7 yearz ago……Tribute to Mingflower frum Nylablue

Published March 24, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Mingflower 1987-2006EEooww Eberyone: Nylablue here!! Az me Mum iz down wif da Flu n sore sinusez me figured me do sumfing nice fer her!!!!

Yesterday, March 23rd waz da 7th Annie versary of Mingflower ‘da Merciless’ passin n goin to da Rainbow Bridge!! Me callz her ‘Aunti’ cause she waz 18 1/2 yearz old when she left fer da Bridge. She took such guud care of me Mum all doze yearz!! (Mum rescued her when she waz only 5 monthz old.)  In fact me Mum sayz she spoke to Mingflower a month after she waz gone n asked Mingy to guide Mum to her next 4 legged….den me waz rescued!!!! Did Mingflower really guide her frum beyond?? Me not shure but me really don’t care cause me got to be wif diz Hu’Mum n Life haz bin bunderfull since we met!!! Eben wif all da health prublemz me Mum haz bin dere fer me alwayz!!!  Oh wait diz iz about Mingflower!! She waz a Bluepoint Siamese n she cuud not see well; only bout 60 purr cent witch got less az she got old. She lubbed to travel  wif Mum n waz what Mum called ‘bomb proof’!! She waz kind of funny az in peecuular in dat she waz afraid of eberyone n she had to hab same routine ALL day time….mum said Mingflower waz Autistic!!! MOL!!!

Mingflower got sick wif Kidney Disease Catmass 2004 while Mum waz at Aunti Stacey’z fer da holiday!!! Mum waz so upset dat she waz not dere when Mingy ferst got sick!!! She promised her she wuud NOT go away fer da rest of Mingflower’z life n she kept dat promise. Mingy lived til March 23rd of 2006 n Mum stuck wif her & neber went to da family n dey were mad az KATZ on a HOT Tin Roof she told me, but Mum cuuud not brake her promise to her “Baby Suck’. Dat  fatefull mornin Mingy awoke Mum wif what Mum called da ‘death howl’ n she called da Vet n asked fer him to come to da house n help Mingy to da Bridge!!! Den Mum called Dad Jon & he came over n spent da rest of da day wif dem both!!! Dr. Dave waz heartbroken to have to help Mingy who he called  hiz “Grand Old Girl”. He really LUBBED her eben tho he waz not post-to be attached to any of da 4 leggedz he took care of in da pracktiss. Mum played Native drummin music dat Mingy lubbed n she waz helped to da Bridge az she waz in full Renal Failure. Eberyone sat on da bed huggin n cryin n Mum was singin to Mingy….it must have bin heart wrenchin fer ALL of da Hu’Manz. Dr. Dave cuud NOT carry Mingflower wrapped in her yellow blankie out n made da Assistant do it n she quit da next day cause she waz not cut out to werk in a Vet pracktiss!!!!! Mum told me dat Mingflower waz da first KAT she had all thru itz life n she felt like she lost a child rather den a pet!! Makez sense to me!!! So me wantz to deddycate diz blog to Mingflower da best Kitteh EVER who taught me Mum so much n fer bringing us together!!!! You are neber fergotten n me rubz yer box wif yer ashez ebery day so you nose you not alone ever…  Lub yer Niece Nylablue &Mmum Sherri-Ellen xo


44 comments on “7 yearz ago……Tribute to Mingflower frum Nylablue

  • Nylablue that was such a special memorial you did for Ming and I am sure you Mum so appreciates what you did. We have the ashes of the three kitties before me with us too. Mom and Dad did not want to bury them at the house before here and this house isn’t outs so we won’t leave them here either.

    • Hello Manfred!!! Oh is is lovely to see a comment from you!!!! How are you & Bonnie & Baby & Sweetie?? I have missed you so much1!! I will bookmark your blog so I can visit!!!
      Thank you for the compliment. I wanted to share with all my new friends about Mingflower….
      You just made my “Knight”, lol…
      Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

    • Yow Yow!! It iz lubly to meet all of youz!! Tommy n da Horsies & all you lubly Chan Katz!! Yer all so beeutifull & Mum n me lub all da pix & da storiez!!! Mum sayz she wuud love to have all da critterz like youz cause she LUBS horsez too!!!
      We sumtimez fall behind in readin but we will get over to bizit az much az pawssible, ok?? 😉
      Lub frum Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen in Canada.

  • Beautiful tribute to sweet Mingflower. We know your mom still misses her a lot. This is a terrific post. We are sending you both lots of warm hugs and nose kisses. Love you!!! Chancy and Auntie Maggie

    • Yow Chancy n Aunti Maggie: Guud to see you here!!!! Mum does still miss Mingy a bit howeber she sayz me bein wif her haz helped her accept Mingy goin to da Bridge!!! Not shure if you bemember me Mum doin a post like diz on Multeeply??? Me thought it wuud be nice fer new furendz here to read about Mingflower & get to know me Mum a bit better!!!! Love ya both bery much frum Nylablue n Mum xoxo

    • EEoww Aunti Eevee…Mum tooked bery guud care of Mingflower 😉 Dat iz why she lived so long me finkz!!!! Mum told me peddygreez don’t live so long…so Mum must have sum magic??? MOL!!!! Lub Nylablue ❤

    • Mee-yow Misaki mee an LadyMum are goin thru old bloggie postss an mee found sum where Aunty Nylablue did not commint! Fank you fur thee luvley commint abou her bloggie fur Aunty Mingflower who was known on thee other bloggie was on befur Aunty Nylablue an LadyMum came here…..
      Aunty Mingflower had a furabuluss life travellin with LadyMum an that iss what iss most impawtent rite????
      ~~~head rubsss~~~ Siddhartha Henry (carryin on thee tradishun…)

  • I have tears in my eyes now…. what a wonderful tribute to Mingflower. It’s so sad that all of our furriends have to go over this bridge sometimes…. I don’t like this bridge… Thanks for sharing this wonderful memories with me, Nylablue&Mom.

    • Yow Easy!! We iz bery happy to share da memoriez of Mingflower….dat keepz her spirit alive fer Mum n remindz me of how lucky me iz to be wif her!!! Mum sayz after 18 1/2 yearz she cuud accept Mingy going to da Spirit World. She also said ‘better to hab lubbed n lost den neber to hab lubbed at all’….. such a wise old Hu’Mum 🙂
      Lub Nylablue

      • Fankz Easy!! Me finkz da Mum iz pretty sweet too!! She doez all she can fer me n putz me needz furst befur her own!!! Me haz seen her eat sammich’z so me can have me food n meddycashun…now DAT iz Deevoshun!!!!
        Oh a world wifout all doez nasty placez…dat wuud be PARADICE FER SHURE!!!! Yer Hu’manz are pretty speshell too… We got da guud Hu’Manz!!!!

        • Bery true Easy. Az we both nose many 4 leggedz are put out n abandoned (VBP) fer no guud reason…Mum triez to do her bit to help strayz dat come here. me nose me iz bery lucky to have found her!!! Mingflower had alot of problemz n Mum refused to put her to sleep n gave her a fab life!!! Mum stickz up fer da ‘underkatz n underdogz’!!!!! 🙂

          • You have a wonderful mom and you are a lucky kitty :o) We try to help the poor animals too and I feel sorry for all animals who were dumped by bad people. I wish we could have a world without puppymills, petstores and killing shelters. That would be great!

  • Miss Nylablue, thank you for the wonderful tribute to your Aunty. I had to smile a liittle — I was reading too fast and at first I read “she was 60 percent witch”! And then I loved your story of Miss Mingflower’s passing. Mom gave her a warrior’s send-off.

  • Such a wonderful post and tribute. We always think and talk about – and talk to – our kitty Giaccolo that passed away a year ago. I was just thinking last night I can’t believe he is gone. Not to mention our dogs that have passed. It’s something you’ll never get over so to be able to keep them present in any way is helpful!

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig

    • Fankz me werked hard on diz fer Mum (az she iz sick). Giaccolo soundz like he waz pretty speshell also!!! We DO leave pawprintz on our Hu’Manz heartz!!! Mum sayz she felt dat way about Mingy fer 2-3 yearz n den dat feelin passed n she waz ok….me finkz it waz ME dat helped drag pull her thru da loss!!!
      Mum n me talk meow alot about Mingflower so she livez wif us in spirit.
      Lub to Coccolina n you Miss Katie frum Nylablue n Mum

    • Yow Miss Dorothy n me sweet Hitch n Mistletoe: We iz thrilled you enjoyed me tribute to me Aunti Mingflower!!!
      If we can ever get the cammyra workin again we will take pix of Mum’x Mingy pix to post here…..we had a bunch on da old blogsite…don’t nose where dey went??
      Hope all iz weel wif all of you.
      Speshell nose kissez to me Hitch xo

  • Bittersweet story about Mingflower but she sure had a very long life with you Mum didn’t she. I imagine it’s very hard for our beloved humans to have to help us go to the Bridge when our time has come but it sounds like your Mum did all she could to make sure Mingflower’s last moments were full of love.

    Kitty Hugs, Sam

    • Yow Sammy…yer Mum n me did a blog about past kittehz on da same day 😉
      Maybee dere waz sumfing in da air???
      Me finkz yer Mum lubz you so bery much she wuud do anyfing to keep you wif her!!!!
      We haz guud Mumz; in fact, da BEST Mumz!!!!
      Me Mum wanted Mingflower to go to da Bridge eazily….dere waz an inseedent tho’. Dat Vet went to shave Mingy’z front leg to give her da injeckshun n da sound of da shaver scared her so much she bit Mum’z right thumb!!!!!!! Mum sayz she waz so shocked she just kept sayon, “Mingflower you bit me..” over n over!! Da Vet had to take Mingy into livin room to hand shave her leg n den he brought her back n gave her da injeckshun n Mum sang to her az she slipped away!!! Mum waz bery brave 😉
      By da way, Mum went to Doctor 2 dayz later & got Aunti-biot-ickz cause her thumb waz infected….so Mingy left a bit of herself behind, MOL!!!!!!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Eeeoww Kirby n Leah: Mingflower waz beeutifull me Mum told me!! She told me many Hu’Manz said she was ber plain?? What?? Mingy waz a beeuuty!! Sum peeple are blind er don’t see the true nature of us kittehz!!! Mum iz pretty speshell too xo

  • Awww Nylablue what a beautiful tribute! Mingflower sounds adorable and your mums bond with her was just as special as yours is. I hope she gets better soon. The flu really knocks the humans over doesn’t it? My mum had it for the first time ever for her birthday last week. I was worried she was dying! She was sooo hot and she kept saying she was cold and she wouldn’t eat anything I brought her. She’s all better now and I hope your mum is too very very soon. Bisous Bailey

    • Yow Bailey…it iz true dat Mum n Mingflower had a speshell bond!! Mum told me she neber thought we cuud bond like diz yet we hab!! Me finkz me havin health issuez haz brought us closer together….
      Mingflower waz adorable frum what Mum told me; alwayz bossin her about n snugglin…so me had BIG pawz to fill 😉
      As fer Mum she iz still sneezy n not quite right….Mum here too bery hot n shivery….eeewwwww…
      Me Mum haz bin pickin at her food too. Funny fing: she can pick n it iz ok but when I pick she callz da Vet panickin!!!! Aren’t Hu’manz crazy bery funny???
      Lub Nylablue xo

  • Great Post Nyla! Mes talks to the before cats (over the bridge) all the time! They helps me deal with my quirky Mommy 🙂
    Your before cat sounds fabulishious!

    • You too Nellie?? Diz iz pawsum to know sumone besidez me talkz to da ‘befer’ Katz!!! Mum haz Mingy’s ashez here n we chat all da time!! Me finkz Mingy haz helped me wif me Mum too 😉
      We shure hab alot in common!!!!
      Mingflower waz UBER fabulishious!!!
      *nose kissez* Nylablue

    • Yow Speedy…you really like da post?? Me waz hopin eberyone wuud. Mingflower meant da world to me Mum…in fact she told me she LUBS me AZ MUCH az she lubbed Mingflower n dat iz ALOT!!! Mum iz feelin a bit better 😉 Gotta keep after her to rest n eat propurrly….no junk food!!!!
      Lub to you n yer Mum frum Nylablue xo

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