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Me favorite fingz award n sum JAH-LUB to all!!

Published July 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow me furendz! Nylablue here wif a wee bloggie to let ya all nose me iz still here wif ya. It haz bin a pawfull week fer me n frum all da commintz Mum read to me it seemz eberyone here haz bin feelin so sad n wurried. Me neber meant to wurry all of ya….Phank you fer all da purrayerz n LUB n support fer me Mum. She iz a guud sort n she haz cried oceanz of tearz over me….me needed a rain coat to keep dem tearz off!! mum me not a drip dry kitteh!!! MOL…

Seemz me waz given an Award a while ago but wif gettin sick nuffin got dun bout diz…so me wantz to post da Award n answer da questshunz n den share diz award wif ALL of ya!!! Here iz da award  frum me adopta Kitteh Blue furamily:

Da sweetest Award eber..

Da sweetest Award eber..

Me not shure how many fingz me iz apposta paw down az me Favorite fingz so bear wif me….da list cuud get long!!!

Nylablue’z favorite fingz:

1) bein alive today!!!

2) all me toyz n stuffiez, speshelly me catnip toyz 😉

3) bein out in me Condo fer a whole day.

4) me MUM!! She iz da bery best to me.

5) me Auntie Linda n Savannah who are me Guardian Angelz on Earth.

6) diz blog n all of ya me iz connected to…me n Mum have a real home here at WP!!

7) Low salt tuna-tuna….mmmmmm…..nommie!!

8) Bunnehz!!

9) afternoon napz wif Mum in da big bed.

10) funderstormz….me lubz to sit by da open window n feel da wind n da rain comin in!! Me iz fearless!!!

11) soft Minkie blankiez me haz in me bedz.

12) da new kibble Dr. Dave gave me to sample….it is nommie!!!

13) Hitch n Sir Thomas me 2 mankatz who makez me swoon n sweet Bailey Boat Kat…(if only me waz 10 yearz younger, MOL!!) A gurl haz to have a few mankatz around! 😉

Dere me list iz dun fer today!! Many many phankz fer yer support to me n Mum thru diz pawfull time. Me iz restin well n lettin da meddycashun do itz werk. Eatin bettur n drinkin me water….me not shure how fingz will be in a week’z time but just fer today eberyfing iz purrty pawsum fer me n Mum…..

Oh n me givez diz award to ALL of ya. Me iz too weak to paw all yer namez so purrleeze take da award n add it to yer collectshunz ok??

Diz me Greta Garbo look..

Diz me Greta Garbo look..

As Mistur Bob Marley wuud say: ONE LUB!!! Oh yeah me lubz to lissen to music n here iz a song Mum singz to me alot:

Happy Furiday to all of ya pawsum 2 legged n 4 legged furendz we have here. Ya ALL mean da werld to us!!! Let’s hab a pawty diz weekend…eberyone go out n da nice weather if ya can n enjoy da day n fink of me in me Condo groovin to Bob Marley tunez!!!  LUB frum Nylablue n Mum ❤


Crossroads for Nylablue

Published July 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

"Standing at the Crossroads wondering which way to go..."

“Standing at the Crossroads wondering which way to go…”

Hi Everyone! Just checking in with an update. At this point Nylablue is home & she is at the Crossroads.

She ate some of her breakfast this morning; then a bit more before we left for the Vet’s!!. We spent at least 1/2 hour with Dr. Dave as he assessed her & checked her over. Her weight is 9.24 lbs which is up from 9.20 lbs on Monday. Not dehydrated so NO subQ fluids required!! She definitely had a reaction to the Baytril injection so no more of that for her!!! Dr. Dave decided to give her a 1/2 dose of Covenia (antibiotic) & then an injection of Depo (steroid). Then he got really serious & said that the next week would tell the tale so to speak. If she does improve & gets thru this episode then she will be all right til the next time. If however she does not improve & the diarrhea does not stop then it will be time to help her transition to the Rainbow Bridge…so it is bittersweet news. On one hand she is still with us & on the other hand it is a ‘wait & see’ situation. Honestly I am utterly drained & worn out beyond belief. I’m sure ALL of you know what I am experiencing. I want to THANK ALL OF YOU here who have sent such touching & heartfelt messages to both of us. Knowing Nylablue is loved by so many is wonderful…she is truly a unique kittygirl & it does my heart good to see how loved she is…from her beginnings who knows where to being a breeding Queen to going to a house where the people did nothing for her medically to the time I rescued her she walked alone & knew no love or compassion!! WE have changed all that!!! Together we have shown Nylablue just how special & wonderful & amazing she REALLY is!!! No matter what happens in the following week I will hold all your words of support, encouragement & love in my heart forever. Thank you all again…now let’s cross our fingers & paws & hooves & any other appendages & hope she makes a good recovery!!! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue ❤

You know it’s serious when……

Published July 17, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hi Folks: You know your 4 legged is seriously ill when the VET makes a House Call!!! This happened tonight & here it is in Nylablue’s own words!

Yow Krazy Katz….so me waz lyin on da kitchen mat mindin me own buzyiness like diz:

Mindin me own buzyeness

Mindin me own buzyeness

Wen da phone started to ring n Mum answered it n said, “Dr. Dave come on in.” Me waz like WHAT DA KAT IZ GOIN ON HERE??  Since when doez a Vet make house callz?? Diz can not bee guud!! Befur me cuud disappear or tern into stone dere waz Dr. Dave larger den life standin in me hallway!!! Me waz ‘stonished!!! Me finally found me feet n went into da bedroom n purrtended to be invizible. Mum found me tho n she brought me into bathroom n dere waz Dr. Dave wif a needle n me blankie!! He wrapped me up n Mum tried to hold me n me wriggled n bent da needle 😉 But Dr. Dave waz unpurrturbed n he rewrapped me like me waz a burrito n Mum held me n den he gave me da needle!! It waz not so bad really. However me had to give sum cattitude n me stomped off to me Condo!! Mum n Dr. Dave were takin pix of me (grrreat dey iz Pawpawrazzi now!!) MOL!

Me doin evil earz at Dr. Dave n Mum

Me doin evil earz at Dr. Dave n Mum

Me iz ignorin da Pawpawrazzi in me house..

Me iz ignorin da Pawpawrazzi in me house..

Dr. Dave said he gave me Baytril shot fer any secondery infeckshun he finkz iz in da bowelz….he iz really a guud Hu’man even if me don’t like him on purrinciple for bein a Vet!!! Now me haz to tell ya all diz Baytril iz makin me feel ber peeculear!! Me eyez are all big n me can hear da fleaz fartin down da Hall. Mum took me out in da condo but after 5 minutez me had to come in.  It is still bery stuffy out frum da heat so me iz ok wif bein inside. Me finkz me gonna try sum suppa now…me iz fightin diz wif all me strength as me nose how much ya all LUB me n me LUBZ all of me 2 n 4 legged furendz here n on Facebook  n me Hu’manz who nose me here in town!! Me will do me best to get thru diz n not leave ya all!!! Lub n ~~head rubz~~Nylablue.

Sherri-Ellen here: Dr. Dave gave Nylablue a 50/50 chance of pulling thru this episode. I am hoping for the best knowing the worst could happen & I have to be strong for Nylablue either way!!! Thank you for being here for us…your support & concern & love for Nylablue is heartwarming & wonderful!!! Until tomorrow…

Godzilla Mum doez da Clinick!!!!

Published July 6, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Me haz a story to tell ya….not bery purrty either. Ferst let me say diz iz what me Mum lookz like on a guud day:

Here I am World!

Here I am World!

However since June 13th me Mum haz bin sick wif sum vie-russ goin around which iz BERY odd fer diz time of year where we live!!! Mum did go to da Evenin Clinick dat evenin  but da dopey Docktur wuud not give her Aunti-byeotickz n said she shuud go home n wait it out!!! Mum came home wif bee in da bonnet me can tell ya!!! Mum went to her Docktur on June 25th n got da Aunti-byeotick dat she can take n we thought she waz gettin better. Diz meeycashun iz called Zithromax n ya only take fer 5 dayz n it werkz fer 5 more so we figured Mum wuud be guud to go in a few dayz!!! June 28th Mum woke up in sirius pain in her bladder n her kidneyz….she waz in agony n she KNEW da infeckshun had spread!!!!! She tried to get into da Clinick da next day but dey waz closed ’cause it was da Canada Day long weekend….so she called our Hospeetal in dey told her dere waz a wait time of 6 hourz which iz like a trillion dayz…so den Mum asked her nice  furend CathyJean to drive her to where me Dad livez in Wiarton to dere Hospeetal n dere waz a bunch of peeple frum outta town n at da beech n sick n bin in fightz so the wait time waz just as long, so Mum had to come home in pain. Now diz pain iz nuffin dat me haz seen befure in a Hu’man!! Mum waz rollin on da bed back n forth n makin horrid moanin soundz n den whimperin like a wee kitt!!! Caturday nite n Sunday nite she waz so sick she waz jerkin all about on da couch n she cuud not talk…me waz howlin like a banshee but no one came to help us!!! Mum waz burnin wif feever yet she waz cold to da touch!? Me waz like “WHAT DA KAT IZ DIZ??” Each nite after about an hour she wuud come round n just lay dere n cry n stroke me n tell me fingz bee OKayz!!! Me did not fink anyfing waz OK!!! She waz finished da meddycashun Caturday nite so it shuud have still bin werking. Monday waz not much better. Mum cuud barely walk or do anyfing n she wuud just hold her tummy n soft cry….she waz so swollen me thought she had a kit inside…she waz DAT big n no dere iz no pickturez… waz too pawfull to take pix when she waz in so much pain…..She got into see da Doktur Tuesday (July 2nd) n did a peaz test n dere waz backeria n blood n da peaz. Den she n da Docktur had an arguumint about where Hu’Manz kidneyz are!!! She waz sent home wif nuffin!!! Da KAT SCANNER at da Hospeetal waz brokin so Mum cuud not have a scan which made her purrty upset…she got worse n went back to da Docktur Fursday July 4th n no coffee in her (it waz earlee in da mornin) so she waz BERY scary like diz:

Me huff n me puff n me blow da Clinick down sayz Godzilla Mum

Me huff n me puff n me blow da Clinick down sayz Godzilla Mum

Da Docktur n her had another arguumint about where da Kidneyz are n  me finkz Mum got bery angery n stomped around n cursed n stuff. She did another peaz test n da Nurse put a dippy stick in to check fer backteria. Den Docktur came back into exam room n said “Dere iz no backteria in yer Peaz!” Godzilla Mum reeplied “Ya better look harder” n roared n deemanded a new meddycashun which Docktur gave her to get her outta da Clinick befur she tore da place apart!!! Mum got da new med called Macrobid n she started it Fursday mornin. CathyJean took Mum to da Lab Fursday afternoon where dey took sum of her blood fer sum more testz n she came home n fell into bed wif me fer 3 hourz…She took da secund dose of Macrobid wif suppa n she got BERY  sick!!!!!! FUR REAL!!!  Ferst she waz barfin like she had hairballz n den she got da ‘trotskyz’ n dat went on fer a few hourz….me kept dashin into bathroom to sit wif Mum n help her feel better. Den she started to coff n coff den she waz coffin so hard she barfed n den she had an ASSMA attack n it got purrty uglee!!! She kinda went blue!! Me got her to her perse to get da Innhaler n she shook it n sprayed n she got bitz in her throat n cuud not breathe AT ALL!!! By now me iz tryin to get to da phone to paw 911 fer an Ambuulance…mum staggered about gettin salt n she gargled n gargled til she cuud breathe again. She got a little puff out of Innhaler…it waz too old to help her!!! We spent almost all evenin into da wee hourz tryin to get her a bit better. Me got her to bed fer sum sleep n this mornin she called da Farmasee n told dem what happened n dey said she iz ALLERGICK to dix Aunti-biotic too. Dey sent her a new Innhaler n her nite meddycashun n told her to stay in bed (or on da couch or on da patio; but to go nowhere diz weekend n rest.) So we spent all day sittin out n me got to catch up on me beeuty sleepz:

Sunshine NB8As ya can all see me was eggsausted beyond beelief!!! Late diz afternoon me Mum got a call frum da Nurse n guess what???? Ya got it in one: dere iz still backteria n blood in Mum’z peaz n da Nurse sayz keepz takin da Macrobid…n den Mum tellz her what happened n what Farmacisst sayz n Nurse sayz “You iz still bery sick n need a new Aunti-biotick n me will call Docktur right away.” Mum told her to not call til Monday so she can haz three dayz wifout dese Aunti-biotickz in her body cause she iz faatigued n her Immeowne sistem iz all messed up. She sayz she takez her chancez wif pain n bad peaz altho she iz not runnin to bathroom every 20 min-utez like she waz!! Oh n da Kat scanner iz fixed but dey cannot check Mum’s kidneyz til July 11th… so dat iz why Mum n me not bin around much n not bizitin many blogz….she iz just so sick n pawthetick n sad!!! N she still haz da coff but she iz not barfin so dat is guud!!

Sowwy diz iz so long….it haz bin almost a month she bin sick. She told me today better she iz sick den me…what a sweet Hu’Man…but me rather be sick den watch what Mum haz gone thru n bee so helpless…

Oh n me n Mum got an award fer our favorite fingz….but Mum cannot bemember who gave it to us… whoever it waz purrleeze let us nose in yer commintz here so we can add da award propurrlee n den do a bloggie about it when Mum iz better!!! So dat’z da story of how me Godzilla Mum did Clinick….she iz purrty fearsum izn’t she??? Take care Krazy katz n bemember to LUB on yer Hu’manz ebery day cause fingz can change in da blink of an eye!! 

Pee Ess: Look at da LUBLY card Mum got from Dinnermintz of da Fozzie gang ‘down under’:

Dinnermintz card fer Mum

Dinnermintz card fer Mum


Phankz so much Dinnermintz n Miss bev n da whole gang frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen ❤