I got a letter from my Nylablue!!!!!

Published March 18, 2013 by NylabluesMum

NB extra 009Hi Folks: Look, look, look!!!! Look what I got in the mail today!!! A letter from my beloved Nylablue.

She says she is having alot of fun hanging out with Easy, Misaki, Hitch, Savannah,  Sammy & everyone else……I am really happy she is doing all right & having fun…You go NYLABLUE!!!

I so want my ”Sweet Feet”  back. I publicly apologize Nylablue. Have a good time camping & come home to me safely!!! Love always, your Hu’Man Sherri-Ellen!!!!NB extra 010NB extra 011

16 comments on “I got a letter from my Nylablue!!!!!

    • Oh Speedy I missed this post from you when Nylablue had gone camping/run away!!!
      Everything went well & Nylablue had a great time & put things in ‘purrspective’ as she would say!!! She came home & all is forgiven & we are living happily ever after, thankfully 😉
      Thanks for watchig Nylablue’s back for me!!!
      Cuddles & kisses from Sherri-Ellen (quite belatedly)

  • Well, I’m so glad that you heard from Nylablue! We haven’t heard from Hitch, except for the other night. I think he was “tail-dialing” his cellular. ( that’s the feline version of pocket dialing). All I could hear was laughter and singing! Sounded like a real good time, even at 2 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. I’m not sure of which time zone Far Far Away is in. I’ll have to check the world clock.

    Don’t worry, they’ll be home soon. Until then, take good care of yourself. Nylablue will be keeping you jumping when she returns!
    Dorothy, Hitch’s HuMom

    • Hi Dorothy: I am glad I heard feom Nylablue too!! She was so upset with me; I figured she was gonna go home with Hitch or another kitty friend….
      Ohoh tail dialing; what those felines get up to??!!!
      Far far away is at least 5 hours behind EST…..so they were just starting the ‘pawty’ up, lol!!!!
      I hope you aren’t missing Hitch too much!!! Nylablue says they WILL bring him back to you…she was trying to get him to run off with her…my kittygirl was trying to lead a younger kitty away….she is SUCH a ‘cougar’!!!!!
      I am sure they both will keep us hopping when they return 😉
      Sherri-Ellen, Nylablue’s Mum (no matter what…)

    • Hi Misaki: Thanks for letting me know Nylablue is all right!!!! I hope she didn’t smack you or hiss or anything; she fancies she is a BIG cat sometimes, BOL!!!
      Please keep an eye on her. Thanks Sherri-Ellen.

    • Hi Katie~ Sounds like Coccolina is having the time of his piggy Life camping!!!! He will keep the rest of the campers on their furry toes!!!!
      Maybe Coccolina didn’t write because he didn’t leave in a huff & catnap another kitty like Nylablue did!!! She is one naughty & saucy pussycat 🙂

    • Hi Easy Pup: I love camping letters & getting one from my beoved girl is so special!!!
      Nylablue is not the best on Geography…thank goodness she is with you!!!!
      She DID mention Coccolina had shared the snacks…..& left the catnip toys…..LOL….
      have fun & please keep my girl safe.
      Love Sherri-Ellen.

  • Hi, Sherri-Ellen. Great letter! I love the city — “Far Far Away”! Sound like somewhere I’d like to live. I guess I kind of do anyway, since Seattle is “far far away” from a lot of places. Hey, if we wanted to send a card or letter to you or to Miss Nylablue, is that your correct address? Without the “patio under pine tree” part, I mean.

    • Hi Susan…it was such a surprise to get a letter from my ‘Sweet Feet’…
      I think Seattle would be a cool place to visit/live in…
      I will send you our mailing address tonite via Yahoo mail, ok??
      At least Nylablue knows her surroundings, hahahaha!!!!
      Sherri-Ellen xo

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