Love conquers all

Published October 17, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hello everyone. Sherri-Ellen here. Well where do I start?? First let me say the outpouring of love & support has buoyed both Nylablue & I up in the past 24 hours. As you know she is now on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time…Nylablue is resting  this morning:NB Oct. 17th 3

Nylablue has struggled with Cystitis & Inflammatory Bowel Disease for many years & this past 2 years she has had so many challenges. This year has been the most difficult as the Bowel Disease kept rearing its ugly head & even with treatment Nylablue has been getting weaker & weaker…she has been throwing up more & more which was quite alarming…I was supposed to go away for Thanksgiving but could not go due to a fall…the Universe has a way of making sure things are balanced as Nylablue had a rough weekend & I am glad I was here with her. I took her to Dr. Dave yesterday afternoon armed with conditions I wanted her tested for & of course Dr. Dave was way ahead of me & had ruled out everything but the one I feared the most….We decided to do the full Senior blood panel altho I knew in my heart what it would reveal. Pancreatitis…with very little treatment option because Nylablue can not be syringed or pilled orally. So I was ready to put her to sleep but Dr. Dave said he had an idea that was working for his 14 yr old cat who has the same illnesses as Nylablue. So I let him give her a Pepcid injection to calm the stomach down & a Dexamethasone shot (steroid) & Nylablue took them without complaint. then Dr. Dave brought out the Cerenia (steroid) shot & Nylablue reacted badly to it because Cerenia stings harshly when going in. She fouhgt & i got so uspet too. His plan is that she has this series of injections twice a week & he would come to house on weekend & I would bring her in during week. Sounds simple doesn’t it?? Not simple seeing her hurting & hearing her cry out in anger & pain with the injections…When we returned home she ate some & slept on top of the kitchen cupboard….it was a very quiet evening. Once the pain subsided from all the needles she came down & cuddled with me….then she came to bed with me last nite (a sure sign she is unwell). Nylablue ate some tuna-tuna this morning. I can see she is tired; no make that WEARY…so very wearyd…my ‘Sweet Feet’ ‘Chubby Chicken’ (now only 8.8, lbs); my Chota DiDi (Little Sister) is too tired to fight….when I went into take a few pix she put her head up & then just laid it back down in total resignation….NB Oct. 17th 1NB Oct. 17th 2I have to be strong for Nylablue. Laughable as I wept for hours last nite. I spoke to my exfiance Jon & he was so sad too. His girlfriend does not understand our friendship & he wants to come in to be a support to me when it is Nylablue’s time but that is not likely to happen…so it will be just Mum with Dr. Dave & the Vet Tech….I have decided that when it is time to put her to sleep we will go to Clinic….it will be a bit easier. The thought of seeing her carried out of here is something I cannot bear…leaving the Clinic after she is gone will be a bit easier….

I am truly truly sorry to have to write all this…I wanted to do a light hearted blog but my heart is so heavy & the tears are streaming down my face as i type. Time is precious now..I want to spend as much time with Nylablue as I can…..I KNOW you all understand what I am feeling & thinking because ALL of you here have gone thru this yourselves & are the MOST Amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & becoming friends with…mere words cannot express my Gratitdue for the emotional & financial support you have provided & are still providing now….

I am going to let Dr. Dave come over this weekend & give her the injections & see how she responds to them. If she rallies we will try the Clinic vist next week followed by the 2nd weekend vist….however if she does not respond then I will take her to the Clinic & do what is right for Nylablue. It is about her now; not me!! I promised Nylablue I would take care of her no matter what & I have done that for 7+ years & I believe given her a good life. She has known LOVE & loyalty & devotion that she never experieinced before I rescued her…I vowed I would make up for the first 5 years of her life used as a Breeding Queen in a puppy/kitty mill & I have done this for my beloved girl. I know she does NOT want to leave me; I could see that in her eyes last night as she looked down at me from the cupboard. The LOVE in those turquoise eyes overwhelmed me…I will never forget that beautiful moment…the moment I knew how much Nylablue truly does love & trust me…..Creator blessed us both by bringing us together…may He bless us as we finish our journey together.

Thank you all for reading this post. I know many of you have lost beloved 4 leggeds this year also…we have walked this road together & I know without all of you Nylablue & I would not have made it this far. May the Creator as you know Him/Her/It bless each of you & all your 4 leggeds… 

Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & NylablueNylablue upstairs 8

143 comments on “Love conquers all

  • A beautiful blog of love, though sad. It will be tough … it’s like parting with a bit of oneself. Hadassah and I went to the clinic. Couldn’t have it any other way.

    Nylablue knows she’s loved and these seven years were probably the best in her life.

    All my love to you guys… ❤

    • Hi are right losing a furchild is like losing a bit of oneself for sure. You know I do not want Nylablue pit to sleep at home…I did that with Mingflower but I can not bear to see Vet carry Nylablue out of here so the clinic will be moderately better.
      You are right..these past 7+ years have been the best for Nylalbue. her Life was Hell before we met. She was facing death when I rescued her. If I had not taken her she would have ben done away with like an old rag!!
      I still believe Mingflower led me to Nylablue….it was meant to be & I have never regretted a minute of our life together…
      Love Sherr-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • As I’ve been away this week I’m so behind but am hearing about Nylablue’s latest challenge and am praying like crazy that the treatments make her feel better and the two of you will have more time together……she certainly has been a bit of a miracle girl in the time I’ve known you – rallied back time and again from the odds….bless both of you for sticking with it and doing what you could through thick and thin. I know you will do what’s best for Nylablue – it’s what we do as caretakers of the lovely beings we know as cats….they trust us to do what’s right for them and give us boundless love in return. Sammy and I will be anxious to hear how BOTH of you are doing….but just know we are thinking of you.

    Hugs, Pam and Sam

    • hello Pam & Sammy: I knew you had gone away & I was following the posts the beginning of the week, but by Wednesday I was so worried about Nylablue I have not been blog visiting!
      Nylablue has been a miracle cat from Day One & I know we have been on borrowed time since July….it is just heartbreaking there is something else to contend with….turns out her illnesses are all related are agoing in a sequence of steady decline….
      Nylablue has had a more ‘normal’ day today. Able to eat a bit more & alert & wathcing ‘Bird TV’. She was out in Condo for the past 2 days for an hour each day. Now the rain has settled in & temps are going to go to single digits so no Condo time in near future….another blow for Nylablue.
      I was a complete basket case & spent all Wednesday evening weeping. Then the outpouring started & my ex Jon has been calling daily, so the support has really helped me immensely. Like you say our 4 leggeds trust us to do the right thing & I am ready to do whatever Nylablue wishes…she is #1 priority now…my job is to make her life as peaceful & calm as I can.
      Thanks for stopping by Pam…I hope your trip was good…we shall pop by your blog soon.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • Hello, I fully understand how you feel. I am nursing a beloved cat that is reaching the end of her life .She has been with me for 13 years and we know each other very well.. It is kidney failure and a cancerous cyst on her side under the skin. She gets medications to ease her until i’ll have to take her to the vet for a final visit. I feel like you do at the thought that she will be gone. I have two other cats also past 10 years, but each is special and occupies a spot that cannot be replaced. We must think that we were lucky to be put togeher with these animals that have loved us and caused us to love them so much. I will keep you and Nylablue in my prayers so that we may be able to go through the difficult times ahead. Vera

    • Hello Vera: I am so sorry to read about your ‘heart kitty’ having Kidney failure & Cancer…she is still a young cat & I empathize 150% with what you are going thru. I have only had to make the Final Visit with my previous Siamese Mingflower & it is so difficult. Like you I have had other 4 leggeds & had to put them to sleep & was able to move forward without such agonizing grief…maybe it was the lack of years together….Mingflower was 18 1/2 yrs old & with me since 5 months. Nylablue has been with me 7 1/2 yrs of her 12 yrs & chronically ill since I rescued her.I agree we are blessed to have these wonderful furchildren in out lives. I will keep your girl in my prayers & am going over to ‘Follow’ your blog so I can keep in touch with you…I am here if you need to ‘talk’….
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen xo

    • Hello Megan! Welcome to The Purrfect Pad. I have seen you on Bailey’s blog so any friend of Bailey’s is a friend of ours. I am staying strong…with the support & love of such fabulous people all over WP & other bloggers & RWB who are supporting us & praying for Nylablue….Thank you for being part of the “Tsunami of Love” here!!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Thank you Colehaus Cats…I am not sure if i did send you a reply…there are so many…today has been a better day for Nylablue….thankfully…The purrs & prayers are helping!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • My dear cat friend. My heart goes out to you both during this time. We love them because they trust us. The trust us bcause we love them. And your sweetie us in pain..and thus so are you. I have, as most if mot all your readers, been in your position. Enjoy your time as best you can. Sit in tthe garden. Lie on your stomach and speak loving words. Sit and be still. And know that they understand and still love.

    • Hello Amanda W.: it is nice to meet you. Thank you for your support & kind words. Such an outpouring of love…it has helped so much!!!
      Doing all that you suggested minus the garden as it is too cold here now…so we snuggle in bed…Nylablue is stable for now…

    • Hello WELIVEINAFLAT! I have wanted to introduce myself,,,life being all over the place that had not happened!!!! We are BOTH hanging in there & Nylablue is a bit *brighter* today. I am doing ALL I can for Nylablue…She even asked for tuna-tuna this morning 😉
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • I am crying so much right now. I pray Nylablue will fight it off but I know in my heart exactly how you are feeling. I had three close calls like this with Nutty before on a fourth I know that time had come. I hope you don’t mind but my friend and I are learning a Scottish lullaby for a project and she is a beautiful singer so I have asked her to record with me and I’ll do the harmonies. I apologize if I sound a little wobbly, I cried a lot beforehand.

    It is a song I sang to Nutty when he was at his worst moments and it seemed to comfort him. I hope it can bring comfort to you.

    ~ Amy

    ps. Whee are all putting our paws together in prayer for you Miss Nylablue. Please give your hooman lots of cuddles and make her not be sad for loving you so much. Lots of love Nacho, Noah, Buddy & Basil xxxx

    • Amy, I just listened to your song and it is so incredibly beautiful. Nylablue and SherriEllen will surely both find comfort in it. It is tragic whenever any of us suffer along with our beloved fur friends during an illness, but Nylablue has touched so many hearts that this illness and what will most likely be her final days have so many of us in tears. I know that if we could gather both Nylablue and her mum in our arms and hold them close, we would. I am praying for them just as you are. Thank you for recording this lovely song and sharing it with all of us. XO, Janet

      • Hello Janet you are so welcome. I am having trouble finding your comment on the blog. So checking in with you via this email. Nylablue made it thru the nite. Ate some brekkie & has had some tuna. She is sleeping in my bed. Looks a bit brighter. Stay tuned for her blog within next 24 hrs. Did not make it to your blog yet…sorry…I went to bed @ 1 a.m. with so much unanswered. Did post on FB & did a bit of a rant! Morgen better not post any more crap again! I am still a bit miffed…..such is life right??? Ok catch you later. xo
        P.S.: Nylablue is eating some more tuna as I type 😉


        • Thank you again Amy & G-Piggies…music always calms both Nylablue & I down….Nylablue loves the singer SEAL & Bob Marley & Bollywood soundtracks…she is a very ecletic kitty girl! 😉

    • Wheek wheek me G-Piggiez me wanted to say Wheek n let ya all nose me iz still here. bery tired butt today haz a bit more energy. Me n Mum bin stickin together alot n she nose me LUBZ her n whatever happinz our LUB will live on!!! Nose kissez to Basil n Buddy, Nacho & Noah
      Hello Amy: Sherri-Ellen here…thank you for stopping by & for your support. Lovely song altho I got so teary eyed…today Nylablue is a bit better..just a bit, but it is something right? I have many blogs to visit so plz be patient as it might take me all ‘wheekend’ to get around to everyone.
      Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

      • Glad you like the song. I just looked up the meaning and it’s about a little girl growing up and moving to the next part of her life. Ironic really that I sing it to my boys! I really hope it brought you some comfort to know that we are all thinking of you.

        I am praying so hard for little Nylablue. Every little improvement; eating, drinking, meowing. They are all so impawtent and I know in my heart Nylablue is fighting to stay with us.

        ~ Amy

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