Award winnin Caturday!!

Published October 13, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Eeooww Krazy Katz: Me haz fallen beehind on sum bloggin ’cause Mum had a BAD fall on Fursday!! Talk bout goin A** over da teekettle!! Mum iz bruised n battered like a fish stick butt nuffin broked. She iz on *bed* rest n usin ice packz n Biofreeze Ice Gel which easez da hert alot! N eatin Cheeziez butt me not finkz da Docktur ordered dem 😉

Icey guudness in a tube!

Icey guudness in a tube!

So we bin reemiss n tellin ya bout 2 awardz we waz given diz past week. We wantz to Phank Kittehz Blue fer diz award:


Eesha Chinmayi iz scared of mice!

Den sweet Texas sent us diz award :

Do ya need sum Icey Gel?

Do ya need sum Icey Gel?

Now me nose dere waz a bunch of stuff to do wif dese awardz n if Mum felt guud enuff we wuud do all da fancy stuff….butt alas we iz just gonna show dem off…

Me n Eesha Chinmayi haz bin hangin out together n gettin to nose each other!! She iz quite da Ellyfant n haz told me so many storiez of *da homeland*. Now she iz here n we can bee found:NB & Eesha 1NB & Eesha 2NB & Eesha 4NB & Eesha 6NB & Eesha 8Nyla B & Eesha in CondoNyla B & Eesha in Condo 2We iz all over da place!!! Me n Eesha Chinmayi haz beecome fast furendz…who wuud have thought me n an Ellyfant wuud bee furendz?? Izn’t Life full of sirprisez??? As fer how me iz doin; well me iz eatin ALOT cause of da Mirtazipine meddycashun…Mum sneeked sum into me tuna-tuna yesturday n she finkz me not nose!! MOL….Guud try bein sneeky Mum…dere shuud bee an award fer dat! Da weather haz bin pawsum n it deservez an award fer all da Sunshine n warm tempz around 68 deegreez,

On a different note me wantz to show ya da Meddycine Shield Mum made fer Dad:Medicine Shield fer DadIzn’t it beeuteefull?? Da featherz are frum Blue Jayz n Mournin Dovez who haz bizited here last year. Da Shield iz to give Dad purrteckshun n  give him strength to ‘fly n bee free’ in hiz daylee life frum bad fingz. Mum still carez ALOT ’bout Dad. Izn’t dat sweet?? 😉

Now me must dash off as Mum got me sum Friskiez Chicken n Turkey in Gravy n me haz to sample it fer da Phankzgiving!!! lLt da feastin beegin!!!   Nylablue out *nom nom nom nom* 



98 comments on “Award winnin Caturday!!

    • Hi Leah & Kirby: I am so glad I found the elephant (ellyfant as Nylablue would say) for her. I am still looking for her pink pony…
      I really hurt myself with this last fall & could barely tolerate any Chiro adjustments. In fact the Doctor would not touch my lower back. I am using the Biofreeze & it has helped ease the pain & stiffness….now I am down with a Flu & feel pretty crummy….I need a break!!! LOL.
      Kiss sweet Kirby for me.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

        • Hi Leah & Kirby: I fell again trying to get to nylablue this morning (Wed.) because she was throwing up again….I hurt my knee…so Biofreeze is *on board*…
          We are going to Vet in a couple of hours…
          The Flu is still there too. I am so worn out…. 😦
          Thanks for stopping by. I hope I can give some good news soon.
          Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Puurz Texas me Mum iz feelin more like herself butt me can seez she haz a sore throat n iz feelin tired…grrreat now she will get a nastee bug!!! Den she WILL have to NAP…so maybee diz will be a guud fing!!!!
      Me not furgot ’bout me Pink Pony….. 😉
      Mum waz lookin fer one last week. Me jsut bein a guud gurl n not harrassin her…fer now… 😉
      Lub Nylablue =^..^=

  • Miss Nylablue, I am so glad that Miss Eesha Chinmayi is telling you about her homeland! I just knew she had all kinds of stories to tell! Congratulations to you and Mum on all your awards, too! And thanks to Mum for the photo of the Medicine Shield she made for Dad. Best wishes to you and Mum.

    • We had a guud Phankzgivin suppa earlee…turkey n gravy n taterz n creem corn (Mum ate da corn) n sum Punkin Pie Ice Creem…..mmmmm nommie!!!!
      Happy Phankzgivin to ya all…oh wait do ya sellybrate tomorrow or another day (like da Statez)??
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤

      • We don’t celebrate at all Nylablue hehee we must have never found anything to be thankful here!! it’s only USA Canada and I don’t know anyone else ? I love taters….love creamed corn too and turkey…never had Punkin pie ice-cream…and only ever made a punkin pie once 🙂 Luvs Miss Bev and gang xxx

        • 😦 Dat iz kinda sad Miss Bev…me finkz it iz just North Americka dat sellybratez. Mum sayz we shuud be Phankin da Aboriginal peeplez fer openin dere heartz to da settlerz n savin dere sowwy backsidez….Mum sayz da Europeeonz comin to da “new Werld’ did alot of damage to da peeple here befur dem….so she sayz PHANKZ to da ojibway n Cree n Huron peeple fer sharin da land n food.
          Mum never had Punkin Pie ice creem til tonite n we both lubbed it!!! Mum haz never made a Punkin Pie in her life butt she nose how to buy a guud pie 😉
          Lub Nylablue xo

    • Yow Bailey izn’t Eesha Chinmayi sumfing else?? me iz quite happy dese dayz. Ferst Eexha C comin to live wif us n da meedycashun werkin guud n Autumn here iz pawsum so me haz bin out in Condo EVERY day!!! Mum iz a bit bettur each day butt she iz still totterin a bit…me told her to use da wlaker in da aprtmint butt she iz stubborn n holdin on to wallz when she feelz weak….me bettur learn how to paw 911 fer her, MOL!!!
      Ya looked lubly in yer newest piccie Bailey….as alwayz… 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too…

    • EEowww Trev Bear’z Mum…diz Biofreeze iz like magick me finkz!!! Mum sayz it iz so coolin n takez da pain away purrty quicklee. Me gonna ask Mum if da roll-on iz smae size n price cudd she buy it n den no smell on her handz 😉
      me iz stable me werkin on Mum…
      Lub to Trev Bear frum Nylablue ❤

    • Wheek Wheek G-Piggiez…me iz hugglin n snugglin Mum alot today! She iz a bit bettur n we did sum mendin of her clothez n me helped her go thru her closet to see what she cuud give away. me helped her make da turkey legz n sum taterz n now we iz on da couch snuggled together n she iz typin reepliez fer me….
      Today waz a bery serene day n we iz hopin fer many more 😉
      Lub ya Nacho n Noah, Buddy n Basil frum Nylablue n Mum too!!

  • Concatulations! two awards at the same time – that’s phenomenal!!! I like that medicine shield, have the colors and the stones there a special meaning? I cross my paws for your mom, hope she feels better soon and the ice gel can help her!

    • EEoww Easy me Champeeon….we getz awardz together alot it seemz. Makez fer a guud post when dere iz 2 right??
      Yez da colorz have speshell meanin. Purple iz da color of healin. Da red, white, black n yellow are da 4 Directshunz where all da help comez frum. mum used sum shadez of dose colorz fer effect cause Dad likez color. Da red yarn meanz LUB n da yellow/orange yarn meanz furendship.
      Phankz fer crossed pawz dere easy…Mum iz a bit bettur. Me let her go do sum laundry (usin walker) today n when she came home me snoopervized her puttin it away n going thru her closet to sort out what she doez not wear. Den me had snuggle time wif her…..den we went out on patio…me iz watchin her like a hawk!!!
      Dat Ice Gel iz werkin a treet n da bruisez are not so bad n Mum can move a bit bettur…
      Phankz fer stoppin by. Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen

  • YAY on the awards Nylablue but that’s NOT good that your Mum fell. Thank heavens she didn’t break anything as falls are ever so dangerous. Maybe that protection shield your Mom made for your Dad is something SHE needs too???!!!!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow phankz Sparkle on da Conkatz…me iz bery blessed!!! Mum iz a bit bettur. Me iz keepin an eye on her n helpin her wif chorez n makin her rest too!!! She iz a pawfull!! 😉 Kinda like me, MOL!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Congrats on you awards Nylablue,you deserve them!I’m glad you and Eesha Chinmayi are firm friends,its nice to see you two hanging out together,and we hope your mummy heals up quick,xx Speedy and Rachel

    • EEowww Speedy we shuud do sum binkiez n Bunneh 500 when we get together at da Pawty in honour of all our awardz!!!
      me n Eesha Chinmayi hab become guud furendz in just a week….she sayz she waz on da shelf in da Flea Market fer furever it seemed n waz so lonelee wif no one to talk to….poor Ellyfant…..
      Me iz so glad Mum brought her to me so now she haz a home n us to care about her!!!
      Mum did go do sum laundry today usin da walker n she waz bery carefull. Me made shure when she got home we put da clothez away together n we snuggled on da bed after so she wuud rest!!! Me iz makin shure she doez not overdo fingz…me noticed she haz had a bit of a memoree lapse…she did not hit her head butt she waz shocked bad after diz fall…me needz to learn how to paw 911, MOL!!!
      Phankz to yer Mum Rachel fer doin da picciez fer me Mum….yer Mum iz da BEST!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen (sit Mum sit!!! Guud Mum!)

  • Congrats on ya awards Nylablue..pity ya mum spoilered it by being a whirlin dervish and almost fallin off her perch…poor mum..fink it’s time she gotz a award fur bein brave in da face of dervish whirlin…I am glad you an Eesha Chinmayi are chillin and chattin bout the will have a great friend now to leanz from..haz a great weekend Nylablue and to ya poor mum gives her gentle Doggie pats XXXXX Doc

    • EEoww Doc n Miss Bev n da gang: Phankz fer da conkatulashunz…me iz bery blessed to win such nice awardz…even when me furgetz what to do wif dem 😉
      Mum iz alwayz whirlin dervishlee n me tellz her to slowz down n walk softlee butt she iz alwayz in a hurry n diz iz what happinz!!!She fallz off her perch butt she getz back up…me finkz me shuud make an award fer here, MOL!!!
      me gave Mum sum doggie patz n she sayz she iz feelin a bit bettur today.
      Me n Eesha Chinamyi iz sharin alot of storiez n me haz learned alot frum her…every kitteh shuud have an Ellyfant furend!!!!
      Much Lub n *nose kissez* frum Nylablue n ((hugz)) frum me Mum to yer Mum!

      • Hehe 🙂 Nylablue we glad you are having great chin wags with Eesha …and we haz just sent you a special something 🙂 I think the first one didn’t work….heheeh luvs Miss Bev xx

        • Yow Miss lubz to ‘chin wag’ wif me Eesha C Ellyfant!!
          We gotz da speshell sumfing on da seckond psot n me saved it to puter fer da next bloggie!! Phankz fer bein so sweet!!!
          Lub Nylablue xo

                    • Do ya rant at da puter?? Mum sayz sum pawfull fingz to ourz n me tellz her BEE nice or else ‘Princesss’ will stop werkin cause ya insulted her! *shakez head* Mum getz werked up purrty easy, MOL

                    • Put it this way Nylablue if it was a person it would have smacked me for my language and behaviour!!! inanimate objects get me really cheesed off when they don’t work hahahahah 🙂

                    • Yow Miss Bev…me Mum can sweer like a sailer n a trucker combined!!! She haz such a mouthy on her! 😉
                      She sayz nastee stuff to da puter…n den when Princess werkz guud she apaulogizes…Mum iz a bit bent a bit nutz a bit high strung (she sayz me can say DAT!)
                      Meow meow meow….Nylablue xo

                    • You know I think the reason I get so frustrated with inanimate objects is that I can not control anything else around me & my health. So I expect the techno items to work properly….does that make any sense?? When something *craps out* I just get so angry/frustrated.
                      Dr. Dave says I have PTSD from all the years of taking care of Mingflower & now Nylablue…it has been 10+ yrs of chronic care…plus my health has been no picnic either!! (I know you can relate!)
                      Sherri-Ellen xo

                    • I agree there is something about being unable to control the outside things in does end up unleashing onto other would not suorise me if the Dr is adds up and flares up in your body.I am thinking of you both today and sending love xxxx Bev

                    • *nods in agreement* I am by no means a ‘control freak’; however I do not like my body doing whatever it wants & surprising me all the time….I find the stressors build up & then I end up flat on my back in bed….I have a feeling I am heading for that in near future…the shock is doing me in!!! Love & ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen xo

                    • ROFWL Bev…I am goin…zippy as a turtle!!!! I am staying in tomorrow (Friday) & going to rest with Nylablue. Her ‘Aunti’ judith maybe coming up Saturday so I do have a bit of cleaning to do but that actually relaxes me…I am a weird one, lol….
                      Thanks sweetie for the support! S-E.

                    • Oh I find cleaning very therapeutic…you can usually tell how agitated I am by how sparkly things get does relax you and cleans your mind at the same time..give sweetie pop pie a snuggles from us and save some for yourself I am out the door off to the Drs ..loves from us all 🙂 Bev xxxxxxxxxxx and you are most welcome

                    • If I ever get off PC Bev I will start cleaning…it is calming for sure!!!
                      Nylablue ate a some brekkie this morning & some tuna-tuna. She looks a bit brighter. Is fast asleep in my bed tho so I won’t disturb her…she made it thru the nite!! 😉 Good luck @ Drs. Hope appt went well.
                      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too ❤

                    • Good to hear bout sweet feet 🙂 and Dr went fine..just needed a BP script and some blood work results to take to a specialist 🙂 have a good clean!!!! loves Bev xxx

                    • Hi Bev: Dishes done. Swept floors. Vacuumed. Cleaned bathroom. Straightened bedroom. Feel better for thatbout of cleaning.
                      Glad Drs appt went well. You have BP issue too?? ugh what are we like???
                      Luv S-E.

                    • Yep!! used to be 120/70 all my life …two years ago 190/100 reason…it was 125/77 yesterday so two lots of BP meds have it under control…yep we iz like peas and carrots *love Forrest gump..hence Forrest’s name…run Forrest run..hehheh 🙂 LOve Bev XXX

                    • OK Bev, who seperated us at birth??? I too was 110/70 until about 2 yrs ago & now I am 155/85 or even higher for no reason. I amended my diet & removed salt & bad foods & eat more veg & fruit. Still elevated Bp. i don’t smoke or drink. There is no history of BP in family at all..must be because I can’t exercise & be mobile enough…that is the only thing that makes sense…I am on new BP med but have not had a chance to even check BP with all the stuff going on here…plus Doc had to reschedule appt til November.
                      Peas n carrots works for me!!
                      Love ya, Sherri-Ellen xo

                    • Hahahha’s weird isn’t cholesterol is under control from meds now to…we have BP and chol issues in the family..lucky me….I do think we are a tad similar for me too 😉 Love ya back Bev xxxx

    • EEoww Miss Dorothy N Mistletoe N me sweet Hitch….phankz fer da get bettur wishez..Mum just put on da smelly Campher n Uca-lip-tuss creem so me haz to keep a safe disstance away….it shure iz strong!! Butt it helpz Mum’z kneez. She haz bin movin bery slow like she iz ancient a turtle poor old sweet Mum!! Me told Eesha Chinmayi ya said ‘Hello’ n she did a little trumpet in me ear!! Nuffin like an Ellyfant in da ear me can tell ya!!!
      Mum n me iz gonna cook sum turkey legz n taterz n veggiez tomorrow so we haz enuff fer 2 dayz…n Mum even haz sum good gravy fer da turkey…mmmm turkey……oh sowwy me lost me concentrashun dere…
      Have a lubly Sunday n tell hitch me sendz him *paw kissez*
      lub Nylalbue n Sherriellen xo

  • Oh my Nylabluewoooowooooo! Conpupulations on your awards. You deserve them all and then some. So happy to see you and Eesha Chinmayi getting along so well. You are cute buddies! If she’s scared of mousies then she should not ever come here. Brofur Apollo brought home a mousie to the bedroom for Mama at 5 in the morning! Mama was not very pleased with her gift.
    Take care of your mum, my sweet, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of turkey and naps! Wuvtooyooowoooowoooooooo, Ku

    • EEowww me Blue Ku!!!!! Conpupulayshunz…me never gotz conpupulayshunz befur…me iz all *blushy earz* now!!! Phank ya sweet boy…
      Me n Eesha Chinmayi are BFF’z now n it iz fun to have her wif me. WE meow bout many fingz. She even waz out in da garden today…we haz sum pix n will do a new bloggie in a day or 2…..way to go Apollo…a Mousie gift!!! Hu’manz do not ‘get’ our giftiez do dey?? 😉
      We iz cookin turkey legz tomorrow n dere iz gonna be a BIG happy nappy befur n after me iz shure!!!
      Lub ya Nylablue wooooooo oooooooo

    • Phankz Island Kittehz…dese awardz are so bery Lubly….now if me cuud figure out what to do wif dem…wait….me wantz to give ya da Nip award. Can ya copy n paste it to yer bloggie?? Me n Mum want ya to have an award fer alwayz comin to bizit us….
      Mum iz a bit better altho she is all stiff n crunchy…oh wait dat iz da Cheeziez…MOL!!!
      Lub frum Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo

  • Oh Wow Does yous carry Eesha around? Jo-Jo carrys lots of her toys around and she hides them too!!!
    And mes hopes your Mommy feels better soonest!

    • Yow Nellie no me can’t carry Eesha Chinmayi as me haz no teefiez…Mum carriez Eesha C fer me n den we snuggle up n mewo a bit….Me doez have a soft ball me can carry butt Mum iz such a guud slave Mum n she doez it fer me!!!
      Me iz hopin Mum iz bettur soon; she really hert herself diz time!!!
      Much lub to ya frum Nylablue xoxo

  • Nylablue, you and your new side-kick, Eesha, seem to have become BFFs. We think you make a good pair. We are super glad you are eating lots even if took some medicine to get you there. The Medicine Shield Mum SherriEllen made for your dad is pawsome. We think she should make one for the two of you. And now to Mum’s most recent set back. Our mom uses that BioFreeze stuff and she loves it. We can’t say that we are fond of its stinkiness, but if it helps her… Give Mum some head-butts, snuggles, hugs and kisses from us. We keep praying for the two of you. We know your Thanksgiving is coming up. When is it? We love you and Mum SherriEllen dear sisfur! Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow Sisfurz n Brofur Blue…me n Eesha Chinmayi have beecome close furendz in a short pereeod of time!!! She tellz me storiez of India….bery interestin…Me haz me stuffiez butt Eesha Chinmayi IZ me BFF now…..butt me still wantz a PINK Pony 😉
      Me n Mum haz Meddycine Shieldz over da big bed…me finkz Mum shuud wear one round her neck, MOL!!!!
      Me likez da Biofreeze cause it smellz only a bit n it helpz Mum so much….
      Phanksgivin iz Monday….we iz gonna make sum turkey legz n taterz n vegz tomorrow fer suppa fer 2 nitez. Mum waz apposta go to her Sister’z butt she iz grounded!!!
      Me head butted n snuggled Mum gently n she said to say PHANKZ to all of ya fer da lub n guud wishez….Poor old rickety sweet Mum….
      Lub to all of you frum me n Mum too =^..^=

  • Your Mummy fell?!! That sucks bigger than a turkey baster (hehehehe that’s our Thanksgiving joke!). Our Mummy and daddy have that stinky stuff on them when they go to the back cracker(chiro) ..phewie, it’s stinky…but works! You made us laugh…how many Ontario gals have elephants as friends?Hehehehehehehe!
    Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mummy..and elephant and the pigeons…and chipmunks and squirrels.Did we miss anybody?
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxxx

    • ROFWM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dat iz BERY funny Miss Jane!!! Mum went doen like a ton of finkz da ground shook, MOL!!!!
      Mum getz da Biofreeze frum her Chiropracktur too…dey all seem to like diz stuff. It doez werk well tho so me putz up wif da smell…..
      it iz funny me haz an Ellyfant as a furend…we iz a bit uneeque here in dat way!!! 😉
      Happy Phankzgivin to all of ya frum us…n ya got everyone!!! Pawsum!!!

  • Nylablue so sorry to hear that your Mum fell but we iz glad that nothing is broken. We hopez she feels all better soon. Please give her pawkisses and purrs from us and hugs from our Mom.

    You and Eesha Chinmayi seem to have become gud furrends.

    You is way to smart to fall for the trick of hiding meddycashun in tuna. Our hoomans have tried to pull that trick on us too. Everybuddy knoz that trick (Kitteh’s, Dogz, Piggiez all of us)Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)

    • Yow Miss Judy: Mum doez not breek bonez when she fallz…her Hypurrostosis makez da bonez grom thicker when she fallz n den comez da bone spurz n dey iz painfull too! It will take sum time butt Mum will get bettur…me must bee payshunt wif her….Me snuggled n kissed her frum all of all n she felt bettur…
      Eesha Chinmayi n me iz BFF’z now!!! Me iz a lucky gurl!!! me don’t nose any other Kitteh wif an Ellyfant fer a furend…. 😉
      me new Mum waz crushin da meddycashun in a small bowl…me is feelin bettur n me deecided me must try n eat more so me can stay here wif Mum n Eesha C. n all me furendz all over da werld!!! At leest our Hu’manz lub us enuff to bee sneeky, right???
      Liub to Cali n Andy n Tater n Shelly n ya Mis judy frum me n Mum too

  • Oh, no!!! Tell your sweet mum she should not be putting the wrong in end up and coming down in a bad position to cause her to pain and be all colors…we are so sorry that happened. Cheezits will make it all better even if the doctor didn’t order it. lol Sweet Nylablue you are looking just way cute hangin’ out with Eesha Chinmayi. We know you are giving your sweet mum lots of TLC and we hope to hear real soon she is back in good shape and no longer sore and all bruised up. Nice medicine shield your mum did a great job on it. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Eeowww Aunti Maggie…me told Mum what ya said n she chuckled…she getz all wobblee like a weeble butt she shure fallz down unlike a Weeble….Mum n her Cheeziez….me had to laff…she sayz dey haz alot of Poe-tasseyum in dem…shure Mum whatever ya say……
      me really likez Eesha Chinmayi…me cuud not eemagine me wuud have a Ellyfant furend a week ago. Life shure iz mistyeareeuss izn’t it Aunti???? Me iz snugglin Mum n helpin her wif commintz time will heel her bruisez…now if me can keep her upright!!! 😉
      Phankz fer da compleemint ’bout da Shield. Mum sayz we send it to Dad fer hiz Birfday…
      *paw patz* n nose kissez to Chancy n ya frum me, Nylablue xoxoxoxoxo
      N Mum sendz her lub to ya all too..

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