Thinking of you Macy Girl

Published April 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Macy 2007This is the only photo I have of Macy. She was Nylablue’s housemate in their previous home back in 2005-6. When I had the chance to rescue Nylablue I was offered Macy also. I sensed they just tolerated each other so I chose Nylablue. I heard Macy (who had been with M her whole life) was given away not long after I rescued Nylablue. M was pregnant & used that as a ‘reason’/excuse to get rid of 2 cats!!! I did some snooping & found out an acquaintance of mine in the next town had Macy so I emailed ‘Annie’ 2 years ago….she sent me back a very sad email about Macy! Poor Macy did not adjust to being with her Annie or the other cats or the children at all!!! She yowled for M day after day. There was no consoling Macy. Annie called M many times begging her to take Macy back but M remained adamant she could not have cats when she now had 2 children!!! Turns out M was breeding & selling Sphynx cats so she lied about not having cats…..

Macy stopped using her litterbox & was using the floor. Annie  could handle that; she understood Macy was upset until one weekend when she & her family went away!!! The catsitter came in daily to feed & water the cats….it turned out Macy was using the kitchen counter as her personal litterbox…needless to say it was messy & very very disturbing…..Annie & her family returned & witnessed Macy peeing & pooping all over the counter for the next 2 weeks….so Annie made one more call to M who said she did not want Macy back EVER & that left Annie to make a decision….she took poor sad inconsolable Macy & had her put to sleep….Annie apologized profusely to me & I told her she did the right thing for Macy… what else could I say??? I have carried guilt now for 2 years thinking I should have taken Macy too…she would have had a chance with me….I could have made it work with her & Nylablue…all right I probably would have had the same trouble with her…I don’t know what to think…..

So this is my belated; very belated tribute to Macy the Sealpoint Siamese who was betrayed by her so-called Human….I know M does not give Macy any thought but I can say I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN MACY & I NEVER WILL…run free sweet girl….may your soul be free & if you look down from the Rainbow Bridge please know there IS a Human who does remember you!!!!



32 comments on “Thinking of you Macy Girl

  • 😦 😦 😦 That is so sad! I wish I didn’t read it as my first post this morning as I will be haunted today as well. Oh, you should have no guilt at all, you did what you thought was best for Nyla-blue, and how were you to know the owner would toss her away like that. Very sad, but don’t feel bad at all. As for the other people…….I don’t have much nice things to say, even if Rascal started doing “buisness”on our counter tops, I could not fathom putting him to sleep. But I do understand she was put into the tough decision, and it is really “M”s fault. Just remember Sherrie-ellen that you saved the beautiful Nyla-Blue, without you she could have suffered a similar fate.

    • My dear Leah & Kirby: I am sorry this was read first thing in the morning!!! That feeling you felt that morning I have carried for 2 years now….I didn’t write this log to upset anyone; rather to purge my own tortured soul!!!
      You are correct that is was “M”s fault for throwing Macy away like she was a disposable lighter!!! What upset “Annie” & I was that “M” never told us who the other person was who had the other cat….”Annie” & I had belonged to the same groups for Native rights over the years, so if we had been told we would have Facebooked each other & maybe Macy could have been saved? Or maybe not but at least “Annie” & I would have made the decision together not her on her own…she too has carried guilt for the last 2 years!!!
      I have forgiven myself & I am so devoted to Nylablue!!! She would have met the SAME fate & so I am glad & relieved I saved at least her life!!!!
      Thanks for your input Leah. 🙂
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too …

  • “Thinking of you Macy Girl”

    A quote of my own, goes as follows, Sherri-Ellen:

    “As long as God remembers me and remembers those who I
    loved, I really don’t care if I live forever.”

    What this says is that all of us, human and pet alike, matter, and that none is forgotten, and regardless of what the afterlife may or may not bring to us, as long as God remembers who we were and what we did in this place, we live on and we matter, as our lives mattered, because we will always matter to Him.


    • Hello Manfred!!! What an amazingly profound philosphy!!!! It REALLY touched me deeply & I am going to adopt this philosphy for myself…if I may!!!! Wow you are a deep thinker 😉 Sherri-Ellen..

      Yow Nylablue here…diz bery guud Manfred…me told Mum she shuud fink like diz too!!! She sumtimez doubtz what she haaz dun fer 2 n 4 leggedz alike!! She iz a pawsum Hu’man n will help anyone…last week she picked a worm outta da bird’z water bowl on da patio…wif her BARE handz…she held da little guy til he waz able to move n den she put him down in da garden where he cuud burrow into da soil….(n she finkz she iz useless???) Mum rockz!!!! N me iz shure CREATOR nose how spedhell she iz too!!! Lub frum me to all of you n *nose kissez* to Baby n Sweetie ❤ ❤

  • You did what was best for you and Nylablue sweet Sherri-Ellen. I have learned over the years that Siamese cats have a tendency to bond with humans more than cats and it is usually one human. Macy was likely bonded to M and no matter where she went the result would have been the same. If anyone should have guilt over what happened to sweet Macy I would say it should be M. You do not have to worry about sweet Macy she is fine now. Huge hugs dear friend! Love you

    • Hi Maggie: After alot of thought I have come to agree with you & everyone. I did the best I could in that situation. I sensed Nylablue wanted to be an ‘only’ cat. Then I found out she had so many chronic health problems….if I had taken Macy also I would not have been able to keep her anyway & if “M” would not have taken her back it would have been me trying to rehome her or putting her to sleep….
      Macy was bonded to “M” that was obvious which is the 2nd reason I didn’t take her; I could SEE the bond. Having had Mingflower I have known that kind of bond. I do think Macy had some sort of bond to Nylablue as she followed her about alot. Bottom line: Macy being taken out of her enviroment & away from “M” was the catalyst (no pun intended) for her to misbehave & act out more & more. I know via “M”‘s sister & M feels NO remorse for giving me a sick cat or for Macy being put to sleep. She will have to account for her actions some day!!!
      Huge {{{{HUGGIES}}}} back to you…Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylalbue too..

    • Hello Katie: it was not an easy blog to write…I had to share tho’. I’ve carried guilt for not helping Macy for a long time & it is time to let it go!!! I made a choice & it was the choice between a physically unwell cat or an emotionally unwell cat….I had no idea either cat had ANY problems…maybe the Universe guided me to take Nylablue because despite her poor health she is a delight personality wise….
      Thank you for your support.
      *nise kisses* from Nylablue & ((HUGS)) from Sherri-Ellen.

  • Oh that’s really sad. but as peeps have said above, you would’ve likely faced the same issues as your friend did if you had taken Macy. And would Nylablue made such a good recovery if Macy had been with you too? Possibly not.
    It is sad, but at least Macy is free now xxx

    • Thank you Misaki & Mum: You make a valid point!!! You are also correct about Nylablue making a good recovery; she tolerated Macy…just…Macy used to follow Nylablue around like a kitten would follow its Momma…I guess I just wonder if macy would have been a bit happier being with Nylablue…but then something in me told me Nylablue needed to be an ONLY cat. So I did my best as did Annie & I must focus on Nylablue & remember Macy with fondness….<3

  • OMC!! What horrible horrible people! Macy could have been rehomed by a kind and kill free shelter; why or why didn’t they take her to one…she probably needed to be an only cat, like me, in a nice quiet home. Sweet Macy, run free, feel well and make furriends at the Bridge

    • 😉 That is the irony Miss Linda & Savannah….”M”s sister operates & runs the NO KILL sheleter here in town…yet she did not offer Macy to “R” for rehoming. Macy had bonded to “M” so she should have kept her & seriously who gives up a cat they had since it was weaned til it is 7 years old & then tosses it away??? I hope Macy is free at The Bridge too….I even hope my Mingflower found her & they are friends…a girl can hope right??? Thank you for your kind words! Sherri-Ellen xo

  • Poor sweet Macy. I know it’s hard Sherri Ellen, and I think I know the hollow, sick feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you think of Macy. You beat yourself up and turn it over and over, looking for a way that it might have worked out with a happily ever after for Nylablue, Macy and Sherri Ellen too. You feel like you betrayed Macy by not taking her and trying to make it work. I want to send you a hug and reassure you that you did the right thing. Nylablue needed your complete attention to recover and Macy only wanted to Monster she had bonded with. You wonder if you could have changed the outcome and I say to you, you did. Wherever Nylablue is right now, look at her. Remember the state she was in when you took her? Think of the time and energy….and cash, you have spent helping her heal. This wasn’t a case of enough love fixing everything. While love was a major part in the healing of Nylablue it’s taken so much more from you, out of you. You did the best anyone could have. We send Macy all the warm love she deserved while here, believing she is whole and happy and running free in the fresh catnip. And we send that warm love to you and Nylablue too. Hitch sends you both an extra nose kiss and a snuggle too.
    Mistletoe, Hitch and Dorothy

    • Dorothy you hit the nail on the head!!! This is EXACTLY how I have felt for the past few years…so hard to write about it, but I had to purge…I need to accept & Let go if that makes sense??
      You are right too about Nylablue. She needed so much one on one attention & with all her health issues I have been totally devoted to her for almost 7 years & I will stay devoted to Nylablue til her last day on Earth with me!!!
      Poor Macy did not know there was life beyond “M” (Monster is a great name!). Annie did her best for Macy & she was broken up over having to put Macy to sleep too!!!
      I am going to visualize Macy running free thru a catnip field happy & carefree; made whole again!!! Thank you for your wisdom Dorothy!!! Love Sherri-Ellen xo
      Over to Nylablue: “Yow Hitch me lubly boyfurend….many *nose kissez* to you frum me n sum slinky body rubz too…let’z go snuggle now…..Lub Nylablue”
      Boy Nylablue is a suacy girl 😉

  • Sherri-Ellen, I am just now reading this. Thank you for telling us about Macy. Now she has a lot of love coming from all of us. I know she is in a better place. She endured treatment that cries to Heaven for justice. We earthly creatures don’t know when Heaven will answer, but we can have faith that it will answer.

    • 🙂 Thank you Susan…your words are a HUGE comfort to me!!!! I hope that Macy is running free in the Spirit World; never sad or alone or hungry….she deserved so much better!!! Both she & Nylablue endured far more than they should have…
      I am now going to help with ferals here…they deserve food, comfort & justice too!!! All 4 leggeds do!!!
      *OK I will jump off my soapbox now*

  • What a sad story, I feel sorry for Macy. But I can’t understand ‘M’ – first she can’t still live together with the cats and then she became a breeder? That’s weird… But after all I’m so glad Nylablue found you and you are such a great team.

    • Hi Easy Pup! No one could understand “M”; not even her own sister!!! The simple truth is “M” is a BITCH; I mean “M” could no longer make money breeding either Macy or Nylablue so she decided to ‘get rid of them’. Nylablue had Chronic Cystitis by that point untreated & had lost 1/2 her teeth. Besides Macy’s emotional problem who knows what physical issues she had….
      Can you imagine how “M”‘s sister felt as she is the By-Law officer & Shelter Operator in our town???
      I will alwyas feel sorry for Macy; my consolation is that her kitty soul is free….i will never forget her ❤ Sherri-Ellen

      • I agree that’s a hitch with a big “B”. People like ‘M’ make me sick, we have such an “exemplar” here too. I feel sorry for her sister, that’s the worst case ever for someone in this position.

        • 😉 Hitch with a BIG “B”…clever woffie!!!! People like “M” make me insane!!! I would not spit on her if she were on fire!!! her Ssiter has had to walk a fine line for years….I would not want to be in “R”s shoes either!!! Whenever R comes to see Nylablue she ALWAYS thanks me for saving her….”R” is a good soul; “M” is not….as you have a similar situation there you undertand 😉 Sherri-Ellen

  • We do what we can – when we can for animals in need Sherri-Ellen, and taking on Nylablue (which has been a handful) was huge and you should be proud of that for you have given her a good life – What happened to Macy was quite sad but I do believe she had so bonded with her human that she wouldn’t have been happy anywhere – now she IS happy at the Rainbow Bridge and she knows that you think about her warmly – – – that’s enough for both of you. Things happen for a reason and you just have to believe that.

    Hugs, Pam

    • Sammy & Pam you are right!! I have to beleive Macy is free from suffering now….Macy WAS bonded to M who threw her away after 6 years like a dishrag; that has always bothered me too!!! Annie did her best too!! I am working thru my feeling!! Thank you for your input….we love ya both xo Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue (the one who is a pawfull!) 😉

    • Hi sweet Basil: I understand….it has taken me a long time to even sort thru this myself & be able to share what happened to Macy in a blog……it is what it is & I hold on to the fact Macy is no longer suffering & THAT is what is most important!!
      I hope wee Mary cat finds a good home. You are doing wonders to help her…Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

  • so sad : ( I hope that owner who was breeding other cats got reported, no doubt she was just using her other cat as a kitten farm, you helped the best you could (( hugs)) xx

    • Hi Eevee: Freakin “M” then became a Sphynx cat breeder!!! As far as I know she is still breeding & selling them here!! I washed my hands of the entire situation…I would not recommend her to anyone & I have been asked!!! The cruelty some people pour onto helpless animals breaks my heart Eevee…I just gotta focus on what I can do for Nylablue & any other cats in need…. xo

  • you can’t save them all no matter how hard you try but you did save Nylablue so be thankful for that and as for the previous owner well she needs a good shaking for what she has done.
    Thank you for taking such good care of Nylablue she is a sweet heart.xx Speedy’s mum

    • Hi ya Speedy: You are a wise bunneh!!! I can’t save them all!!! I did save Nylablue from certain death. That was a deciding facotr!!!!! I was told by M’s sister if I DID NOT TAKE NB SHE WOULD BE PUT TO SLEEP!!!! You can imagine how I felt…a 5 year old cat (that I thought was healthy) being put to sleep for NO apparent reason…..I went for Nylablue.
      “M” is still bredding Sphynx cats & I DO NOT recommend her to anyone when asked!!! I have had a few words with her via email…she is a heartless person…I know that. There is no remorse!! Even M’s sister says she shows no concern when Nylablue is mentioned!!! I am glad & proud that my exfiance & I have maintained Nylablue for almost 7 years & she KNOWS Love & kindness…if only Macy had had that too… Sherri-Ellen xo

    • Hi there AC: It was terribly sad for Macy…I remember when I went to meet the cats how Macy followed Nylablue about. Nylablue ignored her. Didn’t smack her or strike out at all…I wondered what that was about. After a few days of agonizing I chose Nylablue not believing M would get rid of Macy who she had from the time Macy was weaned…by the time Macy went to Annie’s she was 7 years old…what a waste of a beautiful cat life…. 😦

  • What you did was what was right for yous and Nyla. Yous too would probably has had the same issues as it was the human she was pining for.
    Me sends your Mommy extra special kisses and hed butts!

    • Hi there sweet Nellie….I have to believe i did the right thing for Nylablue….she does prefer to be an only kittygirl… just kind of haunts me about Macy…..thank you for the head butts & kisses….I could use them!!!! 🙂
      Strokes & kisses from Sherri-Ellen…..
      (Nylablue is sleeping)

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