Come on Baby light my fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published March 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue, Easy & Hitch camping 2013-4Hey Everyone: Look at what happened at the camp: Easy Pup apparently set the tent afire like his Hu’man Grandpa did…..seems they have an issue with Fire perhaps?????

Nylablue is all right; in fact she looks pretty OK in the pic…laughing at Easy….I sure hope young Hitch cat wasn’t scared either!!! As far as I know either Sammy cat or Savannah cat or Misaki pup will put them up overnite!!!!

Sleep well Nylablue…Mum loves you so much & hopes you will come home tomorrow…..xoxoxoxo


24 comments on “Come on Baby light my fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I saw Nylablue with that fire fighting spray thingy…and she was mostly just spraying it in the air…what’s with that/??? Anyways, Miss Sherri-Ellen, never you worry, she stayed with me and Cathy Keisha in my tent…we did mani/pedis together after the bonfire

    • Hi Savannah: That’s my Nylablue…she does not like water much!!!!! I still think she & Hitch masterminded things & blamed Easy pup!!! We’ll never know….
      Glad she stayed with youy & CK…no wonder her nails look so good!!!!
      My girl is snuggled up & sleeping beside me!!!!
      I bought her a welcome home gift: a Hello Kitty pink brush….she really liked it so we have made up now, lol.
      Thanks for keeping an eye on Nylablue for me. Love Miss Sherri-Ellen.

    • LOL LLC&D: Easy is not claiming responsibility for the tent going up….there has been talk Hitch helped him?? Nylablue is staying ‘mum’ about the whole incident……wonder if she will tell me when she gets home??? LOL
      Sherri-Ellen xo

    • MOL Katie: it waz all bery funny 😉
      Me waz tryin to use da stingwisher to put da campfire out…it iz bery hard wifout da thumbz…we did our best, mol….
      Yer Coccolina is such a little snooper…..he ate so many treatz…he eben tried da fresh salmon!!!! Me waz eeowwin at him n he just snorted cute like at me back…what a piggie!!!
      We all had a great time campin!!!!
      Hope Coccolina getz home soon; me iz on me way back to Mum..we haz makin up to do!!! Lub Nylablue xo

  • I am so glad everyone is ok and that Hitch is having a good time! I’m sure he ” helped” poor Easy with whatever they got up too. I always think of Hitch as young because he’s so much younger than Mistletoe. Mistletoe will be 10 sometime this year. Her gotcha day is 12/10/2003 and she was estimated to be a year when she came home. Hitch carjacked my brother on 12/08/2008, and the vet said he was 4 months old at the time. So, he’s been around the.block, although he’s completed his probation and lived a law abiding life since he found his way home. So Hitch will be 5 sometime this summer. Well, I’ll go break the news to Mistletoe that Hitch’ll be home tomorrow. She’ll be so…..happy?

    • Hi Dorothy: it sure sounds like Hitch & Nylablue & Easy are having a great time!!!! They are all staying with Misake the Malamute tonite on the beach…easy says he is innocent so maybe Hitch did have a ‘paw’ in the goings-on,…..we’ll never know, lol!!
      Thank you for telling me about Hitch…I always wondered how he got his name 😉
      So he is about 5 yrs old? Nylablue is approx. 12…so she is a ‘cougar’ going after Hitch, hehehe!!!
      As for Mistletoe…she will be…..thrilled? happy? mildly amused???
      HAHAHAHAHAHA, Sherri-Ellen.

  • Now, hate to say it Nylablue, but we did wonder what fun and games you’d get up to with Easy 😀 He’s guaranteed to fend of boredom and now you’ll get to stay in one of the other fabulous tens!

  • ahmm… can I say: It wasn’t me? no, not really, the state of evidence is overwhelming….
    I think we will find a place in another tent… now this song is in my head…..try to set the tent on fiiiire…yeah!

  • Hello Sweet Feet…I am so relieved you three are all right!!! Maybe give Easy one of your furry head rubs!!!! Glad Hitch is ok too….such adventure for all of you!!! Bunk in with Sammy or Savannah or Misaki…..
    Yes please take Hitch home to his Mamma; she is missing him. No one is upset with you ‘catnapping’ him!!!! He had a good adventure & with a ‘cougar’ kitty 🙂 You made all his dreams come true I am sure!!!!
    I love you too Nylablue & can hardly wait to snuggle with you & brush you & sing to you….all my Love always, Mum ❤

    • Eeoww Mum: Me iz on me way home to ya! We did habe a great time!!! WE iz droppin Hitch off at home n den we are on our way to you!!
      Me missed you Mum n me iz sowwy fer stompin out on ya…
      Lub yer kittygurl Nylablue xoxo

  • Wowzers! That Easy sure knows how to light your fire! And Nyla, me laughed so hard when me seed the look on his face!

    • Yow Yow Nellie…me hert Easy’z feelinz but it was pretty funny wazn’t it??? MOL!!!! We shure had a guud time n it iz ok about da tent!!!!
      Let’z go roast sum more Mollie mallowz ok Nellie??
      Lub Nylablue

  • Yow Mum…what you fink of diz??? Poor Easy doggie..he iz bery sad bout what he did!!! Me laughed at him n hurt hiz feelinz…me hopez he won’t stay mad at me fer long!!! Hitch is here wif me n OK!! Me take him home to Miss Dorothy tomorrow; den me will come home wif me tail tween me legz!!! Me iz sowwy Mum!!! Me LUBZ you!!!! Da Nylablue =^..^=

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