Godzilla Mum doez da Clinick!!!!

Published July 6, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Me haz a story to tell ya….not bery purrty either. Ferst let me say diz iz what me Mum lookz like on a guud day:

Here I am World!

Here I am World!

However since June 13th me Mum haz bin sick wif sum vie-russ goin around which iz BERY odd fer diz time of year where we live!!! Mum did go to da Evenin Clinick dat evenin  but da dopey Docktur wuud not give her Aunti-byeotickz n said she shuud go home n wait it out!!! Mum came home wif bee in da bonnet me can tell ya!!! Mum went to her Docktur on June 25th n got da Aunti-byeotick dat she can take n we thought she waz gettin better. Diz meeycashun iz called Zithromax n ya only take fer 5 dayz n it werkz fer 5 more so we figured Mum wuud be guud to go in a few dayz!!! June 28th Mum woke up in sirius pain in her bladder n her kidneyz….she waz in agony n she KNEW da infeckshun had spread!!!!! She tried to get into da Clinick da next day but dey waz closed ’cause it was da Canada Day long weekend….so she called our Hospeetal in dey told her dere waz a wait time of 6 hourz which iz like a trillion dayz…so den Mum asked her nice  furend CathyJean to drive her to where me Dad livez in Wiarton to dere Hospeetal n dere waz a bunch of peeple frum outta town n at da beech n sick n bin in fightz so the wait time waz just as long, so Mum had to come home in pain. Now diz pain iz nuffin dat me haz seen befure in a Hu’man!! Mum waz rollin on da bed back n forth n makin horrid moanin soundz n den whimperin like a wee kitt!!! Caturday nite n Sunday nite she waz so sick she waz jerkin all about on da couch n she cuud not talk…me waz howlin like a banshee but no one came to help us!!! Mum waz burnin wif feever yet she waz cold to da touch!? Me waz like “WHAT DA KAT IZ DIZ??” Each nite after about an hour she wuud come round n just lay dere n cry n stroke me n tell me fingz bee OKayz!!! Me did not fink anyfing waz OK!!! She waz finished da meddycashun Caturday nite so it shuud have still bin werking. Monday waz not much better. Mum cuud barely walk or do anyfing n she wuud just hold her tummy n soft cry….she waz so swollen me thought she had a kit inside…she waz DAT big n no dere iz no pickturez…..it waz too pawfull to take pix when she waz in so much pain…..She got into see da Doktur Tuesday (July 2nd) n did a peaz test n dere waz backeria n blood n da peaz. Den she n da Docktur had an arguumint about where Hu’Manz kidneyz are!!! She waz sent home wif nuffin!!! Da KAT SCANNER at da Hospeetal waz brokin so Mum cuud not have a scan which made her purrty upset…she got worse n went back to da Docktur Fursday July 4th n no coffee in her (it waz earlee in da mornin) so she waz BERY scary like diz:

Me huff n me puff n me blow da Clinick down sayz Godzilla Mum

Me huff n me puff n me blow da Clinick down sayz Godzilla Mum

Da Docktur n her had another arguumint about where da Kidneyz are n  me finkz Mum got bery angery n stomped around n cursed n stuff. She did another peaz test n da Nurse put a dippy stick in to check fer backteria. Den Docktur came back into exam room n said “Dere iz no backteria in yer Peaz!” Godzilla Mum reeplied “Ya better look harder” n roared n deemanded a new meddycashun which Docktur gave her to get her outta da Clinick befur she tore da place apart!!! Mum got da new med called Macrobid n she started it Fursday mornin. CathyJean took Mum to da Lab Fursday afternoon where dey took sum of her blood fer sum more testz n she came home n fell into bed wif me fer 3 hourz…She took da secund dose of Macrobid wif suppa n she got BERY  sick!!!!!! FUR REAL!!!  Ferst she waz barfin like she had hairballz n den she got da ‘trotskyz’ n dat went on fer a few hourz….me kept dashin into bathroom to sit wif Mum n help her feel better. Den she started to coff n coff den she waz coffin so hard she barfed n den she had an ASSMA attack n it got purrty uglee!!! She kinda went blue!! Me got her to her perse to get da Innhaler n she shook it n sprayed n she got bitz in her throat n cuud not breathe AT ALL!!! By now me iz tryin to get to da phone to paw 911 fer an Ambuulance…mum staggered about gettin salt n she gargled n gargled til she cuud breathe again. She got a little puff out of Innhaler…it waz too old to help her!!! We spent almost all evenin into da wee hourz tryin to get her a bit better. Me got her to bed fer sum sleep n this mornin she called da Farmasee n told dem what happened n dey said she iz ALLERGICK to dix Aunti-biotic too. Dey sent her a new Innhaler n her nite meddycashun n told her to stay in bed (or on da couch or on da patio; but to go nowhere diz weekend n rest.) So we spent all day sittin out n me got to catch up on me beeuty sleepz:

Sunshine NB8As ya can all see me was eggsausted beyond beelief!!! Late diz afternoon me Mum got a call frum da Nurse n guess what???? Ya got it in one: dere iz still backteria n blood in Mum’z peaz n da Nurse sayz keepz takin da Macrobid…n den Mum tellz her what happened n what Farmacisst sayz n Nurse sayz “You iz still bery sick n need a new Aunti-biotick n me will call Docktur right away.” Mum told her to not call til Monday so she can haz three dayz wifout dese Aunti-biotickz in her body cause she iz faatigued n her Immeowne sistem iz all messed up. She sayz she takez her chancez wif pain n bad peaz altho she iz not runnin to bathroom every 20 min-utez like she waz!! Oh n da Kat scanner iz fixed but dey cannot check Mum’s kidneyz til July 11th… so dat iz why Mum n me not bin around much n not bizitin many blogz….she iz just so sick n pawthetick n sad!!! N she still haz da coff but she iz not barfin so dat is guud!!

Sowwy diz iz so long….it haz bin almost a month she bin sick. She told me today better she iz sick den me…what a sweet Hu’Man…but me rather be sick den watch what Mum haz gone thru n bee so helpless…

Oh n me n Mum got an award fer our favorite fingz….but Mum cannot bemember who gave it to us…..so whoever it waz purrleeze let us nose in yer commintz here so we can add da award propurrlee n den do a bloggie about it when Mum iz better!!! So dat’z da story of how me Godzilla Mum did Clinick….she iz purrty fearsum izn’t she??? Take care Krazy katz n bemember to LUB on yer Hu’manz ebery day cause fingz can change in da blink of an eye!! 

Pee Ess: Look at da LUBLY card Mum got from Dinnermintz of da Fozzie gang ‘down under’:

Dinnermintz card fer Mum

Dinnermintz card fer Mum


Phankz so much Dinnermintz n Miss bev n da whole gang frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen ❤



47 comments on “Godzilla Mum doez da Clinick!!!!

  • AIIIEEEE….we knew you very sick Miss SE, cuz we see your FB. But what a pawtastic nurse you have to take care of you…thank Ceiling Cat Nylablue is not ill at same time…whew! Sending my most powerful purrs your way right now and Mom Linda sends her warmest hugs…we care about you both soooooo much! Paw waves, Savvy and Mom Linda

    • Yow Savannah me HAZ bin pawtastic!!Mum is slowlygettin better but it iz bery slow…she had more side effectz wif da mewest meddycashun so Docktur told her to stop it!!! She iz on ‘bed’ rest (altho she sneekz out on patio wif me!!! Me iz gettin well earned ‘condo time’ as ya can emmagin!1 me is glad me not sick too or Mum n me wuud have bin in B-G-G truuble!!! Me will get Mum to bizit yer blog soon…we almost caught up but den fell beehind. You are fesrt on da readin list tho!!
      *paw patz* n ((huggiez) n lub frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxoxo

    • Hi Michelle & Moggies 3: I am still in a bad way & have been taken off the 3rd Antibiotic & do not know what we can do now as I am out of options medication wise.
      I am trying to rest but am so agitated & upset….at least I can sleep at night with Nylablue by my head on her pillow. Snuggle time is SO important to both of us!!!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Yow Misaki she is still under da coffeetable but iz on da new meddycashun n so far she haz not turned green or blown up or turned into a monster…me finkz she iz on da mend!! Pawz crossed!!!!!
      Lub frum Nylablue xo

    • Wowserz dat card iz beeuteefull!! Phanzk so much Miss Bev n Dinnermintz n da whole gang!! ya made Mum’z day!!!! We might just have to add diz to da blog!! 😉
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

    • Me n Mum almost fell off da couch Dinnermintz n Miss Bev n Fozzie n Doc…Dockturz never call anyone anymore!!!
      Mum just got off da phone wif da Farmacist who spoke wif da Dcoktur n dey have a new Auntibiotic fer Mum to try fer 3-7 dayz…pawz crossed no reeacshuns..Mum start it tomorrow…
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  • Nylablue…your poor poor mum 😦 nothing worse than being so sick for such a long time…and i’m sure she is worried that you will worry about her..you are such a good kitty staying close to mum and giving therapies with cuddles…sometimes Drs are a bit silly..happens all over the world..and sometimes they don’t like to admit they don’t know whats wrong! it’s unfair to be alone and dealing with this..thankgoodness you and mum are a tight unit! and I am sure when the right medicines take affect mum will be back to her bubbly self 🙂
    We all send our love and wish we could be closer to help…but Nylablue..it’s a long swim from down under;)…
    Be kind to each other and stay comfortable as you can.
    Hugeeeeee hugs Fozziemum and all the gang xxxxxxxxx

    • Yow ya got dat right Miss Bev…diz weekend Mum bin bery guud, reatin n eatin propurrlee n gettin a bit of Sun!! She told me not to wurriez but she knew me waz so she bin brushin me n singin n cuddlin me alot!!!
      me almost fell over when da Docktur called Mum tonite!! 😉
      Diz iz amazin!! Hoepfully fingz get werked out.
      Me n Mum nose ya are bery bery bery far away….but we iz glad we iz furendz here n on FB..just knowin peeple care haz helped Mum alot n me too!!
      Lub to Fozzie n Doc n Dinnermintz n da gang n YOU Miss Bev!!!
      Nylablue n SherriEllen ❤

      • Wow…you are a great nurse Nylablue! and im glad the doctor was ringing mum up to check!
        Hoping mum comes good really quickly 🙂
        And luvs to you and mum from all of us Nylablue xxx

  • Ma and I agree, Nylablue, your Hu’Mum would be better off goin’ to the vets cause they take much better care of us than many people docs do for our Ma’s and Pop’s. We are feeling very, very bad for your Ma. Ma never had a kidney infection, but she got real sick with Lyme’s Disease and felt like all her bones and joints were broken. We spent lots of time in bed moaning too, but this sounds worse. At least Ma’s doc was compassionate-like. It dreadful to be so sick and with your Ma’s doc not helping but arguing. Gee, the asthma sounds awful too. It upsets us you two are suffering alone without much help. So Ma and I are sending you love and prayers for healing, but also for the strength to get through the rest of the weekend until you can get some proper help.

    Your Poppy and Ma

    • Yow Yow Poppy n Ma….sumfing amazin happened today…da Docktur called me Mum on da phone at suppa time n dey talked fer 25 minutez!!! When Mum apaulogized fer bein cranky Fursday da Docktur said, “No need to apaulogize; ya are sick n in pain n me iz soeey me did not help enuff.” Me n Mum are still meowin bout diz!! 😉
      Me haz heard diz Lyme’z Dizease iz pawfull n me iz sowwy yer Ma iz better frum dat!!!
      Me Mum’s Assma iz still actin up but she usez da Inhaler n den garglez so me iz hopin it goez away soon!!!
      Mum behaved herself diz weekend….she iz alot more like Mum n alot less like Godzilla-Mum now!!!
      *paw patz* Nylablue n me Mum ❤

      • Nylablue, Ma thanks you for the update. It seems like your Mum is a little better tonight. Still it’s scary she is so sick and you have to look after her alone! Your purring and warm body must be a great comfort for your Mum. We are glad to hear the doctor realized his mistake, ’cause being stressed by the doc makes things like asthma and pain worse. We’ll keep on keeping you in our thoughts!

        Awww…Your Poppy likes paw patz!!! I’m sending paw patz to you too 😀

        • Eeoow Poppy me wanted everyone here to nose Mum iz sick n n ignorin dem!! We fell beehind on readin bloggiez n Mum feelz bad fer dat!!! Mum just spoke to da Pharmacist n Docktur n dey iz ‘cocerned’ about da Infeckshun n are gonna try a new Autni-biotick on Mum n hope she doez not reeact to it…startin tomorrow…pawz crossed nuffing bad happenz!!! Da docktur iz a Feemale n younder den Mum 😉
          *paw patz* all around frum Nylablue xo

    • Yow Mistur Manfred diz last three weekz bin bery heard..now me nose what Mum goes thru when me so sick. me iz takin guud care of her n werkin to get her back on her pawz!!! me likes da Godzilla Mum piccie…it is classick!!! MOL!!! OK da ‘real’ pic iz purrty of Mum…me just likez a guud laff…..(me needz a few laffz dese dayz…)
      Purrleeze give me lubbinz to Baby n Sweetie n Yow out to Miss Bonnie too.
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

    • Yow Chan Kittehz n Tommy N V n V N Mum to all of dem..Mum haz bin so sick…we iz bERY far beehind n have not bin to yer bloggie in a while *embarrassed earz*. Once Mum n me get caught up we come bizit…we iz hopin tomorrow….we finkz of ya all often n wish ya a guud Sunday 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

    • Eeeoww Miss Jane…you iz so right ’bout bein sick. Poor Mum haz bin thru such a hard time so me iz tryin to help her wif emailz n blog n chorez around da house (not scoopin me litter onto da floor n not furrin her sheetz). it iz hard but me can do it!! 😉
      Lub ya all, Nylablue n Mum xo

  • I’m so sorry for your poor momma. That was really a “hell-week” for her. I hope she feels better soon and the auntie biotixa and the other medecine can chase all the back tarias away. I will send you the biggest hug on earth for a fast recovery.

    • Easy me Champeeon…dat ((HUG)) cheered me Mum up!!! Diz haz bin a ‘hell-week’ fer about 2 weekz so Mum iz bery weak n haz to rest alot. It got so hot out today we had to come in so we iz in da coolness of da apartmint n watchin TV n me helpin wif reepliez fer Mum.
      Maybee a quiet weekend will help her out 😉
      Lub ya, Nylablue n Mum xo

  • My goodness Nylablue…..so sorry your Mum has been so very poorly and not able to get the proper help from the doctor. I’m sure you have been very worried about her – after all, the two of you both have health issues so it’s tough on BOTH of you when one’s sick but here’s hoping she’s better VERY soon. I know you worry about her just like she worries about you.

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy me finkz Mum shuud go t me VEt fer da help!!! he wuud not let her suffur da way her Hu’Man Vet haz 😦 Mum sayz she iz glad me iz healthy n if it meanz her bein sickly it iz all right!!! She iz either selfless or cwazy!!!!! Or both!! 😉
      Today she iz at least actin normal. it iz way too hot to be outside so we in da cool flat hangin out together…
      Hope you n da pawentz are havin a guud weekend.
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxo

  • OH your poor mum.Tell you mum to get some cranberry juice as that will help with the symptoms and to drink plenty of water and if she feels up to it to go to a health food shop and get some cranberry Tablets,its a supplement that helps with this kind of infections,I use it just one every day as I used to suffer a lot with this sort of thing and now it rarely flares up.hugs and snuggles from Speedy and me to your mum for a speedy recovery,xx Rachel and Speedy

    • Yow Speedy n Rachel: Mum is now on da 3rd HUGE jug of GrannyberryJuice n drinking water like cwazy!!! She haz bin floatin fer da past few weekz!! granyberry tabletz fer REAL???? Mum Miss Rachel haz a guud diea fer ya!!!!! me will tell her bout diz!! Phankz fer da tip 😉
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

  • Ben the Hood here
    Bad for ya uman an yu herrin things bad in Canada my uman old like me we walk together to take paper to ouse in mornin she ok
    my uman dad he went to rainbow bridge i,se dont talk any one els this uman understand she ok hope yer uman gets purrin again

    • Yow Ben kitteh it haz bin a bery bery bad week here..Mum not bad today so maybee she will bee all right…
      Mum sayz she wurriez dat she iz gettin older n sicker n how can she take care of a kitteh?? But we in diz together so we will ,get thru diz too….
      Me iz sowwy ya lost yer Hu’Man Dad….mine iz still alive but he iz not livin wif us n me missez him sumtimez. Now he haz 2 of hiz own kittehz so me iz Mum’z 100 purr cent!!!!
      Me can pickture ya walkin wif yer Hu’Mum to get da paper…bery cute!!!!
      Purrleeze nip aunti Amanda a love nip fer me when ya see her!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Hello sisfur and Sherriellen. We cannot believe how ill your mum has been, and the doctors all sound like jerks and idiots. Our mommy said she had a kidney infection over 50 years ago and still remembers how painful it was. It was us your sisfurs and brofur who gave you My Favorite Things Award. If you check out our Thankful Thurs(furs)day post, you’ll find it there. Sherriellen, Mom and us is sending healing thoughts and prayers your way. Get well sooner than soon, please. Love, purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    • OH PHANK KATGOD you told me it waz ya who gave award Kittiez Blue!!! Purrleeze don’t bee upset wif us..Mum waz so sick she got befuddled n fergot!!! Mum DID save da Award in me folder but did not put yer name on it…
      You iz da best Sisfurz n Brofur!!!! ❤
      Miss Janet had a kidney infeckshun befur?? It IZ so painfull n me nevver seen Mum in such a state befur!!!!
      Phank you fer da guud wishez n fer da award!!! Mum iz off medz fer 3 dayz in den she go back fer more testz. We shall see what happenz….
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen ❤

      • We could never be upset. You are the best sisfur we ever had, and your mum was sick. We humans are not responsible for our actions when we are sick, especially when the doctors won’t help us. Hope your tests give you a clean bill of health SherriEllen. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

        • Whew dat iz guud newz!! Me haz tried to get on da puter wifout Mum helpin but me haz truuble openin da laptop!!! Anyway da Docktur DID call Mum Sunday nite n sayz SHE WAZ WRONG N MUM WAZ RIGHT!!! Den she said we gotta try a meddycashun dat cuud make ya allergick but we gotta get diz infecksun out….
          So Mum bin on sumfing bery strong n she iz holdin her own so far…but getz BERY dizzylike she izn’t alwayz anyway so she n me not here alot!! We haz blogz to catch up on…purrleeze bee payshunt…we will get to ya soon!!!!
          Lub to all of ya frum us, Nylablue n Mum xo

  • Whoa! And I thought MY human was sick! She had a viral infection this past week that made her nonfunctional for several days and she even went to the ER one night because her body had a hysterical reaction to the illness! But that sounds like a picnic compared to all the awful stuff your human had to go through. I hope she feels WAY better soon – I bet you are exhausted from all the nursing you have had to do!

    • Yow Sparkle watch yer Hu’Man..diz iz how Mum’z sad tail started..wif a Viral infeckshun dat went backteriall!!! Mum waz havin sumfing like convulshunz last Furiday n Caturday nitez…maybee sumfing like yer Mum??
      Purrleeze snuggle yer Mum fer me n let her nose we care here!!!
      As fer me…totally totally eggsausted n goin fer another ‘happy nappy’ in me pedestal bed soon!!
      Get well soon Sparkle’z Mum frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

    • EEoooww Prancer Pie…Phankz fer all day guud wishez n purrz…ebery bit helpz 😉 Mum iz stable fer now. She can’t have any meddycashun fer a few dayz n den we see if backteria is all gone or not….
      Me haz earned me Nurse badge fer shure!!! Now me goez hab sum ‘happy nappy’ time!!!
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

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