5 Things about Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen

Published January 23, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue Winter 2013 007


1. What happened the  first day who got your dog/cat?
 Nylablue here: Da first day wif me new Mum waz guud. Da bad Hu’Manz dropped me off n Mum let me wander around da house n sniff eberyfing. She gave me kibble n wet fuud n played toyz wif me. She let me sleep on me new blankie on da couch n she sang to me b4 she went to bed.
2. Do you have a goal in mind for your blog this year? what is it?
 Nylablue here: Mum n me have not deecided about our goal fer da blog. WE just want to keep a blog of our life together.
3. What is the one thing of all others you love about your cat/dog?
 Mum here: What I love MOST about Nylablue is how she head rubs me or flomps down at my feet to cheer me up whenever I am down or sad.
4. An embarrassing moment with them, tell it?!
 Mum again: My most embarrassing moment with Nylablue was when she peed & then pooped on the Vet Dr. Dave…..can you imagine such a pretty cat doing that & there were 3 of us in the exam room!!!
5. What is a common misconception/ pet peever people have about your dog/cat/breed, that you would like to clear up!?
Nylablue back: Me pet peeve iz Hu’manz who ask, “How can she eat wifout teefiez??” “How do you stoopid Hu’manz do it wifout da teefe??? DAH!!!”
Now I realize some of you cat/dogs are the actual writers of your blog, but maybe you could interview your ma or pa to get the answers!

Nylablue Winter 2013 12

and finally…..Five things about Nylablue:

1) Nylablue loves to watch “Poirot” with David Suchet on TV. 2) Nylablue loves to sneak some of the feral kitty kibble when she thinks I am not looking. 3) Nylablue loves to be brushed b4 I go to bed & I have to or else!! 4) Nylablue is actually very affectionate with me. 5) Nylablue loves rabbits but doesn’t get on with her own kind!!!!


20 comments on “5 Things about Nylablue & Sherri-Ellen

    • Yoe Aunti Eevee: Guud to see you here 😉
      Diz waz sent to us frum Speedy da Rabbit n me finkz he livez where you do….way far away!!!!! Fankz fer da compleemintz! Me mum CAN take guud pix when she triez!!!! MOL…. hope you iz feelin a bit better. LUB you, Nylablue n Mum too!

  • Oh Speedy diz iz a lubly surrprize fer shure!!! Me wantz to say Fankz so much fer think of us!!! (Mum bin sick n diz cheered her up 😉
    Me gonna try n post da award on me speshell Awardz page!!!! Speedy if me cuud send you dat award me wuud….Lub Nylablue…oh n Mum too…

  • We enjoyed reading the 5 things about you sweet Nylablue. We had a bunny and all our cats loved him and played with him. We have heard that most cats love bunnies. Our bunny thought he was a cat we think…he did or tried to do everything the cats did. Love you and your mom sweet girl. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Me finkz ,e iz part bunneh az me can do da binkiez like da bunneh!!! Catz n bunnehz make great furendz!!! Better den some stoopid kitteh fer shure!!!
      Soundz like yer bunneh did fink he waz a cat!! YOW!!!
      kiss dat Chancy fer me n Mum!!!
      Lub to all of you dere. Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

    • 😉 See yer Grampy cuud eat wif out da teefiez so why can’t Katz or Dogz???
      Misaki you is bery bery pretty too!!! wuud love to play wif you in da snow but Mum won’t let me!!!! Lub yer pix of you rompin outside tho’!
      Lub & headrubz frum Nylablue.

    • Paw Patz to you Savannah….me iz so happy we found each other n our Hu’Mumz get along too!!! It iz lubly to have so many new furendz.
      WE will have to post sum NEW pix sometime soon 😉
      Lub Nylablue N Mum.

  • We laughed when you peed and pooped on Dr Dave. Pippa didn’t this time,but Jacob peed in his carrier and said “So, you wanted a pee sample!” Dr Aimee laughed at that one!
    The Maple Syrup Mob
    Pee Ess we have our own blog now (at last!)

    • Eeoww Jane: Me can bee a bery knotty kitteh when me putz da mind to it!!!! YOW YOW!!!
      Way to go Jacob!!!! ‘Cept den he iz sittin in hiz own pee….dat’z why me waitz til me iz at da Vet’z on da table, Yow!! 😉
      Iz yer blog here?? Or somewhere else…Mum asked fer you to post da ‘link’; she sayz you know what dat iz!!!
      Head rubz frum Nylablue xo

  • Hi Nylablue ! Hi Miss Sherri Ellen! We think it cool that Nylablue likes bunnies. I’m not sure how we’d react to bunnies. I, (Mistletoe) could do without other cats too. I hiss at the boys and have since they were little. Pumpkin & Tiger were tiny when they came and the humom’s mom hoped my mothering instinct would take over. Fat chance! Hitch was a little older when he barged in. He likes to chase me but if he comes close to catching me…he runs away! Smart boy! Even though I hiss at the boys I don’t really hate them. I’ll share toys and humans with them…I just want the to remember who has seniority. We love reading your blog. We enjoy hearing about your life together.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch
    (& HuMom Dorothy)

    • EEowww Mistletoe n Hitch n da other kitz n yer Hu’Mom Dorothy!! Sowwy we didn’t get here sooner. Da Mum here bin sick az you know 😉
      Me bugged her to at least check on da commintz here n let me answer fer her!!!
      Me likez bein da only kitty az me waz a Momma a long time ago but me haz no deesire to hab kittiez runnin about da place now 😉
      Now a bunneh wuud be different (VBP). Me cuud handle a bunneh!!! Mum ALMOST brought a bunny home last week….*sigh* but me iz a pawfull fer her with me health so she changed her mind!!! So me bein xtra nice to her; lotz of head rubz n kissez!!!!
      Fankz fer stoppin by!!!
      =^..^= Nylablue n Sherri-Ellen.

  • Mom, how did you find out that Miss Nylablue loves rabbits? Sorry — I’ve only been reading your blog a short time, and I don’t know if your family includes rabbits. I’m very curious about Miss Nylablue and about the rabbits involved — do they love her like she loves them? I’d love to hear all the details. Thanks!

    • Hi Susan: At present no rabbits live with us. I found out Nylablue loves bunnies as I had a friend who has many house rabbits. She would bring them to visit & Nylablue would follow the bunnies around & sort of play with them…the bunnies weren’t threatened by Nylalue either!!!!
      Unfortunately Aunti & her rabbits moved far out of town so the only bunnies we see are the wild cottontails & Nylablue will sit by the patio door quietly & watch them snacking…
      Welcome to the Purrfect Pad also!!!!
      Sincerely Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue.

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