Moanin’ Monday

Published June 10, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Sunshine NB 9Yow dere Katz n Kittehz!! Da Nylablue here to do a ‘Moanin’ Monday’ bloggie!! Diz May-vember weather iz BACK here in Canada n me iz stuck in me ‘crib’ (as Easy callz it) fer another day due to stoopid rain!!! Not only dat me Mum iz salty n sick wif sumfing called Sinusitis n she iz all grumpy & whiney n makin me earz hert!!!!

Da hole weekend waz a hot mess fer us!! Caturday Mum woke up sick but she waz a trooper n we sat out on patio…only me waz in small condo on da bench!! No ground time~hhrrmmpphh. Fingz waz Ok til da stoopid North wind came blowin in so me n Mum had to come in earlee….den da Mum FELL. Me iz shure da ground shook. She waz so dizzy she went down like brickz; poor Mum!!! So me sat wif her til she cuud get up n me herded her to bed!!!! N me stayed wif her fer da rest of da day right into dark time….me let her get up to eat n den me herded her back to bed!!! We spent a hot n salty nite….nuffin so icky az a salty sweaty Hu’Man!!!

Yesturday it waz nicer out n Mum let me go out in da full condo!!! She waz pale az a ghostie n just kind of sat dere like a big lump….she did cater to me tho’. She iz a guud Mum dat way!!! Here me iz in da Condo:

Condo daze 3

Snazzy set-up izn’t it?? Me haz a lounge n a dinin area n me potty area….also blankiez to keep da Sun off me if needed….Well fingz waz lubly….n den Mum got all dizzy n dat stoopid North wind came back n waz blowin around!!! Mum waz fevered n salty n MAD az a wasp bein smacked!! She swore just like me Dad doez n tore da condo down  n da next fing me knew me waz back in da apartmint!!! She got eberyfing put away n den she just sat on da futon fumin….so she waz ‘XTRA HOT’ by diz time!!! Me did me lovey eyez n cuddly rootine to comfert her!!!!

Nylablue'scamera adventure Jan 13th 012

Nylablue'scamera adventure Jan 13th 011Notice da cute form n pose..diz iz da way to get a Hu’Mum smilin’!! Werkz fer me ebery time!!!

So Mum n me spent a quiet evenin watchin TV n she played gamez on da puter……me made her go to bed at a propurr time n me kept an eye on her durin da nite. She woke up all stuffie n cranky diz mornin n seein da rain made her all growlee n mad again….She waz whinin n moanin to me so me figured me do a Moanin Monday blog to rid Mum n me of da moanin….MOL…(moan out loud).

Mum haz to go to da Chiropracktur later n me hopez he doez sumfing bunderfull n fixez her so she comez home happy!! A Kittygurl can hope right?? N me hopez she bringz me a treet cause me iz shure me earned one after diz hot mess of a weekend!!!!! As fer mischief me did do sum today smackin all me toyz all over da livin room after Mum had put dem nice in der placez n den after she cleaned out da litterbox me ‘rearranged’ da litter onto da floor….no pix as Mum waz NOT amused!!! Sowwy Mum me waz a bit bored….MOL (Meow out loud). Time fer me to snuggle me hot n salty Mum befur she goez out!!! Wishin all of ya a guud week…n Get well wishez to all da ‘sickiez’ out dere….what we 4 leggedz go thru with ya Hu’manz!!!! Nylablue out!!!


36 comments on “Moanin’ Monday

    • Phankz Misaki!! me gave her xtra lubbinz n ~~head rubz~~ to make her feel better….guud fing too as she had to save a poochie today 😉
      It’z alwayz sumfing eh Misaki??
      Lub Nylablue n her Mum…

    • Yow Tam & da Chan gang…me Mum haz kept me bery buzy da past few dayz….she seemz better since da Chiropracktur did sumfing wif her neck n back…she not moanin anymore!!!! Still haz a frog in da throat but she can smell again & no headache…see no moanin!!!!!
      Da ya like me fancy Condo?? Now if only it wuud warm up enuff again so me cuud be out in it!!!!!
      Purrz & ~~headrubz~~ Nylablue xo

    • Yow Aunti Amanda…we gottcha here no prublem!!!! Mum sayz yer email name lookz different..maybee dat iz da prublem?? Shure glad you stopped by cause me alwayz LUBZ to hear frum ya!!!
      Paw patz Nylablue n Lub frum Mum too..

    • Phanks Speedy Bunneh! Me iz werking hard to get her back up on her pawz/feet. She iz bein guud n doin as she iz told!!! We have chorez to do today n me iz pacin her so she doez not get sick again….need me Mum hellthy fer shure!!!
      We idd see sum cute pix of ya out in da yard….still need to bizit yer blog tho’. Purrleeze bee payshunt as Mum haz alot to catch up on 😉
      Lub n binkiez Nylablue xo

  • Sorry you are under the weather, Sherri. Sounds as if Miss Nylablue has been trying to keep you cool with her spit baths and has also offered some TLC (Tender Loving Cat). Mom says, “Get well really soon.” Purrs and hugs from the kitties at The Cat on My Head, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette.

    • Yow Miss Janet n all da Kittehz: Me Mum waz under da coffeetable Caturday when she fell; MOL!!! Ok maybee not so funny…poor Mum 😦
      Me takin guud care of Mum wif snugglez n ~~head rubz~~ n sum ‘bathz’….Mum iz a bit better since she came back frum da Chiropracktur…he did sumfing guud! 😉
      Nylablue n Mum xo

  • Oh dearz Nylablue you poor mumz got the lurggyz..our mumz still salty/tasty like chipsz too MOL ..but your mumz even falled off her perch like a bird/snack…itz borigz when mumz are sick..but get ready to make the dominashuns like me! If you have to take over the univerze then nowz the timez…send your mumz our lubbs and stand by wiff a pillowz in case she fallzof the perches again
    Kitty hugs Dinnermintz xx
    Bev here…take care Sherri -Ellen…the take over is brewing!!! Dinnermintz has gone full Meow-Tse Tongue!! xx

    • Yow Dinnermintz n Bev n Fozzie n all: Mum haz da lurgiez n she iz pawthetic….mind you she seemz a bit more chipper since she came back frum Chiropracktur!! Pawz crossed she iz on da mend…. Yow wow Mum fell off her perch, MOL!!! Diz iz so funny….me told Mum to tape a few peellowz onto her self. She waz NOT amuused 😉
      Dominashunz…..hhmmm me haz neber dun dat might try it if she doez not get better!!!!
      Kitteh {{hugz}} Nylablue….
      Pee Ess: EEoww Bev me iz sowwy you iz stil salty n sick too…what iz diz sickyness dat makez you n Mum so ill so many milez away frum each other?? Me hopez you feel better soon…
      As fer ‘Meo-Tse Tongue’ Mum just spit her tea all over da puter screen n laffed so hard she choked….DAT waz bery funny!!!! Plus da coffin made her get rid of sum of da ickiez in her throat!!! You iz a guud dockter!!
      ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue n Mum.

      • Our mumz is dudz Nylablue..I am glad the chiropracktur helped ya mumz..sorry ya mum spitz the tea but mumz been callin me Meow-tse Tongue cos of dominashuns..leats ya mum gots the froat boogerz out..;) easy also wants to joinz dominashuns so get himz on side! I cross my paws ya mum getz better/falls of her perch so you can takez over..soon..mumz getting sorta better then shez all weak againz so she gotz me makingz the cake fur the Country Womens Associationz 85 yearz celebrationz..I can’t cookz but any ‘scuse to get at the food holez 🙂
        Head butts to you for putting up wiff ya mumz pawtheticness…I unnerstandz..
        And head butts to you Nylabluez mum..get wellz soon or dominashun sweep the nashuns xx
        Lubbs Chairwoman Meow-tse Tongue 😉

        • Yow yow Meow-Tse Tongue aka Dinnermintz…you zi definitlee takin over n werld dominashun iz at paw/hand!!!
          Mum waz laffin alot over yer nickyname…it iz purrty funny 🙂
          EASY Pup iz me Champion so he will be GUUD fer werld dominashunz n crowd control!!!!
          Mum iz gettin better…not fallin off her perch…she waz sirprized when she saw dat commint…
          yer makin a cake Dinnermintz?? Wow dat iz pawsum…Mum sayz me not alloud to bake cause me fur getz in da batter! HHRRMMPPHH!!
          Hope da cake ternz out purrfect fer ya. You iz a guud kitteh to help da sick Mum.
          Phankz fer da head buttz; a kitteh needz encouragemint when da Hu’manz start moanin/fallin off da perch/ layin around da house…..
          We can still do werld dominashunz even if da Hu’manz recover…we do CO-VERT operashun ok??
          Lub n *paw patz* frum Nylablue xo

          • Indeedz Nylablue the oomanz are easy to dominashuns when they salty/tasty like chips…my cakez turned out goodzand didn’t even getz my fuzz in it! easy makez me Mol i thinkz hez gotz sum kitty in himz! we talkz dominashunz laterz coz mumz puter is crazy and shez lozing it …mol kitty hugz Dinner-meowntz mol xx

            • You Dinnermeowntz: You iz makin me Mum spit her tea ALOT!!!! She sayz you n yer Mum iz a ‘HOOT”??? What iz diz ‘hoot’?? Yer not an Owl are ya????
              As fer dominashunz me can take over any time me wantz to as proved when me escaped da condo a few weekz back 😉
              Hurrah fer da cake bein fuzz n furlezz!!! Hu’Manz do not like da fur in da food; me sayz more fyebur!!! Da got me da ‘stink eye’ frum Mum befur!!!
              EASY Pup iz definitelee part Kitteh n all da guud wayz…he can be yer chief of Paw Soldierz!!!!
              We must meow n woof in seecret about da planz fer dominashuns……later me furry furend…
              Lub n Kitty hugz frum Nylablue xo

  • We are sorry your Mum is sick, Nylablue. Our HuMom was sick last week and all she did was sleep and moan that her head hurt. We sure are glad she’s a much better now. Hopefully your Mum will feel better soon. As for the weather, it’s raining here…again, but HuMom is happy cause the rain stopped on Sunday long enough for the race in the Poconos to be won by Jimmie Johnson. Junebug came in third. HuMom has her fingers crossed for him this coming Sunday in Michigan.
    You take good care of your Mum.
    We luvs you.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Phanks Miss Dorothy n Mistletoe n me sweet Hitch….Yow yer Mum waz sick last week?? Me did not know n me iz glad she iz better now! Moanin iz so sad….n don’t tell Mum but me herd her cryin a bit too on Caturday nite; me finkz she waz bery sad…she said it waz Nuffin but me nose she iz full of bowlonee not tellin da truth. She doez not want me to wurry!!
      So you haz stoopid rain too down dere?? UGH it iz bery annoyin.
      Jimmie Johnson won da race?? Dat iz grrreat!! Me Mum can not get da channelz dey moved da racez too so she can’t watch n she iz bery sad about dat too!!! Junebuggy waz thurd?? Pawsum…he iz so cute me cuud just ~~head rubz~~ him furever!!!!
      We cross pawz fer him on Sunday too…
      Me iz doin me best fer Mum; she can be a pawfull!!!
      Me lubz all of ya too spedhelly me adorable, handsum, sweet, furry, purry Hitch ❤ ❤ ❤
      Nylablue xo

    • Phanks Mollie n Alfie…me iz werkin on makin her better…wish me cuud find a meddycashun dat wuud werked quicker 😉 Me triez to be da purrfest Nurse to me Mum…
      Sumfing on da way fer ME?? FER ME????? Oh diz iz bery eggcitin’….
      Me hopez Mum getz well eben sooner so she can check da mailbox…OH MUM GO CHECK DA MAIL…oh sowwy didn’t mean to catterwail dere Mollie n Alfie… just eggcited… 😉
      Hope yer Hu’man iz doin guud dere…
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • mow mow, me is sorry dat ewe has a sick mummy : ( you is like me….a gud cat nurse
    I looks after my mummy every day
    we haz a nice bedtime routine too, checkz facebook on dat small fone fing, read book, mummy drinks milk and I helps her, then when she putz out a certain light I knows she is going sleep and I waitz for her to lay down, then I pulls the quilt wiv my paw and gets under it, I layz on mummys arm all nite long, she haz her other arm over me all nite, lotz a cats wud hatez that !!! but I luffs it
    and we stay like that til that sun thing comes up in de sky, sometimez I leave mummys arm for only one minute to go toilet coz I does not like to leave her at all !!! then I getz right back in her bed.

    I hopez your mummy feel better now ?
    sorry she fell, why doez humans do that and not know how to land on de paws !! they is silly

    sorry it waz too windy for you, I is mostly a house cat but I go out sometimes on my red harness and collar, it is velvet cos I iz a Goddess, me not much into outside

    mow mow for now
    Goddess Freya

    • Yow Goddess Freya it is so lubly to here frum you n yer Mum!! Eeoww Aunti Eevee!!! Mum iz so salty n sad n me iz doin me best to keep her smilin n make her feel better!!! You iz a pawsum Kitteh Nurse…eben BETTER den me!!!!!
      You got yer Mum a guud rootine fer da evenin. Me haz Mum in a guud rootine too. We watchez da TV n snuggle den when da TV goez off me takez her to bathroom fer me brushin n den we play toyz fer a bit n den me haz last snack n den me takez Mum to bed!!! Me stayz wif her on me peellow til she goez to sleep n den me goez to play sum more n look out da window n purrtect Mum frum introoderz!!! Me getz Mum up fer ferst brekkie around 6:30 a.m. (she getz a bit miffie if me triez earleeur). MOL!!! Den me letz her go back to bed n me alwayz snugglez wif her til she getz up around 10 a.m. It iz guud when we can keep da Hu’Manz in a rootine so dey nose what’z what!!!!
      MOL Mum tried to land on her pawz but she waz all rubbery n sort of landed like a sack of taterz! 😉
      At least da fever haz settled down but she sayz da head iz still hertin bad n she iz so stuffie….
      AAWWW a red velvet collar n harness..definiteely fit fer da Goddess you are ❤
      Purrleeze give yer Mum a B-I-G snuggle frum me!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

      • Yow Goddess haz a bit of time befur Mum goez out so she iz lettin me reeply to commintz!!! Me iz now her secreetaree, MOL>Mum can hog da puter here too…maybee you n yer Mum cuud share??
        Me gave Mum da nose rub n she waz all melty n said Phankz….
        Lub ya Nylablue xo

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you so much for taking good care of Mum. I’m with you — I hope the chiropractor does some really good work and Mum feels much better!

    • Yow Miss Susan…so nice to see ya here!!! mum waz wunderin how you were….Mum iz so so cranky…me tried to share me kibble wif her but she rolled her eyez!!!! Hopin Dr. Greg can fix her! 😉
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Oh Nylablue you’re EVER so helpful to your Mum and take such good care of her. Sorry she’s got the dizzies and isn’t well……makes it more of a challenge to do your nursing duties doesn’t it? Hopefully she’s better soon and you’ll get rid of your winter winds and have SUN and condo-time!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy me iz alwayz ‘on da job’ when it comes to Mum!!! She haz alwayz taken such guud care of me when me iz sick so me doez me best to repay her fer da lub n kindness…she not az dizzy today; just sore n cranky n so stuffie in her nose…she can’t smell propurr n she sayz da food tastez odd….poor Mum..
      Me agreez wif ya bout da stoopid cold wind; it shuud just go away!!!
      Me wantz SUN time fer shure!!!
      Hope you iz havin a guud day Sammy.
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Good luck at the Chiropracktur – I hope he can help your mom ! I hope we all will have a wonderful week. …ahmmm. Nylablue… what’s with the leftovers in your bowl? Can you put them in your pawter and send it to me?

    • Phnakz Easy me told Mum you sent guud wishez n she said you iz a sweet PUP!!! Me haz met Dr. Greg n he iz kind of Magick too. Da mannypulashunz he doez look scary but Mum alwayz feelz better so pawz crossed fer today!!!
      MOL/BOL me alwayz leavez a bit in da bowlz fer da kittehz n da doggiez who go hunngery wifout a home!!
      if me figurez out how to sput da leftoverz in da puter me will send da food to ya Easy 😉 Me wuud LUB to share wif ya!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

        • No prublem Easy Pup me leftoverz are yer leftoverz!!! We needz to keep out strnegth up for werld dominashun 😉
          A Horse Chiro guy?? Impurrsive!!!! Mum sayz Dr. Greg only werkz on Hu’manz…he shure did a guud job on Mum yesturday!!!! 🙂

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