After da Pawty at Savannah’z

Published January 4, 2013 by NylabluesMum

CAT-tentment Yow Yow Katz, da Nylabue here!! Me had such a guud time at Savannah’z 1st Gotcha Party yesterday!!!! Diz iz me today:

Nylablue slinky

Me injoyed da Meowgarita’z n da tuna cake n played gamez n danced da Macatrena wif Savannah!!! WE both hab come such a long way frum bein in a Shelter/Prison n habin a guud home iz da bery best fing of all!!!!

Lookin at me Mum last nite me realized (VBP) just how lucky n blessed me iz to be here!!!! Fankz Savannah fer invitin me n me hopez we can do diz agin next year!!!!


20 comments on “After da Pawty at Savannah’z

    • Dat iz me nickname at da Vet’z; dey call me Cougar!!!! Me iz furoshus like one!!!
      Me swearz ALOT in Siamese….if me lived closer me’d come over n teach you…..
      You in da Chili don’t get along do you?? šŸ˜‰ Now Japser iz kind a cute izn’t he???
      Bein a Goddess MUST be bery hard…me iz also called da Queen so me haz an idea of what you must do to be so speshell!!!
      Me Mum bought a little sign fer me Condo dat sayz Goddess…shuud habe bin fer you!!!
      Nylablue xo

      • EEoww Freya…da Vet IZ bery funny…
        He n me Aunti Mingflower (kitteh befur me) had a lub affair wif him; all cuddly n layin on her back legz open n so trustin!!! ME is NUFFIN like diz!!!! Me iz wild n fur-ochus…so “Uncle” Dave triez to treat me like Mingflower, YOW, YOW!!!! He iz so funny!!!

  • loz Nylablue ewe is really de wild coogar !!! ewe rock coz you swears in Siameeze, me can only swears in cat , early I swears at de chili cat coz he tried to butt in on my game of chase de scarf up de stairs wat me waz playin wiv me human dad, I is not a coogar coz I is a Goddess insted
    I luffs your blogs Nylablue, me cannot wait to reed more, at the moment I is gonna go sleepy eyes jus to make a change, is tiring being a Goddess and keeping my human mum company


  • mow mow Nylablue, Goddess Freya calling
    I iz jellus that ewe goes to a partay,(I iz glad ewe had a good time though) my mummy will not let me
    she tries to get me to partay wiv thems boy cats but they smells like poo and wee and one of dem haz no manners, me rather hang out wiv my mummy
    well I must go now coz I iz gonna sit on a pile of books an look pretty then I mite gets me sum custard..mummy luffs cats and books speshilly togever

    • Oh Miss Goddess Freya~ Lubly to hear from you agin!!! me meber thought to tell you about da Pawty!!! Sowwy…now me feelz just pawfull!!! Pleeze furgive me šŸ˜¦
      If me haz a Gotcha Pawty in June maybb yer Mum might let you come??? PLEEZE Aunti Eevee, Pleeze!!!
      Why iz da boy catz so smelly?? EEWWW…
      Boy catz can be pawful; me knowz ’bout that!! *shudderz*
      Me purrdurz me Mum over any other kitteh or Hu’Man! Yer Mum iz alot like me Mum!!!
      MMM custard..did you get sum???
      Mum haz bin readin “Lady Of Quality” to me n it iz bery weird how dese Hu’manz spoke in da early 1800’z….no wonder da animalz did not hang around dem…cuud not understand a word they waz sayin!! MOL!!!
      We iz so lucky aren’t we???
      Take care Freya n watch over yer Mum.
      Lub Nylablue.

    • Hi Rebby n McDuff…it waz a pawsum time at Savannah’z!! Me neber gone to a kitteh online pawty befur..only bunneh pawties…me iz quite da Pawty Gurl!!!
      Do you follow Savannah’s blog?? She iz such a sweet kitteh n her Hu’manz are DA BEST!!!!!
      Me is still hungover tired out frum pawtyin…doez Mewogartiaz went down guud!!!
      Kiss dat sweet boy McDuff frum me! Lub to you too frum Nylablue. xo

      • Hi Rebby: šŸ˜‰ I just translate what ‘Sweet Feet’ tells me to write. Yes you can type anyway you want. Funny thing is: it drives the ‘spell check’ here crazy!!!!
        There is a ‘del\ with a line thru it so you click on it to type what you would like to delete & it types the words with a line thru it. Just have to remember to unclick it to continue the proper post!!! šŸ˜‰
        Nylablue gave up on me & is napping up on top of kitchen cupboard on her turquiose pillow….LOL…

      • Cool! šŸ˜€
        Sherri Ellen … are you able to write that way yourself, or is there a way to somehow convert?! McDuff is sleeping in our bed right now, but I’ll tell him when he wakes up ..

  • Me saw dat post ’bout you slurpin a drink half full…ya gotta get dem Woofitini’z wheneber you can… šŸ˜‰
    me iz goin back to sleep…me iz still tired frum da pawty…..*big yawn wif no teefiez*….
    Nitenite sweet Kirby pup!

  • Oh, sweet Nylablue we are glad you had a good time at the party, we stopped by too but we couldn’t stay long, we had company. Hope you are resting up today after having such a good time. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Me had a great time!!! Me first pawty wif kittehz n doggiez; me haz only bin to bunneh pawtiez in da past!!!!
      Me iz restin ALOT!!! MOL!!!
      Kiss da Chancy fer me n Mum sayz to give da kittehz strokinz too!
      Lub Nylablue xo

    • Me iz glad you iz comfy Savannah!!! me wantz \lectric blankie but Mum sayz me wuud claw at it in ‘lectricute meself……..whixh is probbly true šŸ˜¦
      Me bet you iz feelin all snuggly *sighz deeply*

    • Eeoww Jane, Mistletoe & Hitch! Me neber been to a pawty like diz either!!! WOW iz all me can say!!!! We sure did pawty hearty didn’t we??? šŸ˜‰
      Maybe me shuud throw a Gotcha party in June????

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