Mishmash Caturday

Published September 7, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Rosh Hashonah cardAll of ya here on WP n da other bloggiez we followz are such guud furendz so we wantz ya to have a card from us!! If ya want purrleeze feel free to use it as a badge or award o yer bloggiez!!! As ya nose me n Mum are Jewish…well Mum waz born Jewish n me iz ‘dopted Jewish n we are Reeform Jewz which meanz we live in da werld n blend in butt we still follow tradishunz n observe Holidayz. Poor Mum cuud not go to Cemmytaree or Shul (Temple) to purray so we did a wee service here. Mum waz so happy she n Aunti Judith went to Cemmytaree 2 weekz ago n Mum did Yahrzeit (Memorial) service dere just in case sumfing happened…smart Mum!!! Me found diz piccie on da Net n me thought Mum wuud like it!! Kosmick Star of David fer me “Kosmick” Mum!!!

Stellar STAR of DAVID

Kosmick STAR of DAVID

Now on to da newz of da week…hope ya got treetz n a cuppa n are settled in ’cause diz gonna take a while!!!

As ya all nose Mum haz bin sick wif da Bladder n Kidney infeckshunz fer over 3 monthz which meant she had a cwappy Summer ‘cept fer me…..oh wait n me almost died …..ok so her Summer waz entirely cwappy!!! Butt me lived so dat made fingz much bettur!! 😉

Mum has da pawful Reeflux disorder n she takez speshell meddycashun to keep da acid frum comin up  her throat n makin her even sicker. All da Auntibyotickz did damage to Mum’z tummy n her meddycashun stopped werkin!!! She cuud not eat much n she waz chewin Gaviscon tabz like candy ALOT!! It waz so bad Tuesday nite Mum had to make bakin soda in water n drink it…EEWWW! Mind ya she waz belchin up a storm. She went to da Hu’Man Vet Wednesday mornin in dey had a ‘dizcusshin’ (me finkz dey had an arguumint) n Mum did come home wif new meddycashun called Tekta. She took da ferst one in da afternoon n she waz able to eat suppa!!! So far so guud wif da new med. Da other problem iz Mum cuud not take her Blood Presshure med ’cause it made da Reeflux even worser den it waz so da BP went up n da Hu’Man Vet gave her greef which iz purrobaly where da argumint ensued. Mum went 3 dayz wifout dat med butt she iz back on her BP med now which doez not werk so grrreat anyway. She haz another appointmint on Fursday n me iz shure da sparkz will fly den….

As fer me all is purrty guud. Me waz slidin a bit wif da eatin n poopin so me went to da Vet Fursday n Dr. Dave checked me over n den gave me Depomedrol injeckshun. Me feelz a whole lot bettur now. Altho today it iz rainin n cold out so NO condo n me iz poutin!!

Me iz poutin!!! No patio time....

Me iz poutin!!! No patio time….

Anyway look at da funny gift me Aunti Reeni n Auntie Ruth got fer us when dey was away on Fursday:

Da Sceptre of Doom iz 2 feet long!

Da Sceptre of Doom iz 2 feet long!

Look at da size of da swatter!!!

Look at da size of da swatter!!!

Mum took it fer a ‘test swat’ yesturday n she got a nastee Yellow Jacket dat tried to get me!!! So da werd iz out: BEWARE DA SCEPTRE OF DOOM!!! MOL.

We had 2 biziterz diz week too!!

Nommie guud corn ya got here!!

Nommie guud corn ya got here!!

Momma D. Duck waz our daytime biziter.





Den we had da night time biziter Pierre La Pew:

Me glad to meet ya both

Me glad to meet ya both

We just spoke thru da window….he waz bery cureeuss n did not spray us altho he DID spray da bush beside da garden…..markin his terrytoree frum otherz me finkz!! Pierre iz really cute but me not shure me wuud wanna meet him face to face if ya nose what me meanz???

We iz sad to say GuudBye to our G-Piggie furend Nutty frum Hutch A Good Life!!! He waz da ferst G-Piggie to wheek wif me n me will alwayz hab a speshell place in me heart fer him!!!

Run free me little furend...

Run free me little furend…

WE hopez ya all pop over to Hutch A Good Life n leave sum kind werdz fer dem all speshelly Nacho who iz really missin hiz furend!!!

So dat purrty much rapps up our week at da Purrfect Pad. We had sum upz n lotz of downz n a few spirallz but we on an even keel now. Fer how long iz a misstery, MOL….

Our livez diz week....whew me dizzy!

Our livez diz week….whew me dizzy!

Me leavez ya wif a pickture of me nappin….which iz where me goin after me postz diz:

Do NOT distrub til da Sun shinez!! (or else!)

Do NOT disturb til da Sun shinez!! (or else!)

Nylablue over n out!!!!! 😉


38 comments on “Mishmash Caturday

    • Yow Savannah me haz bin lubbin n purrin to Mum n she iz feelin bettur!!! She got sum guud newz at her Vet’z today n only one stoopid bad fing so she iz almost Tony da Tiger….RAWR!!!!!!! Me DID get patio time fer a dew dayz butt today it haz bin cool n cloudy n spittin so me not out long…Mum put da heat on it iz lubly inside….nice n toastee!!!
      Purrz n head bonkz to ya..
      Lub Nylablue n Mum ❤

    • Yow LLDnC: Fingz iz on da up n up fer Mum!! She got da ‘all clear’ n no more infeckshunz….she haz new Reeflux med which iz werkin. Tomorrow she startz new BP med n we haz pawz crossed she will stomach it well. Only da MRI reeport waz bad so we iz happy fer 3 outta 4!! 😉
      Phanks fer all da purrayerz!!!
      lub Nylablue xo

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you and Mum for your Rosh Hashanah wishes. I hope you and Mum also have a “sweet” year ahead. Thanks also for remembering Nutty. He sounds like a real gentleman, and I’m glad you knew him. And Pierre Le Pew — wow! I hope you can see him again, but like this time, from afar. I’ve heard that Pierre and his brother and sister skunks can be very good friends to the rest of us, as long as we all keep our respectful distances!

    • EEoww Miss Susan…we nose ya follow Jewish so we wanted to give ya guud wishez too!!! WE iz hopin fer a sweet year too…speshelly fer Mum ’cause diz year waz utterlee paefull fer her!!!
      Yow Nutty….he n Nibblez were da ferst g-Piggiez to *talk* to me here n dey were speshell to me….*sighz*
      Me haz seen Pierre La Pew alot…he comez to bizit thru da glass almost every nite….he rompz in da front yard n snoopz about fer food. Me wuud not want to meet him face to face either tho’. he not smell so guud. 😉
      Hope ya are well n enjoyin da end of Summer.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xo

    • Yow Denniz!! me haz bin wunderin how ya is doing!!!! Me had a guud nap n den me had sum dayz out on da patio in me Condo…today waz not a guud day fer patio tho…too cold n cloudy…soon it will be Auttum…n den da dreeded Winter…YOW!!! Me iz hopin fer sum more nice dayz….
      Mum iz doin much bettur now n no more infeckshunz!!! 😉
      Hope ya are doin well too.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

    • Yow Sushi ya got dat right…when Mum iz sickshe tendz to bee cranky n me haz to do funny fingz to make her smile n laff….she iz much improved but can not take BP med or it makez her sick in her tummy!!! Poor decrepeit old er sweet young Mum, MOL!!!

    • Yow Island Kittehz…Mum iz guud butt when she takez da BP med it upsetz her tummy. So she iz not takin it today so her tummy iz calm.
      Mum never bin sick in da Summer ‘cept fer Allergiez so diz waz a hard Summer on her fer shure. (Me bein sick did not help either…)
      Me can smell da Pierre skunk thru da screen so me just meow wif him frum safe distance. 😉 Poor fellahe must wunder why he haz few furendz?
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Sisfur Nylablue, we didn’t know that you too have the stinky skunks. Mom and Dad hate how they spray all over our yard. We will definitely display that beautiful badge. The Kosmick Star of Davis is so gorgeous. Thank you for sharing that. SherriEllen, praying that you will feel better really soon. Purrs and hugs fro your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Yow me Kittehz Blue we haz it all here: raccoonz n porkypinez n skunkz n molez n squirrelz n chipmunkz n da occashunall leeming too!!! Pierre skunk only sprayz one bush so it not stinky here. Phank KATGOD fer dat!!!
      We hopez ya wuud display da badge ’cause we are furramily! 😉
      Me found dat Kosmick Star on da Yahoo pickturez n thought diz wuud cheer Mum up…
      Mum iz bettur but da BP med iz upsettin her tummy…back to da Dockter soon fer her..
      Hu’Manz are hard werk!!!!
      Lub to all of ya frum ME n Mum xo

    • MOL Texas…me lubz to watch Mum lite the Shabbat (Sabbath) candlez n say her purrayerz n she singz to me too!!! Me wuud wear a Star of David if me wore a collar…
      Phankz fer da New Year wishez…we hopez diz year iz much bettur…. 😉
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Hi Nylablue…..you and your Mum have had QUITE a time lately haven’t you! I’m hoping she’s feeling better soon AND that you can get a bit of catio time….now that you have the Sceptre of Doom for protection, those nasty bees and wasps don’t stand a chance! We were very sad about Nutty too…..there’s way too many of us heading over the Bridge lately……

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy n Miss Pam…ya shure are right ’bout diz year. Shure we haz health truublez butt diz year haz bin way too much speshelly fer Mum!! She iz never sick in da Summer so diz waz no fun for either of us!!!
      Mum iz bettur frum da infecshunz n da Reeflux. Da freakin stoopidnastee BP med iz upsettin her tummy sum today so she iz goin take less tomorrow…if she haz to she sayz she will stop da med til she seez her Dockter.
      No patio time today; still cold n rainy!!!! PPPFFFTTTT!!! Da ‘Queen’ (dat’z me) iz NOT amussed!!!
      Da swatter iz MEGA n it werkz guud. 😉
      Nutty n Nibblez will alwayz bee in me heart….dey were da ferst G-Piggiez me meowed wif n dey forgave me fer tryin to hert Pookie our G-Piggie we had an hour….dat waz sum story…..
      N yes dere are far too many headin to da Bridge lately!!! (Me almost went in July in dat waz scaree fer Mum n me….)
      Butt me iz here fer today n lubbin all me bloggie furendz so me iz happy. 🙂
      Lub frum Nylablue n Mum xo

  • Wez hope’z Mom get’z better soon and wez noze youz not feeling pawfect eiffer, so look’z after eah uffer’z and wez sending’z all our lub;z and hug’z to youz boff…We do lub;z youz lot’z xxxxooxxx

    Mollie and Alfie

    • Yow Mollie n dear Alfie….phankz fer da guud wishez. Me n Mum have had quite a time of it. WE iz doin our best to take guud care of each other n we make shure no one fallz off da perch so to speek!!!!
      Mum iz alot bettur den she waz altho she told me BP med iz buggin her tummy!!! RATZ!!!
      Me feelin much bettur since me shot on Fursday!!!
      We lubz ya both alot too.
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxo

    • HAH!! Jane I could NOT have said that better myself!!! With Nylablue having this Bowel Disease it is always so touch & go. Each day is a bonus because the Vet said once the depomedrol stops working there is nothing else left to give her….I am just taking things a day at a time & enjoying Nylablue’s company. The future will take care of itself, right??
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (she went for a nap so I got PC back) 😉

    • Yow Miss Katie me Mum left da swatter outside so me not play wif it…me wuud have lubbed to chase her wif it but she iz a meanie figured out me might bee naughty!! 😉
      Hope Coccolina iz bein guud n all iz well fer ya!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Awww Nylablue,I’m sorry your mummy is poorly,hope she feels better soon and I am so glad you are feeling better,Once my eye is better and I have had my Party we can go on our adventure,xx Speedy

    • Mum not too bad now Miss Rachel…butt she waz so sick last week….pawfull!!!
      Now just her BP iz buggin her…da meddycashun fer dat not werkin well enuff…butt she iz on her perch n helpin me wif bloggie reepliez 😉
      Me iz havin a guud day n me iz hopin ya iz havin a bettur day Speedy! Hope day infeckshun leavez ya soon so we can pawty n travel…
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤

  • I hope your mom feels better soon and she will have “a gut yohr”. Be careful with that skunk, Pepe Le Pew can be dangerous :o) Your swatter is a perfect weapon, Nylablue. may the force be with you and the swatter too!

    • Yow “DA FORCE” iz wif us fer shure Easy!!!Mum weildz ddat swatter like it iz a sword or a sayburr!!! Me iz bery carefull when any skunk comez to bizit. Dey iz shy n just peepz n threw da screen n we talkz a bit butt nuffin bad ever happinz…PHANK KATGOD!!! 😉
      Phankz we hope to have a “Gut Yohr”; diz one waz cwap fer shure!
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤

  • Sweet Nylablue we are glad your mom was able to eat and we wish so much that infection would clear up, the reflux would settle down and her blood pressure would regulate. Still keeping prayers going for you and your sweet mom. That is one cool swatter that should work very well keeping all those bad stingy things off you. Sorry you had to give up your patio time…hold on you will get to go out again another day. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie n Chancy guud to see ya! Mum’z Reeflux iz quiet n she iz eatin n we are purrty shure da infeckshun iz gone. Mum findz out fer shure when she seez Hu’man Vet next Fursday…Pawz together fer guud newz on dat!! Phankz fer da purrayerz….dey help!!!
      Izn’t dat swatter sumfing else?? Da Auntiez had a guud laff butt da jokez on dem ’cause diz swatter werkz like WWF smackdown!!!
      We iz hopin fer patio time in a day or two..just gotta be payshunt….which me iz not….MOL/BOL/LOL..
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Thanks you so much fur thinking of Nutty. He was a furry special little piggy and whee cannot believe he is gone. Luckily whee think whee are pretty close to finding Nacho a little furfriend so paws crossed he will be happier soon. You heard it here first!

    Whee are sorry to hear your hooman has been sick. Sometimes our hoomans gets sick and falls down taking naps for no reason. Luckily she is getting much better too and hasn’t fallen down for over a month now so whee think the hooman doctor fixed her. Whee hope they can fix your paw-ly hooman soon.

    *huggles* Hope you is having a great wheekend.

    Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    • Yow me G-Piggiez me hopez ya did not mind me menshunnin Nutty……he n Nibblez taught me dat G-Piggiez are furnedz n not nasteez….Now me lubz all G-Piggiez n me never ferget dem. We must stick together n help Nacho get thru diz time!! A new furend fer Nacho!!! pawsum!!! Oh me pawz are crossed!!! Mum iz cryin sum tearz of joy!!!
      Mum haz bin a mess all year so far butt she iz much bettur den she waz. We find out next Fursday if da infeckshun iz gone…it bettur bee!!! Den Mum can get dat Dockter to sort out da BP prublem. Me Mum fallz down fer napz too…n me alwayz joinz her. Oh n she fallz down too frum da week legz n pain…dat iz why she goex to Chiroprackter n he doez sum ‘justmentz on her n she stayz on her toesiez n not fall off her perch, MOL/WOL!!!!
      Da wheekend iz wet n cold outside so far so me inside snuggled wif Mum n da heat iz ON it iz DAT cold!!
      We hopez tomorrow iz sunny n me can go out!!!
      Purrleeze give Nacho sum snugglez frum me N strokez frum me Mum.
      Lub to all of ya, Nylablue n Sherriellen ❤

  • Nylablue tell your mom we all hops she gets all better soon. We send love and light toooyooowoooowooooooooooo!
    p.s. Stay away from Pierre Le Pew! Peeeeeeeyoooowoooowoooo!

    • EEoww Kuruk n Miss Julianne Victoria…we bee bery carefull when we speek to any wild critter…as we haz screen n glass ‘tween us me iz safe…Me will say skunkz do have a bit of a smell fer shure!!!
      Phankz fer da guud wishez fer me Mum. She iz alwayz balancin sumfing health wise!
      hope all iz well wif ya both. We go bizit yer blog shortlee.
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxoxoxo

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