TEERIFIC Tuesday!!!!

Published June 18, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Yow Yow Katz…look what arrived in da mail today fer me n Mum:Prize 1

Prize 2

Dese are da purrizez me won in Henry’s cake contest…n Miss Michelle even gave Mum a purrize too:

Prize 4

We wantz to say a B-I-G Phankz to Miss Michelle fer pickin us n to Mollie n Alfie’z Mum fer makin dese pawsum giftz fer us!!!!!

N me wanted to share sumfing else dat iz Teerific… me Smorgasboard:





Me had to check suppliz today also n me finkz me make it till da end of da month; what do ya all fink???

NB checking food suppliesHow’s DAT fer choice?? Mum likez to make shure dere iz enuff food ‘just in case’ she sayz….me sayz ‘fer what Mum da Apockalipz??’ MOL!!! All in all diz haz bin a Terrific Tuesday n me just wanted to share me guud fortune wif all me 2 n 4 leggeds furendz. Yerz from da Nipnap Mat, Nylablue xo



52 comments on “TEERIFIC Tuesday!!!!

    • Yow Three Moogiez…yer Hu’Mum iz a jeaneeus wif da purrizez!!! me usez da long one in me condo fer a peellow n me LUBZ to smack n bunny kick da big blue toy!!!
      Ya have three timez da food me haz???Mum oh Mum ya gotta go back to da store n get me MORE food or me gonna whap ya starve to death!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • BOL Nylablue, glad your mummy has her priorities straight with the food stores, you can never have too much!
    And hope you like your lovely toys, Mollie’s mummy sure is clever!

    • MOL/BOL yer so right Misaki!! Me Mum haz guud priotiteez stragith fer shure!!! Mum got me MORE food today!!! Guud Mum!!!!
      Mollie n Alfie’s Mum iz a Jeaneeus!!!! Me LUBZ me toyz!!!
      Lube to ya n da Hu’Manz frum Nylablue n SherriEllen xo

    • Phankz Aunti Eevee…it iz da best fing to get real mail when ya are a KAT!!!! N yer right..Mum bought 20 more canz of food fer me. She donated sum to da Feral Katz dis mornin so she wanted to ‘stock up’, MOL 😉
      Lub to Goddess Freya n you frum me n Mum xoxo

  • Hi Nylablue we love your new toys,we think you mummy is very clever to stock up on your food the way she does.I get sore ears in the wind too and what with bad allergies all the time,Speedy’s fur and his bedding cause me problems and then pollen in the spring and summer so I take tablets and eye drops all the time as I wouldn’t be with out my baby boy Speedy,xx Speedy ‘s mum Rachel

    • Yow Miss Rachel n Speedy! Me finkz da new toyz are amazin! Mum iz alwayz stockin up it seemz, MOL….
      You get sore earz too Miss Rachel?? Mum’z earz are so so sensitive n she haz to wear ear muffiez all Winter when she goez out! Mum haz allergeez too but so far nuffin buggin her diz year….Mum haz da meddycashun n eye dropz ready tho’ 😉
      Me Mum iz allergic to non exotic kittehz so dat is why she haz me; cause me iz Hypoallergeenick fer her!!!
      Mum sayz she wuud not be wifout me too!!!!
      Binkiez to Speedy n best wishez to you frum me N Mum (Only Mum cannot binkie bery guud!)

    • Yow Aunti Maggie n Chancy da toyz are pawsum! Me finkz dere iz enuff food too. Mum gave sum to da feral cat Lady who bizitz every month so Mum bought me 20 more canz today!!! MOL/BOL/LOL///
      What a cwazy Hu’Mum!!
      Lub n nose kissez frum Nylablue n Mum..(no she not give nose kissez…)

  • That are nice prizes! I love it!!! I think our mom’s are related – we have always a “just-in-case”- supply in the house (for doomsday or stock market crash or whatever) My dad laughed – but as we had no electricity and no bread because the baker was powerless too, he was thankful for mom’s canned bread, ha! (just between us: the canned bread was skeevy and I wouldn’t eat it even when they would pay me for it )

    • Yow EASY me Champion!!! Dese prizez are da BESTEST evah!!! Me iz so proud of Mum fer winnin us sumfing!!!
      Our Mum’z are related fer shure..Mum sayz ‘just in case’ too n me haz to laff….but den if sumfing doez happen me will alwayz have food… Canned bread?? Dere iz such a fing?? We haz never herd of diz! What doez it taste like?? Me finkz not so guud??
      Lub n ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue xo

    • Hah Manfred…Nylablue loves when there are at least 3 bowls of food to choose from….I can have up to 6 open cans of cat food in the fridge at anytime!!! When I buy catfood @ grocery store I am sure they think I am eating it too, hahahaha!!!! They don’t realize I am owned by the finickiest feline in the world!!!!
      Sherri-Ellen xo

    • Yow Yow Chan Kittehz…it shure IZ da guud Life…Mum tellz me dat me deservez to be pampurred ’cause of da bad life me had befur she ‘dopted me!!!
      Me agreez of coarse!!!1 MOL!!!

  • Ben Wales lucky you I never know wen da food cimin but I got dafigure to envy
    Plenty rabbits and mices here birds if I fancy change meow tougg cat
    Good wishes oh I can bite ancles hehemeeee

    • EEoww Ben me hopez yer Hu’Man iz takin guud care of you!!! me wuud not be happy if me not get lotz of food!!! me iz a sharkie when it comez to eatin!!
      Mousiez you eat rabbitz?? Me iz furendz wif house bunnehz so me cuud not eat me furendz!!! Mice n birdz sound guud…da get to eat fishez at all?? me lubz da tuna-tuna!!!
      You are purrty tuff if ya can chaase down yer own food. Did ya get to put da ‘bitey-bite’ on Aunti Amanda’z anclez yet?? You are sum frisky kittehboy!!! Lub Nylablue xo

    • EEowww sweet texas…dat iz what Mum finkz…sumtimez she can not walk well or get out so she stockz up alot fer doez bad dayz. She really iz bery smart!! It waz a BERY guud Tuesday 😉
      *nose kissez* Nylablue xo

  • Nylablue, I thing you should check that cupboard daily, just to make sure it is well-stocked! In fact, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t check it two or three times a day.

  • Wow Nylabluezzzzzzzzz what great prezzie-ents…and your mum/ole salty be smeelyz guud too!!
    We gotz the full foodholez too and wiff delish same brandz..cept me I can’t have em coz I get red weez…:( I get fresh meatz and mumz gotta get spashull food from the bad place.
    Have a greatz day lubbs frum Dinnermintz xxx

    • EEoww Dinnermintz…da purrizes/pressiez are bery lubly!!! me lubz dem both n Mum smellz SO much Better!!! 😉
      Mum haz bin rubbin sumfing called Olbas oil on her throat n gargling wif Hydrogen Peroxide n she haz improved 🙂
      Dere iz nuffin like a full foodhole fer shure!! Me haz to eat speshell Urinary tract kibblez fer da red weez too…but me can eatz da Fancy Feast wif no problum….da Prednisolone meddycashun werkz so guud on me!!!!
      Me sumtimez even can eat sum Friskiez..sum day me will have to eat da meat frum da Vet…but not today…
      Hope yer nite iz going well….
      Lubbz frum Nylablue xo

      • Glad yer mum iz feelingz better Nylablue..I can’t even even the bad places dry foodz for spashull cats wiff red weez..so fresh meatz or spashull bad place canz..love me friskies an fantasy feasts but no go :(…have a great night I fink..we have a dayz..mumz been squaring outside coz the bunny wabbits dugged up her gardenz…shez buzy squaring and curseringz and fixing the fence..i fink maybe Cleoz gotz the bunniez in for avenges on mum for PRUNEZ on the Nip! MOL…
        Lubbs Dinnermintz xx

        • Phankz Dinnermintz…at least she iz not as cranky as she waz last week! Mousiez she can be a pawfull!!!!!!! Me will have to remind her to gargle tonite n use da Oil so she will be OK in da mornin. Me haz noticed when da NORTH wind blowz it hertz Mum’z earz n den she getz da sore throat….hhhmmm bery interestin!
          Yow no Fancy Feast or Friskiez..ya poor gurl!!! Fresh meatz wuud be guud; cept me barfed it up when Mum tried me on it a few yearz ago…we shure haz hour prublemz don’t we???
          Oh da knotty bunnehz..dey don’t mean to be like dat…dey just hungree!!! Soundz like it just might be an inside job by Cleo ;)Hope yer Mum getz da garden sorted out…or else she will be cranky….oh NOSE!!!!
          Lub Nylablue xo

          • It’s a bad norf windz….makes mums cranky pantz sickos! I tried to sneeks the empty friskies can other nightz and it gotz stucks on my mouff..mum was frantic crazy worried I cuts my chopperz..I didn’t but she sayz to me…you gots a eating dizorderz !! I know bnnyz is hungryz but mum sayz stayz out you gots 11 acres of eating this is no go zonez..she putz extra wires on fence and stinky blood and bones around the fencelinez..bunny thinks its a dead fing and don’t like it..they scared they get murdulatored ..mum hope this worksz.
            Lubbs Dinnermintz..
            Pee Ess..im gunna go helpz mum in the gardenz now..but not like Cleo helpered 😉 xx

            • Dat North wind makez Mum cranky pantz n sore throat n it flarez me Herpes Virus up too!! Mum wrapz da condo wif blankiez n me stayz snug but she sitz wif just a sweatur n she getz sick…she CUUD use one of me blankiez but she iz stubborn 😉
              MOL you waz sneekin da can..oh Dinnermintz me can just see ya wif da can stuck…yer Mum musta had a fit!!! Da disordur iz ya can’t eatz da yummy food 😦
              yer Mum iz right; da bunnehz have LOTZ of room fer eatz…maybee Mum’z iz tastier??? EEEWWWW dat blood nbonez shuud do da trick!!! Let dem fink murdalashun…den no one getz hert!!!
              have fun in da garden; me gonna go bug Mum fer suppa…Nylablue xo

  • nyla…way kewl gifts ewe getted…yur cake WUZ rockin !! N whoa N hold up…KNOT ENUFF TOONA THER…tell yur mum ta go get sum mor !!!!!!!!!!

    • Yow Tabbiez aren’t da purrizez da BEST???????? Phankz fer da compleemint..me n Mum werked at it!! Dda tuna-tuna iz in da other cupboard 😉 MOL!!! Do not wurry me makez shure dere iz ALWAYZ tuna-tuna!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • EEoww WOW iuz right Sammy!! Winnin da contest waz fauluss!!! Da purrizez are so lubly n Mum smellz guud iwf da lavender wheat bag!!! ( a bag fer a bag, MOL) Ahem sowwy MUM….

      so diz haz bin da l-o-n-g-es-t Gotcha Dat sellybrashun ever 🙂
      * kitty hugz* to ya frum me Nylablue xo

  • Nylablue, you are one lucky lady. New toys and all those noms in one place at one time. What’s that about? Looks like you have enough supplies on hand for at least a couple of weeks. Hope you’ll mention sometime that you have joined us as an Honorary Blue Kitty. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Yow Miss Janet!! Mum likez to stock up on food in case she iz unwell n can not get to da pett food store, MOL!!! Mum triez to buy enuff food fer da MONTH…DAT iz alot of dayz n evenin mealz….
      Me thought Mum did menshun bein an Honorary Blue kitty…me n her do not know how to do da linky fing so dat iz a prublem fer us too….me get Mum to check about menshunin…..dere bin alot goin on here so Mum might have got side tracked….sowwy.
      *kiity hugz* to all my fursistahz n furbroz!!! Nylablue xo

      • Linking is really easy in WordPress, and I can send you instructions so you can try it sometime. It doesn’t have to be to us. It can just be to another page or post on your own site. It’s probably the first thing I learned to do. Thinking about you and hoping everything is okay. Fondly, Janet

        • Hi Janet: I checked my blogs & I haven’t shard the news about Nylablue being made an Honorary kitty & I DO apologize. Between being unwell & a dear friend dying things have been a bit of a blur here. I have been trying to keep up on blogs but have fallen short….
          The next blog I do will be a blog about Nylablue & the Kitties Blue group…
          Can I copy & paste your blog link to my blog?? If so may I have permission to do that…then people can read your blog!!!
          Thnak you for your concern & understanding….If I had cat ears they’d be embarrassed ears!!!
          Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Yow me hearz ya Bailey!!! Mum buyz at least 60 tinz of kitteh food da beginnin of da month. She buyz a bit more cause sumtimez I eat more of one meat den de other!! Gotta keep da Mum on her toeziez!! 😉
      Da toyz are FAB!!! Me n Mum thought they wuud be regular size toyz like frum a pet supply store but dese are BIG n fun n bright!!! Me iz such a lucky kitteh!!!
      Hope ya enjoyed kitteh camp too.
      Lub Nylablue n Mum xo

  • I love your cupboard, Miss Nylablue! It’s so well-organized! And I’m glad to see that you are inspecting it to make sure everything is placed correctly. Thanks for the photos of the gifts, also! So colorful and happy!

    • Phankz Miss Susan..me likez to check it daily n make shure me not runnin out of tastee food n catnip n kibble!!! Aren’t da purrizez lubly?? Me won dem!!! Da fesrt time me EVER won sumfing n Mum got a purrize too!! Me iz so proud!!!!! MOL!!!
      Have a guud day frum Nylablue n Mum too.

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