Reunited n it feelz SO-O guud!!!!!!!

Published May 13, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Campin out on Chair 2013Furiday nite on me chair; me shared wif Mum n we snuggled all evening! It’s a guud fing me furgave her!!! Or she wuud have sat on da FLOOR!!! MOL!!!

Futon set up Saturday afternoon!

Futon is home!!! 003Futon is home!!! 004 Diz IZ Purrfect!!!!Futon is home!!! 005


Nyla B on her chair 2Me iz now spoiled fer choice n me keepz takin ternz nappin on chair den futon so me can reintroduce meself to me furniture; me nose it must have missed me!!!

Mum has PROMISED she will NEVER EVER swap furniture again in me lifetime!!

So endz da saga of da smelly sofa n me furniture going ‘walkiez’!!!

All’s well dat end’s well!!! Mum close da drapez; me wantz to nap now!!!

Yers frum da chair, no da futon, no da chair….Nylablue 😉

Sherri-Ellen here: I thought I would include this song as it so suits Nylablue & her furniture….as you can see I will do ANYTHING for my SWEET FEET to make her happy & get back in her ‘good books’, lol… 😉

34 comments on “Reunited n it feelz SO-O guud!!!!!!!

    • Hi Leah Hi Kirby: I have to say I think this song is just ‘purrfect’ for Nylablue!!! She is such a drama queen, hehehehe!! Then again she lives with me; no wonder she is!!!
      Thank you for stopping by, Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue

  • This is wonderful! Mes thinks that if Mommy ever gots rid of my heating pad, mes would never forgives her! A Cat NEEDS their special sleeping furniture!

    • Yow Nellie me Mum haz now learned a bery valuable lesson dat me needz me furniture n me iz da Queen n me werd goez!!! Me did furgive her when armless chair aka throne came home Fursday nitet but me did not let her nose til Caturday nite when we slept on futon together….hhmmm a heating pad…me might ask Mum fer one of doez!!!!
      Lub ya sweet Nellie frum nylablue n her Mum (just outta da doghouse..)

  • Best wishes to Miss Nylablue and to Mum. I love the faceplant photo also. Thanks for that special pose, Miss Nylablue!

    • Yow Yow Miss Susan me waz so so tired out frum pacin about waitin fer armless chair n futon to come home… truly wore meself out!!! Mum had da cammyra at da ready in case me did sumfing cute…which me doez ALL da time!!!!! MOL!!
      Now Life iz back to normal n we both iz happy 🙂
      Lub Nylablue n her Mum xo

  • Just love the pic of Nylablue with the face all tucked in. So cute. Glad the furniture is to your liking 🙂 Sorry we haven’t been around for a while. Being having a tough time here but will try to keep up in future.

    • Yow LLC&D’z …no apaulogy needed az we are bery far behind on blogz here too. Seemz we iz all so buzy; well da Hu’manz are so we 4 leggedz must wait fer dem to find time to type fer us!!!
      Phankz fer da compleemint about da FACEPAW/facepalm piccie…it iz one of me favez too!!
      Mum haz now learned just how MUCH me iz attached to me furniture!!!! Live n learn Mum; live n learn!! MOL!!!
      Lub to all of ya there xo

  • We are all glad that your furniture is back where it belongs. Cause, if Nylablue’s not happy, no kitty’s happy! It’s good to have many places to snuggle, so enjoy getting reacquainted with all the best cozy spots. Now, I gotta go terrorize the HuMom’s fluffy hair on a stick thingies. She tries to attack them herself but she’s a human and they are just odd sometimes. Instead of biting them she dabs them in powder and rubs them all over her face! Maybe she’s putting her scent on them? That’s why We kitties rub our cheeks on people and things. If you sniff the HuMom right now you’ll know that Mistletoe has put her mark on her. Later I’ll have go over that with my own. But first the stick animals with the furry heads need to be mauled. HuMom want to try and get video of me and my hunting skills. I’m a little nervous about you seeing that, Nylablue. After, I want to be a good provided for you once we are together. Maybe I should get one of those tunnels like Savannah has? Oops! The hairy stick is getting away! Many Nose kisses for you Nylablue! Dream of me while you nap.
    Hitch ❤

    • EEoww Hitch…me too…me waz fureeouz umm upset when Mum sent da furniture away!! Sumtimez Hu’manz get it wrong n we MUST furgive dem!!! Dey are like innoncent kitz not knowin what dey are doin!!!
      Me haz bin takin ternz goin from armless chair aka Throne to futon aka snuggle spot fer Mum n me n nappin.
      What a strange fing yer Mum doez…Me Mum doez alot of odd fingz too which me findz interestin to watch!!! Me lubz to rub against Mum n fingz in house so me smell iz EVERYWHERE!!!! Me wuud LUB to see a video of yaa huntin…me wuud not crittesize ya…me LUBS ya Hitch…..Do ya like dem tunnelz?? Me used savannah’z a few timez but dey kinda scare me…..
      Me did have sum lubly dreamz of ya last nite….
      Did yer Mum tell you dat last Tuesday m escaped me condo n dat nite you tried to run away??!! We iz like Romeo n Juliet only parted by too many milez 😦
      Sume day me King, sum day…<3
      Lub alwayz frum Nylablue xoxo

    • Eeoww Basil…da armless chair ALWAYZ waz MINE!!! Diz iz me THRONE!! A Queen wifout a Thorne iz bery sad; wipez tear frum da leaky eye…. Dat why me waz so upset!!! Futon iz just a futon but it doez NOT smell so me wanted it back!
      Now we iz back on track!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Eeooww FozzieMum me had to furgive Mum cause she thought she doin da right fing fer us. But it went bad (bad az da sofa!!) so she werked hard to get me furniture back!!!
      Once again me haz nite time brushez on me armless chair n Mum n me snuggle on da futon….balance IZ restored in da werld me Universe n me iz BERY happy & catented!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Hi Aunti Rebby: It waz furry upsetting fer me seein me furniture goin out da door!!! M waz bery upset…..phankfully me Mum waz able to get me throne (armless chair) back n den da futon!! M waz so glad sofa waz stinky; me did not like it at all!!!!
      Now me iz happy again!!
      Guud to see ya here too…we missed ya!!!
      Give me LUB to McDuff frum Nylablue & Mum too…

  • Nylablue, you are one lucky kitty. Not too many humans would do this no matter how much they loved, cherished, respected, pampered or spoiled their cat. Your mom rocks! She’s definitely a keeper. Get some rest. We know you are tired from fretting. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette

    • Yow Janet: Me finkz yer right about me Mum!! Most Hu’manz say get used to it n dat iz dat!! Mum cuud see me distress n she wanted to make fingz right fer me!!! Me haz bin nappin all over da place n feel much better 🙂
      Lub to all yer kittehz & to you frum me, Nylablue n her Mum too..

  • Sweet Nylablue we can tell you are so very happy to have your furniture back. Rest and sleep well sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Yow Chancy n kittehz…Don’t da pickturez show me happyness?? Me iz at one wif me futon n armless chair….we waz BERY lucky Aunti Patty brought chair back to us…me told me NEVER again do we swap fingz!!! Me iz enjoyin both furniturez…. 😉
      Paw patz n nose kissez frum Nylablue

    • MOL Savannah…me Mum callz it me *facepaw* pose…like a face palm!!! Me iz exhausted after all da werk me had to do to get furniture back…..
      Let’s do *happy dance* together me BESTIE!!!! Yow!!!! Lub ya Nylablue xo

    • Phankz Aunti Eevee diz iz me facepaw pose when me iz utterlee exhausted…which me iz….Me DID sort da Mum n da furniture out n all iz well. Mum even figured out how to put a proper peellow behind da Obus Forme fer her back n now she sitz propurrlee!!! She really needz me to take her in paw fer shure!!!
      Lub to Goddezz Freya n Chili n Jasper n you too frum Nylablue xo

  • Welcome home Mr. Futon! What a reunion. Now the world is nearly perfect! Maybe you should celebrate the homecoming with some sushi? Have a wonderful Monday and enjoy your throne and the futon :o)

    • Eeooww Easy diz iz da best reunion ever!!!! Only nearly purrfect?/What must we do to makez it PURRFECT!?!?
      Mum Easy sayz me shuud have sum sushi!!!! 😉 Fankz..she iz feelin so-o guilty me got her wrapped around me paw……
      Me gonna go nappin on da futon den me throne… iz a bunderfull day here in da neighboorhood!!! 🙂

    • Yow Sammy me DID win!!! Kitehz rule n da Hu’manzdrool do what dey are told!! 😉
      Futon is da best n so iz armless chair!!! Me nose what iz best, MOL!!!
      Lub ya Nylablue n a defeeted Mum too….

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