Stuff n such Sunday

Published August 5, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Yow Yow Katz n Kittehz: Finally Mum got sum pix of Fuzzy da Squirrel n Stacia da Pidgeon n we haz 2 more awardz to brag about show eberyone!!!

Ferst we introduce da Fuzzy:

Fuzzy wunderin what da flashin iz

Fuzzy wunderin what da flashin iz

Ya lookin at me? Ya lookin at ME?

Ya lookin at me? Ya lookin at ME?

Pawpawrazzi neber leavez me alone..

Pawpawrazzi neber leavez me alone..

Fuzzy Squirrel iz da only black squirrel left az all da other onez have gone to Da Bridge!!! He iz all by himself so we talk to him alot when he he iz here. Mum feelz bad fer him ’cause he haz no furendz other then us (n me iz not da best furend fer a squirrel!!) 😉

Now we introduce ya to Stacia da Pidgeon:

May me help ya?

May me help ya?

Notice me prettie stripez..

Notice me prettie stripez….

Now where is da corn??

Now where is da corn??

Me?? In a blog?? Great!! What's a blog?

Me?? In a blog?? Great!! What’s a blog?

Izn’t Stacia a purrty Pidgeon?? She n Maximus waz a couple but now dey come at different timez fer snackz. Mum sayz must bee a Lubber’z quarrill n dey iz seppyrated, MOL!!! Mum shure haz quite da imaginashun doezn’t she??

Now on to da Awardz! Dey iz both frum FozzieMum aka Miss Bev n da ‘down under’ gang az me likez to call dem. Oh da 4 leggedz have dere own blog called “One Fer All n All Fer One”. Phankz Miss Bev n da gang fer da awardz!!! wordpressfamilyawardWe lubz diz award cause we DO feel like a part of a bunderfull family here!! Not shure if we iz apposta answer questshunz so instead we give diz award to Bailey Boat Cat who haz bin ‘dopted by The Cat On My Head (Miss Janet n her furgang) just like me!! So now me n Bailey are Sis n Brofurz here!!! N of course we want Miss Janet n da Kittiez 8 to have diz award also! N Also Savannah of Savannah’s Paw Trackz n Miss Linda fer all dere support diz past year!!!! We invitez eberyone to claim da award dat we iz connected to beecause ya all are family to us!!!

Da next award iz bery lubly:loyal-reader-awardMe n Mum iz bery humbled to receeve diz award cause wif both of us havin health probz we don’t alwayz get to da bloggiez right when da hot off da press…but we do get dere sooner or later, MOL!!! As all of ya dat follow us are BERY FAITHFULL  readerz we want eberyone to help demselvez. Mum n me deecided we not put all yer namez up in case we leave sumone out by missteak n hert any feelinz!!! We iz apposta ask a Rheetorickal questshun n me waz not shure what da KAT dat waz so me asked Mum ne she helped me make diz questshun: “Do ya fink me Mum LUBZ me more den anyfing else in da werld?”

How’z DAT fer Rheetorickal????? MOL me asked two questshunz……yow me iz gettin guud at diz Rheetorickal stuff n such izn’t me?????
We leavez ya wif a pickture we nose ya will like ’cause it’z a pic of ME!!!!


Diz iz da Life!


Notice da cute toeziez 😉 Ok Katz me iz outta here!!!! Way way out….on da patio…..


47 comments on “Stuff n such Sunday

    • Yow Yow Timmy T-Kat!!! Glad to see ya here again!! Me n Mum just finished a new bloggie wif birdiez n squirrelz fer ya to look at…we got ‘critter TV’ ebery day here!!!
      Hope ya get a chance to see da new pix!!!!
      Purrs frum Nylablue n kissez frum Mum xo

  • Yoe Miss Leah n Kirby: WE iz so lucky to have da critterz bizit us here. It seemz dey like to hang out here wif us n we all get along (well me iz in Condo so of course we getz along, MOL!)
    So many peeple bin sayin dey never seen black squirrelz befur; maybee dey iz more speshell den we knew 😉
    Lub frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

    • Phankz Aunti Eevee…we still has to add dem to our Awardz page. Mum iz bery tired frum goin out too much n her pain n me iz sheddin stoopid FHV again so me not purrfect…
      We iz sowwy bout sweet Snickerz n Mum sent a card today…
      if me were dere me wuud give ya ~~head rubz~~ to soothe ya!!!
      Lub alwayz frum Nylablue n SherriEllen ❤

  • Dearest Nyla!
    Its mes again! Mes has nominated yous for the Wonderful Team member Readership Award. Yous can stops by my blog and picks it up! me knows it takes time to does these, but mes wanted yous to knows me thinks yous is special!

    • MOL Nellie…me got Mum to swipe da award n we waz gonna give it to YA!!!!! Diz iz bery funny; grrreat mindz fink alike, right??
      Phankz phankz phankz…me will have to post it n give it to ya n a few otherz…
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen ❤

  • Nylablue you haz lovely kritter friends. Fuzzy is a handsome squirel and Stacia is beyoutiful. Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly

    I live in Ohio (in the U.S.) The City of Kent, Ohio has a huge population of black squirrels. Back in 1961 someone brought in (legally) 10 of them (from Canada) and turned them loose on the campus of Kent State University. They have multiplied and they are all over the campus. They are unofficial mascots of the University and everyone enjoys watching them. Judy

    • Phankz Miss Judy n C.A.T. n S. Look yer Katz ferst ‘nitialz spell CATS…dat iz way kewl!!!
      Me iz blessed to live wif Mum who drawz da critterz to da yard. We iz by a buzy street n dere iz alot of acktivitee yet da birdiez n squirrelz n chipmunkz come here n sumtimez even feral kittehz!!!
      Mum sayz she waz in Kent back in da 70’s n she bememberz da black squirrelz. Now she nose da story beehind dem 😉
      Did ya see da pix of Maximuz da pidgeon wif white in hiz wingz?? Dat waz a few blogz ago….we finkz he n Stacia are a couple takin ternz comin to eat cause dey don’t come together like dey used to…we fink dere iz babiez!!! Diz iz eggcitin…maybee we end up wif a flock of pidgeonz, MOL!
      Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  • Oh, we loved seeing your critter pictures sweet Nylablue. We loves your little black squirrel. We wish we had black squirrels they are sooooo cute! Congratulations on your awards!! Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Aunti Maggie!!! Glad ya popped by n saw da pix. We haz guud wildlife here. Deze black squirrelz like to climb n we findz Fuzzy hangin upside down on da bird feeder lookin innocint!!! MOL…..
      We nose ya don’t have awardz but if ya did you wuud be gettin a Faithfull Reader Award fer shure!!!
      Eeowws to da kittehz n purrz to Chancy n Baby Boy!!!
      Hope Popsy iz guud too.
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

    • Yow Mollie n Alfie dese blackiez are real n dey are cute n bery knotty at timez. Where Mum used to live dere were da grey squirrelz but dey NOT up here. We have a few red squirrelz but dey keep away frum da blackiez.
      Ya can take da awrdz fer yerselvez….cause ya are loyal reederz here!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Concatulations on your awardies Nylablue! We used to have a few black squirrels around our woods but I think they moved away. We do have a lot of squirrels though – some read and some gray. We ALSO have a lot of foxes which may account for the lack of some squirrels….maybe the black squirrels were either (a) slower than the others or (b) tasted better. YIKES! Happy Monday!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy n Pam..ya had all da colorz of squirrelz dere…pawsum…..Mum read dat da little Red squirrlez terroarize da blackz n greyz so dat maybee why de blackiez have moved on. De greyz seem to stand up more to da redz me finkz. Den again da foxez might bee havin sum tastee snackz in a rainbow of colorz!!!!
      We haz foxez in da country but not in da town….
      Happy Monday frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

    • Yow Leo n Star n Andrea….me finkz Fuzzy iz a bit too boney to bee yummy…Frisky used to be plump n yummy er lubly!!!
      Hope ya will take da Awardz fer yerselvez.
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  • Poor Fuzzy – but I’m also not really a friend of squirrels hehe. I’m sure your mom loves you more than all things on slice earth. And much more than all things in the whole universe – like Ufo’s, Alf and Mork from Ork!

    • Phankz Sparkle…purrleeze help yerself to da awardz as ya are a faithfull reader of me our blog here!!! Mum n me DID bizit yer blog last nite n Mum made yer blog a FAVORITE.
      Me never heard of foz squirrelz so me haz to get Mum to GoooGle dem.
      *nise kissez* frum Nylablue n strokez frum Mum xoxo

    • Yow Ben n Aunti Amanda…ya iz right! Mum LUBZ me more den Life; she told me Aunti Judith dat today on da phone!!! Dat made me warm n fuzzy wif Luf fer Mum!!
      Ben ya say da cutest fingz….
      Nose kissez frum Nylablue…

  • Wow Nylablue we don’t have squireels and Fuzzy looks mighty handsome..Stacia is pretty to with her stripes..hope her relationship is ok! and good for you you deserve awards 🙂 Have a greatday Hugs Fozziemum xxx

    • Yow Miss Bev ya have ROO’Z!!! Big adoorable ROO’Z…me wuud LUB to have ROO’Z hoppin about!!! Mum sayz dey not squirrlez Nylablue dey wuud not bee so furendly!
      Stacia iz a purrty bird. She still not hangin out wif Maximus…he comes here in da mornin n Stacia comes in late afternoon. Me wunderz if maybee dey have eggz to keep warm??? HHMMM now dere iz a thought!!!
      Phankz fer da compleemint. Purrleeze take da Reader’z award fer yer bloggiez cause ya iz faithfull reader!!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

        • Yow Miss Bev…Maximus n Stacia tooked ternz comin here all day n eatin so dere MUST bee eggz or babiez in a nest sumwhere…in fact me bememberz yesturday Stacia picked up sum twigz n flew back n forth maybee doin sum light renovashunz???
          Squirrelz are bery wild n dey don’t come to Hu’manz or us 4 leggedz. If dey do it iz da RABIEZ!!!! Are Rooz furendly at all?? Mum sayz she not nose anyfing bout dem other den dey hop well n have da joeyz’ n are cute….
          Lub Nylablue n Mum

          • Yay Babies 🙂 we know about Rabies there ..we see people panic on movies when a squirrel gets in the house and found out it was because of rabies..hehehe I used to wonder what was so scary bout a cute little squirrel 🙂 Roos are shy,they keep to themselves..sometimes in bad droughts when feed is scarce they can get very close to properties and some can become rogue..which is understandable..if cornered,hurt or threatened they will try and get away but if they can’t they will kick up with their huge feet and drag claws downwards they will kill a dog like this and can and have rarely killed people..usually the persons own can tell a roo is stressed when they rub their hands together..often when they jump off you might see mum jump a fence if she has a joey at foot and it can’t jump the fence it will look for a crawl space..until joey is back with mum she will fret and rub her hands the outback ( nit where we are but central Australia) where temps are incredibly high they spend all day licking their arms..tiny veins close to the skin get moisture and cool their body temps down,then they find a tree and dig in the gorund doggies dog to get to the cooler earth and lay in it to cool down…they are vegetarians.They don’t eat gum leaves as these are not good for them and Queensland Department of Primary Industries are looking at the effectiveness of eucalypt strands to naturally keep roos from areas that need to be protected.they always have a joey in the pouch,one at foot and a tiny embryonic one ready to develop if the small one doesn’t make it! they ‘box’ each other for play and also when a ‘mob’ take over is brewing..they have very very powerful feet and extremely long sharp claws! they are a protected species yet culled in areas where there are ‘too’ many..they are also sold as dog and cat food and even for human consumption,which I find yukky as they are on our money and our countries emblems…odd…they are Macropods and in the family with Wallabies,Tree kangaroos,Paddemelons etc.they are in danger on highways and cause many accidents as they are active at dawn and dusk and so quick drivers can’t see them..if they are hit and die the wildlife people come and mark them with a fluorescent spray to indicate that the pouch has been checked for young, they will destroy a car if hit as they are big animals..we have wildlife rescue numbers up all highways to contact if needed.Warning signs are placed in their hgh traffic areas and some highways have roo fencing which is very very expensive is very very high! we have parts of fences on our property with gaps for joeys to crawl under as if they try and jump they can get caught in the top of fencing and become ‘hangers’ is very hard to get joeys untangled and they can do nasty damage to themselves in barbwire is not good for fencing unless you can have gaps underneath (why we don’t let our doggies free range)
            Phew..theres roos 101 for you Nylablue..I must away now sweet’s Forrests birthday today and I must make some doggie cakes 🙂 see you at the pawty..have a great day hugs Fozziemum and gang xxx

    • Phankz Prancer Pie!! If ya want ya can have dem too cause ya follow me lotz!!!
      As fer da wildlife we alwayz haz sumone to feeture frum da Purrfect Pad…me finkz dere iz a tellygraph fer da critterz n birdz n dat iz how dey get here, MOL!!!
      have a guud week n we see ya around…
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Yow Kuruk ya neber seen a black squirrel befur?? Wow dey must be speshell to da area. Cause in a palce called Mount Forest which iz 1 1/2 hourz away dere is only grey n tan squirrelz??? It’z a mistery…..
      Me wif Nalle…if me waz outta da condo me wuud chase dem squirrelz too 😉
      Nylablue xo

  • Our lovely sisfur, thank you so much for passing on your awards. We are humbled by your generosity. And thanks for showing us your friend, Fuzzy. We’ve never seen a black squirrel before. Mommy has when she was in Canada in the early nineties and was fascinated. She is so sorry Fuzzy is all alone ’cause when he goes to the RB you won’t have any black squirrels on your TV. So glad you’re getting to spend time on the patio. We love your bunches, our dear Nylablue and your mum Sherri-Ellen too. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo P.S. Mom is working on something special for you and Bailey.

    • Eeeoowww me lubly Sisfurz n Brofurz: We wanted to share da awardz wif ya fer bein so kind to us n ‘doptin me into yer familee. Diz meanz more den me can say cause once upon a time no one 2 legged or 4 legged wanted me in dere familee n now me haz so many Aunti’z n Sisfurz n Brofurz n furendz…it makez me get da leeky eyez…Mum too….
      We only hab black squirrelz n sumtimez red onez here…no grey squirrelz at all! Fuzzy iz only a year old so we hopez he livez a long time. He NEBER goez on da road so he haz a guud chance of survivin 😉
      me bin on patio ebery day altho today it waz a bit chilli n me came in an hour earlee. Tomorrow apposta be warmer so ya nose where me will bee 😉
      Yer Mum iz werkin on sumfing speshell fer me n Bailey??? oh diz iz eggcitin!!!!!!!
      Lub to all of ya frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

    • Yow G-Piggiez…Fuzzy IZ bery cute!! We like seein him here ebery day cause he scamperz n dancez bacj n forth n triez to raid da bird feeder!!!
      Happy Monday to ya too Nutty n Nacho; Buddy n Basil
      xoxo Nylablue xoxo

  • Nyla, yous deserves the awards! mes used to reads and comments every day, now me gets to reads most days, but me can’t gets through all my furrends posts and comment too. So now mes can only comments when Mommy is not to busy!
    Wes gots lots of squirrels here and they fights – lots and chases each other off their territories! Purrhaps your squirrel furrend has chased away all the others

    • Yow Nellie me understandz bout not gettin to all da bloggiez…we haz 30 here n 5 otherz n we iz far beehind on many of da otherz….in fact we just got caught up on yerz last nite!!! It iz sumfing havin so many furendz n so many reepliez to get thru but we doez da best we can…ya still can take da awardz cause ya alwayz read me blogz!!! We haz 3 Chipmunks here who chase each other n fightn dey iz bery funny to watch!! Fuzzy da only black squirrel cause all da other onez were runned over. (Mum saw each of dem n she wuud come home cryin….) We hopez sum new squirrelz come to da area so Fuzzy can have sum furendz. No one can have too many furendz right??
      Hope yer eye iz feelin bettur…me wurriez bout ya sweet Nellie
      Lub Nylablue n Mum too xoxo

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