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Tuna-tuna Monstur strikez again!!!!!!

Published October 26, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Yow me Katz: Da new combo of medz iz werkin purrty guud. In fact da tuna-tuna monstur haz struck again! Check out da picciez Mum got of da tuna-tuna monstur; kinda cute dontcha fink???

tuna monster 003tuna monster 002tuna monster 005

Who ME?? A Tuna-tuna minstur...

Who ME?? A Tuna-tuna monstur…



































Me haz a full tummy n iz feelin more like meself n not like a bag-Kat like me haz bin feelin’. Of course we do not nose how long me haz left here butt JUST FER TODAY me iz here wif Mum n happy n dat iz ALL Dat matterz!!!

N fer all da Eesha Chinmayi fanz out in Bloggieland here iz a new pic of us meowin togther da other nite…she iz me constant companeeon now….

Tell me yer seecretz!

Tell me yer seecretz!

Ok me off fer a happy nappy wif Eesha while it rainysnowz outside…Nylablue out….*burp* …….’xcuse me…. 😉


Alive n Kickin

Published October 24, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy KATZ!!! Nylablue here n me haz to say me IZ BERY UPSET!!! Seemz dere haz bin 3 postz in da bloggie werld in da last 8 dayz sayin me waz dead…now me nose how much eberyone carez…me nose eemoshunz are runnin high fer all of us….butt purrleeze Hu’Manz do not upset me Mum anymore den she iz!! She bin cryin alot wurryin who haz bin postin wrong info n why! She iz BERY sennyseetive. We not sharin diz fer drama or attenshun; we sharin diz to help us deal wif me bein so sick n fer Mum to reech out to all of ya n ’cause we all in diz together, right?? So, leckture over! When me crossez to Summerland Miss Linda (Savannah’z Mum); Miss Bev ( Fozzie Mum) n Miss Rachel (Speedy Bunneh’z Mum) will be noteefied n if Mum cannot post dey will….dey are da ONLY 3 who have purrmisshun to post on our beehalf!!

Today was fire alarm test day n Mum got up @ 6 a.m. butt cuud not get back to sleep so we snuggled together n watched birdiez out da window (well me drifted off alot). So just befur 10 a.m. Mum  sayz, “Condo time Nylablue??” n me almost fainted….da Sun waz out (after 6 days or rain, sleet n snow pelletz) n Mum offered  Condo time so me went right in! As it iz only 39 F here wif sum breeze Mum wrapped Condo wif blankiez n told me we bee out fer 15 minuttez n den come in…..n me stayed out fer an hour!!! 😉 

Mum who never missez a ‘photo op’ got sum cute pix of me which show me in condo (n prove me NOT dead today; sowwy me katty side just showed…)

Nb's last days 010Nb's last days 011Nb's last days 014Nb's last days 017Nb's last days 018Nb's last days 021Nb's last days 022 Me not feel da wind at all n me did enjoy da Sun smilin down on me….whatever time me haz left me iz gonna make da MOST of it ya can bee shure!!! Me nose how hard diz iz fer all of ya out dere in Bloggie land n me wishez me cuud take away da hert….bemember me n Mum haz had 7 1/2 amazin yearz together. She showed me what LUB really iz n she got me fancy condo n alwayz took care of me no  matter how sick me haz bin. We haz spent a lifetime together in doze yearz n no reegretz…so try to smile thru tearz n just fer today me iz ALIVE N KICKIN!!


Nb's last days 020





Me signz off wif one of me favfurite songz by Simple Mindz called “Alive n Kickin”…hope ya will sing along!! Lub Lub Lub frum Nylablue xxxxxx

Yow eberybody breathe OK?

Published October 20, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz..Nylablue here….me just had da Vet here to give me da injeckshunz…diz waz me when Mum said he waz HERE:

Me seez ya coming!!!

Me seez ya coming!!!

So me iz watchin da FRONT door n guess who comez in thru da PATIO door??  Yeah Mr. SmartyPantzVetMan!!! Bery clever!!! Da Pidjunz were even waitin fer him:

WE gotz yer back Mizz Nylablue!

WE gotz yer back Mizz Nylablue!

So Mr. SneakyPantsVetMan came in n he n Mum meowed bout ‘der plan’ n me made a dizcreet exit to UTB (under the bed). So Da Vet got da needlez reedy n Mum cuud not find me!! Den me came out n she snatched me up before me cuud meow me own name!!! She rapped me in blue blankie n she waz so firm wif me dere waz no arguin wif her. So me had ferst shot of Pepcid n no prublem den da seckond shot waz da Dexamethasone shot n me tried to wriggle n fight butt Mum had strong grip on me n me not as strong as me waz so da meddycine went in!! Dere waz purraise fer me n den she let me go!! Me went UTB!!! Den Mum n da Vet talked bout da next week n den Mr.SmartyPantzVetMan left n Mum came to sing to me n bring me sum chicken….me ate n came out to sirvale da kitchen fer any lingerin of da Vet n took up me post by da mircowave:

Me checkin out da area...

Me checkin out da area…

So all in all it waz not as bad as we all ‘spected. Mum haz to watch me *like a Hawk* (Phankz Mr. SmartyPantzVetman, like she doezn’t do that alreedy) fer da week n when me lookz pawfull she iz to take me into Clinick n den me getz a Depo shot…so dat’z all frum Da Purrfect Pad….Nylablue out xxxxx


Tsunami of LUB

Published October 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

*Gentle Eeowws* Krazy Katz, Nylablue here wif Mum n eberyone n me wanted to post a few impawtent fingz. Ferst me n Mum wantz to PHANK eberybody fer da commintz n LUB n support diz past week!! We had nose idea we waz DIZ lubbed n we iz humbled n leaky eyed readin all da commintz. If Mum missed reeplyin to anyone by accydent purrleeze furgive her. She haz her pawz full wif me n all da werdz…sumtimez we wuud just sit n cry because da LUB iz so amazin!!!!! We iz callin diz da TSUNAMI OF LUB n we iz boyyed up by da LUB to stay here fer a while longer if me body will let me. Now onto sum guud stuff!

Miss Bev aka Fozziemum n All Fer One n One Fer All fame made a badge fer me Mum after her stoopid nastee fall 2 weekz ago. Mum herted herself n she had to use da walker n da Chiro man just shooked hiz head in dizbeelief she cuud mess herself up so much!! So here iz Mum’z badge:Keepin Mum on her perch Badge 2013 FozzieMum Izn’t it pawsum?? Me n Mum had such a meow over diz!! Phankz Aunti Bev!!! Yep ya herd it here..Miss Bev haz bin ‘dopted into da furamilee n she iz now one of me Honorarry Aunti’z!!!! Now we seez who ‘fallz off der perch!” MOL…..GOTCHA!!!!! 😉

Den me Aunti Janet n da Kittiez Blue frum Da Kat On Me Head bloggie sent me diz beeuteefull award which me had to show off share wif all of ya:NYLABLUEHEART Diz iz purrty n pawsum n made me get leeky eyez wif Mum too. Me lubz da blue flower az it bemindz me of Aunti Mingflower b4 me who helped Mum find me…..

Den dere iz me Eesha Chinmayi:Eesha Chinmayi 004We waz watchin outside fer da Pidjunz MOL…notice me iz sittin on da Modem keepin meself warm?? Mum sayz me iz bery funny; me sayz me iz BERY clever!!!!!

Ok Krazy Katz me needz to go rest so me off to da top of da cupboard fer a happy nappy!! Nylablue out xxxxxxxxxx

Tuna after midnite n me found me PINK Pony

Published October 18, 2013 by NylabluesMum

*Gentle* Eeooowz to all of ya Krazy Katz: Nylablue here. Me iz meowin to Mum n she iz typin fer me this mornin’. Ferst me tell ya me iz feelin a bit bettur; not alot butt enuff to stay today wif Mum. In fact, last nite after midnite Mum brought me a small bowl of TUNA-TUNA n me ate all of it fer her!!! She waz singin da ‘tuna-tuna’ song n me felt guud n Mum even laffed…it waz a speshell momint fer us….me spent a quiet nite n did eat brekkie diz mornin n had more tuna-tuna!!! So just fer today ME IZ HERE!!

Seckond me haz to show ya da card da Kittehz Blue n Miss Janet sent me:Card for Nylablue from Janet & Kitties BlueSuch a purrty n pawsum card!! As ya all nose all dese kittehz are me adopted furamily n Miss Janet iz an “Aunti’ to me now. Phankz so much ‘Aunti’ Janet n all me fursibz xoxoxo

Furdly we missed da Tock shot event butt me wanted to show ya da ONLY ‘tock’ shot Mum haz of me frum 3 yearz ago: Privacy PleezeWhat do y’all fink of me ‘tockz”?? Diz waz befur da Bowel Disease came to haunt me n da Pancreaz too!! Rather pluxureeuss wazn’t me???

Forthly me haz sumfing to tell ya all bout me Pink Pony….me HAZ one!!! Now ya may ask did someone send ya one Nylablue?? Did Mum bring a Pony home to ya?? What iz goin on?? Well let me tell what me discovered…fingz are NOT alwayz as dey seem!!! We seez fingz fer what dey look like a wall iz a wall if ya nose what me meanz? So me haz bin spendin ALOT of time with Eesha Chinmayi me blue Ellyfant n ya nose what me reealized??? Eesha Chinmayi IZ me Pink Pony….she just comez in a differint color n she iz a different sort of pony… da Homelandz of Thailand n Burma Ellyfantz ARE da poniez da peeple use  fer tranport…Eesha Chinmayi 2

 It iz all in da purrceptshun what we seez…now me ‘seez’ dat Eesha Chinmayi iz me ‘pink pony’ n me iz so happy to nose diz… Dis iz what got me n Mum meowing bout fingz last nite as me waz eatin me tuna-tuna after midnite! Alwayz helps a kitteh fink deep thoughtz  after midnite n alwayz makez Mum fillysophicall, MOL softlee….

Aunti Janet (Da Cat On Me head bloggie) went to da Mall yesturday lookin fer a Pink Pony fer me butt Mum sayz purrleeze no pony cause she cuud not bear to see it here after me iz gone n me haz to agree….when me haz to go, Eesha Chinmayi will be our linky to each other…what me iz tryin to say iz me n Mum is pawssitively overwhelmed by da outpourin of purrayerz n lub frum ALL ’round da werld!!! We callz it da Tsunami of LUB!!! 😉 WE hold on to da Lub n do what wee can…over da weekend Dr. Dave iz gonna come n give me da injeckshunz again n me is scared…dey hert. Me is gonna try to bee brave. If me can handle dese shotz den me will have a bit more time; if me doez not reespond well…..den ya nose me will have to leave fer Summerland. Phank you frum both Mum n me fer yer support…WE LUB all of ya n bemember sumtimez fingz is not what we seez….so sayz Eesha Chinmayi… Nylablue signin off…me iz tired now n must have nappin….

Love conquers all

Published October 17, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hello everyone. Sherri-Ellen here. Well where do I start?? First let me say the outpouring of love & support has buoyed both Nylablue & I up in the past 24 hours. As you know she is now on ‘borrowed’ borrowed time…Nylablue is resting  this morning:NB Oct. 17th 3

Nylablue has struggled with Cystitis & Inflammatory Bowel Disease for many years & this past 2 years she has had so many challenges. This year has been the most difficult as the Bowel Disease kept rearing its ugly head & even with treatment Nylablue has been getting weaker & weaker…she has been throwing up more & more which was quite alarming…I was supposed to go away for Thanksgiving but could not go due to a fall…the Universe has a way of making sure things are balanced as Nylablue had a rough weekend & I am glad I was here with her. I took her to Dr. Dave yesterday afternoon armed with conditions I wanted her tested for & of course Dr. Dave was way ahead of me & had ruled out everything but the one I feared the most….We decided to do the full Senior blood panel altho I knew in my heart what it would reveal. Pancreatitis…with very little treatment option because Nylablue can not be syringed or pilled orally. So I was ready to put her to sleep but Dr. Dave said he had an idea that was working for his 14 yr old cat who has the same illnesses as Nylablue. So I let him give her a Pepcid injection to calm the stomach down & a Dexamethasone shot (steroid) & Nylablue took them without complaint. then Dr. Dave brought out the Cerenia (steroid) shot & Nylablue reacted badly to it because Cerenia stings harshly when going in. She fouhgt & i got so uspet too. His plan is that she has this series of injections twice a week & he would come to house on weekend & I would bring her in during week. Sounds simple doesn’t it?? Not simple seeing her hurting & hearing her cry out in anger & pain with the injections…When we returned home she ate some & slept on top of the kitchen cupboard….it was a very quiet evening. Once the pain subsided from all the needles she came down & cuddled with me….then she came to bed with me last nite (a sure sign she is unwell). Nylablue ate some tuna-tuna this morning. I can see she is tired; no make that WEARY…so very wearyd…my ‘Sweet Feet’ ‘Chubby Chicken’ (now only 8.8, lbs); my Chota DiDi (Little Sister) is too tired to fight….when I went into take a few pix she put her head up & then just laid it back down in total resignation….NB Oct. 17th 1NB Oct. 17th 2I have to be strong for Nylablue. Laughable as I wept for hours last nite. I spoke to my exfiance Jon & he was so sad too. His girlfriend does not understand our friendship & he wants to come in to be a support to me when it is Nylablue’s time but that is not likely to happen…so it will be just Mum with Dr. Dave & the Vet Tech….I have decided that when it is time to put her to sleep we will go to Clinic….it will be a bit easier. The thought of seeing her carried out of here is something I cannot bear…leaving the Clinic after she is gone will be a bit easier….

I am truly truly sorry to have to write all this…I wanted to do a light hearted blog but my heart is so heavy & the tears are streaming down my face as i type. Time is precious now..I want to spend as much time with Nylablue as I can…..I KNOW you all understand what I am feeling & thinking because ALL of you here have gone thru this yourselves & are the MOST Amazing people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing & becoming friends with…mere words cannot express my Gratitdue for the emotional & financial support you have provided & are still providing now….

I am going to let Dr. Dave come over this weekend & give her the injections & see how she responds to them. If she rallies we will try the Clinic vist next week followed by the 2nd weekend vist….however if she does not respond then I will take her to the Clinic & do what is right for Nylablue. It is about her now; not me!! I promised Nylablue I would take care of her no matter what & I have done that for 7+ years & I believe given her a good life. She has known LOVE & loyalty & devotion that she never experieinced before I rescued her…I vowed I would make up for the first 5 years of her life used as a Breeding Queen in a puppy/kitty mill & I have done this for my beloved girl. I know she does NOT want to leave me; I could see that in her eyes last night as she looked down at me from the cupboard. The LOVE in those turquoise eyes overwhelmed me…I will never forget that beautiful moment…the moment I knew how much Nylablue truly does love & trust me…..Creator blessed us both by bringing us together…may He bless us as we finish our journey together.

Thank you all for reading this post. I know many of you have lost beloved 4 leggeds this year also…we have walked this road together & I know without all of you Nylablue & I would not have made it this far. May the Creator as you know Him/Her/It bless each of you & all your 4 leggeds… 

Sincerely, Sherri-Ellen & NylablueNylablue upstairs 8

Ellyfant iz now called……

Published October 9, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: We never ‘spected so much interest in namin da little blue Ellyfant dat Mum brought home to me. We ferst want to PHANK ALL wif n wifout bloggiez who submitted namez fer considurashun!!! It haz bin difficult to deecide which name to pickz so Mum n me deecided we wuud do a 2 name ferst name just as Mum n me haz 2 ferst namez each! (Aren’t we BERY Clever?????) MOL.

We wantz to list da namez n da peepz who submitted dem; so here we goez:

1) Dina Baroness O Blue frum Tabbiez O Trout Towne

2) Rajah frum Aunti Pearl  (RWB)

3) Phanti frum Aunti Pearl (RWB)

4) Lakshmi/Laksya frum Speedy Bunneh n Miss Judy n a few otherz…bery popular name!!

5) Dumbo frum Easy Rider

6) Eleanor frum Sammy One Spoiled Cat

7) Pinky frum Miss Bev aka FozzieMum

8) Ganesha frum Kuruk n Miss Julianne Victoria

9) Laxmi from Kuruk

10) Chinmayi frum Mistletoe n Hitch n Miss Dorothy (RWB)

11) Eesha frum Misaki

12) Mildred frum Savannah n Miss Linda

13) Catnip frum Aunti Toby  (RWB)

14) Ganesh/Shenga frum Miss Jane n Da Real Maple Syrup Mob

15) Gulabi (means PINK) frum Miss Dorothy (RWB)

16) Blue Moon Tusk (Nyla Chandra Agra) frum Aunti Mary (RWB)

17) Merry Belle frum Aunti Amanda  (RWB)

18) Indra frum Mr. Dan  (RWB)

19) Indrani frum Mr. Dan  (RWB)

20) Joy Belle frum Aunti Amanda  (RWB)

Let us look at Ellyfant’z PIC again:

Me shure hopez me getz a name soon...

Me shure hopez me getz a name soon…

As Mum n me deecided to have a two name ferst name we also deecided to pick a RWB (Reader Without Blog) winner n a WP blogger winner…dat way it iz bery fair… waz so pawsumly hard to deecide….butt after much deeliburashun Mum n me named da ELLYFANT:


Misaki submitted Eesha which means ‘deesire’ n Sanskrit n we all nose me deesirez a Pink Pony so diz name werkz guud n Miss Dorothy of Mistletoe N Hitch fame submitted Chinmayi which meanz blissfull in Sanskrit n we nose me iz blissfull bein wif me Mum n she wif me 😉

Plus dere iz a seckondery story about da name Chinmayi…Miss Dorothy sayz dere is a company in India run by a lady named Chinmayi n da company name iz………wait fer it……..THE BLUE ELEPHANT…..fer real!!!!

Here iz da linky to da company page n notice under da UPDATE on left side da name of da CEO!!!! Diz iz just so kewl!!  Her name IZ Chinmayi!!

Wellcome Eesha Chinmayi

Wellcome Eesha Chinmayi

Mum made an award fer da Winnerz n fer all who pawticipated in diz namin contest!!! Me purrsentz da EESHA CHINMAYI AWARD:

Eesha Chinmayi Award 2013Phankz phankz phankz fer pawticipatin n makin diz a fun occashun; one dat me will never furget!!! Lub Nylablue n Mum too!!!!