The Kitteh, the Sorceress n da Condo!!!

Published August 27, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Katz n Kittehz: As ya all nose we bin havin a sirius BEE prublem lately!!! Well me Mum (da Sorceress) haz bin findin out creeative wayz to fight da Yellow Jacketz n da Wild Beez n even a Black Hornet who thought he’d try his luck wif gettin to me!!  Ferst Mum found out ’bout da decoy wasp nestz so she made 2 of dem n see how creeative she waz wif dese:

Bag Lady 1Bag Lady 2Bag Lady 3

Now whose a clever gurl??? 😉 Mum spoke to a lady dat lived in da countree n dey use da brown bagz full of shreddy paper tied wif string n make it look  like a wasp nest!! So Mum made one fer da patio door n one fer me!!! N so far it iz werkin!! Of course do not leave out in da rain, MOL!!!

Den Mum waz given da Scepture of Power by Aunti Reeni:

Scepter of Power

Scepter of Power

So Mum haz bin puttin da ‘smack down’ on any Waspz or Wild Beez who try to get to me!! Head count 1 Wild Bee n it waz vishuss n 7 Waspz aka Yellow Jacketz!!!

To further purrtect me she waz told bout da Listerine treement so she bought sum n put it in da spray bottle ne sprayed da patio n a small porshun of da grass last nite n den diz mornin. Diz iz da Arsenall to keepz me safe!! Da Black Hornet waz jumpin all over da hedge cause Mum had sprayed it too…he got bery drunk cause dere is allkiehall in dat stuff n he fell off hiz perch, MOL!!! Got up a few timez n went back fer more n fell off da perch agin n agin so we haz to send him to Allkiehollickz Non-e-moose after diz eppysode!!!!!!!! ROFWM!!!!!!!

Tools of the TradeSo diz iz da story of da Kitteh (dat’z ME!); da Sorceress (dat’z Mum) n da Condo which iz me Magic Wardrobe purrtected by Mum’z toolz of da trade!! What do ya all use fer Wasp n Wild Bee n Hornet control where ya live or do ya even have prublemz wif dese nasteez??  Ok me iz goin back out in me Condo; catch y’all later!!! Nylablue out.


45 comments on “The Kitteh, the Sorceress n da Condo!!!

  • well I never knew about the fake wasp nest, how brilliant
    did not know about the listerine either !
    glad you are safe from the horrible stinger things

    • Hi Eevee: I had no idea about either of these things til my 2 neighbors told me. The one neighbor actually made me 2 fake nests so I will know how to make them in future.
      Original Listerine sprayed on the waspz kind of stuns them & makes them a bit punch drunk so they ‘buzz off’ forgetting what their mission was.. hehehe!
      We are glad we are safe too!!
      Love Sherri-Ellen xo

  • Nylablue, don’ t forget Mom said use the clothes softener sheets called Bounce or ones like that. Restaurants around here put them on their outdoor tables just one sheet per table and the yellow jackets don’t come around…we were amazed!

    • Yow Savannah n Miss Linda Mum did wunder if da unscented sheetz wuud werk as dat iz all she haz ’cause of bein ‘llergick? Wif da Listerine da waspz iz stayin clear fer now. Pluz it is kinda cool so dey not out much…butt we ppresheate da tipz!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

    • Yow Sammy n Miss Pam: Me Mum iz a clever gurl fer shure!! She went n asked neighburz if dey had guud ideaz n TA-Da she made uz wasp n hornet free…we do not hert da honey beez but those rogue Wild beez are just as nastee as Waspz n tried to sting me….
      We must bizit yer blog…still not gettin note-feecashunz from WP; just commintz…so Mum iz all upside down n beehind, MOL!!!
      Haz a guud day sammy!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • So, Nylablue, can we check something with you? Those are wasps, right? Not bees? Because bees are good and they are having a really hard time at the moment, and we must do everything we can to protect them. Wasps, on the other hand might just as well be called “WHAsPS”…

    The chans

    • Yow #1 We nose about da honey beez nwe not hert a fur on dere wee headz ever!!! We haz sum WILD bee n one went ‘rogue’ n dive bombed me!! Den da WASPZ came n den a Black Hornet tried hiz luck…Mum haz to purrtect us as she iz ‘llergic n we do not nose bout me n do not want to find out!!!!
      We bee carefull to not hert da sweet honey beez!!
      Lub to da Chanz n Tommie n D V Equinez…(Mum taugh t me new werd) 😉
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

    • Yow Travellin Kittiehz: me n Mum welcome ya to our humble little bloggie here!!! me iz Nylablue n Mum iz Sherriellen (n it’z all one name!!! Trust me!!). May we haz da pleeshure to nose yer ferst names purrleeze so we not have to call ya: ‘Hey Ya’ all da time. 😉
      Drop by n check us out anytime…da Purrfect Pad iz alwayz open to travellin n restin Katz n Poochiez n Bunnehz n G-Piggiez n Mini Piggiez n Birdiez n even Hu’manz!!
      Yer new furendz Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  • Sweet Nylablue we can see your mum has quite and arsenal there to protect you. We have never heard of the paper bag trick before…that is pretty clever. Don’t think we knew about the Listerine either but we need to keep all these in mind in case we ever have a stinging insect problem. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie n Chancy…ya never nose what info ya might need da ya?? We got sum grrrreat dieaz frum our neighburz n dey all werk. So now me iz buzzin insect free n can enjoy me Condo once again 😉
      Nose kissez to all frum Nylablue xo

          • Hahahaha …when I sang the rest of the song I realised it goes on…when the dog bites when the bee stings when i’m feeling bad..i simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feeeeeeellllll so badddddd …*dogs wake up lick bums and leave room in disgust at my yowling……
            I must away and get to the shops…finally caught up on bloggies and done some posts of my own so now I can rest my sore hands hehee have a great night Nylablue and your mummsie xxxxxxx

            • Yow Mum singz dat song too!!! Da poochiez licked dere bummz n left ya?? Well da NERVE!!! me lubz when Mum singz to me!!! She soundz like a wee child….
              Have a guud time shoppin. We iz so far beehind readin bloggiez we may never get caught up! have a guud day…nite has fallen here….
              Nylalbue n Mum

                • Yow Me Mum sayz da shopz are a crashin bore here sumtimez too…but she needz food n stuff so she goez…LOL…..
                  We had guud sleepiez n now it iz bery foggy n Mum haz to get reedy fer da Hospital…no Condo fer me 😦
                  Love ya Miss Bev frum Nylablue xo

    • I never heard of this either Rebby. It combined with the sparayed Listerine is working well. I am so relieved as you can imagine!!!! We are stuck in enough over the Winter months so I refuse to be stuck in during GOOD weather too!!
      Sherri-Ellen xo

  • nyla…they bee crazed nuts heer two….we iz knot a loud out oh doorz but when de food serviss ladee is werkin in de yard her puts a kit shun towel round de bak oh de neck thatz been sprayed with vinegar ….:)

    • Yow Tabbiez…dat vinegar towel round da neck sounxz da ‘bee’z kneez’ fer shure…’cept me Mum iz ‘llergick to vinegar…. 😦
      She did spray da waspz wif vinegar da ferst day dey were so bad but dey just got meaner n tried to hert me more!!!
      Da Listerine iz werkin real guud!!! Apawz Apawz fer me Mum!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • You’ve got a real arsenal there!
    Mummy Janey uses the paper bag trick..she read the comments and likes speedy bunny rabbits trick too.
    Don’t get stinged.
    The REAL Maple Syrup Mob xxxx

    • Yow RMSM n Miss Jane…diz paper bag trick iz pawsum izn’t it??
      Da ya spray da Listerine outside too?? it really werkz too!!!
      We read what Speedy bunny rote…n Mum sayz guud idea but she iz makin shure to keep da waspz far far away frum me!!! (She iz BERY terryfied er nervous…)
      “BEE” safe!!
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  • Mummy doesn’t worry about bees but she does have wasp traps which is a clean jar with preserve(jam) smeared inside the jar but not on the rim with water filled half way up ans a layer of vegetable oil floating on the water,the preserve(jam)attracts the wasps inside the jar for a sticky meal and when they try to fly off they fall in the the water and the oil coats them a few seconds dead wasps,xx Speedy

    • Yow Bailey us either…da next door neighbur n furend told us ’bout diz idea. she used it when she lived way up North n it werked guud she said. So far; so guud here! 😉
      Hope all iz well wif ya n Nocturne.
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  • Sisfur Nylablue, we are so glad to see this post from you. We sure do misses you when you don’t post for a while. We’re glad that Mum Sherriellen is keeping all those buzzy and stingy things away from you. We sure learned lots of good stuff today about keeping those naughty bugs away. We never heard of the Listerine trick or making a faux wasp nest. We usually get at least one real wasp nest, but we haven’t seen any this year. Stay safe. We loves you bunches. Purrs and hugs from your sisfurs and brofur, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo and Mom Janet too

    • Eeoww Kittehz Blue…me n Mum not bin bizitin bloggiez cause we bin outside or fightin da Beez n Waspz or Mum iz out doin fingz or she iz wif me Aunti Judith…we fell so far beehind on bloggiez…sowwy….
      We never herd of dese trickz either n guess what?? Dey both werk!!! Waspz saw da faux nestz n dey stayed a distance. Once Mum sprayed da Listerine dey flew righ over n away frum us!!!! Mum wuud freak out if we had a REAL wasp nest!!!She wuud call da Terminatur man to smoke dem N remove da nest propurrley. At least she iz smart bout dat!! 😉
      Diz Summe rshure haz bin full of interestin fingz happenin. Never a dull momint here, MOL.
      Lub to all my Sisfurz n Mauricio n Miss Janet.
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

    • MOL EASY ya are so cute!! Bemember it has to bee ORIGINAL Listerine (goldish colour). it werkz a treet fer us!!! Only da drunken Black Hornet n 1 Wild Bee n he flew right by us today!!!!
      MOL bout da allkiehall….Mum sayz you iz so right???
      Lub Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

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