VET’Z; me thought you said TREATZ!

Published January 7, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue & Fuzzy bunny 2010
Hey Katz n Doggiez..da Nylablue here…in fact me waz mindin me own buziness sleepin curled up on Mum’z bed last Fursday (Thursday fer Hu’Manz). Mum waz out fer a bit n came home actin all cheery n happy. UH HUH me knew sumfing waz up, but den she sayz, “Nylablue do you want treatz?” Me waz interested (VBP) n waz about to get up n come to Mum when all of a sudden she waz holdin me (NOT impressed) n den me waz in me Kat Karrier??? WHAT DA CAT?? WHAT JUST HAPPENED??
Me swore er me meanz meowed to Mum to LET ME OUT!!!! Diz fell on her VERY deaf earz……hhmmmmm…..
So off to Dr. Dave aka ‘Uncle” we went!!! ‘Uncle’ me furry cute backside!!! He doez strange fingz to me n you wantz me to call him ‘Uncle’??? HHRRMPPMMHH!!!
You iz barkin mad (sorry Pupz) Mum!!!
Me waz weighed in da Karrier, den Karrier weight iz subtracted (VBP) n me weighz 10.20 lbs. 🙂 Diz iz bunderful!! OK we go home now right??
OH NO, dere waz more….
Me looked guud ‘Uncle’ Dave said after he examined (VBP)me. He pal-pee-tated da bladder fer me to pee in a bottle; how bery embarrassin’ me can tell you!!!
Me bein stood up on da exam table up against ‘Uncle’ Dave’z belly n him snugglin me n him massagin me belly area!!! Me buzinezz all exposed (VBP) fer all to see!!! Mum begged me to pee so me did!!!! HHHRRRMMPPPMMM!!!
Den dere waz da nail trimmin!!! Da new gurl Crystal holdin me so dainty wrapped in a pink blankie!!! It waz bery bery funny!!! Me wriggled like da wild cougar me really iz n Mum told Crystal to hold on tight!!!!! Me really put up a fight fer guud effect so Mum had to help hold me down!!!! Me den did da hissin n put da ‘biteybite’ on eberybody ‘cept me haz no teefiez so dem Hu’manz were gigglin n sayin how cute me iz!!!!! By diz point me iz bloody er bery fur-ious!!!!!!!!
Waz da torture over?? Apparently (VBP) not.
Dere waz one more fing to do: put da ointmint in me eyez. Diz waz last straw so me really started swearin in Siamese n whipped me head back n forth!!!
OH MY CAT!!! ‘Uncle’ got da ointmint in da eyez n when Crystal n Mum went to put me in karrier me fought dat just to make a point!!!
Next fing me knowz me iz snuggled in da karrier wif Dot da Ladybug stuffie n eberyone iz tellin me how cute me iz!!!!!!! CUTE???????
SERIOUSLY??? Me iz a fearsum, wild cougar kitteh!!! BEMEMBER??? Next time me goez to da Vet me iz gonna pee n poop all over EVERYONE!!!
By da way da urine test waz fer Diabetes which me doez not have…so nana-na-nana Mum… iz a worrier fer nuthin’!!!!
As fer ‘Uncle’Dave don’t call us; we call you!!! (Maybe……..)Nylablue-new-couch-2010


16 comments on “VET’Z; me thought you said TREATZ!

  • Poor, sweet Nylablue the nerve of them puttin’ you through all that embarrassin’ stuffs we don’t blame you for plannin’ to pee and poop on them all if they do that to you on your next visit to Uncle Dave…what a way to treat his guest…my goodness!!! Hugs and nose kisses

    • Aunti Maggie n Chancy!!! Diz WAZ whomilly-atin to say de least…mind you, Mum n me needed to know fer shure if me waz sick. Me iz glad it iz just dat stoopid herpes Virus buggin me!!!! Mum sayz me waz so guud me nOT going back fer az long az me stayz healthy!!!!
      So me knowz what me haz to do 😉
      Nose bonkz to me sweet chancy n ~~head rubz~~ to you Aunti frum Nylablue.

  • those hoomans…always telling us one thing then do something else! Good news Nylablue, you are healthy ‘cept for the things you already knew about…so hope you are home now and comfy and warm with Mom Sherri-Ellen…luvluvluv you, paw pats, Savannah

    • Yow Savannah~ Mum iz alwayz trickin me when it iz time to go to Uncle Dave….me iz gettin used to it…
      Da best part iz comin home n bein spoiled wif treatz n catnip 😉 It’z her guilty conchunnce kickin in!!!! MOL!!!!
      All iz well now….
      Lub ya, Nylablue.

  • Poor Nylablue! We are glad you are not diabetic. When I go to see Dr Beth I just curl up and try to hide. But I let HuMom know how I feel on the ride over. I sing my crate/carrier song nice and loud for her. Hitch doesn’t mind going to the vet to much. He doesn’t like the ride, but he likes exploring new places. He’s a lunatic. Well, we are glad it’s all done for you…at least for now.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch

    • *wavez at Mistletoe n Hitch* Guud to hear from both of you! Me singz also n Mum singz back, MOL!!!
      Me a bit of a lunatic too 😉
      Also known az ‘con-complaint’; me iz so pruod of diz!!! Me doezn’t take diz lyin down….
      At least me iz healthy….n Mum libz me!!!
      Me can see Hitch snoopin eberywhere n you doin hidey in da corner…me haz tried both…MOL!!

  • Awww Nylablue you poor thing! Sending you soothing headbutts. Them humans don’t show any mercy sometimes but I know it’s only because your mum loves you. Glad you got the all clear. I have to go next week to have a rabies shot to keep my passport up to date. I’m not looking forward to that I can tell you! Bisous Bailey

    • MMMMMM dem head buttz were purrfect Bailey!! Fankz!! Me knowz da Mum carez alot ’bout me az me haz had health problemz since she rescued me 😉
      At least she carez; da Hu’manz befur her did not n let me be bery sick…
      Hopin dat rabiez shot iz over befur you know it Bailey; just bemember you will be able to sail on da open water n travel….dat’z gotta be wurth a tiny jab….sort of…..OWWW!!!
      Sendin you head rubz back, Nylablue. xo

  • You were brave, Nyla!
    It won’t be long until McDuff has to go to, but only for mani/pedicure. He hates to go into the carrier … he gets so scared during the car ride.

    • Eeooww Aunti Rebby: Pleese tell McDuff not to be scared frum me!!!
      Me had me mani/pedi done while me waz at Vet. Dat iz da least scariest fing….tell McDuff he alwayz comez home so dere’s no need to wurry!!!!!
      Love n head rubz frum Nylablue.

  • We are shakin and shiverin because Abigail and Pippa have to see aunty Dr Aimee tomorrow.
    Pippa ALWAYS pees,poops,AND pukes at the vets…thought you’d be proud of her!!
    The Maple Sryup Mob
    PS Sydney IS diabetic and has to have two pokes a day…good news that you don’t have

    • Oh no’z!!!!! Not Abigail n Pippa too!!??!! Me pray to CATGOD fer dem to be all right n not to make too much of a mess!!!
      Pippa soundz alot like me!!!! Me iz BERY proud!!!
      Me iz sowwy Sydney iz diabetic; how do you gib him 2 pokez day?? mw wuud neber sit long enough fer me Mum to do that to me which meanz it wuud have to tablet crushed in fuud or me’d be dun fer!!!! Bein kind of wild doezn’t help when me getz sick.
      Me hopez fingz go well wif Aunti Dr. Amy…pawz crossed here fer Abigail n Pippa ❤

  • Oh the indignity! Well, I’m glad that you found out you’re not diabetic Nylablue….and just think – now that you’ve been to “Uncle” you shouldn’t have to go again for a while!! YAY!

    Kitty Hugs, Sammy

    • Oh Sammy it waz pawfull az usual!!! Den again it IZ guud to know me don’t hab THAT!! ‘Uncle” Dave sayz it iz me Feline Herpes Virus actin up…blah!!!!!
      me agreez wif you…no vizitz to ‘Uncle’ Dave fer a long while ok Mum???

    • Fankz Misaki! Me had not bin to see Dr. Dave since last May n me waz bery happy ’bout that…leave it to me Mum to fink of sumfing to drag me to da Vet fer!!!!
      Me getz alot of cuddlez dat me don’t want, MOL!!!!!
      Mum haz bin bery nice to me all weekend but me iz just ignorin her!!!
      Til da TREATZ come out!!!!! 😉

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