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Come on Baby light my fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Published March 19, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue, Easy & Hitch camping 2013-4Hey Everyone: Look at what happened at the camp: Easy Pup apparently set the tent afire like his Hu’man Grandpa did…..seems they have an issue with Fire perhaps?????

Nylablue is all right; in fact she looks pretty OK in the pic…laughing at Easy….I sure hope young Hitch cat wasn’t scared either!!! As far as I know either Sammy cat or Savannah cat or Misaki pup will put them up overnite!!!!

Sleep well Nylablue…Mum loves you so much & hopes you will come home tomorrow…..xoxoxoxo


I got a letter from my Nylablue!!!!!

Published March 18, 2013 by NylabluesMum

NB extra 009Hi Folks: Look, look, look!!!! Look what I got in the mail today!!! A letter from my beloved Nylablue.

She says she is having alot of fun hanging out with Easy, Misaki, Hitch, Savannah,  Sammy & everyone else……I am really happy she is doing all right & having fun…You go NYLABLUE!!!

I so want my ”Sweet Feet”  back. I publicly apologize Nylablue. Have a good time camping & come home to me safely!!! Love always, your Hu’Man Sherri-Ellen!!!!NB extra 010NB extra 011

Me iz runnin away wif EASY n HITCH…..

Published March 12, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue, Easy & Hitch runnin away EEoowww KATZ: Nylablue here!!! Me iz BERY mad at da Mum so me iz now runnin away wif EASY n catnapped Hitch (of Mistletoe n Hitch fame) n we iz goin far far away!!!!! Me haz a purrfect `condo on wheelz`dat Easy got just fer me!!! EASY iz me Champion!!!! We goin campin!!!!!!! MOL!!!!!

Mum iz in da `doghouse`!!! Me might not come back!!!! Me had to go to da Vet Dr. Dave yesterday cause me waz not feelin guud!!!! Turnz out da Mum gabe me TOO MUCH MEDDYCASHUN to increase da appytite….me had mild SEROTONIN SYNDROME!!! Mild shmild; me felt purrfectly pawfull!!!! Dr. Dave gave me a Cartrophen shot n diz haz helped me feel guud enuff to leave home!!! Me iz still not eatin propurrley so maybe all da fresh air n Sun on da Beach will improve fingz fer me….Bye Bye Mum; it`z bin nice knownin ya!!!!!!!!!!

Celebratin Sunny Sunday ……

Published March 10, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Hello Krazy Katz: So me waz hanging out on me tote bed under da bedroom window tryin to bask in d a sun puddle.....mindin me own buzinezz when da Mum came in n asked me dose wordz me haz bin longin to hear: "Nylablue wuud you like to go OOOUUUTTTT???" Me waz so happy me almost fell off da tote hurryin to get into me condo!Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 001Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 004Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 021Here me iz out in da condo lookin around...oh iz it Spring yet?? Shure feelz like it! Diz iz pawsum to be outside again. 

Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 025Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 022Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 028
 Da Sun feelz so-o GUUD on me face!!!!

Me is gonna enjoy diz while it lastz!! Mum made shure me had blankiez to keep any wind out but wuud let da Sun shine in on ME!!!

Me is so pawsumly happy!!!

Me hopez eberyone has az guud a day as me N Mum are havin’!! 

It’z so warm n lubly me iz gettin sleepy so me iz gonna go have a “Happy Nappy” now….
Later Katz. Lub Nylablue ❤Sunny Sunday with Nylablue Mar.2013 031

Answerz to da ‘burnin questionz’

Published March 6, 2013 by NylabluesMum

liebster-awardHey dere Katz: Me n Mum wantz to say FANK YOU to da Three Moogiez fer diz lubly award!!!! You kittehz are just so sweet!!! Mum n me are so eggcited to be awarded another award!!! Mum is gonna answer da questionz now!! Hope eberyone enjoyz diz award as much as we iz!!!! Ok Mum yer turn!

Our Questions :-)

1 – Out of the three Moggies which is your favourite?

My fave Moggie is Archie & Nylablue’s is Henry.

2 – What is your favourite treat?

Nylablue’s fave treat is Friskies Seafood kibble which she is NOT supposed to have. Hey Mum you fergot da CATNIP!! DAT iz me fave treet!!!!

3 – If you was not the animal you are now what would you have liked to have been?

Nylablue would love to be a Canadian Cougar.

4 – Prefer cats or dogs?

Nylablue purrfers DOGS!! I purrfer CATS!!! Good thing SHE is a CAT!!!! 😉

5 – Who is your super hero?

My Super hero is Superman & Nylablue’s is Grimm the Yellow dog of Mother Goose cartoon fame.

6 – Do you get the opportunity to sleep with humans?

Nylablue sleeps wherever she wants & that includes my bed!!!! 🙂

7 – How old are you?

I am 57 yrs old & Nylablue is approximately 12 yrs which is 64 in Human yrs.

8 – What is an average day for you?

Nylablue’s day starts between 5:30-6 A.M. when she wakes me up for ‘1st breafast’. I do get to go back to sleep while she eats 2 servings of wet food & watches the birds at the feeders. She then naps until I get up around 9 A.M. & then she is circling me like a ‘land shark’ asking for ‘2nd breakfast’ which is a serving of skipjack tuna & usually some chicken. She then spends time cleaning & preening & sitting on my lap while I have coffee. then there is some playtime followed by a nap. Early afternoon is snacktime & watching the birds/squirrels again. If I go out she naps; if I stay home she naps!!!!!!If I go out Nylablue almost always greets me at the door. The evening is spent having supper-snack, snuggling with me, watching the ferals & meowing thru the window with them. Around 11 P.M. Nylablue asks to be brushed & I do or else I can;t go to sleep. We also play for a bit & then I read to Nylablue. She ‘leads’ me to bed around 12 & then either snuggles with me til I fall asleep or she lays down in her pedestal bed & watches out the window til she falls asleep…..whew….no wonder I am exhausted & Nylablue is always fresh as a daisy!!!!!

9 – Are you a clean animal?

Nylablue is a very clean kitty!!! She always uses the Litterbox. If she has ‘potty problems’ (because of Bowel Disease), she comes to me so I can wash her. She also loves to be brushed at least once a day…more if I have time. As she has no teeth I do try to brush her more so her fur doesn’t mat.

10 – What are you having for dinner tonight?

Nylablue had some Friskies Seafood kibble & then some Finicky Cat Chicken Pate. Before I go to bed I will give her some Beef Pate or Seafood Pate…whatever ‘Sweet Feet’ requests!!!!

Thank you so much Three Moogies for sharing your award with us & letting us share a bit about our life here together. Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.