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Me haz bin made an Kitty Blue Kitteh!!

Published June 25, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hey dere Krazy Katz: Me haz sum fab mewz to share wif ya all!!! Me haz bin made an Honorary Kitty Blue by Miss Janet & da Kittiez Blue….diz happined June 14th n we iz BERY honored to be a part of diz lubly kitty group!!!

Dere are 8 kittehz: Misty May, Calista Jo, Guilietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Mauricio n Lily Olivia in diz family n dey ‘dopted me!!!! Miss Janet haz a pawsum blog about her present & past kittehz n dere are sum beeutiful storiez about all dese lubly Katz on her blog!!!

We hopez you will pop over n give Miss Janet an ‘eeoww’ n read her bloggie about ME!!!!  Phankz fer ‘doptin me!!! Diz iz bery lubly!!!!

Lotz of LUB frum Nylablue n SherriEllen (who needz to get fingz posted quicker den diz!!!!)

See diz mat beelongz in me Condo

See diz mat beelongz in me Condo

NB & new mat in condo 002


Moanin’ Monday

Published June 10, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Sunshine NB 9Yow dere Katz n Kittehz!! Da Nylablue here to do a ‘Moanin’ Monday’ bloggie!! Diz May-vember weather iz BACK here in Canada n me iz stuck in me ‘crib’ (as Easy callz it) fer another day due to stoopid rain!!! Not only dat me Mum iz salty n sick wif sumfing called Sinusitis n she iz all grumpy & whiney n makin me earz hert!!!!

Da hole weekend waz a hot mess fer us!! Caturday Mum woke up sick but she waz a trooper n we sat out on patio…only me waz in small condo on da bench!! No ground time~hhrrmmpphh. Fingz waz Ok til da stoopid North wind came blowin in so me n Mum had to come in earlee….den da Mum FELL. Me iz shure da ground shook. She waz so dizzy she went down like brickz; poor Mum!!! So me sat wif her til she cuud get up n me herded her to bed!!!! N me stayed wif her fer da rest of da day right into dark time….me let her get up to eat n den me herded her back to bed!!! We spent a hot n salty nite….nuffin so icky az a salty sweaty Hu’Man!!!

Yesturday it waz nicer out n Mum let me go out in da full condo!!! She waz pale az a ghostie n just kind of sat dere like a big lump….she did cater to me tho’. She iz a guud Mum dat way!!! Here me iz in da Condo:

Condo daze 3

Snazzy set-up izn’t it?? Me haz a lounge n a dinin area n me potty area….also blankiez to keep da Sun off me if needed….Well fingz waz lubly….n den Mum got all dizzy n dat stoopid North wind came back n waz blowin around!!! Mum waz fevered n salty n MAD az a wasp bein smacked!! She swore just like me Dad doez n tore da condo down  n da next fing me knew me waz back in da apartmint!!! She got eberyfing put away n den she just sat on da futon fumin….so she waz ‘XTRA HOT’ by diz time!!! Me did me lovey eyez n cuddly rootine to comfert her!!!!

Nylablue'scamera adventure Jan 13th 012

Nylablue'scamera adventure Jan 13th 011Notice da cute form n pose..diz iz da way to get a Hu’Mum smilin’!! Werkz fer me ebery time!!!

So Mum n me spent a quiet evenin watchin TV n she played gamez on da puter……me made her go to bed at a propurr time n me kept an eye on her durin da nite. She woke up all stuffie n cranky diz mornin n seein da rain made her all growlee n mad again….She waz whinin n moanin to me so me figured me do a Moanin Monday blog to rid Mum n me of da moanin….MOL…(moan out loud).

Mum haz to go to da Chiropracktur later n me hopez he doez sumfing bunderfull n fixez her so she comez home happy!! A Kittygurl can hope right?? N me hopez she bringz me a treet cause me iz shure me earned one after diz hot mess of a weekend!!!!! As fer mischief me did do sum today smackin all me toyz all over da livin room after Mum had put dem nice in der placez n den after she cleaned out da litterbox me ‘rearranged’ da litter onto da floor….no pix as Mum waz NOT amused!!! Sowwy Mum me waz a bit bored….MOL (Meow out loud). Time fer me to snuggle me hot n salty Mum befur she goez out!!! Wishin all of ya a guud week…n Get well wishez to all da ‘sickiez’ out dere….what we 4 leggedz go thru with ya Hu’manz!!!! Nylablue out!!!


Published June 2, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Me Lubz ya as much as Tuna-Tuna MumYow Katz: Look what me made Mum  fer Silent Sunday!!! It iz rainy n windy outside n Mum iz all sad cause we can not sit out…so me deecided to make sumfing to cheer her up! Whatcha all fink??? Phankz Sammy frum OneSpoiledCat fer da idea!!! You say ‘bacon’; me sayz ‘tuna-tuna’, MOL.

Later Katz….Nylablue out!!!