After da Pawty……

Published September 15, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

*meowz bery softlee* Eeooww Krazy Katz…dat waz SUM pawty wazn’t it?? Me had such a guud time binkinin wif Speedy n da G-Piggiez n dancin wif all da handsum mankatz n den it happined….me waz under da food table feelin all nipped out when Sammy came over to check on me!!! Me did not mean to; yow maybee me DID mean too, but me not want to angrrr hiz gurlfurend Sundae….Me Kissed DA SAMMY n me LIKED it!!!!! Oh me iz so sowwy me waz a notty kitteh!!! Purrleeze furgive me Sammy n Sundae!!  See how handsum he looked??

Me kissed da Sammy n me liked it!!!!

Me kissed da Sammy n me liked it!!!!


Mum sayz confesshun iz guud fer da sole so me doin a publick one here!!! Now me not show ya da pickture of da acktual kiss ’cause dat wuud be unkatlylike…

As fer da Pawty, it waz da best!!! Dere waz so much food n snackz n da punch was lubly!! Sumbody slipped sum guud Rum into it…me musta had enuff fer Mum n me *burp* ‘scuse me…as me waz sayin, da punch waz so guud n den me had a few niptiniz n sum Yowser Wowser NIP me snuck into da Pawty!!! Dat’s how me ended up under da table!!!! 😉 Purrleeze talk softlee…me head hertz…in fact me gonna let Mum finish diz bloggie n post da pawfull  *After* pix of me!!! Phankz Speedy fer da time of me life!!!! Me kissed Sammy n me LIKED it, nana-na-nana!!!! Nylablue out….

Hi there Everybody! It appears my “Sweet Feet” went over the top at the Party. I humbly apologize for her sneaking in the catnip; I had no idea til she was gone that ALL the stash of nip was gone too!!! I humbly apologize for Nylablue’s behaviour (whatever she did); please don’t tell me…I might expire from embarrassment!! Sammy cat I do not know what else to say…I always thought Nylablue had a bit of a crush on you but I never thought she would act on impulse….*shakes head* All I can say is Nylablue is a chip off the old block uuumm I mean a naughty girl & she won’t act out misbehave again…I hope….as fer the shape she iz in, look at these pix!

Punch n nip hangover?

Punch n nip hangover?


Whose the ‘party girl’ now???? We had a serious talk b4 she went out in Condo to clear her head. Do you think she listened to a word I said?

Don't yell Mum hear hertz!

Don’t yell Mum head hertz!


Me just wanna sleepz...

Me just wanna sleepz…

When I told Nylablue she was grounded from going to anymore parties this was the look I received:



Ah the joys of being a Cat Parent!!! After Nylablue came in from the patio we had some more *discussion* & unfortunately she was sent to her cupboard:

Me never ever comin out!!! So dere!!!!

Me never ever comin out!!! So dere!!!!

Don’t worry Nylablue will find her way out when she is hungry; all I have to do is be patient, hahaha!!! Poor ‘Sweet Feet” I really DO feel for her, but she has to learn her lesson!! So the moral of this story is: Even Senior cats can get into *trouble*!!!! Yours from The Purrfect (albeit quiet) Pad, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.






36 comments on “After da Pawty……

  • We hazznt ben around for awhile, Momma would not let us play wit the puter thingy.

    We hopz you is over your nip hangover by now. We luv nip. Somb day when all the hoomanz are gone we will have a pawty and invit u and all of ur furrends. Love Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S.)

    • Yow Cali, Andy Tater n Shelley…me wundered where ya went to..guud to hear fum you n me iz still recupin frum da NIP!! it waz high qualitee stuff!!!! A pawty…dat wuud bee fun!! Butt yer Hu’man might not agree….MOL.
      Nylablue xoxo

    • EEoww Gurl Furend Savannah…we shure did rock da House!!!! We iz wild kittehz!!!!Me will bee yer pawtner in crime any time!!!!!
      Me iz still nappin alot…at leest Mum iz speekin to me again! 😉
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Somefurry may have let us at the parsley because Nacho came home wearing a bow on his head and efurryone is super sleepy today. Buddy says he thinks he remembers exchanging a nose whiffle or two with somefurry but he doesn’t remember who!! At least you can remember your night!

    Lots of furry love and gentle snuggles

    The only piggy without a hangover because I’m too young to drink


    • Yow Noah me did see Nacho up to his brows in da parsley…so dat iz why he haz dat green bowtie on his head!!! HHMMM wunder who Buddy waz whifflin with??? Diz iz a misstery fer shure! Me bememberz most of da pawty…me got bery carried away!! Me hopez me did not put ya off me az a furend…me iz a guud kitteh fer da most part!!!
      Ya are not missin a fing not drinkin dat rummy punch or da nip-tiniz…da key iz to drink only a little…me furgot dat!!
      *nose kissez* n snugglez frum Nylablue

  • We sure hope our sisfur is not grounded on Tuesday. That’s when Mauricio and Misty May are having their 9th birthday party. It won’t be much of a party without Nylablue. Purrs and hugs from your sulfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo

    • Hello Kitties Blue…Big Momma aka Sherri-Ellen here. I will ‘unground’ Nylablue for Mauricio & misty May’s birthday party….please keep her clear of the niptinis tho’. She was in deep last nite!!!
      Love to Misty May, Mauricio, Clista o, Astrid, Lisbeth, Fiona, Guilietta & Lily Olivia from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (still dazed & confused)

  • Hehehe Nylablue you did good,not many can keep up with us bunnies at a party,The kisses were flowing everywhere so don’t feel so bad….hehehe its very European!Hey you even kissed me!But don’t worry about silly things as everybody is happy go lucky at my parties….especialy when you get bunnies ad piggies and a gerbil at a party!So hold your head high….For Ye Made a very Fine Pirate Lass…Arrrh tis thee life of a pirate for Ye!xx Capt’n Speedy

    • Yow Capt’n Speedy…ya threw da bestest pawty n me had so much fun (Mum sayz way too much fun) 😉
      Of course me kissed YA!!!! yer me favorite Bunneh in da entire werld!!!! We shure pawtied heartee didn’t we?? Keepin up to ya bunnehz waz sumfing! Me wuud do it all again!!!! me iz holdin me head up symbolick like ’cause me head iz hertin so much me iz lyin down alot…. MOL…..
      We came, we saw, we pawtied like Piratez n we iz loud n proud!
      Yer Kitteh Pirate Lass, Nylablue xoxoxoxo

  • Hi Nylablue! Sammy’s Mom here as Sam is passed out today from too much partying! He told me that he was a little fuzzy on details but he was pretty sure he’d gotten kissed by a pretty ladycat at the party and he thought it was YOU! I think Sundae would totally understand – she’s a very sweet girlcat and I don’t think she has a jealous bone in her calico body. Sammy had an amazing time (at least from what he remembers….hahahaha). I hope you didn’t get in TOO much trouble from your Mum because there will surely be way more parties this year that you will NEED to attend so make sure you give her your best “pitiful eyes” and perhaps she’ll reconsider the party ban.

    Human Hugs, Sam’s Mom

    • whispurrz to Miss Pam…phankz ya fer lettin me nose Sammy sort of bememberz da kiss. Me hopez Sundae will furgive us…it waz da rummy punch n niptiniz n nip dat made fingz all fuzzy n stuff… Sundae iz a lucky ladykat to have such a handsum sweet boyfurend in Sammy…
      Me iz SO-O in da *doghouse* wif Mum. She iz givin me *stink eye* n leckturez…maybee you can talk sum sense into her!! 😉
      Once me feelz bettur me will werk on Mum apaulogize n grovell so she letz me go to more pawtiez….
      Phankz fer da {{HUGZ}} Miss Pam. Here’z sum ~~head rubz~~ frum me!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Ahem, Ahoy, Ahem! I was just going around the bloggisphere to see how efurryone enjoyed the party, and I find this! Ku!!! You let another kitty lick your ears! So that’s what you were doing when you went behind the pirate ship! I’m telling Mama, and now you can never grumble at me when I try to give you kissies and licks! Me-Ommmmmmm
    p.s. Nylablue, I don’t blame you. Those cute fluffy ears are irresistible! Me-Ommmmm

    • Whispurrz quietlike…Zoe…purrleeze don’t hate me fer lickin Ku’z earz…dey were so furry n temptin n me waz off me head wif nip n rum punch….me apaulogizez…now Mum iz gonna ground me even more….
      Me-Ommm to ya Zoe…phank ya fer understandin….
      Humblee, Nylablue xo

  • Dearest Nyla,
    Yous is a Queen Dear! Us Queens can kiss all the cats wes likes and feels no guilt! Kissing feels good and makes whoever yous kisses feel good too! Mes Loves to kiss and be kissed!
    Here is a big smacker for yous!

    • Phankz Nellie!!! Ya iz so understandin!! Mum sayz she will not let me goez out if me iz gonna ‘Kat around’ like she did when she waz young er well ya nose what me meanz! Me haz a feelin she will furgive me if everyone sayz it waz all right fer me to *kiss* Sammy, mol 😉
      Me had a blast at da Pawty…can hardlee wiat fer tomorrow;z afer pawty…me gonna have to sneak out or sumfing…
      Here’z alickety kiss fer ya too!!!
      Lub Nylablue xxxxxx

  • Ok Nylabluewooowooo! Sisfur Zoe loves to lick my ears, but it tickles, so I don’t always let her. She would be jealous cuz she loves my super fluffy ears! Uh-oh she was at the pawty toowooowoo! I hope she did not see!!!!

    • Eeeoww Kuruk me doez not fink Zoe saw us…pawz crossed…she shuud og pracktice on Nalle’z earz ferst!!! 😉
      Wish me was dere so we cuud nap together. Mum keepz givin me da *stink eye*
      Sighz…sumtimez it iz hard to be a purrpular kitteh!!!
      Lub Nylablue xoxo

  • Oh Nylabluewooowooooo! I’m sorry your head hurts. I am a little jealous of you kissing Sammy. Do you not remember last night? You and me? I let you lick my fluffy ears! Me and a kitty! Oh Nylabluewooooowooooooo!

    • eeoww Kuruk…me haz sum headachey diz mornin; den dere waz Mum jabberin in me earz too. Me bememberz lickin yer fluffy lubly earz!! Dat waz so lubly….we keepz it our little seecret right???
      Wooooo frum Nylablue ❤

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