You know it’s serious when……

Published July 17, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hi Folks: You know your 4 legged is seriously ill when the VET makes a House Call!!! This happened tonight & here it is in Nylablue’s own words!

Yow Krazy Katz….so me waz lyin on da kitchen mat mindin me own buzyiness like diz:

Mindin me own buzyeness

Mindin me own buzyeness

Wen da phone started to ring n Mum answered it n said, “Dr. Dave come on in.” Me waz like WHAT DA KAT IZ GOIN ON HERE??  Since when doez a Vet make house callz?? Diz can not bee guud!! Befur me cuud disappear or tern into stone dere waz Dr. Dave larger den life standin in me hallway!!! Me waz ‘stonished!!! Me finally found me feet n went into da bedroom n purrtended to be invizible. Mum found me tho n she brought me into bathroom n dere waz Dr. Dave wif a needle n me blankie!! He wrapped me up n Mum tried to hold me n me wriggled n bent da needle 😉 But Dr. Dave waz unpurrturbed n he rewrapped me like me waz a burrito n Mum held me n den he gave me da needle!! It waz not so bad really. However me had to give sum cattitude n me stomped off to me Condo!! Mum n Dr. Dave were takin pix of me (grrreat dey iz Pawpawrazzi now!!) MOL!

Me doin evil earz at Dr. Dave n Mum

Me doin evil earz at Dr. Dave n Mum

Me iz ignorin da Pawpawrazzi in me house..

Me iz ignorin da Pawpawrazzi in me house..

Dr. Dave said he gave me Baytril shot fer any secondery infeckshun he finkz iz in da bowelz….he iz really a guud Hu’man even if me don’t like him on purrinciple for bein a Vet!!! Now me haz to tell ya all diz Baytril iz makin me feel ber peeculear!! Me eyez are all big n me can hear da fleaz fartin down da Hall. Mum took me out in da condo but after 5 minutez me had to come in.  It is still bery stuffy out frum da heat so me iz ok wif bein inside. Me finkz me gonna try sum suppa now…me iz fightin diz wif all me strength as me nose how much ya all LUB me n me LUBZ all of me 2 n 4 legged furendz here n on Facebook  n me Hu’manz who nose me here in town!! Me will do me best to get thru diz n not leave ya all!!! Lub n ~~head rubz~~Nylablue.

Sherri-Ellen here: Dr. Dave gave Nylablue a 50/50 chance of pulling thru this episode. I am hoping for the best knowing the worst could happen & I have to be strong for Nylablue either way!!! Thank you for being here for us…your support & concern & love for Nylablue is heartwarming & wonderful!!! Until tomorrow…


85 comments on “You know it’s serious when……

    • Hey there Oscar, Henry & Archie & Mum: Seems we all have been in tears all week with Nylablue…she is a bit more like herself today (Friday). Cautiously optimistic…
      ((HUGS)) back & let’s not lose hope!!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

  • Oh no, Nyla! We are so sorry to hear you’ve been ill 😦 Sending lots of love and healing gentle licks from me and Krissy (but I won’t tell Krissy you’re of the feline persuasion, as she’s still a bit fresh off the racetrack…)

    Get well, Nyla – we’re crossing our paws for you…

    Solo and Krissy xxxxx

    • Hello Solo & Krissy…thank you for stopping by!!! Nylablue is resting comfortably now & eat a bit better. We are hoping things improve….time will tell. If Nylablue were feeling well she would smack Krissy for trying to chase her, BOL/MOL…..
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • get well soon Nylablue
    when I was a vet nurse I used to like doing house calls and seeing the pet patients in their own environment, it made it less stressful for most
    lol @ “fleas farting down the hall”

    • Yow Auntie Eevee…Mum let me answer yer email. Me iz still here but me iz bery weak n on more meddycashun…Dr. dave sayz we nose in a week if me makez it or not!! He sayz no more Baytil cause me shuud not have herd da fleaz fartin at all!!! Me had a bad reeacshun 😦
      Me wuud LUB fer ya to be me VET NURSE!!! *kitty sigh*
      Lub to Goddess Freya & da boyz n Snickerz frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xo

  • I am so pleased you put up a good fight with Dr Dave and I know you will fight just as well to get all better. Sending massive of love and get well thoughts!

    • Yow Basil me went back t Vet today but me not fight much, just cussed n hissed. Dr. dAve’s arm iz still a mess frum me ‘artwerk’, MOL/BOL!!! Phankz fer da purrayerz n LUB!! Yer a class act poochie!!!!!
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen

    • Phankz fer da hogs n snout kissez (dey tickled!!) n yer piggy healin powerz!!! Me iz still here Bacon…got a week to get all better…pawz n hoovez crossed!!
      Lub Nylablue n Mum

    • Hi Mollie & Alfie….I can feel everything crossed for Nylablue…she is still with us but her future is uncertain….we will know within a week if she makes it or not…
      Thanks for your support.
      SherriEllen & Nylablue

    • Yow Easy me Champion xtraordinaire….phankz fer da 1000 hugz n kissez…me needed dat!!! Still here fer now…we will nose in da next week if me makez it or not!!! Me must go rest now…
      Just want ya to nose me LUBZ ya too!
      Nylablue ❤

  • Aw sweetheart, Poppy & I are sending all kinds of love and good wishes. We want you to get better. You certainly are maintaining your catitude through all this doctoring. Ma’s saying extra prayers to St. Francis to fix you up. Love ya lots Nylablue & big hugs Miss SherriEllen. Hang in there. I know how rough it is when our fur-babes are sick.

    • Hi there Misaki. Sherri-Ellen here again. Nylablue had a stable day but did nit eat. She was out in Condo for 2 hours this evening & came in only to have more diarrhea. Please keep sending positive thoughts!! Vet appt tomorrow @ 12:30 pm.
      We love ya Poochie frm Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Thank you #1 & Chan kitties & Tommy & The V’s for your kind words. Have not made it to your blog due to caring for Nylablue. I hope all of you are well.
      Your friends in Canada, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Oh, sweet Nylablue we are so sorry to hear you have had another episode. We are certainly happy that you have a caring vet that will make house calls to give you your shot. There are no vets around us that would do that. Sure hope you are showing signs of improvement sweet girl. We are keeping you in thoughts and prayers and your sweet mum too. Love, hugs and nose kisses

    • Hi Maggie & Chancy & all: Dr. Dave is an amazing & sweet man & I am blessed to have him as a Vet. This episode is by far the worst EVER!!! So bad in fact she might not make it. We go back tomorrow afternoon. I am so scared!
      Love & ((hugs)) 7 nose kisses from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too

  • nyla…hope ewe getted de best fishes N blessings oh st francis we sended yur way…and we eated 98,433 cans oh toona just for ewe…..pleez getz way better reely quik…ya got sum fite in ya still… sew fite off de nastee azz infectshunz N tell it wear ta go…sendin hugs loves N purrayerz

    • Thank you Tabbies for sending blessings for Nylablue. When I told her 98,433 cans of tuna-tuna she was AGOG!!!! She is a bit more chipper tonite altho she had more diarrhea….paws crossed this is the end of that nastiness….UGH!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • Mum and Miss Nylablue, I’m hoping for the best. I have to say I love that photo of Miss Nylablue with devil ears. I wish I could have devil ears when I need them! Hutchagoodlife has a good idea there, syringing probiotics. Maybe Dr. Dave can do that? Please, Mum and Miss Nylablue, know that we all love you and are hoping for the best. Thank you, Mum, for being such a good Mum.

    • Hey Susan! Sherri-Ellen here. I am hoping for the best also. The Baytril has made Nylablue all agitated & hyper but no diarrhea!!! Dr. Dave says she has secondary infection that cuould prove fatal!
      Penelope aka Nellie Cat From Hell made Nylablue a member of her group a while back…Meezers got to stick together.
      Even if Dr. Dave can syringe probitics I doubt he would make daily visits to do that. Nylablue will not ake anything orally. She fights & even as sick as she is she would resist which would stress her more & make her condition worse. It has always been a balancing act with Nylablue. I am prepared for the worst. I have her Medicine Pouch ready & her 2 stuffies & fave blanket at the ready so if she has to be PTS we can do things right for her!! It is all so surreal! Thank you for stopping by & for caring!!
      Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • I don’t like to hear 50/50 odds…wringing paws. I luv you Nylablue, purrlease don’t run to the Bridge…you are still young, and Miss Sherri Ellen luvs you so very much. Fight girl furriend! Healing purrs, Savvy

    • Hi Savannah & Linda & all: The odds are NOT in Nylablue’s favour at this point. I am wringing my hands/paws too!!! Nylablue is somewhere between 12-13 yrs old so mid 60’s in Human years & after the life she had as a Breeder her body is of a cat far older!!! Dr. Dave told me a few years back if we got her to 13 yrs old it would be a miracle….so I am holding out for one at the moment!!! We have to just wait & see….
      Love you all so very much!!! Thank you for your support.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Awww. Poor Nylablue. Whee hope efurrything turns out ok. Whee have had oral baytril when whee are sick so whee know it is horrible and yucky.

    Sending lots of healing wheeks and whiffles

    Nutty, Nacho, Buddy & Basil

    • Hello Hutch Friends! Sherri-Ellen here to let you know Nylablue made it thru the night. I noticed the Baytril has made her act oddly as if she was ‘stoned’ on super good catnip!! Seh is a bit agitated too. At least having an injection she did not have to taste anything yucky!!! Nylablue does NOT DO yucky!!!!
      Thanks for wheeks & whiffles…we need them all!!! Love ya Guineas!!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

      • Not sure if it is the same for kitties but whee piggies have to have a probiotic when whee take antibiotics as it kills all the bacteria, including the good ones in our gut. Whee were a bit out of it when whee had baytril too. It’s not nice stuff but at least it works pretty well


        • Hi again Nacho, Nutty, Buddy & Basil…Nylablue won’t eat so can’t get probiotics into her!!! We have tried before & failed….probiotics would help but we must make do with what we can do for Nylablue at this point!!! So Baytril does do odd things to 4 legged?? Thank you for reassuring me! I got scared when she was howling like a wolfie there last nite…lol..
          Sherri-Ellen xo

            • I don’t know about injectable probioitcs….I will ask Dr. Dave when I email/speak to him next. That ‘peace & love hippy’ look is exactly how Nylablue looks!!! Now I am not so worried knowing it is a normal reaction!!! Thanks G-pigs!!! You ROCK!
              Sherri-Ellen ❤

              • Just watch out because Nutty was like that for about 8 hours afterwards then whee syringed him some probiotics and he improved really quickly. Poor Nyla must be so confuzzled. Bless her.


                • Hi Hutch G-Piggies: I wish Nylablue would take Probiotics…the powder smells & tastes like LIVER & Nylablue will not eat any food with the powder in it 😦
                  The confuzzlement has worn off & she is alot more alert tonite. She even was put in her Condo for 2 hours watching Cheeks the Chipmunk so there is some improvement in that are….still NOT eating tho. & some more diarrhea tonite 😦
                  I so want her to get well!!!!
                  Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

                  • Glad the confuzzleness is gone. Whee know it goes away, but its still scary for the hoomans. Our probiotic tastes of veggies and Mummy puts it in water and syringes it into our mouths. Sometimes whee don’t like it so Mummy has to force feed but that is upsetting for efurryone.


                    • Hi Hutch G-Pigs!!! Dr. Dave said Nylablue had a very B-I-G reaction to the Baytril so he would not give her another dose today. He gave her 1/2 dose of Covenia & a Depo steroid injection….we tried to give her probiotics but she would not allow that. We will know within the next week if Nylablue makes it or not…..please keep your sweet little paws crossed for Nylablue. 😉
                      Sherri-Ellen xoxoxoxo

    • Hi Jane & RMSM: THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS, THANKS!!!!!! I will give your message to Nylablue wwhen she wakes up!!
      Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Nylablue I’m so sad that you aren’t getting better…..but thank heavens you have a good doctor who came to your house to try and help. We have our paws crossed that you pop back from this because we DO love you and your Mum and want you to feel poorly anymore. Rest dear girl…….and I’m sending Healing Sammy Hugs!

    Love, Sam

    • Hi Sammy & Pam: Nylablue made it thru the night. Barely eating. She is acting odd from the Baytril so I am keeping her as quiet as possible. Dr. Dave is an ANGEL to all animals!!! I once saw him recusitate a parrot that was drunk & almost dead!!! All we can do is wait & see at this point!!!
      Nylablue loves her ‘Sammy hugs’!!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Oh dear Nylablue we do hope you are feeling better very soon. You’re being looked after so well by Dr Dave and
    Sherri-Ellen – you couldn’t ask for better carers. Lots of love and hugs over the ether. Do keep us posted on how you are doing! xxx

    • Hello Susan & AC’s: Thank you for your kind words & support!! I know you must deal with sick 4 leggeds alot so I know you understand how helpless I feel for Nylablue. time till tell. I am staying in to watch over Nylablue today. Probably Vet Thursday afternoon. Thank you for checking in with us.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

    • Will do Sparkle! Nylablue made it thru the nite. She is barely eating however is alert. Kind of stoned from the Baytril. Hoping her will to live & the med kick the infection to the curb too!!!!
      Will keep you posted here.
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Oh Nylablue you poor baby,now you get better my sweet girl,We have lots of fun adventures to have yet.My Goddess among Kitties get well do you hear me that’s an order your mama needs you,we all need you,I shall be over to give you super sized snuggles to get better,hehehe we are in a pickle aren’t we?Love you always,xx Speedy

    • Hello Speedy & Rachel: Nylablue made it thru the nite. She is barely eating. Baytril is strong 7 she is kind of out of it. Resting tho’. I do not want the Goddess to ‘leave’ either Speedy; I love her so much…but it is in KATGOD’S paws & Nylablue’s.
      Love ya sweet bunnyboy!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

    • Hello Speedy & Rachel: Nylablue made it thru the nite. She is barely eating. Baytril is strong 7 she is kind of out of it. Resting tho’. I do not want the Goddess to ‘leave’ either Speedy; I love her so much…but it is in KATGOD’S paws & Nylablue’s.
      Love ya sweet bunnyboy!
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

  • Dear Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue,
    I am praying that Nylablue pulls through this with flying colors plus an extra dose of Nylablue catitude and that you both have many happy weeks, months and years left together. I know that you must be afraid, Sherri-Ellen, and no one could blame you for fearing the worst after Dr. Dave’s visit. I hope you’ll forgive me but I feel the need to remind you that you have given Nylablue the best life any cat could have ask for. Your commitment to Nylablue’s health and happiness has inspired everyone who knows you. While I pray that Nylablue’s final days are far, far away, I wanted to tell you just how impressed I am by your dedication to giving Nylablue the very best life a cat can have. You have showered her with all the love, respect and care she was deprived of for so long. Because of you, Sherri-Ellen, Nylablue knows what love, happiness and security really are. I wish every living being could experience the wonder and joy you’ve given Nylablue in the years you’ve been together. Hopefully your time together continues and your happiness continues to grow but, no matter when it comes to an end, I want you to remember just how much love, care and security you gave a scared traumatized cat, transforming her in to a beautiful, obviously adored majestic kitty. I hope you can forgive me for broaching such a sensitive, private subject, Sherri-Ellen but I was afraid you would feel as if you could have done more for sweet Nylablue and I needed to tell you that whatever happens, whenever it happens, you have gone miles beyond duty and traveled the road of never ending love.
    Dorothy with Mistletoe and Hitch

    • Teary eyed here Dorothy!!! Thank you for your kind & thoughtful words. I am humbled. I vowed 7 years ago I would give Nylablue a Life she deserved to make up for the first 5 Hellish years she had. I KNOW I have done my best for her…I just am not ready to say ‘Goodbye’…I just want that extra time….Dr. Dave said she would make it to between 12-13 yrs of age & she is now 12 yrs approx. so you can see my distress….
      It is a matter of ‘hurry up & wait’ to see if she makes it thru this episode. All we can do is hope.
      Thank you again for your lovely thoughts….
      Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Oh my, our sweet Nylablue, we don’t like this 50/50 stuff. You must get better. Your mum would be totally lost without you. We are glad you are holding on to your sense of humor, and we want you to never stop fighting with Dr. Dave. As long as you are doing that we know you are on the positive side of that 50%. We’ll be praying extra super bunches for you and Sherri-Ellen whether we’re awake or napping. Love, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauridio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • Hello Janet & Sisfurs & Brofur of Nylablue: It is 50/50 & I am sorry I can’t give better odds. Nylablue used far too much energy foghting with Dr. Dave & is paying the price now. She did not fight yesterday when he came to our home. Please pray! All we have is hope now.
      Sherri-Ellen ❤

  • Nylablue..we are sending so many healing paw vibes from down under Dr Dave and mum are doing the very bestest for you and we all are keeping our bits and pieces crossed that you feel how much you are loved and needed and really summon your inner tiger!!….find that tiger and use her strength sweet feets…huge love and hugs and healing thoughts
    From Fozziemum and all the gang xxxxxxxxxx

    • Hello Bev & the ‘down under’ gang!!! Thank you for all your support & your blog about Nylablue & the sailing ship…I am crying like a baby here….I think Nylablue might not find her ‘Inner Tiger; this time… is a wait & see time. I have prepared for the worst (as best as I can) & hope a miracle happens…..Thank you for your support & love. This means the world to us.
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

            • Hi Bev & the gang: Altho Nylablue is not all spaced out from the Baytril she still is not eating & had some more diarrhea tonite. I am so scared Bev. Thank you for your support & prayers. Means the world to us both!
              Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

                • Thanks Bev. I was talking to my best friend who is now almost 400 miles away from me & she is in shock over what is happeneing too. I know you are praying for us & I feel the energy….your Fozzie is some dog trying to organize a sailing expedition to Canada…that made my day!! If the worst happens tomorrow I KNOW I will have good friends to support me here. May the God of your understanding bless you & keep you safe always. Sherri-Ellen

                  • Sherri-Ellen we are here in spirit and in thoughts for you both..we understand the pain and fear we have travelled that road too many times and it is never any easier.I have to go out but know that I am still thinking of you both,always always with loving thoughts..i have asked on my facebook for people to send their thoughts to you too…the animal friendship world is tight and very loving and all those prayers I hope will be answered.
                    We shall talk later my friend,,love and kisses and hugs from Bev and gang xxxxx

                    • Hello Bev: Last nite I could feel so much love from all directions…from all of our lovely friends here….I know you understand & empathize with what we are going thru’. You are right that the animla blogosphere is very tight & it is lovely & reassuring to have so much support!!!! Thank you fromt he bottom of my heart for your friendship!
                      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

                    • Sherr-Ellen you are most welcome..i was sending so many thoughts and prayers to you both in bed last night..i so hope Nylablue feels them too…please take care of yourself too and I hope today brings you both closer to good health.
                      Love from all of us Bev xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Oh Nyla!
    House calls! Mes is purraying furry hard that yous gets through this! Those bowel things sounds furry awfull!
    Kozmo, Jo-jo, the hairy slobbery sisters Bob and Cinnamon and Me and Mommy s purraying that yous will bes A-OK soonest!
    Mes loves yous grrl furrend!

    • *whispurrz sum more* Yow Nellie…a House call; me waz stonished to see Dr. dave standin in da hallway wif his Docktur bag!!!!! He iz a tall Hu’man n solid built yet he iz gentle n kind. Me did not struggle much cause me knew he wanted to help me feel bettur!!! Inflammatory Bowel Disease IZ PAWFUL!!! It ix chronic n leadz to other bad fingz n can kill us kittehz purrty quick so pawz crossed me can get thru diz eppysode. Me haz bin thru a few befur but NUFFIN az BAD az diz!!!!
      Give nose kissez to Kozmo n JoJo & hairyz fer me!! Me haz to go lie down n rest again….
      Lub alwayz Nylablue ❤

    • *whispurrz sum more* Yow Nellie…a House call; me waz stonished to see Dr. dave standin in da hallway wif his Docktur bag!!!!! He iz a tall Hu’man n solid built yet he iz gentle n kind. Me did not struggle much cause me knew he wanted to help me feel bettur!!! Inflammatory Bowel Disease IZ PAWFUL!!! It ix chronic n leadz to other bad fingz n can kill us kittehz purrty quick so pawz crossed me can get thru diz eppysode. Me haz bin thru a few befur but NUFFIN az BAD az diz!!!!
      Give nose kissez to Kozmo n JoJo & hairyz fer me!! Me haz to go lie down n rest again….
      Lub alwayz Nylablue ❤

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