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Take DAT Swinter!!!!!!!!

Published April 28, 2013 by NylabluesMum

YOW Katz: Well we shure showed dat Swinter dat we don’t like it n we ain’t gonna live wif it anymore!!!!! Diz haz bin a great weekend of Sun n warm tempurraturez!!!  Mum caught me waitin to go out in me condo Caturday mornin. Just wanted her to KNOW me waz sirius!!!!Nylablue waitin to go outMe got to go out fer a while befur Mum went out!!!!Nylablue in condo 2013 007Nylablue in condo 2013 016

  • Mum went out wif da Feral cat peeple to help clean up da river side fer da feralz. She waz out fer 2 hourz n came home SO-O sore but she let me sit our fer another hour. Den we went fer a happy nappy n snugglez. It waz a pawsum Caturday!!! N me iz so pruud of Mum fer helpin out even wif all her pain n achin bonez!! She iz such a trooper!!!

Nylablue in condo 2013 017Today was more of da same Sun n warm tempz; so it waz a REAL SUNday!!!!….me waz out frum 11 in da morn til 4 in da afternoon. Had lotz of snackz n watched da birdiez n had more guud napz!!! So take DAT Winter!!! We iz dun wif ya fer another year!!! Now me must go mess up me toyz….look how nice Mum arranged dem fer me….

Nylablue in condo 2013 019Nylablue in condo 2013 018

 So Krazy Katz, diz haz bin da Purrfect weekend here n me iz az happy az a Kat can be!!!  We hopez you had az guud a weekend as we did n Spring treatz ya well!!! Lub frum da Purrfect Pad (which me home really iz!)

*nose kissez* to all frum Nylablue n gentle {{HUGZ}} frum me still bery sore Mum (MOL) 😉


Thinking of you Macy Girl

Published April 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Macy 2007This is the only photo I have of Macy. She was Nylablue’s housemate in their previous home back in 2005-6. When I had the chance to rescue Nylablue I was offered Macy also. I sensed they just tolerated each other so I chose Nylablue. I heard Macy (who had been with M her whole life) was given away not long after I rescued Nylablue. M was pregnant & used that as a ‘reason’/excuse to get rid of 2 cats!!! I did some snooping & found out an acquaintance of mine in the next town had Macy so I emailed ‘Annie’ 2 years ago….she sent me back a very sad email about Macy! Poor Macy did not adjust to being with her Annie or the other cats or the children at all!!! She yowled for M day after day. There was no consoling Macy. Annie called M many times begging her to take Macy back but M remained adamant she could not have cats when she now had 2 children!!! Turns out M was breeding & selling Sphynx cats so she lied about not having cats…..

Macy stopped using her litterbox & was using the floor. Annie  could handle that; she understood Macy was upset until one weekend when she & her family went away!!! The catsitter came in daily to feed & water the cats….it turned out Macy was using the kitchen counter as her personal litterbox…needless to say it was messy & very very disturbing…..Annie & her family returned & witnessed Macy peeing & pooping all over the counter for the next 2 weeks….so Annie made one more call to M who said she did not want Macy back EVER & that left Annie to make a decision….she took poor sad inconsolable Macy & had her put to sleep….Annie apologized profusely to me & I told her she did the right thing for Macy… what else could I say??? I have carried guilt now for 2 years thinking I should have taken Macy too…she would have had a chance with me….I could have made it work with her & Nylablue…all right I probably would have had the same trouble with her…I don’t know what to think…..

So this is my belated; very belated tribute to Macy the Sealpoint Siamese who was betrayed by her so-called Human….I know M does not give Macy any thought but I can say I HAVE NEVER FORGOTTEN MACY & I NEVER WILL…run free sweet girl….may your soul be free & if you look down from the Rainbow Bridge please know there IS a Human who does remember you!!!!


Versatile Blogger Award n me iz givin it out to many furendz

Published April 16, 2013 by NylabluesMum

EEoowww Krazy Katz: Da Nylablue here!!! Me wantz to say many FANKZ to all of you sweet Katz n Woofies n Bunneh n Piggie who support us here on WordPress!! Since we joined here last August we have felt write at home n have made new furendz n connected with sum longtime furnedz too!!! Today me furend Speedy da Cheeky House Bunny awarded us…er ME wif diz award:versatileblogger 2013So we is givin a *Meow-Out* to Speedy fer da award….we iz apostta tell you seven fingz ’bout ourselvez n den give da award to more deservin 4 legged bloggerz…

Seven fingz about ME;  Nylablue you may not have known:

1) Me LUBZ to watch ‘Heartbeat’ on Friday nitez wif Mum n me also lubz watchin Bollywood moviez too!!!

2) Me eatz Ruegenfisch Herring in Mushroom Sauce fer a treet; it iz so NOMMIE!!!

3) Pink iz now my favoritte color!!!

4) Me lubz me double condo n will stay out in it fer hourz during da Summer (wif Mum keepin watch of course).

5) Me haz sumfing called Feline Herpes Virus or FHV n so we can not have any other kittehz here or dey wuud get sick wif it…so me haz to be an ‘only furchild’.

6) Me iz a conneeesewer of CATNIP n lubz me Yowser Wowser Catnip 2  ta 3 timez a week…

7) Mum lubs to read Sherlock Holmes storiez to me befur bed n me wishez me cuud meet dat Hu’Man; he iz brilliant!!!

Now me iz gonna nominate sum of me bestest furendz fer diz blog:

Speedy the Cheeky House Bunny

My Mini Pet Pig (Coccolina n Katie)

Mistletoe & Hitch (speshelly fer Hitch me boyfurend)

Easy Blog

The Misadventures of Misaki

Chancy and Mumsy

CatFromHell (Nellie)

One Spoiled Cat (Sammy)

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Texas, a cat in New York

The Poupounette Gang; ALL of dem dere!!!

My Three Moogies (speshelly dear old Archie)

KDB (Kirby da cutest little woofie)

n last but not least me new furends at: (ILoveCats) speshelly sweet Boudreaux……

Me doezn’t expect ya all to answer all da questionz…me just wanted to give out aa award ’cause me Mum cuud never figure out how to do it!!! MOL… 😉

Oh n me wantz to give da award to 2 Hu’manz here who we have bin furnedz wif fer yearz:

1) Purrsonal Mewsings (who haz a handsum Russian Blue named McDuff) and

2) Psychic Eevee (who haz Jasper, Chili n Goddess Freya Kittehz).

Whew we hope we got eberybody in!!! We lub all of ya n are so glad we came here to WordPress to share da adventure of *pawbloggin* wif all of you!!!

*nose kissez* n *rumble purrz* frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

Me iz in DA PINK!!!!

Published April 14, 2013 by NylabluesMum

I love PINK


Yow dere Krazy Katz: Nylablue here!! Me n da Mum were finkin ’bout fingz to blog ’bout last nite while we waz playin toyz!! Me kept hittin me PINK toyz n Mum got da hint…she asked me. “Shuud we do a blog about yer PINk fingz Nylablue?” Clever Hu’Mum!!!

So here iz sum of me favorite pink fingz:

Pink mousiepink plastic golf ballspink tinkle ballpink tinkle clinky ballpink nail filepink hairbrushPink stuffieIzn’t all diz stuff just purrfect fer a Queen like me?? Wunder what else me can get dat iz PINK?? None of me blankies are pink cause me likez Turquoise n Dark blue….hhhmmmm me finkz it iz time to send Mum out to look fer a PINK blankie…oh Muuuuumm…me haz a job fer ya….MOL!!!

So me wantz to nose, what iz yer favorite color if ya have one n what are yer favorite toyz n other fingz that you just lub????

Wishin eberyone 4 n 2 legged a Hoppy Sunny Sunday!! Da Sun iz shinin here but it iz still too chilly fer diz kitteh to go out in da condo…payshuntz, payshuntz…can me get DAT in PINK purrleeze??? Signin off fer now, in da Pink wif me Pinkie da Piggie. Lub to all  frum  Nylablue…..Nylablue & Pinkie 1By da way who iz diz PINK me keepz hearin on da radio?? HHHmmm, she lookz kind of purrty… wonder if diz guy playz in her band:pink panther n saxPINK da singer

Comedy of Errors 2013 so far……

Published April 11, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hi there Everyone: Where has the time gone?? One day Nylablue & I were posting cute photos & the next I lost a week, maybe even more!!! This year so far has been a comedy of errors it seems. I broke my baby toe. overdosed myself in my sleep; my fridge packed it in & I had to borrow the Custodian’s fridge for days til my fridge was properly repaired. Just when things seemed quiet (beware the QUIET!) I overdosed poor Nylablue with her Mirtazipine & put her into Serotonin Syndrome…plus her Feline Herpes Virus activated big time & she is STILL in a flare-up to this day & not eating properly!!! I did have her back on track (more or less) the end of March when suddenly I was hit with something akin to THE PLAGUE!!!! My Easter never happened!! I was too busy projectile vomiting & having diarrhea that would have stopped an elephant in its tracks!! I spent Easter Sunday & Monday & Tuesday in bed… agony from head to toe with excruciating bone pain & fever…..poor Nylablue stayed right by my side the entire time. She left only for bathroom breaks & to eat whatever kibble & old meat should could find in her bowls….I remember sometime during those 3 days she was head butting me hard & yowling!!! Brought me around long enough to stumble out of bed & give her some fresh food & water & then I was back in bed passed out!!Do-NOT-Disturb

I called Public Health Tuesday April 2nd & spoke with a Nurse who verified I had NOROVIRUS which is a mutation of the NORWALK VIRUS!! This Virus KILLS the elderly quickly…it is the same Virus on the fancy cruiseliners you have heard about in the news!!!!!!

I am mercifully over the worst & no longer contagious!!! Which is great as I have been out every day this week doing errands, going to Doctor’s appointments & Chiropractor & laundry!! The fatigue is the lingering side effect so it is not uncommon to find me face down in bed around 4 pm in the afternoon sawing logs so to speak!!!!!

This your spot Mum '07

So today I am off to get 8 Lidocaine injections!! 🙂 This will help with the chronic pain which will be a HUGE relief. Me getting out of the house will be a HUGE relief for NYLABLUE who can snooze in peace without me hovering over her like an Alien spacecraft!!! She is still not right & I am holding firm to letting her choose what she wants to do!!!

We are also under a BIG Winter storm watch & warning!!! So far nothing yet but there is one nasty old storm heading up from the MidWest States…so much for Spring….maybe in May? June? Nothing would surprise me…..

I checked thru my diaries…I haven’t broken any mirrors in a very long time….hahaha!!! I guess it is just Life on Life’s terms which can be a bit of a ‘challenge’ at times….

Oh & tomorrow I have to go for MORE bloodwork to check for Rheumatoid arthritis factor & a specialized Thyroid test also. I have tested negative for Rheumatoid many times & my Thyroid has never presented a problem…at least my Doctor is thorough!! I have 2 MRI’S coming up in May: 1 for my Lumbar Vertabraes & 1 for Sacro-Illiatic Joint/Pelvic Bones to see why I keep dragging my right foot (which is how I broke my wee toe back in January); losing my balance, stumbling about like a mad drunk & falling!!!!!!

By the way we never said THANK YOU to Easy Pup for his lovely Get Well card to Nylablue:

Easy's card for NB Mar. 2013So we say a hearty THANK YOU to sweet EASY!!! You are such a lovely doggie!!! Well that’s my blog for today…I know it is all rather dry; a reflection of my mood I suppose…hopefully better days & Spring will arrive soon!! WE can’t wait!!!!! ((HUGS)) from Sherri-Ellen & ~~head butts~~from Nylablue.