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Take DAT Swinter!!!!!!!!

Published April 28, 2013 by NylabluesMum

YOW Katz: Well we shure showed dat Swinter dat we don’t like it n we ain’t gonna live wif it anymore!!!!! Diz haz bin a great weekend of Sun n warm tempurraturez!!!  Mum caught me waitin to go out in me condo Caturday mornin. Just wanted her to KNOW me waz sirius!!!!Nylablue waitin to go outMe got to go out fer a while befur Mum went out!!!!Nylablue in condo 2013 007Nylablue in condo 2013 016

  • Mum went out wif da Feral cat peeple to help clean up da river side fer da feralz. She waz out fer 2 hourz n came home SO-O sore but she let me sit our fer another hour. Den we went fer a happy nappy n snugglez. It waz a pawsum Caturday!!! N me iz so pruud of Mum fer helpin out even wif all her pain n achin bonez!! She iz such a trooper!!!

Nylablue in condo 2013 017Today was more of da same Sun n warm tempz; so it waz a REAL SUNday!!!!….me waz out frum 11 in da morn til 4 in da afternoon. Had lotz of snackz n watched da birdiez n had more guud napz!!! So take DAT Winter!!! We iz dun wif ya fer another year!!! Now me must go mess up me toyz….look how nice Mum arranged dem fer me….

Nylablue in condo 2013 019Nylablue in condo 2013 018

 So Krazy Katz, diz haz bin da Purrfect weekend here n me iz az happy az a Kat can be!!!  We hopez you had az guud a weekend as we did n Spring treatz ya well!!! Lub frum da Purrfect Pad (which me home really iz!)

*nose kissez* to all frum Nylablue n gentle {{HUGZ}} frum me still bery sore Mum (MOL) 😉


Thinking of you Macy Girl

Published April 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Macy 2007This is the only photo I have of Macy. She was Nylablue’s housemate in their previous home back in 2005-6. When I had the chance to rescue Nylablue I was offered Macy also. I sensed they just tolerated each other so I chose Nylablue. I heard Macy (who had been with M her whole life) was given away not long after I rescued Nylablue. M was pregnant & used that as a ‘reason’/excuse to get rid of 2 cats!!! I did some snooping & found out an acquaintance of mine in the next town had Macy so I emailed ‘Annie’ 2 years ago….she sent me back a very sad email about Macy! Poor Macy did not adjust to being with her Annie or the other cats or the children at all!!! She yowled for M day after day. There was no consoling Macy. Annie called M many times begging her to take Macy back but M remained adamant she could not have cats when she now had 2 children!!! Turns out M was breeding & selling Sphynx cats so she lied about not having cats…..

Macy stopped using her litterbox & was using the floor. Annie  could handle that; she understood Macy was upset until one weekend when she & her family went away!!! The catsitter came in daily to feed & water the cats….it turned out Macy was using the kitchen counter as her personal litterbox…needless to say it was messy & very very disturbing…..Annie & her family returned & witnessed Macy peeing & pooping all over the counter for the next 2 weeks….so Annie made one more call to M who said she did not want Macy back EVER & that left Annie to make a decision….she took poor sad inconsolable Macy & had her put to sleep….Annie apologized profusely to me & I told her she did the right thing for Macy… what else could I say??? I have carried guilt now for 2 years thinking I should have taken Macy too…she would have had a chance with me….I could have made it work with her & Nylablue…all right I probably would have had the same trouble with her…I don’t know what to think…..

So this is my belated; very belated tribute to Macy the Sealpoint Siamese who was betrayed by her so-called Human….I know M does not give Macy any thought but I can say I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN MACY & I NEVER WILL…run free sweet girl….may your soul be free & if you look down from the Rainbow Bridge please know there IS a Human who does remember you!!!!