Me iz in DA PINK!!!!

Published April 14, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

I love PINK


Yow dere Krazy Katz: Nylablue here!! Me n da Mum were finkin ’bout fingz to blog ’bout last nite while we waz playin toyz!! Me kept hittin me PINK toyz n Mum got da hint…she asked me. “Shuud we do a blog about yer PINk fingz Nylablue?” Clever Hu’Mum!!!

So here iz sum of me favorite pink fingz:

Pink mousiepink plastic golf ballspink tinkle ballpink tinkle clinky ballpink nail filepink hairbrushPink stuffieIzn’t all diz stuff just purrfect fer a Queen like me?? Wunder what else me can get dat iz PINK?? None of me blankies are pink cause me likez Turquoise n Dark blue….hhhmmmm me finkz it iz time to send Mum out to look fer a PINK blankie…oh Muuuuumm…me haz a job fer ya….MOL!!!

So me wantz to nose, what iz yer favorite color if ya have one n what are yer favorite toyz n other fingz that you just lub????

Wishin eberyone 4 n 2 legged a Hoppy Sunny Sunday!! Da Sun iz shinin here but it iz still too chilly fer diz kitteh to go out in da condo…payshuntz, payshuntz…can me get DAT in PINK purrleeze??? Signin off fer now, in da Pink wif me Pinkie da Piggie. Lub to all  frum  Nylablue…..Nylablue & Pinkie 1By da way who iz diz PINK me keepz hearin on da radio?? HHHmmm, she lookz kind of purrty… wonder if diz guy playz in her band:pink panther n saxPINK da singer


31 comments on “Me iz in DA PINK!!!!

    • Yow Miss Susan ya just say diz bloggie?? Me did diz a long time ago…okayz last yeer…MOL…me doez LUB me PINK fingz tho’…
      Me iz glad me cuud briten yer day!
      Lub Nylablue ❤

  • Oh Nylablue I wuv wuv wuv all the pinkies!!! Thank you for bookmarking my most pawesome yoga bloggy! You are a very pretty kitty too, and I am happy to have you as my Ku’s kittygirlfurriend!
    p.s. Maybe you could convince him to let me lick his cute fluffy ears more often. Me-Ommmmmm

    • 😉 Swami Zoe me thought ya wuud LUB da pinkiez!! Kuruk told me he haz hiz own pink brush too!!! PINK rockz! Ya iz bery purrty too n me alwayz wanted to meow wif ya!!! Ku iz just so pawsumly cute n handsum n fun to bee wif!!
      Me wundered ’bout da lickin ear isshue n me finkz he only wantz gurlfurendz to lick not a Sisfur… not shure butt dat iz what me finkz!
      Nylablue xo

  • Oh Nylabluewooowoooo, you have so much wonderful pinky things! Sisfur Zoe loves pink as much as you! Have you seen her bloggy? Yes, she got jealous, I mean creative, and wanted a bloggy all her own:
    My favorite color is purple. It’s like bluewooowooo and pink mixed together! I wear purple every day, and I’m sure you’ve seen my purple leash, and purple bear, and sqeekydog with his purple bandana in my pics. Maybe Mama can do a purple post!
    Snow nose kissies to yooooowooowooo my sweet beauwooowooootiful Nylabluewooowoooooo!

    • Yow Kuruk me haz alwayz lubbed hot pink…Mum makez shure she buyz me pink fingz cause she spoilz me guud 😉
      Me will check out Zoe’z blogie too…
      Me Mum LUBZ Purple best too n she wearz alot of it whenever she can!! Purple iz da color of healin she told me…me finkz a Purple post wuud be pawsum!!!
      s*oft nose kissez to me sweet Ku* frum Nylablue xoxoxoxoxoxo

  • why Nylablue, I had not idea you had so many pink toys! You are a Queen indeed good gurl furriend! I as you and Mum know, I like my blue afghan best; and well, my fave toy is of course, my peacock fev-vers…if you drag it under some tissue paper that makes it even better! woo hoo!!!

    • Me haz bin collectin dem fer almost 7 yearz since me came to Mum! Me wuud lub a pink feather so me must menshum dfat to Mum 😉 Me haz a pale blue n pink blankie…but me iz pesterin askin Mum fer a Hello Kitty Pink blankie…..
      Say me needz sum shiny pink tisshue papaer too…fankz fer da idea Savannah.
      *nose kissez* frum Nylablue

  • Hi Nylablue,I’ve just given you an award,cause you are a real lady,mummy say’s pink lady is from the movie Grease the coolest girls were called Pink Ladies and their motto is think pink so when I call The Pink Lady you’re the Top cat!don’t forget your award!,xx Speedy

    • MOL…me an award?? Oh Speedy fankz fankz fankz… must go look fer it….you made me day!!! Fank yer Mum fer me too!!! She iz bery clever to know so much ’bout Pink Ladiez….me hop over to yer blog after me postz here.
      LUB ya sweet Speedy xoxoxoxoxo Nylablue n her Mum

    • Yow Aunti Maggie n Chancy: We waz wurried ’bout you!!! So glad to see ya here…Me haz taken to PINK like a ‘duck to water’, MOL!!!!
      Mum sayz dat cowbird pic waz purrfect n she haz heard alot ’bout dese birdz…we hab them here in the country too!!!
      *nose kissez* frum Nylablue n {{HUGS)) frum Mum xo

  • Pink is a perfect colour for Nylablue. I wish my cats toys could stay looking as good as yours but, unfortunately, Litchi thinks cat toys are the best things ever invented and destroys them within seconds. How are you and your mom feeling? We’re worried about you this side of the planet.

    • Fanks LLC&D…me LUBZ da makez me look so purrty!!!
      Me used to hab to hide me toyz when Chloe or Sadie came to bizit ’cause like Litchi dey played too hard wif dem!!! Maybee you need to but 2 setz of fer da kittehz n a set fer Litchi 😉
      Mum iz cranky er me meanz back to normal n doin well…..
      Me iz feelin much better too…eatin better n playin wif da toyz 🙂
      No more wurriez…..fer now at least….
      Lub Nylablue n Mum Sherri-Ellen

  • First of all, thanks for the lovely comment on our blog, Nylablue! That’s really sweet of you!

    So many exciting and beautiful pink things! We think you should definitely have a pink blankie! Have you ever heard of Peggy’s blankies? They are the best and we’re sure she would knit you one! We have a blue one that Genji loves, and a sort of orange red one that the rest of us Abys look great on!

    #1 says she has a Pink song on her iPod!

    The Chans

    • So diz PINK iz a real purrson, yow!!!! Me iz glad to hear dat!!!
      Mum n me LUB yer blog alot n enjoy all da pix n readin about all of you. Mum sayz she wuud love to live a life like yerz wif catz n a dog & 2 beeutifull horsez…
      Peggy’z blankiez…no we haz not heard of her….me wuud like a BERY soft Minkie blankie; dey are ultra soft n me haz 2…1 iz dark blue n o1 iz turquoise….yer right me doez NEED a pink blankie….me gonna werk on Mum fer one…..
      You Abbyz wuud look FAB in ANY collor!!! REALLY…you are all so purrty!!!
      *purrz n head rubz* frum Nylablue

    • Yow Speedy! MOL… Da Pink Lady…izn’t dat a funny drink da Hu’manz drink at pawtiez??? Me likez diz new nickname tho’….fankz fer it 😉
      ~~head rubz~~ to me fave bunneh frum Nylablue xo

    • MOL Easy can you imagine da Pink Panther dancin round da apartment singin his theme song??? MOL!!! Think PINK IZ a guud motto fer a Queen like me!!! After da Mum’z siriuz blog we had to ‘lighten’ da mood fer shure 😉

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