Take DAT Swinter!!!!!!!!

Published April 28, 2013 by NylabluesMum

YOW Katz: Well we shure showed dat Swinter dat we don’t like it n we ain’t gonna live wif it anymore!!!!! Diz haz bin a great weekend of Sun n warm tempurraturez!!!  Mum caught me waitin to go out in me condo Caturday mornin. Just wanted her to KNOW me waz sirius!!!!Nylablue waitin to go outMe got to go out fer a while befur Mum went out!!!!Nylablue in condo 2013 007Nylablue in condo 2013 016

  • Mum went out wif da Feral cat peeple to help clean up da river side fer da feralz. She waz out fer 2 hourz n came home SO-O sore but she let me sit our fer another hour. Den we went fer a happy nappy n snugglez. It waz a pawsum Caturday!!! N me iz so pruud of Mum fer helpin out even wif all her pain n achin bonez!! She iz such a trooper!!!

Nylablue in condo 2013 017Today was more of da same Sun n warm tempz; so it waz a REAL SUNday!!!!….me waz out frum 11 in da morn til 4 in da afternoon. Had lotz of snackz n watched da birdiez n had more guud napz!!! So take DAT Winter!!! We iz dun wif ya fer another year!!! Now me must go mess up me toyz….look how nice Mum arranged dem fer me….

Nylablue in condo 2013 019Nylablue in condo 2013 018

 So Krazy Katz, diz haz bin da Purrfect weekend here n me iz az happy az a Kat can be!!!  We hopez you had az guud a weekend as we did n Spring treatz ya well!!! Lub frum da Purrfect Pad (which me home really iz!)

*nose kissez* to all frum Nylablue n gentle {{HUGZ}} frum me still bery sore Mum (MOL) 😉


30 comments on “Take DAT Swinter!!!!!!!!

  • You have such a nice momma to let you find a safe and comfortable way so even you canenjoy the sunshine and be safe! How nice of her to help your feral friends, probably helps put in perspective how lucky you are eh Nyla-blue 🙂

    • MOL you iz right Kirby me iz so glad to not be homeless kitteh az me waz homeless when me waz around 4 yearz old. me waz found befur me went feral which waz lucky!!
      Me LUBS da condo but me got out of it today n moozied around dda bush wif all da grass….Mum did not catch me fer a couple of minutez n den me waz in BIG truuble!!! Now she sayz me iz Houdini!! MOL!!!

    • You doez Speedy…another award fer furry purry me?? Fankz so much..me get Mum to go get it…MMMUUUMMMMMMM ya gotta go to Speedy’z blog!!!! 😉 Dere me got her attenshun!!
      Fanks Speedy bunneh xoxoxoxoxoxo Nylablue ❤

  • What a beautiful day for you Nylablue…and your mum is a trooper for working so hard,perhaps some paws on healing in the form of kneading the achey bits might help.Pickles and her gang,Marbles,Cleo and Dinnermintz are keen to follow your blog…kitties stick together 🙂 pop in and say hi to all the gang we can get our cute pic fixes aplenty 🙂

  • Sleeping in the sun is always great. Please give your mom a hug from me for helping the feral kitties. I like the pattern from the sun of your fur, it looks like you would wear a checkered coat :o)

    • Yow yow Easy!!! Dere iz nuffin finer den sleepin in da Sunshine 😉
      So you like da checkered pawttern?? mum waz bein ‘artistic’ she said!!! MOL!!
      Me gave her lotz of snugglez n slept wif her Saturday nite to reward her fer helpin wif da feralz!! She looked fer our feralz but did not see dem….maybee dey went sumwhere else?

    • Eeoww Misaki….Mum haz wanted to help since last autumn but she waz not well enuff!! Now she iz able to do a bit more so she finally joined da group.
      me iz still in one condo on da bench…if da ground temp warmz up enuff me will get to be out in dad double condo 😉

    • Eeoww we DID have a buzy & pawsum weekend!!! In fact we have had 4 dayz of Sun, sun, sun!!!! So me bin samplin da Sun daily in me Condo!!! MOL!!!
      mum iz ztill hunched over a bit frum da hard werk but she sayz she iz happy she cuud go n help!!! Guud Mum!!!! xo

  • Hi Nylablue! Hi, Miss Sherri-Ellen! We had a great weekend too. It was sunny and about 70 during the day but still cool enough to snuggle at night. HuMom wishes it was like this all year round. Course, then everyone would want to live here then! We both took naps in the open windows. And we watched the baby birds get their dinner in the bird houses out front! They sure can kick up a fuss when they wants their dinner. Lucky for them we are inside only kitties, or they might be dinner! We hope the weather stays nice for you!
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    I’m sender my sweet Nylablue an extra nose kiss,

    • Yow ferst fingz ferst: *Nose kissez* to me Hitch….den Nylablue swoonz…..
      Hi Dorothy, Mistletoe & Hitch…..Sherri-Ellen here as NB haz gone into a swoon; she is SUCH a drama Queen….LOL>>>>
      I agree with you about the weather!! If it could be between 70-75 F during the day & around 50 F I’d be in Heaven!!!
      Nylablue loves to watch the birds coming to the hanging feeder too…she would prbably eat one if she could!!
      Sparrow a la Orange minus the a la Orange!! 😉
      Let’s hope the weather stays this great eh Dorothy!!!
      Love from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (still in her swoon with a dreamy look on her face…)
      …………….’me LUBZ ya Hitch’ yer Nylablue ❤

  • Sleeping in the great out doors on sunny day is the bestest. Mommy was cleaning and tooked the doggy bed from the living room and put it on the deck to air and me sleeped there all afternoon! It was pawsome!

    • Yow Nellie you got dat right!!! Dere iz nuffin finer den snoozin outside wif dda Sun keepin da old bonez warm n a lite breeze…purrfect!!!
      Oh you got to sleep outside too!! Pawsum!!!! Maybee you shudd ask yer Mum fer a bed fer you??
      *nose kissez* nylablue xo

  • glad you have sun, it has been sunny here during the day but frosty in the evenings !…crazy
    well done to you for doing the voluntary work : )
    I love these pics of Nylablue, she is seriously beautiful

    • LOL Eevee you are right …Nylablue IS seriously beautiful & she KNOWS it!!! She is a one of a kind cat & I am so glad I found her!!!! It is still a bit chilly at nite here & we still have the heat on when we sleep….soon it will be warm & the heat can be turned off….
      I was chuffed to be able to go help with the feral group & I did a good share of work. It felt good to be able to DO something!!! Mind you I could not walk last nite…but it was good pain 🙂
      I hope to do some more work with them again!!!!!
      xoxo S-E.

  • You definitely had a good day. It has rained all day today, and we have taken turns annoying Mom by whining at the door. MOL. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josete

    • Yow Janet n 8 sweet kittehz: 😉 2 guud dayz!!!! Me can just seez all of ya takin turnz goin to day door n whinin to go out!!! Bet yer Mum iz lookin fer day earplugz; mine doez when I get too noisy, MOL!!!

    • Yow Sammy!! Mum movez da condo around so me getz ‘Full Sun Poe-ten-shell’.
      Oh n me iz only out in condo when Mum iz home. When she went out me waz inside guardin da place….den me went back outside when she came home 😉
      Me iz ALWAYZ comfy in me condo; speshelly wif da new blankie frum Aunti Patty in da building!! She gave it to me fer Catmas!!
      Hope all iz well wif ya Sammy!! We gotta get caught up on blogz here 😉
      Lub ya cutie xo Nylablue

    • Yow Mollie n Alfie!!! Fankz fer da BIG concatz!!! We iz so glad to know we iz accepted here n hab a place on WP!!! Mum n me werk hard on da blog! Me really lubbed bein out in me condo….soon it will be warm enuff to have both condos together n me can be on da ground….Life iz GUUD!!
      xoxoxo Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen xoxoxo

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