Celebratin Sunny Sunday ……

Published March 10, 2013 by Nylabluesmum

Hello Krazy Katz: So me waz hanging out on me tote bed under da bedroom window tryin to bask in d a sun puddle.....mindin me own buzinezz when da Mum came in n asked me dose wordz me haz bin longin to hear: "Nylablue wuud you like to go OOOUUUTTTT???" Me waz so happy me almost fell off da tote hurryin to get into me condo!Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 001Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 004Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 021Here me iz out in da condo lookin around...oh iz it Spring yet?? Shure feelz like it! Diz iz pawsum to be outside again. 

Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 025Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 022Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 028
 Da Sun feelz so-o GUUD on me face!!!!

Me is gonna enjoy diz while it lastz!! Mum made shure me had blankiez to keep any wind out but wuud let da Sun shine in on ME!!!

Me is so pawsumly happy!!!

Me hopez eberyone has az guud a day as me N Mum are havin’!! 

It’z so warm n lubly me iz gettin sleepy so me iz gonna go have a “Happy Nappy” now….
Later Katz. Lub Nylablue ❤Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 031


23 comments on “Celebratin Sunny Sunday ……

  • lovely photos : ) Nylablue looks very happy, our cats are annoyed there is no sun, it is snowing here again, although Chili likes to go out on a lead in deep snow because he is a Norwegian Forest cat

    • Nylablue was very happy!! She just wanted out once she saw the Sun & NO snow!!! It is snowing here today (Monday) so someone is pouting again!!!! Sometimes I wish Nylablue was a Forest Cat too, lol!!!!

    • Today it iz rainy n Mum won’t let me go out in da Condo…did da Sun come dere to you?? me tried to send it!!! Express even!!!! We getz alot of rain here too….sumtimez it iz just too wet or too dry….. 😦

      • Yikez dat iz not guud…Mum asked me to ask you are you in Uk or France?? We waz lookin at yer flag n she was confused (purr usual) MOL!!!!
        Me finkz da dinghy wuud be a guud idea….do ya know Bailey da Boat Cat on here?? He haz a great dinghy!!! Maybee you cuud borrow it!
        Lub Nylablue xo

    • Me not shure if Spring gonna get here so soon but me takez what me can get!!!! Today iz still sorta warm but drizzly so me not alloud out hhhrrmmpphh!!!!
      N me heard da word “VET”????????? Oh nose!!!!!!!!

  • Looks like you’re enjoying your sun bath Nylablue in your comfy little condo. It’s beautiful here today too – in the low 60s and I was out on our front porch in the sun earlier this morning. Spring is starting to “spring” I think! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

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