Me iz runnin away wif EASY n HITCH…..

Published March 12, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue, Easy & Hitch runnin away EEoowww KATZ: Nylablue here!!! Me iz BERY mad at da Mum so me iz now runnin away wif EASY n catnapped Hitch (of Mistletoe n Hitch fame) n we iz goin far far away!!!!! Me haz a purrfect `condo on wheelz`dat Easy got just fer me!!! EASY iz me Champion!!!! We goin campin!!!!!!! MOL!!!!!

Mum iz in da `doghouse`!!! Me might not come back!!!! Me had to go to da Vet Dr. Dave yesterday cause me waz not feelin guud!!!! Turnz out da Mum gabe me TOO MUCH MEDDYCASHUN to increase da appytite….me had mild SEROTONIN SYNDROME!!! Mild shmild; me felt purrfectly pawfull!!!! Dr. Dave gave me a Cartrophen shot n diz haz helped me feel guud enuff to leave home!!! Me iz still not eatin propurrley so maybe all da fresh air n Sun on da Beach will improve fingz fer me….Bye Bye Mum; it`z bin nice knownin ya!!!!!!!!!!


39 comments on “Me iz runnin away wif EASY n HITCH…..

    • Got DAT right Litchi…me left her feelin pawfull n went wif Easy n we catnapped Hitch n we are on da open road 😉
      Eatin a bit better…Hitch brought sum yummy sliced turkey n me iz enjoyin it!!!!! Easy iz da best!!!! Did you see our bicycle?? me haz me own condo on wheelz!!!! Me iz free!!!!!

  • I’m already Nylablue! I never been camping before. I’m very excited to be running away with you! But…..we will have to come back before too very long. I don’t want my HuMom to start leaking. So I can only run away for a little while. I’ll wait on the porch for you!

    • Hurrah Hitch…we iz gonna go have lotz of fun!!!!! We iz almost dere….we go fer 3 dayz…if me decidez to stay longer Easy bring you back of course!!!! Me only cat nap you fer the 3 dayz….
      ~~head rubz~~ Nylablue….

  • nyla…ewe all can camp out heer in trout towne N noe bodee will ever finds ewe coz noe one noez wear trout towne iz….knot even uz N we live heer 🙂 sorree ya had ta go two de V place; we noe thatz never fun….

    • Yow Tabbies o Trout Towne….fankz fer da invite…me might just come bizit you after da campin’. Me may go home after campin or me may hit da open road….no more V place fer diz kitteh!!!!

    • Yow Speedy…you comin campin?? If so me haz Kale n Parsley n carrotz fer ya!!!!
      Me knowz Mum lubs me; me not in lub wif her at the momint…me goin go hab sum fun!!
      Me bein a naughty kitteh on da run!!!
      Lub ya Speedy!!

  • You go gurl furriend!! I will meet you at Sammy’s campsite! I have my tent all decked out company with noms and feather toys and frisbees for the woofies. Nellie is visiting too and so is Cathy Keisha. ANd you tell Mom to go easy on those meds for you princess!! paw pats, Savannah

    • Me goin gurlfurend~~~diz iz eggcitin fer shure!!!!! Meet you dere….me comin wif Easy pup n Hitch; we catnapped him!!!! Me wantz him to be me beau!!!
      Oh you bringin Frisbeez!! Great idea!!
      Our tent iz gonna look pretty cool too….me lettin Easy do de deckoratin. Me iz bringin loads of catnip, treatz n food.
      Can hardly wait to meet Nellie n CK too!!!
      No medz fer me; left dem at home!!!! YUCK!!!
      See ya soon Savannah. Lub Nylablue.

  • Uhoh………Nylablue you might change your mind after a few days away………once you get to the campground you will have so much fun and be able to relax and enjoy some freedom you might miss your Mom a lot and WANT to go back home. See you soon at the campground!!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Yow Sammy: Still mad at Mum!! She is in da Doghouse az long az I stay away!!!! HHRRMMPPHH!!!!!! We will see if me wantz to go home or find sumwhere new to live….*paw patz* Nylablue.

  • Nylablue, I had serotonin toxicity once. I didn’t feel sick — I just didn’t sleep for 3 days. I went to the doctor because I thought I was going, um, crazy. A pharmacist at the doctor’s office diagnosed the problem by looking at the meds I was taking. I had a cold and took Sudafed on top of 2 antidepressants. Now it’s no Sudafed for me, ever! I hope your appetite is better now. Tell mom to email me if she’d like some suggestions for foods that I’ve seen to help a kitty’s appetite.

    • Yow Susan…you had diz too?? it iz PAWFUL!!! me iz aggetated n now can’t seem to sleep long n me cryin n not hungry at all 😦
      Me finkz you should email me Mum about what to do fer me appytite!! She needz all da help she can get!! 😉 Fankz….

      • Hi, Nylablue and Sherri-Ellen. When I was volunteering at a local cat adoption facility, I learned about some foods that are very palatable to cats who weren’t eating. We didn’t have to deal with that very often, since the organization had a separate facility for cats who needed veterinary care, but once in awhile we did. Here’s my personal number one — Avoderm “Breeder’s Choice” chicken. It comes in a small can, and is just chicken in aspic. Sometimes a cat who is not eating will eat the aspic. This food comes in small cans. Whoops – browser problems — more later.

      • OK, I’ll try not to be so long-winded — browser seems not to like that. Weruva also comes in small cans. Two flavors that I know are very appetizing are “Paw-Licken Chicken” and “Meow Luau”. Of course, a lot depends on if the kitty is a “surf” fan or a “turf” fan. There’s also a website called Holisticat. I haven’t been there for awhile. The people who post regularly almost all have cats with health challenges, and I’m sure they have some really good suggestions (they advocate feeding raw). Finally, you can do a web search for “Harpsie”. He was a purebred Persion with a lot of health challenges. His mom has a lot of deatiled comments on just about any issue of cat health, and she is very approachable. I hope some of this helps!

        • Hi again: I think we have Weruva here in Canada..I will have to check with pet food store. I don’t shop online so have to rely on going to actual stores.
          Nylablue loves chicken, tuna, turkey, seafood & even beef….when she wants to eat….
          I will have to look up Harpsie….
          Nylablue has enough challenges & she didn’t need this at all!!! today she has barely eaten & is restless & meowing ALOT; in fact she is worse today than yesterday….which worries me….any more sggestions??? Thanks Sherri-Ellen

      • Hi, Sherri-Ellen. When I had serotonin toxicity, I got better as soon as I stopped taking the Sudafed. But cats are so much more sensitive than people are. I’m sure the vet encouraged you to get Miss Nylablue to drink more water? That’s the only thing I can think of. I hope you do have Weruva where you are. That’s great that Nylablue isn’t a “fish only” or a “chicken only” kitty. I would go ahead and get 1 each of the small cans of whatever Weruva flavors your store has. Something else you might try is KMR liquid. That’s a milk replacement for kittens, but if an adult cat isn’t eating, we would try it at the shelter. There are milk substitutes for adult cats, too, but I’m not sure how palatable they are.

        • You are right that cats are more sensitive. Nylablue is acting weirder today then yesterday! She took the Mirtazpine from Wed., Feb.27th til Sun., Mar. 3rd. None Monday the 4th. Then I gave her some Tues., Mar.5th. Stopped giving it & she was all right & eating rest of week & then started acting weird over the past weekend. Took her in to Vet yesterday & Dr. Dave told me what I’d done wrong & what is wrong with Nylablue. She IS drinking alot of water…she was eating ok & today won’t eat. We do have Weruva here so will get to pet food store tomorrow & pick up some for her…not sure about KMR liquid..will check….Nylablue doesn’t drink milk so not sure if she’d go for that….
          I hope this settles down soon or I’ll have to take her back to Vet…. 😦

    • Fankz Misaki…me iz bunking wif Hitch da cat in Easy pup’s tent, but we can get together n romp n play!!!!Me might be a bit slow but we will habe guud time!! See you soon. Lub Nylablue.

  • Running away! Now that is my kind of style! Me is sure your Mommy did not means to give yous too much medication!

    • Yow Nellie!!Me thought you`d like me style!!! Mum did not meanz to do diz but she haz bin stoopid , er me meanz distracted lately n me cuud not figure out what waz goin on!!! me finkz a few dayz away n she will miss me so-o much she will beg furgivenezz…MOL!!! Me wantz to see her grovel…`s DAT fer Style..Lub Nylablue

  • mow mow , Mummys dus stoopid fings sumtimes, my Mummy by accident dropped me the over week !!! I did hit my head on the metal rail on de bed, it did not hurt and I was ok but my Mummy waz crying and huggins me for ages, she wuz so upset, wuz almost wurth going smack bang jus for loads of cuddles
    hopes you feel better nowz and no longer wants to run away
    love from Goddess Freya

    • EEoww Goddess Freya…guud to hear frum ya!!! Yer Mum dropped ya…oh nose!!!! OUCH!! You iz a guud sprt to furgive her n let her LUB on ya!!!! Da fingz we do fer LUB eh!!!
      Me iz on da road going to da Campin site wif Easy Pup n Hitch da kitteh me catnapped….me finkz a few dayz away will be da best fer Mum n me….. She haz to learn she can`t be so stoopid distracted….Me iz puttin me PAW down!!!
      Me lubz ya Freya… will keep in touch on da road!!!! Nylablue xo

    • Hi Mollie n Alfie: Got lotz n lotz of seafood snackz; catnip fer all, plenty of Fancy Feast fer eberyone n eben brought Milkbonez n Beggin Stripz fer my doggie palz…oh n sum Kale & Parsley n Carrotz fer any bunnehz who join us too!!!!! See you there Nylablue xo

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