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Furiday’z bit of diz n dat!!!!

Published May 17, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Krazy Katz: Nylablue checkin in wif ya all. Me bin enjoyin da furniture n havin extra napz az you can all imagine. Mum n me bin talkin about bloggin n she iz out of ideaz so me suggested me do diz blog today….Mum did a new Pizap piccie of me poochie furend Sadie Mae. What do ya all fink of it?? Me finkz it purrty cute!!

Sadie Mae dressin up fer NylablueSadie Mae iz an English Foxhound dat Mum’z furend MaryLou adopted 4 yearz ago frum da ‘dog pound’….Mum used to have her own Foxhound Rebecca many many yearz ago so she iz bery attached to Sadie Mae. Me likez her too but me likez to smack her ’cause…uummm well no reeson other than me can.. 😉

As fer Spring, it haz finally arrived here in town. Sun iz shinin but da breeze iz still frum da North so we can only sit out fer a bit….even wif blankiez wrapped around da Condo it iz too cold fer me!!!! However da garden iz growin as ya can see frum dese pix:

Wee Garden 2013

birdbath n flowers

gardenSnoopervisin da gardenAs you can see me iz stayin in where dere iz no wind n snoopervisin da garden frum me bed!!!! Mum found 2 cute ornamintz at da Doller store n she sayz dey is ME n Mingflower!!!

Nylablue & Mingflower ornaments

World's Best CAT MomMe Aunti Pearl sent Mum a Mother’z Day e-card n diz iz it:Bery bery cute me finkz!!! What da ya all fink??? Me hopez everyone haz a pawsum weekend no matter what yer doin!!! Bemember to snuggle da Hu’man(z)  ya LUB!!! Dey do so much fer us n we shuud alwayz let dem nose how much we care!!! Can ya believe me just said dat?? Must be da flowerz makin me all senteemental, MOL!!! Yerz frum da Purrfect pad, Nylablue xo


Reunited n it feelz SO-O guud!!!!!!!

Published May 13, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Campin out on Chair 2013Furiday nite on me chair; me shared wif Mum n we snuggled all evening! It’s a guud fing me furgave her!!! Or she wuud have sat on da FLOOR!!! MOL!!!

Futon set up Saturday afternoon!

Futon is home!!! 003Futon is home!!! 004 Diz IZ Purrfect!!!!Futon is home!!! 005


Nyla B on her chair 2Me iz now spoiled fer choice n me keepz takin ternz nappin on chair den futon so me can reintroduce meself to me furniture; me nose it must have missed me!!!

Mum has PROMISED she will NEVER EVER swap furniture again in me lifetime!!

So endz da saga of da smelly sofa n me furniture going ‘walkiez’!!!

All’s well dat end’s well!!! Mum close da drapez; me wantz to nap now!!!

Yers frum da chair, no da futon, no da chair….Nylablue 😉

Sherri-Ellen here: I thought I would include this song as it so suits Nylablue & her furniture….as you can see I will do ANYTHING for my SWEET FEET to make her happy & get back in her ‘good books’, lol… 😉

“So Long” Sofa (in more than one way)

Published May 10, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Yow Katz: Diz da last post fer ‘sofa’…last nite me waz so tired me hopped into Mum’z bed n slept soundly!!!sofa 002Me also figured if me sleeped alot den mornin wuud come sooner which it did!!!!!

sofa 001Sleepin iz alwayz a guud way to deal wif prublemz me findz!!







Diz mornin da Custodianz came n took sofa from inside:

sofa 003







to outside n Mum had to tarp da so-o long sofa by herself:sofa 006






We say “So Long Sofa” to da so long sofa (well it haz to wait to go home til tomorrow, but at least it iz outta here!!!) Mum put da armless chair in front of coffee table where futon will go when it returnz n we are snugglin happily..all’z well dat endz well (we hope; pawz crossed; Purrleeze KATGOD…MOL…)



EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read all about it!!!!!

Published May 10, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue secretaryEEoww FANK you CATGOD who lubz me so so much!!! Aunti Patti called Mum an hour ago n asked her if she wuud like ‘armless chair’; me beloved throne back!!! Mum waz so eggcited n she told me she had a sirprize fer me….n let me tell ya me NEVER eggspected to ever see me throne chair again!!!!

When Mr. Knight from across da hall wheeled me throne in on da dolly me almost swooned dead away!!! Mum waz cryin tearz of joy n me waz prancin!!! Mum put me 2nd fave blankie on me throne n me went right up where me belongz….az you can see me IZ BERY happy n settled on me throne wif da phone n me diary . Now all me needz fer fingz to be purrfect iz fer smelly sofa to leave furever…..just one more dark time sleep n it will be gone (on da patio til Caturday) & then furever!! Oh me must go n answer da phone; wait til me Hu’man Dad hearz diz!!! He will be happy fer me too!!!! Fankz Katz n Hu’manz fer all da support….whew it waz a ruff few dayz wifout me throne!!!! Hitch me hopez you can come n bizit me n share da throne too……

You make me laugh 2009Look who iz lauffin now Mum!!!  😉