We love you with all our hearts and are sending huge bunches of hugs, purrs, snuggles, kisses and love, your sisfurs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and your brofur Mauricio and your Aunti Janet

    • EEowww Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giuiletta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo n Mauricio n Miss Janet!
      Phankz fer da compleemintz!!! Dere iz so much LUB me feelz da strength of it all n it makez me leeky eyed n so happy!!! Yer Hu’man Dad Tom even askz ’bout me?? Me iz humbled…purrleeze tell him me iz gonna bee ok fer a few more dayz n stay here wif Mum fer a while longer…..
      Me iz gonna dreem of all me furendz n tuna-tuna, n Mum kissin me n Eesah Chinmayi n da Pidjunz n sparrowz n chippiez n squirrelz n da big orange moon lookin in at me tonite again!!!
      Me sendz purrrz n lub to all of ya frum me Nylablue n Mum too.

  • Nylablue you iz bery brave …we hoped the Dr Dave man waz going to be gentlez wiff you…and that you would be gentlez wiff him MOL MOL …uz kittehs can show em how we feel quick smartz! we glad you can rest upz and eazt some chow and relax wiff mum now…stay good there Nylabluez…head butters and loves Dinnermintz all the gang and me mum xxxxxx

    • EEoowww Dinnermintz..me tried to ‘tattoo’ Mum butt she had sweater on…so dat waz de end of dat idea! She also rapped me guud; when did she learn to RAP?? So me had to bee gentle wif Dr. Dave…
      me haz had sum chow n now goin fer a nappie…at leest me haz sum more time wif Mum..
      Lub to all of ya frum me, Nylablue n Mum too

      • Mum the rapper hey Nylablue hahaah

        Mums gunna rap
        bout the blue kitty cat
        that wants to take a nap
        maybe on her lap
        *insert random vinyl record scratching here
        Nylablue she raps too
        rappin with her feets
        tappin on the seats
        listenin to the beats
        *insert random vinyl record scratching here
        Dr Dave can rap
        rappin with his meds
        wakin me from my beds
        doin in my heads
        *insert mum shaking her head and thinking Auntie Bev is a looney tune 😉
        Hugs Auntie Bev

        • Yow Auntie Bev ya haz hidden tallentz dere!!!! Oh we gotta find a way to copy n paste n send to Dr. Dave…he wuud lub diz!!! Mum n me iz ROFWMeowz….Ya made diz a purrfect day fer us!!!
          Lub lub lub ya, Nylablue n Mum too..
          Pee Ess: Mum did copy n paste n she sent yer rap numbur to Dr. Dave….me wunderz if he spitz out hiz tea when he reedz diz tonite???? MOL!!!!

          • Hahaahah licky I don’t have a day job to give up..don’t think I am any Pee-Doggie poop daddy sloop snoop or whatever he calls himself hahahahahah glad you got a giggle 🙂
            You surely deserve a nice day indeed..i am going to head off soon,i have to get Fozzie bears meds from the chemist,and some stuff for myself…then ring the Physio and make an apt for my Arthritis plan…borrrrrrring..I might go see if the bridge is any closer to being finished..these detours are a pain in the patootie!! the roads so rutted now by extra traffic that I feel like I am travelling in a shanghai rickshaw..not that I know what that would be like hahahah you have a fab night and we shall talk soon 🙂
            Luvs to you sweet Nylablue and mum from me and them 😉 xxxxxxxx

  • Wee all exhaled. We wuz holdin our breaths that you would be able to take your injeckshens. Sounds like your Mum and the Vet Man really thought up a plan. Coming in the sliding glass door was reely sneeky. We iz glad that you did such a good job with your injeckshens. I hope you felt the tsunami of love when you waz getting stuck instead of an ouchy needle. Sending lots of love, hugs, headbutts and purrs, Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S) and Judy

  • Oh my Nylabluewooowooooo, you are so brave and strong to take the injections. I would wiggle so hard, four humans would have to hold me down! I am so proud of youwoooowoooowooooo!
    p.s. Come over and cuddle in my fluffy furr now! Mama just brushed me so I am even more super duper fluffy!

    • MMMMMM soft fluffy fur n doze soft earz to tickle…mmm diz iz lubly Kuruk!!! Me used to wriggle harder butt me iz not as strong as me waz n we did not want to upset Dr. Dave or Mum, after all dey iz doin dere best fer me 😉
      MMMMM let’z hab a ‘happy nappy’ Ku..
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Ouch! Those mean ol’ vet peeps are always stabbing us poor furries with needles. Basil had a shot of Baytril for his poorly paw and he was not happy about it!

    Hopefully this helps you feel better though ^_^

    Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil

    • It waz ouchie G-Piggiez butt not as bad as da Cerenia shot!!! Me cannot blame Dr. Dave fer da injeckshunz as me won’t take pillz or bee syringed so me must take da needlez….me makez it hard fer Dr. Dave to care fer me!!! Purrleeze let Basil nose me iz meowin a purrayer fer him n we hope his little paw-paw healz quick n he feelz bettur soonz….Mum sayz da Baytril iz grrreat meddycine fer Bunnehz n G-Piggiez…she iz such a nose it allsmart Hu’man, MOL/Wheek wheek..
      Lub ya sweet boyz, Nylablue xo

  • We are so very proud of you Nylablue….sounds like you handled Mr. Vet Man just fine…..and you get some chicken and snuggles in return. Best of all we still have our Nylablue hanging “tough” !!!

    Love, Sammy and his Mom

    • Yow me iz hangin tuff sweet Sammy….eye on da prize: Yer PAWTY!!! Me did not struggle much or bee meen…after all Mum n Dr. Dave are only helpin me feel bettur….
      Lub to ya n Miss Pam frum Nylablue n me Mum (da typist) 🙂

  • You are right, Nylablue – it doesn’t sound like it was all that bad! Paws crossed that the injections work and you feel better this week! I’m sending more purrs your way.

    • Yow Sparkle It waz bettur den me ‘spected n me iz eatin a bit more n had a little play n now me snugglin wif Mum n gonna nap….Da shotz shuud werk fer 4 or 5 dayz….so we seez!
      Phankz fer stopping by Sparkle.
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxxx

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