“So Long” Sofa (in more than one way)

Published May 10, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Katz: Diz da last post fer ‘sofa’…last nite me waz so tired me hopped into Mum’z bed n slept soundly!!!sofa 002Me also figured if me sleeped alot den mornin wuud come sooner which it did!!!!!

sofa 001Sleepin iz alwayz a guud way to deal wif prublemz me findz!!







Diz mornin da Custodianz came n took sofa from inside:

sofa 003







to outside n Mum had to tarp da so-o long sofa by herself:sofa 006






We say “So Long Sofa” to da so long sofa (well it haz to wait to go home til tomorrow, but at least it iz outta here!!!) Mum put da armless chair in front of coffee table where futon will go when it returnz n we are snugglin happily..all’z well dat endz well (we hope; pawz crossed; Purrleeze KATGOD…MOL…)




22 comments on ““So Long” Sofa (in more than one way)

  • Hi, we just read your comment over at Mousebreath and we’re adding your blog to our list for interviewing. We’re wondering how to get in touch with you. You can email us at jansfunnyfarm AT gmail DOT com

  • sofa gone what relief did gib us a smile be soon comfortable hopefully the sun will come back and you can catch rays no sneaking out of condo you have to take care of your uman not give her eartatack ok

    • EEowww me Aunti Amanda!!!! It iz lubly to see ya here….me iz guud wif werdz when tellin a story n dere are alwayz storeiz from ‘Happy Haven’ az Mum callz our home!!!!
      Da Sun iz out but it iz so so cold…no patio time fer me 😦
      Az fer sneakin outta da condo…Mum sayz she iz gonna work on a sooloushun so me not get out again…she told me ’bout da heart attack…what a ‘drama queen’!!! MOL!!!!
      Ok me won’t scare Mum outta her mind; she not have far to go!!!!!
      Lub ya Aunti frum Nylablue xo

  • I agree, sleeping is the best way to solve problems…and eating :o) Sadly we’can’t eat the problems, they are most hard to digest :o) So long, long sofa!!! Have a fabulous caturday with your throne :o)

    • Yoe Easy…me iz lettin Mum use me Throne this mornin…me gonna sleep in me bed…fer now….until futon getz home!!!! me tried to ‘east’ me problem but me threw up thiz mornin; Mum got leaky eyez n waz freakin out!! So when she put da tuna-tuna-tuna down me had sum of it n now she iz happy again 😉
      “So long-long sofa” is SO-O right…. 🙂
      Lub Nylablue xo

        • Yow Easy no me sort of gorged down me brekkie nden eated kibble on top n wif no teffiez da kibble goez down hole n it upset da tummy!!! Me still a bit upset bout all diz furniture stuff so Mum sayz me shuud nap out til futon getz home…ferst me had to eat sum tuna-tuna-tuna n now me iz all right!! 😉

  • We are so glad the smelly sofa is adios amigos! Sorry, the HuMom brought home tacos for dinner. HuMom wonders if your Mum will start feeling a little better with the moldy sofa gone. We remember that she was sick more than usual during the winter and early spring. It’s a shame the sofa was stinky cause it looks nice. But even the most handsome man is in attractive if he smells bad. HuMom says she learned that from a guy she went to a movie with once. Well, at least you’ve got your throne. Hitch is off hunting for the red dot but he sends his loves. Good luck getting to futon in tomorrow.
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • Yow Mistletoe n me belubbed HITCH…can hardly wait fer sofa to dizappear off da patio!!!! Den futon will return…We only had sofa fer 9 dayz in here….(Mum haz fawlty Immune sysstem). Mum sayz da sore throat is gone so DAT is guud!!! Me hated disliked da sofa when me ferst saw it!!! Too fancy shmancy fer a kitteh like me!!! Me did not go on it fer 3 dayz!!!
      Me iz so glad me armless chair iz home…at least I have dat to sit on…have to share with Mum…..grumble, grumble… n we iz so happy….. 😉
      Me agreez about da nice lookin smelly man…..get him away frum us!!!! Ya can not judge da book by da cover!! Me hopes me Mum haz learned diz n never doez anyfing diz stoopid again er me meanz iz more carefull next time…..wait, dere better NOT be a next time!!!!!!!! 😦
      At least it iz NOT rainin so it will make movin all da furniture eazier fer da Hu’manz…..
      Give me Hitch sum LUB frum me.
      xoxo Nylablue xoxo

    • Yow you iz so right Sammy!!! Smelly sofa iz well outta here!!! Me iz hopin futon comez home soon; mind you me n Mum on armless chair iz BERY cozy…. 😉
      Let’z pawty on!!!! Nylablue xo

  • Miss Nylablue, I am so glad that “so long sofa” is outside. Mom did a fine job of covering it — that tarp isn’t going anywhere! Best wishes for a smooth return of the futon.

    • Yow Miss Susan…dat sofa waz so-o smelly n so long…Mum said she cuud not unwrap da tarp totally so she got it under da sofa wif all da legz covered n den she hogtied it!! 😉
      Of course it iz rainin katz n dogz out…hopefully it stopz by tomorrow so futon doezn’t get wet….
      Nylablue xo

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