Da Super Sweet Award

Published June 28, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

super sweet award
Yow Krazy Latz n Poochiez n Bunnehz n Hu’manz!!!!!
Nylablue here n me wantz to give out n award to sum of da ‘super sweetestiest’ 4 n 2 leggedz we nose here…. *drum roll*…….
In da Poochie Kategoree: MISAKI of The Adventures of Misaki, da sweetest BIG poochie here!!
Kirbydawsblog cause KIRBY iz da sweetest itty bitty poochie me nose.
In da Bunneh Kategoree: SPEEDY of Speedy The House Bunny blog!! What can me say?? Diz bunneh iz like me own flesh n fur!!!
In da Kitteh Kategoree diz iz BERY hard ’cause me haz so many favez… so we split diz award wif HITCH of Mistletoe N Hitch fame cause he iz me mankat!!! Den dere iz BROTHER THOMAS of Cult of Otis who me wantz to make me mankat…he haz da BEST n sweetiestest pawpawz in da werld!!!!! Den dere iz handsum SAMMY of One Spoiled Cat…he iz so so sweet me cuud kiss him ferever!!!
In da gurl Kitteh kategoree me nominatez both Savannah n Nellie…da 1 sweetest rescue kittehz aside frum me! 😉
In da 4 legged Kategoree: AUNTI MAGGIE frum What’s Going On At Mumsy’s.
Finally in da rescue kategoree it iz a tie ‘tween Long Life Cats And Dogs n On Da Road With Animal Couriers cause dey are da sweetest Hu’Manz fer rescuin n carin fer 4 leggedz in dere respecktive jobz!!
Everyone else iz open to share da award too ’cause really EVERYONE here iz ‘SUPER SWEET’….
Since it iz rainin here me n Mum are tryin to get sum blogz dun n bizit everyone!!! When not dicktatin to Mum ya can all find me loungin in da Condo inside:

It maybee  rainin but me iz finkin of me swetest furendz...

It maybee rainin but me iz finkin of me sweetest furendz…


32 comments on “Da Super Sweet Award

  • hello nylablue its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is verry nice to meet yoo thank yoo for yore kind wishes for my brother tucker the other vizsla dog!!! hay by the way tucker is oridjinaly frum ontario canada too mama and dada pikd him up frum his breeder in watertown in the mithikal land of noo york way bak in 1998 maybe yoo and he wer naybors wunse!!! ps mmmm cupkayks!!! ok bye

    • Yow Dennis pawsum to finallee meet ya too!!! Yer a bery cute poochie!!! Me n Mum hope dat Tucker iz doin better n better now…
      Tucker is frum Ontario to?? Mousiez how cool iz DAT???
      Mum sayz we bery far away from where Tucker came frum (about 400 milez). Mum used to go dere befur she moved to Owen Sound..
      Help yerself to a cuppycake!!!
      Nylablue n Sherriellen xo

  • Oh Nylabluezzzzzzzzzzzz you are sum sweetz kitty gurl an I betz your mumz waz werkin her fingerz to the bonez to do your bloggiez treatz! me mumz a spudz an quite ewes-less herselv so don’t be too hardz on ya mumz…have a super dayz Nylablue..
    Head butters and kittie droolz frum Dinnermintz and the other thumbless wonderz MOL BOL and little bOL XXXX

    • Yow Dinnermintz…Me Mum haz bin werkin her fingerz to da bone wif da typin here…me let her go out to Hu’Man Vet yesterday but she got terned away so she went to a Cattery n she came home n said she LUBZ me da best!!! So me not gonna be hard on her….Me did ask her to type more today fer me while me iz out in Condo dicktatin…..yer right me shuud go eazy on da ‘old bag’, MOL!!!!!!
      Me finkz ya havin a thumbless blog will bee alot of fun!!!!
      Head butt dat old Fozzie pooch fer me n LIB to ya n all da other furriez…
      Nylablue n Mum aka da typist wif nubby fingerz.

      • Nylablue perhaps mum needz to get the therapiez..if ewe wantz a break I send Picklez..she doez good therpiez but uses cat-u-punturez too….MOL….shez good! our bloggiez will be Pawsomes I hopez and funz fur all creaturez..
        I headbutters Fozzie and he lickered my whole headz..must go getz doggie smellz off me now * scrunches nose up
        Lubbs Dinnermintz xxx

      • Yow me sumtimez needz a break frum da therapee dooty but Mum iz guud to me so me alwayz makez da effurt!!! Picklez doez cat-u-punckture too?? Me iz expert at diz form of therapee!!! 😉
        Yow me iz sowwy dat Fozzie lickered yer hole head after da head butt…poochiez can be so slobbery can’t dey???
        Lub Nylablue xo

  • Oh Nyla! Yous is the sweetest of the sweets!!! THanks yous for thinking of little old mes!!! Yous is one special girl!

  • Sisfur Nylablue, you are very deserving of this award ’cause we think you is super, duper sweet. We see you have your eye on several of the man-kitties, and we just want to say: “Don’t snap them all up for yourself.” Remember that you’ve got seven honorary sisfurs, and more than a couple of us also like Sammy. Mom says she is not familiar with a couple of the blogs you mentioned so she’s sending us over to give them a look see. Have a sunshiny, sun-puddley weekend. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Yow Sammy iz just a guud furend!!! Me heart belongz to Hitch tho’….pawz off purrleeze!!! Me haz a crushie on dat Brother Thomas too…da rest of da Brotherz n Leader O. are avaleable fer ya…me wuud not take all da man-kittehz!!! Purromise!!!!!
      Mum sayz we haz electrick,no me meanz erractick, no me meanz ECLECTICK taste..whatever da KAT dat meanz??
      Lub Nylablue n Mum (who apaulogizes fer messin up diz reply…)

  • Congratulations sweet Nylablue!!! We love you and your sweet mom and we so appreciate you thinking of us with the sweet award. We feel bad now because you have been so thoughtful and Mumsy made our new blog an ‘award free’ blog. She said accepting wards is very time consuming and she struggles to find time to keep up with reading, commenting on and posting blogs. Thank you though so very much for thinking of us. Huge hugs and oodles of nose kisses. Love you both!

    • ❤ Yer Mum doez not have to do anyfing bout da award…we nose yer blog iz award free but me Mum wanted to let yer Mum nose just how sweet she truly iz to us!!!
      We hear ya bout gettin cot up on blogz….we have bin readin ALL afternoon n still have a pawful (cludin yerz) to read. Mum iz too sore so we go take a nap n catch ya tonite.
      Lub ya sweetiez, Nylablue n SherriEllen xoxoxo

        • Same here Aunti Maggie…we iz not cot up yet n me told Mum to take over n do sum typin while me getz sum Sun in da Condo 😉 Don’t feel presshured to reply to us ok?? WE just wanted you to know we waz finkin of all of you iz all!!
          Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  • WE iz both ‘super sweet’ n me iz so glad me n Mum landed here on diz bloggie place!!!!
    Everyone we nose here iz super sweet…we just wanted to do a ‘meow out’ to da sweetie-est of our furendz ;*paw hugz* frum Nylablue n ((hugs)) frum SherriEllen to ya n yer Mum too.

  • Awww……..thanks Nylablue!!! I think you’re SUPER SWEET too! You really do have a lot of sweet friends who care a bunch about you AND your Mom!

    Kitty Hugs of Thanks….. 😀

    • Phankz Miss Susan…it took Mum almost 2 hourz to get diz bloggie dun!!! Me waz aging quicklee wunderin if she wuud ever get it posted 🙂
      Me haz so many furendz here….me picked a few to hi-lite altho all me furendz are ‘super sweet’…..
      Nylablue xo

  • You are a good girl Nylablue. I hope you will get some sun soon that you can use your condo outside. I’m glad this bunny is like your own fesh n fur – it’s always good to be close with the easter bunny :o)

    • Phankz Easy…me wantz ya to take da award too…me had to pick only 2 poochiez…Mum makez fingz hard me can tell ya!!!!
      We needz da rain…it haz bin 3 weekz wifout any so me iz just gonna lounge in da Condo n purrtend me is outside 😉
      Me haz a B-I-G softie spot fer bunnehz…..MOL/BOL da Easter Bunny…dat iz bery funny Easy!!!! Mum eatz da choccie n letz me lick a teeny bit!! Dat’s her idea of ‘sharin’….hhhhmmmmm…
      Have a grrreat weekend sweet EASY pup.
      Lub Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

      • That’s a strange kind of sharing – but all humans are not good in this when it comes to yummy things. I’ve learnt this lesson and if they think I would shar a bone with them – then they are wrong.

    • YOW YOW me Hitch!! *swoonz*……………………
      Ok me iz better now….phankz fer da compleemint…diz meanz da werld to me!!! Yer right me Mum IZ sweet but me not want her to get a fathead,MOL!
      ~~head rubz~~ n nose kissez n purrz frum yer gurlkat Nylablue xoxo

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