Nanner nanner nanner…

Published September 29, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Β Yow Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue here to give ya an update frum da Purrfect Pad. We haz bin purractically livin on da patio da past 3 dayz!!! We bin hangin out wif our ‘peepz’ so to speek!! Da Pidjunz n Sparrrowz bin here to keep me entertained n both Chester n Cheeekz chipmunkz have bin here too!!! Mum iz feelin bettur. She wrote sum letterz n did her werd puzzlez n read her funny book called ‘Monster’ n all her stress iz gone!!! Me haz bin able to eatz a bit more too n me haz even played toyz wif Mum befur bedtime da past few nightz n even in da mornin!!! So me iz bettur fer now n diz iz a guud fing!!! πŸ˜‰

Guess what?? Me got me bery own ‘Oppositez Attract’ Award frum me Speedy da Cheeeky House Bunneh!! See:

the-opposites-attract-awardSpeedy n me iz oppositez as he iz a boy n me iz a gurl n me iz a Kitteh n he iz a Bunneh…so DAT iz 2 oppositez. Now me iz apposta give diz award to boyz so gurlz purrleeze do not bee offended ok??

Me not shure how many boyz me can pick, so here goez: Speedy (of course); Easy me Champeeon; Kuruk me Poochie BOYFUREND;Β Coccolina da Mini Pig; SammyΒ  fum One Spoiled Kitteh; Bailey da Boat Cat (me Brofur) n Mauricio (also a Brofur) frum Da Cat On My Head bloggie; n Nacho, Noah, Buddy n Basil da G-Piggiez of Hutch A Good Life bloggie; Archie n Henry n OscarΒ of My Three Moogiez n Hitch me American Kitteh Boyfurend…. Finally me pickz Doc n Forrest of All Fur One n One Fur All bloggie….WHEW me iz tired frum all day typin!!!! Oh wait me almost fergot da Chancy of Mag’s Corner….we nose ya iz award free Aunti Maggie butt Chancy needz to nose me iz finkin of him too. Oh n McDuff frum Purrsonal Mewsingz….he iz me Canadian Kitteh Boyfurend out East!! OK NOW me iz dun…

Befur me wrapz diz ‘puppy’ up (MOL) me wantz to show ya how restfull me waz diz weekend:

Still feelz like Summer 1Still feelz like Summer 2Still feelz like Summer 3

So dere me waz cleanin meself cause a gurl must keep up appeerancez n Mum kept stickin da cammyra in me face so me did DIZ:

TTTTHHHHHHPPPPTTTTT dat'z fer takin so many picciez Mum....nanner nanner!!!!

TTTTHHHHHHPPPPTTTTT dat’z fer takin so many picciez Mum….nanner nanner!!!!

How’z DAT fer a ‘partin shot???’ Me iz outta here…Later Katz. Lub Nylablue xo

Pee Ess: Me must make a GINORMUSS APAULOGEE because MUM who iz old a dirt furgot to add a few boy namez n meΒ  haz *blushy earz*!!! So wifout further adue me wantz to also give da Oppositez Attract Award to da followin Poochie Boyz: Basil @ Harrington’z; Kirby frum KirbyDawgzBlog; RumpyDog n Trev Bear frum Write To Wag!!!! Me givez da Award to me speshell Kitteh furend Sir Thomas of Cult of Otis n den another one to Leader Otis n Brothers Henry n Oliver of da Cult too!! Den dere iz sweet Leo of Leo Land SV who waz so sick diz past year n survived n iz in hiz new furever home n last butt not leest me darlin sweet boy Texas of Texas, A Kitteh in Austin!!! me apaulogizez once again fer da oversight n me iz gonna meow to Mum bout diz in our Monday meetin!! Headz will roll!!! πŸ˜‰ MOL……

66 comments on “Nanner nanner nanner…

        • πŸ™‚ I would be sad if you did away with your ducky ID…when I see ducks here I ALWAYS think of you!!! Glad to see you are following us now. Feel free to browse & read as much as you want. Nylablue sure has ALOT to say!!!
          ((HUGS)) Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (who sends her eeowws to McDuff of course..)

              • I don’t remember if I tried quackofdawn in AOL … I’ve found that there, the most unthinkable names are taken. In Yahoo, there I messed it up myself; I had quackofdawn but it was just an ‘alias’, so I could never use it as email. On top of it all, I deleted the account it was associated with … We’ll see what happens with that LOL

                • I just noticed the “Q” avatar..that is so cool Rebby!! I am very careful to keep email addys seperate from aliases & then there are the passwords. I had to write them down in code because I change them every 3 months…I get so confused…good for the memory tho’. Which email do you like best? I find Yahoo all glitchy now & AOL is ok. I have used GMX & am thinking of switching to them again…

    • Yow Aunti Rebby: Mum doez ALOT of purracticin wif da cammyra…she iz alwayz takin me pickture n me feelz like me haz Pawpawrazzi of me own πŸ˜‰ We haz had a grrreat week on da patio. Mum sayz rain iz comin tomorrow fer da weekend 😦 If it iz warm enuff me can bee out in condo under da balcony tho’. Me wantz to get as much patio time in as pawssible. We hopez da weather iz lubly where ya iz….n we apaulogize if our rain comez to ya….
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen

      • Oh, let it rain! A rainy day can also be good to have πŸ™‚
        I’m sorry I can’t write in your language, Nyla. Most of the time I’m able to decipher it though, and pawpawrazzi was pricesless LOL

        Remember; paws for purr!

        • Yow me agreez Aunti we needz da rain n me can snuggle wif Mum if it rainz πŸ˜‰
          Me iz sowwy ya haz truuble readin me language…it iz what Mum callz Phone-et-tick so me tellz Hu’Manz to just sound it out, but den as ya speekz another language dat cuud be difficult…..
          Me doez have sum guud werdz. Mum helpz me so me can talk to Hu’manz n 4 leggedz together here…Mum iz clever!!!
          Me haz purred sum today n me will purr MORE when Mum givez me da nitely brushin. πŸ˜‰
          Lub Nylablue

            • πŸ˜‰ Ya got it figured out Aunti!! Dat is all ya haz to do. Mum wnet thru menopawz a few yearz ago n it waz pawful (awful Mum said to tell you!) She iz over dat now n she iz much happier n so iz me!!! She even furgot bout men!!! Now dat iz sumfing sirprizing!
              Lub Nylablue xo

  • Dear Sisfur, I have just posted about the Opposites Attract Award you bestowed upon me. I was so happy to receive it from you. Mommy helped me “steal” the cutest photo of you to use in the post. I hope that is okay with you and your mum. Since you are my sis, I didn’t think you would get too mad. Mom and Dad are still in Canada. They went whale watching today. They will be home in about 48 hours. Thank COD. Purrs and hugs and smooches, Mauricio and gang

    • Yow Mauricio of course it iz all right ya used a piccie of me…we iz reelated now. Me will get Mum to show me yer bloggie tonite. Fingz bin a bit tense here lately so Mum bin off PC. me told her we needz to stay up to date!!! me hopez Mum n Dad come home soon…ya all must miss dem SO-O much!!! Me wuud bee lost wifout Mum fer so long!!
      Lub n *paw patz* Nylablue

  • We iz glad to hear that you and your Mum are feelin better. We luvs the pickshures of you exspecially the last one. MOL at Nylablue sticking her tongue out at the camera.

    We wishes our Momma had a blog. She sez that itz our fault becuz all we do is eat, sleep and uze the litter box. She sez that is boring and we need to do interesting things for her to write a blog. We thinkz Momma doesn’t know how to make a blog. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

    • It iz ’bout time Mum felt guud as she haz bin sick most of this year with one fing or another. Me not bin too well either. YOW Cali, Andy, Tater n Shelly it haz bin a struggle fer both of us butt we iz soldierin on.
      Izn’t me tongue piccie cute?! Me shure sirprized Mum, MOL.
      Yow Miss Judy me doez alot of what yer kittehz doez too butt dere iz alwayz sumfing to meow about…me n Mum have little meetinz n she wrotez a list of subjectz we can blog about…it iz not hard n it iz alot of fun, butt we understandz dat not everyone wantz to blog….Mum used to write poetry n short storiez so diz iz an outlet fer her n it iz a way fer me to meow wif da werld!!! πŸ˜‰
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • nyla…..conga ratz on yur awardz N WAY happee ewe iz feelin better & getted ta haz sum R & R in de sun oh shine…keep on eatin toona, mackerull, salmon, perch, bloo gill, trout, flounder N mackerull…in yur mind…..coz it IZ mind over matter…N ewe will bee drivin cross countree ina FURRAreez car in noe time !! XXXXXXX loves frum uz:)

    • Yow TRout towns Tabbiez…guud to see ya here!!! Me iz feelin sumwhat bettur n me n Mum iz werkin at gettin da bloggie up to date n bizitin efurryine. As we do not nose if dere are any BOY KATZ dere we did not send da award so if ya haz sum boyz dere me sendz it to ya!!!!
      Me iz eatin me tuna-tuna n me tried sum trout 9still not shure bout dat) n mackerell….mmmmmm….
      Me iz werkin hard to get bettur…
      Lub frum Nylablue n Mum too!!

    • Eeeoww Speedy…me list iz HUGE!! me must nose every boy here!! MOL..did ya see how me had to do a Pee Ess cause Mum forgot ok me furgot too bout 3 of me fave boyz….so many boyz;s o little time!!! Mind ya Speedy YA IZ ME ONLY BUNNEH BOY!!!!!!!!
      Lub ya madly too, Nylablue xo

  • Congratulations, Miss Nylablue! And I’m glad you stuck your tongue out at Mum for one too many pictures! A good raspberry is excellent for keeping one’s body fluids moving.

    • YOW Miss Susan me thought ya wuud laff at me ‘raspberry’ piccie…. πŸ˜‰
      Mum iz alwayz takin pix so me had to make a statement…n it gave her a guud piccie n she left me alone.
      Hope ya had a guud weekend n da week goez smooth fer ya.
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Yow Texas…wait…ya iz a boy right?? (Mum sayz she cuud not bemember!) If ya IZ a boy PURRLEEZE take da Award fer yer page too ok??? Me waz finkin ’bout you n a few otherz last nite n me wundered if me left sum pawsum boyz out!!! *blushy earz*
      Mum iz doing bettur n me just had a B-I-G helpin of tuna-tuna…holdin me own here πŸ˜‰
      Lub to you n Kitshka n Milou too
      Nylablue n (absent minded) Mum xo

    • Phankz Miss Katie n Coccolina…me iz doin me best!! Mum sayz it iz a guud sign when me doez licky-licky all over meself πŸ˜‰
      Lub Nylablue.
      Pee Ess: Coccolina getz dat award cause he is a boy n a piggie n so iz opposite n me ferst Pig furend!! ❀

    • EEowww Aunti Maggie!!! Guud to hear frum ya. We iz doin bettur; Mum iz over dat Flu fingy n me iz stable fer now. Me ate alot of tuna-tuna diz mornin πŸ˜‰
      Mum sends {{HUGZ}} n me send *nose kissez* to Chancy, Big Boy n da Kittehz.
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

    • Eeeoww Misaki me finkz we shuud make a cute gurl award so me cuud send me gurlfriendz one too…say dere iz an idea!! We shuud make a GURLFUREND AWARD….hmmmm….
      Mum iz over dat nastee Flu fingy…it comez n goez but she iz ok now.
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Hi Nylablue! First thanks for nominating me for the Opposites Attract Award……you’re sweet to nominate me. Then congratulations to YOU for getting it from our buddy Speedy. Next I wanna say how happy I am to hear that both you and your Mum are feeling better and having some fun together. Fresh air probably did both of you a lot of good! YAY! Have a super Monday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Eeeoww Sammy me iz so glad ya like yer new award!!! me waz so eggcited when Speedy sent it to me!!! he iz me favorite Bunneh furend!! πŸ˜‰
      Da fresh air did wunderz fer Mum n me as did da Sunshine…Mum got to destress n me got to reelax n not wurry ’bout anyfing…oh wait dat iz Mum’z job, MOL!!! Mum sayz we iz gonna have fun every day even if it just snugglin or a guud brush when it iz too chilly to go out (like today).
      Lub ya Sammy xo Nylablue

    • Yow Basil…me iz watchin over Mum n she iz watchin over me…can’t go wrong wif dat can we??
      Say YOU iz a BOY right?? N dat award waz fer oppositez…Mum furgot a few of me poochie furendz (she iz old as dirt) distracted by me….anyway…PURRLEEZE take dat award fer yerself as ya iz a sweet boy n a poochie!!! Me iz gonna have to get Mum to EDIT dat post to include a few of you *blushy earz*
      Lub ya, Nylablue xoz

    • Yow Bisous Bailey Brofur Extradinaire…we just HAD to give ya diz award/ Ya don’t have ‘to do’ anyfring wif it…we just wanted ya yo nose we iz finkin of ya!!! Me iz hidin beehind me paw too ’cause Mum furgot 3 boy poochiez here too…so embarrassin….
      me iz bery comfy on me new blankie n da Condo iz of course me little *happy place*. It iz cloudy today so not condo time; me hopez ya get to go for a wheelie soon!!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Eeeoww Angel whisper me Mum waz doin dat Pawpawrazzi fing wif her cammyra so me had to get her back…hence dat last piccie, MOL!!!
      Phankc on da ConKatz…we still have otherz to send it out too….Mum furgot a few poochiez….
      Paw kissez to ya frum Nylablue xoxox

  • Nylablue, me sweet sisfur, thank you so much for dis delightful award. We’s been admiring it so much and hoped someone would pass it on to one of us. We all are super dooper glad both you and the mum are feeling better and getting lots of outside time. Our humans arrived in Quebec City today after four days in Montreal. They brought fall clothes, and it was 79 degrees Fin Quebec City today. C-R-A-Z-Y. Me’s sending you lots of kisses, Mauricio

    • Eeoww Mauricio: Me n Mum were pawin a list of da oppositez n ya were da ferst boy kitteh to come to mind followed by Bailey n sum otherz…den we went to poochiez n Pigz n G-Piggiez n den once we waz in bed me thought MOE Mum furgot a few poochiez…it izhard to get guud help bemember everyone!!!
      Me wanted to send ya diz award so ya cuud send it out n maybee sumhow da Sisfurz will get it too…it haz to bee oppositez so me had to send to boyz only!
      Yow me hopez yer Hu’Manz are enjoyin dere trip in Quebec…da citiez are quite lubly Mum tellz me n she sayz Quebec City iz bery purrty….it will bee gettin a bit chillier dere as it iz bery cold here today n our weather will bee there in a few dayz….
      *paw kissez* to you frum me Nylablue xoxo

    • Yow Nellie…me waz so sirprized n happy to see dat me waz given diz award…me seecretlee wanted it so me cuud send it to all me boyfurendz…me wore out me pawz typin all dere namez. πŸ˜‰
      Lub ya sweetie, Nylablue xoxo

  • Nylabluewooowoooo, I have to tell you a secret…Mama has to brush my super duper fluffy tail with sisfur Zoe’s little pink kitty brush! It even has a pink heart on it. I won’t let Mama use the big puppy brushes on my tail, especially not the furrrminator!
    I hope you have a pretty kitty brush toowooowooo my pretty Nylablewooowooowooooo!
    xoxoxoxoxo Ku

  • Wow and Forrest iz really greatfulz fur the award..we iz boyz and opposites and also upside down down underz so oppositez too..we are gald you got to some good nom nomz and had time in ya condo even if your ma waz all over the shopz wiff the snapper..likez your partingz shot BOL BOL ..glad your mumz feelingz better too..haz a great day Nylablue doggie high paws Doc xxx

    • Yow yow Doc!!! Me cuud not furget me 2 favorite down under poochiez now cuud me?? Dere were so many boyz to bemember tho’….
      Dontcha lub me partin shot??? Mum cuud not beelieve me waz givin her da raspberry…
      We both iz doin bettur den we were…
      Doggie high pawz to ya too Doc….whap whap!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Oh Queen Nylabluewoooowooooooo thank yooowooowooooo for thinking of me for the award! Mama just brushed me and sistah Nalle, including my tail, which I don’t like being brushed much, but Mama says she has to do it cuz I have the fluffiest tail. Woo! So this award makes me feel better. And I ate all my din-din furr yoooowoooowoooooo! xoxoxoxoxo, your King Ku

    • πŸ˜‰ How cuud me not give me King Kuruk an award fer bein purrfectly pawsum??? Ya iz me Poochie boyfurend so dat entitlez ya to all sortz of awardz!! Me iz so reeleeved ya ate all yer suppa n me hopez dat yer Mum will give ya a treet or two ’cause ya haz bin so guud today….
      Me LUBZ to bee brushed plus Mum singz to me so it iz a total AAWWWWEEE ‘spearience!!!
      Ya do have da fluffiest n lubliest tail so e iz glad it iz all brushed n no matts or notz in in….
      Lub Nylablue wooooooooo oooooooo xoxo

  • We are glad you and your Mum is feeling better, Nylablue. Thanks for thinking of Hitch and giving him that award. Take good care of yourself and your Mum!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Yow Miss Dorothy of course me wuud give Hitch da AWARD ’cause he iz me American kitteh Boyfurend n me alwayz finkz of him….me iz sendin purrayerz fer all of ya. Me iz feelin a bit bettur n Mum iz bettur n not stressed anymore. Let’z hope she stayz unstressed fer da week. πŸ˜‰
      Lub Nylablue xo

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