Tsunami of LUB

Published October 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

*Gentle Eeowws* Krazy Katz, Nylablue here wif Mum n eberyone n me wanted to post a few impawtent fingz. Ferst me n Mum wantz to PHANK eberybody fer da commintz n LUB n support diz past week!! We had nose idea we waz DIZ lubbed n we iz humbled n leaky eyed readin all da commintz. If Mum missed reeplyin to anyone by accydent purrleeze furgive her. She haz her pawz full wif me n all da werdz…sumtimez we wuud just sit n cry because da LUB iz so amazin!!!!! We iz callin diz da TSUNAMI OF LUB n we iz boyyed up by da LUB to stay here fer a while longer if me body will let me. Now onto sum guud stuff!

Miss Bev aka Fozziemum n All Fer One n One Fer All fame made a badge fer me Mum after her stoopid nastee fall 2 weekz ago. Mum herted herself n she had to use da walker n da Chiro man just shooked hiz head in dizbeelief she cuud mess herself up so much!! So here iz Mum’z badge:Keepin Mum on her perch Badge 2013 FozzieMum Izn’t it pawsum?? Me n Mum had such a meow over diz!! Phankz Aunti Bev!!! Yep ya herd it here..Miss Bev haz bin ‘dopted into da furamilee n she iz now one of me Honorarry Aunti’z!!!! Now we seez who ‘fallz off der perch!” MOL…..GOTCHA!!!!! 😉

Den me Aunti Janet n da Kittiez Blue frum Da Kat On Me Head bloggie sent me diz beeuteefull award which me had to show off share wif all of ya:NYLABLUEHEART Diz iz purrty n pawsum n made me get leeky eyez wif Mum too. Me lubz da blue flower az it bemindz me of Aunti Mingflower b4 me who helped Mum find me…..

Den dere iz me Eesha Chinmayi:Eesha Chinmayi 004We waz watchin outside fer da Pidjunz MOL…notice me iz sittin on da Modem keepin meself warm?? Mum sayz me iz bery funny; me sayz me iz BERY clever!!!!!

Ok Krazy Katz me needz to go rest so me off to da top of da cupboard fer a happy nappy!! Nylablue out xxxxxxxxxx

64 comments on “Tsunami of LUB

  • My sweet and beauwoooowoooootiful Nylabluewooowoowooo! How are you doing today? I had the most cuddly dream about youwooowooooo yesterday and then another one last night. We played with tinkle balls and I rounded up your very own live pink pony! You rode on her back and I ran along next to you to keep you safe.
    I hope the doctor visit today went well. Sending you lots and lots of love and light and fluff to keep you warm! Wooo, xxxx, Wooo, xxxx, your Blue Ku

    • *quiet little eeowwz* Ku…me iz bery week n me feelz like goin to sleep fer guud. Docktur Dave waz so guud wif me today. Me had 3 more injeckshunz n sum Mirtazipine in da mouth so me will eat sumfing…me iz losin more weight n me stomach iz upset more n more frum Pancreatitis….
      Yer dream waz so lubly…us playin ‘tinkle’ ballz n me ridin a live Pink pony ya runnin beeside me…dat iz bunderfull dreamin….oh Ku…me haz leeky eyez now n so doez Mum…me lubz ya me sweet fluffy poochie boy….
      Wooo ooo yer Nylablue xxxxx

  • Nylablue, everyone’s worried about you. How are you feeling now? Purrs and prayers were sent. I just started blog hopping again now. Sending purrs for your fast recovery.

    • Hello Sushi. Nylablue is stable. This Pancreatitis is combined with Bowel Disease & Cystitis so she is struggling. Plus she has FHV (Herpes Virus) so it is taking alot of her strength. I can see she is losing her appetite again this morning so I am glad the vet is coming after lunch to give her injections. We hope a)she will let him do them & b) they will work as good as the first time….
      I will blog sometime tonite & let everyone know.
      Thank you for stopping by, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • Nylablue you and your Mum really are loved LOTSA BUNCHES……and I don’t know of a single kitty or doggy (or human) who isn’t hoping that your shots today from Dr. Dave help you – be brave little girl – you have been so far – we know the shots aren’t fun but they just might help. Lots of Special Sammy Hugs to you……….

    Love, Sam

    • )))))YYYYAAAAWWWNNNNN((((((( *peepz an eye open…look Mum…Sammy (((HUGZ))) just fer me!!! Pawsum Sammy!!
      Me iz gonna bee brave (me finkz)…me will try….2 1/2 hrz n Dr. Dave will bee here.. 😉
      Lub to ya n Miss Pam frum Nylablue xxxxxxxxx

      • You are the bravest little girl we know Nylablue…..just close your eyes and let Dr. Dave do his magic. All your friends would take away the pain of the shots if we could….believe me….. 😉

        • Yow Bless ya Sammy me not bbbrrave at all…butt me iz gonna try!! Y\ iz right me shuud just close me eyez n not look….me nose if da pain cuud bee taken away it wuud bee…Mum getz doez injeckshunz 4 timez a year…8 needlez ebery time n dey burn n sting n she sayz she wishez she cuud take me pain fer me….if she can take 8 at a time me haz to take 3…only da Cerenia hertz…OK me gonna bee brave…
          Lub Nylalbue xo

    • EEEAASSSYYYYY me Champeeon…me shure wishez ya waz here eif me fer da injeckshunz..me iz gonna pickture ya in me mind so me takez dem stoopid neededscary needed shotz..me haz to stay calm….
      Mum sayz Phankz fer da huggie too!! She iz nervuss too butt actin calm fer now… 😉
      Lub Nylablue xxxx

        • EEowww EASY!!! Da ferst 2 spikey fingz are no prublem; it iz da dreeded Cerenia shot dat hertz so much. Mum sayz we iz gonna do dese shotz n no arguin or fightin….she sayz me iz strong gurl n can handle it….(she iz quite a cheeleeder!!!)
          We hopez da Tsunami of Lub plus da injeckshunz blow da bad stuff away too!
          Lub Nylablue n Mum too xxxxxxx

    • EEoooww #1 purrleeze kiss ebery Chan kitteh n Tommy n give doez beeuteefull Perchiez a B-I-G (((HUGGIE))) frum me n Mum OK?? In another 2 hourz Dr. Dave will bee here *gulpz*
      We lub ya all over dere frum me n mum over here…xxxxxxxxx

  • We are so glad to know you had a happy Saturday. We hope you have a warm cozy sleep. We will be sending you and Mum lots of love and strength for when Dr Dave visits. We know it’s scary but try to remember we are right there holding you in our heart along with everyone else who loves and cares for you both. Maybe you and Mum can curl up and watch the race cars in Talledega during the afternoon. That always relaxes us in to a nap. Then we have to rewind to see who wins.
    Mistletoe, Hitch and Dorothy

    • *quiet eeowwwz* Me sweet Hitch n Mistletoe n Miss Dorothy…me had a guud sleep in me pedestal bed n den wif Mum too. me not eatin much this mornin….meddycashun iz werin off…so me needz Dr. Dave fer shure! Now me gotz to bee brave….
      Mum sayz we don’t get da ESPN n da rest of da racez are on dat channel; so no NASCAR fer us 😦
      We just gonna watch sum Bollywood movie n enjoy da musick n dancin..
      Me sendz ya *nose kissez* n *paw patz* Hitch..
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too

  • Ah my Sweet Little Godess Nylablue,Mummy and me are so glad you had a lovely day,we will be with you in spirt for your visit from Dr Dave,be strong sweet girl! Love and snuggles to you both Speedy and Rachel

    • Yow me Bunneh God who survived so much n showz da grace….me had such a guud day yesturday! Me not feelin so guud today…not so hungry n kind a sleepy…Mu sayz Dr. Dave’z meddycashun will help perk me up…me will pickture ya wif me when he givez me da needlez *gulp*
      Lub n *nose kissez* to n Miss Rachel frum me Nylablue n a (((HUG))) frum Mum xxxx

    • Hi Hannah isn’t the pony pic adorable…if you get a chance read the past blogs about Nylablue’s wish for a pink pony & how she came to have a Blue Ellyfant…it is quite a story!!
      PeeMee is one of my longest standing blog friends & we write to each other actual mail even!!
      Thanks for stopping by.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • We likez the pickshure of you and Eesha Chinmayi. It’s good that you have your friend (and pink pony) with you. I bet that modem was nice and warm on your little tocks. We hopez your Aunti Judith got to visit with you. Prayers and good thoughts. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • *gentle eeeowwz* to ya Miss Judy n C>A>T>S>…me n Eesha Chinmayi are grrreat furendz n she tellz me storiez of comin here on a big ship wif alot of little ellyfantz like herself n findin her way to da Flea Market where Mum found her…It iz nice to meow wif her….n yeah me had a pawsum bizit wif Aunti Judith…in fact Mum got Aunti J’z hubby to take her to get sum marynated chicken fer me so we cuud meow in purrivate!
      Whew it haz bin a buzy day n me iz culred up to Mum n feelin sleepy…
      Tomorrow iz comin soon.
      Lub Nylablue xx

  • Hello Nylablue! We thinks you are a fellow Canadian kitty and we are sorry to just meet you just now. We came over from Newton, Ashton and Pierre’s blog to give you some mega purrs, prayers and good thoughts. We hope that everything will go well with Dr. Dave and that you will be able to feel better. Thinking of you and also sending purrs to your Mom.

    • Hello Clooney: Sherri-Ellen here…thank you for stopping by with your good wishes. Nylablue had a busy day & she is resting comfortably tonite. Yes we are Canadian.I am hoping things go well with Dr. dave tomorrow…there is a 50/50 chance Nylablue will respond to the treatment or not & then there is the concern she will not allow the Vet to adminster the medication needed. Fingers are crossed for a good result tomorrow.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • Oh Nylabue!! an honorary Auntie..I am so excited….thankyou sweet girl and when you feel so poorly you are still thinking of others..what a lovely little girl you are.Glad you kept warm on the modem and had your frind Eesha Chinmayi with you..I hope you had a good chinwag and meow bout things 🙂 you take care sweet one and rest up,have a little tuna-tuna maybe a bit of sun maybe a snuggles with mum.Love Auntie Bev xxxx

    • *gentle eeeowwz* Aunti Bev…ya iz so lubly n kind n ya have gone above n beeyond to support Mum n me how cuud me not make ya an Aunti??! Me doez not want me Hu’Man furendz to not nose how much me carez. Izn’t Eesha Chinmayi da best?? We lub to sit together n meow bout fingz…
      Me had sum tuna-tuna today n sum marynated chicken too!!
      Me Aunti Judith n Unkle Arie came to see me today…frum 300 milez away!! me n Aunti J had a talk bout fingz when Mum n Unckle went to get da chicken…Mum new Aunti n me had to chat…
      Me had a guud nap when dey went out fer suppa n now me helpin Mum wif reepliez…
      Much lub to all of ya frum me Nylablue xxxxx

      • That’s lovely you had such a sweet visit with Aunti Judith and Uncle Arie…and tuna-tuna. Sometimes we need to talk to people who are close but not so close..you know what I mean..we have had a day of no winter and no spring..we have been out to a small market it’s 93 deg f here or 34 c in our talk 😉 very windy..i have much bloggie catch ups but really neede to get out for a bit..i got some lovely big plants called Grannies bonnets hahaha and strawberry plants…two great big strawberry plants for one dollar and fifty cents!! bargain nylablue hehe the wind is strong and we woke up to very smokey air from the bushfires in NSW…NSW is above us on the map..i must away for awhile I need t work on some blog catch ups and I think Doc will be back in his ‘SCOOBY POOL’ for a swim (a pun on scuba diving and the dog scooby doo..Doc gets his snout in and blows bubbles …nut case) so we talk soon and loves and hugs to you and mum Aunti Bev xxxxx

        • *quiet meowz* Aunti Bev me had a bery guud bizit wif Aunti Judith n Unckle..me had to reeasshure Aunti me wuud try to take da injeckshunz…she iz so wurried ’bout me n Mum….we meowed bout sum purrsonal stuff n me feelz bettur 😉
          Mouseziez it iz BERY warm dere!! It waz barely 40 F here n rainin da katz n da dogz n windy a cold wind…me did not go out. Me just ate tuna-tuna n sum marynated chicken when Mum came back from da store. Mum n me were watchin TV ’bout da bush firez n Mum waz wurried bout ya n she waz gonna email ya n see if ya were close to da scary firez..we iz purrayin ya will bee safe frum dem. Scooby Pool, MOL…dat iz funny! Doc iz such a cutie! YYYAAAWWNNNNNN me iz gettin tired again so me sign off fer now too…ya can play wif yer plantz n me gonna round up Mum n get her to bed so me can snuggle her…
          Mum will email ya tomorrow n let ya nose how da Vet bizit goez….
          Lub n **nose kissez** Nylablue

          • Please do sweet one and try and be brave for your injection,i know it hurts I really do and I send big hugs for you to keep so you can be brave…and of course for your mum :)…we are very far from the fires but the smoke travel a long way,we have our things packed for the fire season and the scanner is on all the time now..we have brigades from here that have left to go help with the fires…it is a pretty dry winter we had and we do worry.You keep snuggly with mum and we will have a chat tomorrow luvs Auntie Bev xxxxxxxxxxxxx

            • )))))YYYYAAAAwwwnnnnn((((( me just wokez up Autni Bev..it iz around 10:30 a.m. here..Mum iz havin coffee n me iz dicktatin to her…she haz read me all da commintz n me feelz a bit less scared now.. It iz rainin here n me wishez me cuud send ya all our rain; me wuud lub to share it wif ya!!! Mum iz gettin updatez bout da NSW firez n we iz keepin an eye on it frum here….Mum sayz da scanner will let ya nose if ya haz to leave wif da kittehz n poochiez n sheepz..so we sendz purrayerz fer safety n rain to ya!!!
              Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen n Eesha Chinmayi even!!! xxxxooo

              • They are sure pretty comforting comments aren’t they Nylablue 🙂 I am glad things went well 🙂 we had such a warm day yesterday..this morning it’s cold…my hands can barely type they are aching something shocking…stupid weather change ..the fires are really awful..300 km of a line of fire..Wednesday is the day they are dreading…with no hope of rain..our CFA crews return back soon and more relief crews are leaving this morning..the scanner is a must this time of year Nylablue..hugs and love Auntie Bev and gang xx

    • Phank ya Aunti Toby!! it iz alwayz so nice to hear frum ya…ya iz another one of me ferst Aunti’z..me iz so blessed. Mum iz doin bettur; no more stoopid sudden fallz n she iz copin bettur wif me health prublemz. Me iz ok; not grrreat butt me iz tryin to eat as much as me can n me even played wif me softie ball today…me iz purrin on tonite…
      We lubz ya Aunti! Nylablue n Mum too

  • Hi Nylablue, I’m Oskar. I’m just recovering from a bout, my first, of pancreatitis. I guess my breed is more prone to it than others. Is it possible that you might be part miniature schnauzer dog?

    I hope a good diet will keep you on the right track.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • EEoww Oskar poochie…nope me iz not part Schnauzer, MOL/BOL!! Dat waz funny! Me haz more den diz wrong wif me: Cystitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease n now Pancreatitis…which iz part of da Bowel n Urinary tract prublem, plus me haz Feline Herpes Virus…me waz a breedin Queen fer almost 5 yearz n me got bery sick frum dat n me Mum resckued me n she haz bin takin care of me eber since 2006…
      Me iz so glad ya recoveered frum yer Pancreatitis eppysode n me n Mum hope it neber comes back again fer ya!!!
      Nose kisses frum Nylablue

  • Yeh, like kitties blue says ,love and prayer is a powerful medicine…and you are wrapped in a GREAT BIG blanket of it.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxx
    PS Sitting on the modem?Nah, you were surfing the net ! (hahahahahahaha)

  • Much love and headbonks to you and your lovely Mum ….the ups and downs of daily life and the fun and laughter you both have shared with me, and I you over the years has and does mean so very much.You are both very very important,
    always xxxxx

    • Yow Aunti Pearl??!!! Mum just read yer message to me….phank ya fer da pony pickture n fer da LUB…ya meanz da werld to me n to Mum too!! Diz iz a funny Life izn’t it?? me hopez me iz here to share sum more of it wif ya!!
      We lubz ya Nylablue n Mum too alwayz ❤

    • Hello Sue…isn’t that pony cute?? My friend Pearl always sends the coolest pix for us. Nylablue had a good day…she ate some (not enough but something is better than nothing); she played with her softie ball for a bit & smacked a few pingpong balls under the couch. Watched the birds outside the window. Her Auntie & Uncle came 300 miles today to visit her & in essence say their goodbyes. By 5 pm she was exhausted & went for a long nap..now she is up & having some supper…
      Tomorrow is Vet visit day; hopefully she takes the needles without any fuss…..
      Thank you for stopping by, Sherri-ellen & Nylablue

  • Love and prayers are both very powerful medicine, and we all intend to surround you with both! Rest well today so that you are ready for Dr. Dave tomorrow. The humans have left us for overnight. We may or may not break a lamp this time. If you only were closer, we’d all come and cuddle you while they are gone. Sweet dreams as you rest, beautiful sisfur. Love, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and extra love from your Aunti Janet

    • *quiet eeowwz* to Ya Aunti Janet n me Sisfurz n Brofur….phank ya fer da lub n purrayerz…me iz gonna need dem. Me had a bizit frum me Aunti Judith n her hubby n Mum went out wif da hubby to get me marinated Chicken me likez n me n Aunti Judith had a guud ‘Meow’. Poor Aunti iz so upset n me had to calm her down..Mousiez yer Hu’manz went away n left ya all by yerselvez…bee carefull if ya break a lamp…don’t step in da broken piecez..maybe ya cuud shred a mat unrap da toilet papurr?? 😉
      Me iz gonna have a bit of suppa n snuggle Mum….(not finkin ’bout tomorrow, not finkin, not finkin…..so scared…)
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Woooowhoooowoooooo my Nylabluewooowooooo! Evfurryone wuvwuvwuvs youwoooowooooo, especially me, yer Blue Ku! 😀
    I hope you are feeling better today my sweet. I will see if Mama can figure out how to make a special badge or card fur youtoooowoooowooooooo! xoxoxoxoxoxox, Ku
    p.s. Has my bookie arrived yet?

    • *gentle wheek wheekz* Me G-Piggiez!!! Phankz fer stoppin by…me iz doin what me can..wif all da LUB it iz not as hard to fight…Mum n me haz neber told Rumpy how speshell he iz so diz waz guud time to do it! 😉 Ya iz all such guud furendz….me LUBZ eberybody here…*wipez tear frum eye* Sowwy dere iz sum dust in me eye…..me goin fer a nappy now…
      Lub ya Nacho, Noah (did me eber tell ya how hansum ya iz??), Buddy n Basil frum Nylablue xxxx

    • Hello Travelling Cats: Welcome home! I am sorry you came back to such a sad scenario…that happened with a couple of other bloggers here. Nylablue is stable today. Tomorrow the Vet will come to (try) give her the 3 injections she needs. If she lets him medicate her she has more time. If she won’t let him or she does & they do not work then we will set a date….it is one hour at a time….
      ((HUGS)) & thank you for stopping by, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo

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