Comedy of Errors 2013 so far……

Published April 11, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Hi there Everyone: Where has the time gone?? One day Nylablue & I were posting cute photos & the next I lost a week, maybe even more!!! This year so far has been a comedy of errors it seems. I broke my baby toe. overdosed myself in my sleep; my fridge packed it in & I had to borrow the Custodian’s fridge for days til my fridge was properly repaired. Just when things seemed quiet (beware the QUIET!) I overdosed poor Nylablue with her Mirtazipine & put her into Serotonin Syndrome…plus her Feline Herpes Virus activated big time & she is STILL in a flare-up to this day & not eating properly!!! I did have her back on track (more or less) the end of March when suddenly I was hit with something akin to THE PLAGUE!!!! My Easter never happened!! I was too busy projectile vomiting & having diarrhea that would have stopped an elephant in its tracks!! I spent Easter Sunday & Monday & Tuesday in bed… agony from head to toe with excruciating bone pain & fever…..poor Nylablue stayed right by my side the entire time. She left only for bathroom breaks & to eat whatever kibble & old meat should could find in her bowls….I remember sometime during those 3 days she was head butting me hard & yowling!!! Brought me around long enough to stumble out of bed & give her some fresh food & water & then I was back in bed passed out!!Do-NOT-Disturb

I called Public Health Tuesday April 2nd & spoke with a Nurse who verified I had NOROVIRUS which is a mutation of the NORWALK VIRUS!! This Virus KILLS the elderly quickly…it is the same Virus on the fancy cruiseliners you have heard about in the news!!!!!!

I am mercifully over the worst & no longer contagious!!! Which is great as I have been out every day this week doing errands, going to Doctor’s appointments & Chiropractor & laundry!! The fatigue is the lingering side effect so it is not uncommon to find me face down in bed around 4 pm in the afternoon sawing logs so to speak!!!!!

This your spot Mum '07

So today I am off to get 8 Lidocaine injections!! 🙂 This will help with the chronic pain which will be a HUGE relief. Me getting out of the house will be a HUGE relief for NYLABLUE who can snooze in peace without me hovering over her like an Alien spacecraft!!! She is still not right & I am holding firm to letting her choose what she wants to do!!!

We are also under a BIG Winter storm watch & warning!!! So far nothing yet but there is one nasty old storm heading up from the MidWest States…so much for Spring….maybe in May? June? Nothing would surprise me…..

I checked thru my diaries…I haven’t broken any mirrors in a very long time….hahaha!!! I guess it is just Life on Life’s terms which can be a bit of a ‘challenge’ at times….

Oh & tomorrow I have to go for MORE bloodwork to check for Rheumatoid arthritis factor & a specialized Thyroid test also. I have tested negative for Rheumatoid many times & my Thyroid has never presented a problem…at least my Doctor is thorough!! I have 2 MRI’S coming up in May: 1 for my Lumbar Vertabraes & 1 for Sacro-Illiatic Joint/Pelvic Bones to see why I keep dragging my right foot (which is how I broke my wee toe back in January); losing my balance, stumbling about like a mad drunk & falling!!!!!!

By the way we never said THANK YOU to Easy Pup for his lovely Get Well card to Nylablue:

Easy's card for NB Mar. 2013So we say a hearty THANK YOU to sweet EASY!!! You are such a lovely doggie!!! Well that’s my blog for today…I know it is all rather dry; a reflection of my mood I suppose…hopefully better days & Spring will arrive soon!! WE can’t wait!!!!! ((HUGS)) from Sherri-Ellen & ~~head butts~~from Nylablue.


24 comments on “Comedy of Errors 2013 so far……

    • MOL a lotter win wuud be fine but Mum won’t buy a ticket… we go fer sumfing az pawsum…me being healthy fer da rest of da year wuud werk fer us!!! Or fer Mum to find a nice boyfurend….. 😉

    • Good Grief is right!!!!!! We accept all purrs, woofs & neighs to make us feel better!!!! Nylablue is a bit better today…keep your collective paws crossed for her!!!
      ((hugs)) & strokes from Sherri-Ellen & *nose kisses* frum Nylablue too..

    • Hello sweet Basil: It HAS been a rubbish year so far!!! I know things can go pear shaped but this has been one thing after another…..too much!!!!
      I sure could use that ((HUG))….
      Gotta stay pawsitive & hope things get better.
      Love from Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo

    • Hi Dorothy & Mistletoe & Hitch: I so agree…I have been out daily & overdoing things…I can feel the fatigue at nite….one more day of shlepping tomorrow & then I am staying in with Nylablue ALL weekend!!! Flat on my back is NOT where I want to be….
      Pee Ess: Yow Hitch diz Nylablue here…me missez seein you…me not forget bout you sweet fuzzy…you iz in me heart <3….. If Mum doez end up flat on her back me iz gonna just goin lie on top of her n keep her down til she iz all better 😉 Lub Nylablue

    • Hi there AC: Thanks for the healing thoughts!!! We both need as much as we can get!!! I am used to alot of chaos but this year has been the worst in many years!!! I have lost alot of spontaneity & imagination & I sure hope I can get it back.
      EASY is a sweet doggie & yes that card cheered me up & Nylablue loved it too….

    • I sure agree with you Speedy!!! I want to drop kick this year into a pit somewhere far, far away….This year has sucked been more than a challenge & I hope & pray things improve for Nylablue & I.
      We loved the suoersized Speedy snuggles & bunny kisses & ((HUS)) from your Mum!!! Made our day!!
      *nose kissez* frum Nylablue & strokes & kisses from me!!!

  • nyla N mom….sorree ya both haz hada time of it this yeer N knot even inta may….sendin purrz N de blessings oh st francis and may de rest of de yeer bee like yur best yeer ever N may it continmew ta bee sew til like foreverz… XOXO

    • Hello Tabbies!! Thank you for the blessings of St. Francis….Nylablue could definitely use those prayers!!! Hopefully she will get thru this flare-up & recover soon…
      This year has just got to improve 😉
      xo Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  • Sometimes all the bad days gangs up and jumps on us all at once! Mes has checked my crystal ball and me sees LOTS of Nellie and Kozmo Purrayers coming your way until yous is both better!

    • Oh Nellie & Kozmo thank you so much for your prayers & good wishes!!! I totally agree with you sweet girl about things ganging up on us at times! Hopefully the Universe straightens out & the worst is behind us…
      Thank you for your kind words. You are such a sweetie Nellie….sshh I won’t tell anybody 😉
      ((HUGS)) & ~~head rubs~~ Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.
      P.S.: I can’t leave coments on your past blogs!!! I have been there today reading 🙂

  • Sherri-Ellen and Miss Nylablue, I hope that the rest of 2013 is *excellent* for both of you. Thanks for the update, and thanks for including the beautiful card from Easy to Miss Nylablue — it’s so cheerful! I hope the snow passes you by, and I hope all your appointments go smoothly.

    • Hi Susan: I don’t even want ‘excellent’; just quiet & peaceful would be lovely!!! There has to be more to Life than struggling from one day to the next!!! Sometimes I just get so frustrated! THIS TOO SHALL PASS…..sooner would be better, lol….
      Wasn’t that card from Easy to Nylablue adorable?? Mum Katherine is very talented!!!
      So far no snow here; just wind & rain 😉
      Thanks for stopping by….I’ll catch up with you via email tomorrow….Sherri-Ellen.

  • I am so incredibly sorry to hear the trouble you have been going through. I wish you all the best and am praying that things turn around for you, for the better, very very soon. My word, I cannot believe you are having to deal with so much. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Hello LLC & D’s: Thank you for your kind words. I rarely blog about my problems however I had to just get it ‘off my chest’! Hopefully in a few years I
      will read this & laugh…I usually live with 2-3 things going haywire at once but this year has been back to back craziness…Hopefully Nylablue pulls thru. That is my first concern….
      Thank you again for your prayers; I DO appreciate them! Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  • I know you Miss Sherri-Ellen and my special girl furriend Nylablue have had a rough start to 2013. Paws crossed that the rest of your year will be smooth sailing for both of you. I just sent you both warm paw hugs through my special teleport tunnel. Puurrrs, Savannah

    • Hi there Linda & Savannah: It HAS been a very rough year for both Nylablue & I. Looking thru my Diary I see I had her well for 10 consecutive months….i was aiming for a year….but with my OD’ing her by mistake I messed that goal up!!!
      I too hope the rest of the year improves….
      MMM we loed the warm *paw hugs*; they came thru the tunnel!!! Love Sherri-Ellen.
      Pee Ess: Savannah me wantz to come bizit thru the Tellyport Tunnel….Lub Nylablue xo

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