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The Kitteh, the Sorceress n da Condo!!!

Published August 27, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Katz n Kittehz: As ya all nose we bin havin a sirius BEE prublem lately!!! Well me Mum (da Sorceress) haz bin findin out creeative wayz to fight da Yellow Jacketz n da Wild Beez n even a Black Hornet who thought he’d try his luck wif gettin to me!!  Ferst Mum found out ’bout da decoy wasp nestz so she made 2 of dem n see how creeative she waz wif dese:

Bag Lady 1Bag Lady 2Bag Lady 3

Now whose a clever gurl??? 😉 Mum spoke to a lady dat lived in da countree n dey use da brown bagz full of shreddy paper tied wif string n make it look  like a wasp nest!! So Mum made one fer da patio door n one fer me!!! N so far it iz werkin!! Of course do not leave out in da rain, MOL!!!

Den Mum waz given da Scepture of Power by Aunti Reeni:

Scepter of Power

Scepter of Power

So Mum haz bin puttin da ‘smack down’ on any Waspz or Wild Beez who try to get to me!! Head count 1 Wild Bee n it waz vishuss n 7 Waspz aka Yellow Jacketz!!!

To further purrtect me she waz told bout da Listerine treement so she bought sum n put it in da spray bottle ne sprayed da patio n a small porshun of da grass last nite n den diz mornin. Diz iz da Arsenall to keepz me safe!! Da Black Hornet waz jumpin all over da hedge cause Mum had sprayed it too…he got bery drunk cause dere is allkiehall in dat stuff n he fell off hiz perch, MOL!!! Got up a few timez n went back fer more n fell off da perch agin n agin so we haz to send him to Allkiehollickz Non-e-moose after diz eppysode!!!!!!!! ROFWM!!!!!!!

Tools of the TradeSo diz iz da story of da Kitteh (dat’z ME!); da Sorceress (dat’z Mum) n da Condo which iz me Magic Wardrobe purrtected by Mum’z toolz of da trade!! What do ya all use fer Wasp n Wild Bee n Hornet control where ya live or do ya even have prublemz wif dese nasteez??  Ok me iz goin back out in me Condo; catch y’all later!!! Nylablue out.


To bee or not too bee

Published August 23, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Da Nylablue here n me haz lotz to share wif ya all. Ferst me tell ya we haz Princess da Presario laptop back n she iz purrin along like a little kitteh…me haz bin tryin to get to all yer bloggiez but Mum bin busy wif peeple stuff so me haz to wait fer her to start Princess so me can surf!! We like Sammy haz not had any note-eeficashunz since Tuesday so we not nose who iz bloggin or not…so we iz hoppin frum one blog to another. If me not comminted it iz cause me not bin to yer bloggie yet!!! Funny fing iz we gettin all da commintz fer our bloggie n fer eveyone lese’z….beezarre me can tell ya!! Are me n Sammy da only onez wif diz WP glitch fing happenin???

Now onto sumfing bery sirius we must share! Mum haz become a BEE hunter…she haz had to deefend me frum a Bee gone wild today!!! Here iz a piccie of it:

Bee gone purrleeze!!

Bee gone purrleeze!!

Now let me sayz Mum iz a peecefull Hu’Man most of da time but when sumfing threat-tenz me she beecomez a ‘Deefender of da Nylablue’… Let me tell ya da story: Yesturday we waz out on da patio n 4 beez came snoopin fer food. Mum had me 2 dishez covered up butt dem beez waz bein bad n wuud not go away!! Dey kept flyin thru da Condo n dat made Mum ‘MAD az a  hornet’ so to speek!!! So Mum sprayed dem wif vinegar but dey came back…..she got a real ‘bee in her bonnet’ n went fer da Flea spray!!! She got all 4 of dem n dey flew away feelin wet n beefused me iz shure!!! Today dere waz only 1 nastee BEE n it came back n it dived Mum when she waz holding me covered dishez. She put food inside! She moved da condo back onto patio stonez. Da Bee den entered me Condo n went to sting me!!! Me waz a kitteh caught in da bee’z sight n me cuud not move!!! Mum ripped da blankie off da top of me condo n she scooped me up befur me knew what waz happenin n she gentlee butt firmly took me inside!!!! Me can tell ya me heart waz in me mouth…..Mum den went back out n she chased da bee wif her Daily Planner n da spray bottle n she drove it away!!!! She iz me She-Ro tonite!!! Now Mum meowed to me she iz a peace luvin hippie chick n doez not beelieve in hertin anyfing UNLESS it iz gonna hert her or me!!! Me waz shaken, not stirred me can tell ya!! Mum gave me treetz n chicken n den sum real guud NIP n me went fer a nice happy nappy in me chair!!

Diz iz me befur da Bee:

Nylableu zen 3Nylableu zen 5Diz iz me after me waz almost stung by dat nastee bee n propurrlee fed n nipped up:

Is dere a bee Mum

Me can nap in peace...

Me can nap in peace…

So me n Mum iz werkin on diz ZEN idea…..MOL!!! Mum iz still takin da Aunti-byotick fer da Bladder altho she sayz she feelz fine. Me iz doin guud even tho me scared Mum wif a softie yesturday n she waz gonna rush me to da Vet!!! Me sayz ‘”Hold on Mum me do sumfing ya gonna like…” N me did so da Vet waz cancelled…whew DAT waz close!!!! 😉

Da other nite it waz a “Blue Moon’ which meanz it waz spesehell fer all Blue kittehz all over da werld!! Altho Mum cuud not see da ‘blue’ she did take a few guud pix of ME Moon fer me:

Blue Moon 1

Blue Moon 2Me wanted to howl at da Moon n Mum reminded me KATZ don’t howl n me told her da boykatz me waz *ahem* bred to DID howl like bansheez er me meanz manly katz. 😉 (So glad dat iz in da diztant past fer me…)

Finally we haz bin given a bunderfull award n once again Mum did not put da name of da giver on it. Me not nose who gave diz to us but me sayz B-I-G Phank You to whoever it waz…me iz so embarrassed *blushy earz*…

wonderfulteammemberreadershipawardDiz sunny face award iz da purrfect way to end diz bloggie doncha fink everybody???

Lub n *head rubz*  to all of ya faithfull followerz  frum Nylablue n cyber {{{HUGZ}}} frum me Mum Sherriellen

Catdurday Catchup wif Nylablue

Published August 2, 2013 by NylabluesMum

EEoww Krazy Katz: Nylablue here n wantin to share pix n newz wif ya all!!! So getz a snack n sumfing nice to drink n pull up a chair!! Diz cuud take a while! 😉

Me hidin in da cupboard

Me hidin in da cupboard











Kiss me toesiez' me not goin to da Vet'z!!!

Kiss me toesiez’ me not goin to da Vet’z!!!









So dere me waz hidin in da cupboard mindin me own buziness n dere waz Mum takin pickturez. Me waz clueless bout why she bein da Pawpawrazzi so me deecided to come back down n pose fer sum more…..

Me doin 'flompy gurl' fer Mum

Me doin ‘flompy gurl’ fer Mum



Mindin me own buziness when....

Mindin me own buziness when….

Me iz beehind barz!!!

Me iz beehind barz!!!










Let me da *flounder* out Mum!!!

Let me da *flounder* out Mum!!!










Yow all dat pickture takin waz a RUSE!!! So off to da Vet’z we went again wif me meowin to Mr. Ollie, da Taxi driver me dizzpleashure…n he talkin to me sayin “it’z fer yer own guud Miss Nylablue.” Me givez him credit ’cause he waz bery poe-lite to me!!!  Me wuud not talk to Mum tho’. TRAITER!!! HHRRMMPPHH!!  Da bizit went well n me weighz 9.50 poundz so me iz gettin ‘pluxurrious’  again little by little . Dr. Dave checked me heart n lungz n palpeetated me n me purrtested n he told me what a lubly gurl me iz….bleh, bleh, bleh…..n dat me had gotten over da werst of da bowel eppysode. Den he got all sirius n me hid me head fer fear diz waz “Da End”!!!! He n Mum sittin on dere stoolz wif me in my carrier on da table ‘tween dem…let me tell ya it waz tramatizzin fer shure!!! Dr. Dave sayz he haz one more meddycashun dat cuud keep me goin n dat is da DEPOMEDROL which he gave me 2 weekz ago. He sayz it cuud werk bettur den da Prednisolone n no tabletz fer Mum to crush…just me get a needle once in a while….which iz OK…well sorta OK…he deecided to give me a 1/2 dose which will werk wif what iz still in me system n dat shuud keep me goin fer 6-8 weekz. He told Mum when me either goez off me food or da bowelz erupt den bring me back in ‘mmedeeately n me get another injeckshun n me shuud get bettur.  Me den bemembered to breathe ’cause me waz holdin me breath!!!! Me waz about to do a *happy dance* when Mum said to Dr. Dave we needz to talk bout when we put Nylablue to sleepz…dey acktuaally discussed da proseedure n what music wuud be playin fer me n what me wuud be wrapped in n what stuffiez wuud go wif me….me *happy dance*  🙂 idea turned to *me haz a sad*. 😦  Den dey both looked at me n said, “Not today Sweet Feet (Drama Queen frum Dr. Dave) not today; you iz gonna bee all right fer a while.” Me almost fainted dead away!!! Guud greef ya Hu’Manz shure nose how to scare da CWAP outta a kitteh!!!!  Me waz BERY quiet on da taxi ride home n Mr. Scott da driver waz wurried bout me n asked Mum to check on me which she did n me hissed at her! See me NOT DEAD yet ya old bag er me meanz me Sweet n Lubbin Mum who carez so much……once we waz home Mum asked me if me wanted to go out ind a Condo n me said (in Birman) “You bet yer furry A** me doez!”

Phank KATGOD me iz home!!!

Phank KATGOD me iz home!!!


So dat iz what has bin happenin to me!!!  Me iz speekin to Mum again n we iz all lubby-dubby. Me nose she lubz me wif all her heart n wantz to do right by me!! So all iz well at da Purrfect Pad fer now. Sadly we had another birdie feytality diz week when Rupert fell of hiz perch n died…fer real!!!! He waz on da perch of bird feeder n bery sick. Mum went to get a box fer him to bee in n he fell off da perch right befur me eyez n hit da quartz bird bath…it waz NOT a purrty sight n he died quick like!!! When Mum came out she saw me n da Pidgeon starin at da bath n when she saw wee Rupert she lost her mind n burst into tearz……n Dr. Dave calls ME da ‘drama queen’!!!!! HAH!!!!! Me finkz NOT!!!! Anyway Mum wrapped Rupert up n buried him in da garden n put tobacco down fer him…so now we haz 3 sparrowz gone to da Spirit Werld diz Summer….so we sayz Guud Bye to Rupert who waz a sweet birdie n hope he iz flyin free…..

Rupert az we want to bemember him..

Rupert az we want to bemember him..

It bin a hard time fer Mum fer shure!! She waz so sad da past few dayz. Sumtimez me wurriez all the death she seez will make her batsh*t cwazy but she sayz it iz her ‘job’ to care fer all of Creatur’z creeturez. Me Mum iz “Simplee Amazin”. So me deadicatez diz song to her:

Me LUBZ ya Mum n me nose eberyone here doez too!!! Well Katz dat’z all frum here…wishin ya all a grrreat weekend no matter what ya do. Purrleeze bemember to LUB yer Hu’manz ’cause dey are dellycat n need reasshurance frum uz!!! Nylablue out!!!!