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Nylablue LOVES her CAT!

Published January 28, 2013 by NylabluesMum

CAT 2 Yow KATZ: Look who came to bizit me diz mornin’!!!!! It iz me furend “Loader” CAT!!!! Fur REAL!!!! A big noisy CAT wif da big yellow eyez n singz to me!!! Me heart iz goin pitty-patter fur shure!!!!

Me iz one lucky kitteh to hab SUCH a B-I-G furend like diz!!! He keepz me safe frum da big snow!!!! Me LUBZ me LOADER ❤CAT 3


(S)He’s Like The Wind

Published January 14, 2013 by NylabluesMum


This story starts for me in 1959; in fact this story might have been going on for years before I became aware of it. I was 4 years old in 1959 & I dreamt of ‘the Wind’. I could not see the Wind; but I felt his presence & spoke to him.
I had many dreams of the Wind during my 4th year & then the dreams stopped. When I turned 8 years old the Wind came back into my dreams & I could see his feet. We spoke about many things over the course of that year & then he disappeared when I turned 9. A pattern established itself as the Wind came to visit in my dreams every 4 years & every visit a bit more of him was revealed. He said he would do his best to reveal himself in human form to me but being a force of Nature it was difficult for him to do this easily…..the years rolled by & the Wind came to visit every 4th year & we would talk & laugh & he would guide me as I was growing up & into adulthood. By the time I was 40 I was widowed for the first time. It was a year for the Wind to visit in my dreams & he did & all his body except for his face was showing….he was very tall & slender & had a scar on his left shoulder….. we spoke & he told me he would SOON reveal himself to me AS A HUMAN BEING!!!!!! I was numb from grief & wanted to believe but had dismissed all these dreams & visits as just my overactive imagination!!!
I had no more dreams of the Wind & nothing unusual happened until one warm late Spring evening in 1998 when I was at Knox United Church for a meeting. There were a few different meetings going on that night. Our group came out at break thru the front door & the 2nd group came out thru the back door….I had my back to the parking lot & I heard a strong male voice say “Turn around Sherri-Ellen!” I spun around & looked across the parking lot & there stood a very tall, slender & handsome man. He nodded his head & smiled at me & then he went into the church.
At that moment it meant nothing to me….I was struggling to accept my husband Paul’s death & deal with my health problems. After the meetings ended I did not see the man & thought no more about it. A week later he showed up at the Saturday night meeting at the British Methodist Church. He was shy yet articulate & well-spoken. During break we chatted casually & I felt I knew him from somewhere.
After the meeting I started walking home & the man named Kevin said he lived in the same neighborhood & he would walk me home. We lived 6 houses apart!!!!
From that moment on we became friends; sharing private & personal things that people who don’t know each other well would not share so readily!!! After a few months Kevin came to me & asked for advice on how to ask a woman out on a date & I gave him some pointers & all the while he had this curious little smile on his face. Then he asked me out!!! I was so excited!! He told me we were going to a bowling banquet & dance & I suggested we practice dancing together before the event. Kevin agreed we should practice because he was 6’4″ & I am only 5’2″ on a good day!!! So the next nite he brought over the ‘Dirty Dancing’ CD & first we danced to “Hungry Eyes” & then “She’s Like The Wind”….as we danced I started singing the song   & suddenly it was like a bold of lightning hit me!!!!!!! I looked up into Kevin’s eyes & I thought to myself “This is the Wind of my dreams…” I started to cry & Kevin consoled me. I couldn’t bring myself to explain why I was crying so I said something like I was just so happy to have a date after being widowed & Kevin said he UNDERSTOOD ALL my reasons for crying……
That night the Wind came to me in my dreams which was unusual because it wasn’t after 4 years but only  2 years!!!! The Wind approached me, tall, slender, blonde hair & then he turned around to face me & I was breathless in the dream!!!! Standing before me was KEVIN!!!!! He WAS the Wind of my dreams that spanned over 40 years!!!!
In the dream,  we spoke of all the visits & what was happening now. Kevin told me he found a way to come & be with me because he could not bear for me to be alone & he knew I was falling apart emotionally over Paul’s death. We hugged & he dissolved & I awoke feeling hopeful.
The next nite was our first date & we had a wonderful time. After the dinner,  we danced & yes we danced to “Hungry Eyes” & “(S)he’s Like The Wind”. In fact we sang that song to each other & everything fell away; we were no longer in a hall but all alone dancing on air it seemed. Now I know this sounds pretty odd but it IS the truth. We went up to Inglis Falls after the dance & had our first kiss with a full Moon smiling down on us!!! From that moment on we were inseperable, except for Kevin going to work or bowling. We became engaged & we were married Oct. 3rd, 1999 at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church in town. My Father sang at our wedding & it was the best day of my Life!! On our wedding nite I discovered that Kevin had a long scar on his left shoulder above his chest!!! I would always kiss his scar not remembering why it was important to me….
Kevin was the best husband a woman could have: sweet, compassionate, generous, caring. He was rather a serious man & the greatest joy was to make him laugh!!! I would say & do silly  funny things; improvising as I went & he would laugh so hard he would cry!!! He told me he never had laughed like this with anyone else EVER. Our life together was wonderful. We went for long drives,  to the movies,  to the Library & we took up canoeing. Sometimes we would go out on Grey Road 17 & dance under the stars to our favorite songs. We never actually talked about Kevin being the Wind. It was like we both forgot that fact.
Our marriage suddenly took a bad turn & Kevin disappeared for 4 days. It was agonzing wondering where he was because I was out of town at my Brother’s. I finally did hear from Kevin & we had a terrible arguement over the phone; however he drove 300 miles to pick me up & bring me home. We talked & talked & cried together & Kevin left!!! He disappeared again. He called me a week later & had taken 2 rooms in a downtown hotel. He called that place ‘home’ for 2 years. Something happened to Kevin & he was using Cocaine. He still held his job & he would call me regularly & we’d even go for coffee every few months. He came to the Native Centre & to my 15 year NA anniversary at the Church & he came back to me for a few weeks & then would disappear. We bought his beloved Thunderbird that I named Redwing together & he would take me for drives ever week. Whenever we saw each other after one of his disappearances we would run into each other’s arms & kiss passionately. It felt like we were never apart as odd as THAT sounds.
I saw Kevin 2 weeks before his death & I did not recognize him. He neither looked like Kevin or the Wind man of my dreams; he was grey. I knew he was in trouble but everytime I tried to go see him something weird would happen & I’d have to postpone seeing him. I called his cell but it was disconnected. Kevin was found dead July 13th, 2003 after being missing from work for 3-4 days. I was not allowed to see him however he came to me in my dreams & what I saw was horrifying!!! I would wake up sobbing nite after nite. The Coroner was so kind & respectful to me as was the Forensic  Pathologist. When I described what Kevin looked like from my dreams he paled & stammered, “How do you know this??” He wouldn’t let me see the photos but he told me what I saw in my dreams was what the photos looked like!!! He gently told me Kevin had committed suicide leaving a note saying he left everything to me. I had to clear out his rooms & the storage locker & it was one of the hardest experiences of my Life. I held a Memorial service for Kevin July 31st, 2003 & the Reverend who married us conducted the service. I read 2 poems I’d written for Kevin. I played “Carry On My Wayward Son” by Kansas, Kevin’s theme song he once told me!!!!
Kevin’s ashes went over Inglis Falls later that day with the song “(S)he’s Like The Wind” playing from the ghetto blaster….
Fast forward to 2008 & I was helping a friend at her Art/Jewellry/New Age store in town. She knows ALOT about Angels & all things spiritual. I was having dreams of the Wind again..knowing it was Kevin but his face ‘blacked out’ from me…I told my friend about the entire experience & she asked me many questions & did an Angel Reading for me…..
The result: Kevin aka the Wind is the ANGEL Ruchiel, the Keeper of the Wind. My friend brought up a picture of a likeness of Ruchiel as a man & it was Kevin!!!!!
My friend told me that when Angels make the decision to leave the Angelic Realm & come to Earth as a Human they are severed from the Angels & Creator & in fact forget who they are. Most Angelic beings as Humans end up as serious addicts or alcoholics & are Atheists, which Kevin professed to be. As the Angelic entity journeys thru Life here as a Human they may have glimpses of the Angelic Realm & ‘remember’ something of their other existence. 99% of these beings commit suicide so they can end their emotional & spiritual suffering & return to the Realm where they are from. Everything FINALLY made sense to me!!! It also was reassuring to know I wasn’t stark raving mad also!!!!
Fast forward to 2012 during the late Spring & guess who came to me in my dreams?? My beloved Kevin aka Ruchiel apologizing for abandoning me & telling me he was sorry for how things turned out. In the dream I could see ALL of Kevin & we embraced & a white light enveloped us!!! We had a few ‘visits’ like that last year. Of course Kevin/Ruchiel has not returned & so I will await 2016 with quiet anticpation. Kevin & SherriEllen '99The MessengerI chose this picture because as Ruchiel, Kevin’s skin was actually quite bronze in color!!  Also you can see the similarities of the facial features & body shape. This was the photo I found back in 2008 that took my breath away….my beautiful Angel I will love you forever!!!!

VET’Z; me thought you said TREATZ!

Published January 7, 2013 by NylabluesMum

Nylablue & Fuzzy bunny 2010
Hey Katz n Doggiez..da Nylablue here…in fact me waz mindin me own buziness sleepin curled up on Mum’z bed last Fursday (Thursday fer Hu’Manz). Mum waz out fer a bit n came home actin all cheery n happy. UH HUH me knew sumfing waz up, but den she sayz, “Nylablue do you want treatz?” Me waz interested (VBP) n waz about to get up n come to Mum when all of a sudden she waz holdin me (NOT impressed) n den me waz in me Kat Karrier??? WHAT DA CAT?? WHAT JUST HAPPENED??
Me swore er me meanz meowed to Mum to LET ME OUT!!!! Diz fell on her VERY deaf earz……hhmmmmm…..
So off to Dr. Dave aka ‘Uncle” we went!!! ‘Uncle’ me furry cute backside!!! He doez strange fingz to me n you wantz me to call him ‘Uncle’??? HHRRMPPMMHH!!!
You iz barkin mad (sorry Pupz) Mum!!!
Me waz weighed in da Karrier, den Karrier weight iz subtracted (VBP) n me weighz 10.20 lbs. 🙂 Diz iz bunderful!! OK we go home now right??
OH NO, dere waz more….
Me looked guud ‘Uncle’ Dave said after he examined (VBP)me. He pal-pee-tated da bladder fer me to pee in a bottle; how bery embarrassin’ me can tell you!!!
Me bein stood up on da exam table up against ‘Uncle’ Dave’z belly n him snugglin me n him massagin me belly area!!! Me buzinezz all exposed (VBP) fer all to see!!! Mum begged me to pee so me did!!!! HHHRRRMMPPPMMM!!!
Den dere waz da nail trimmin!!! Da new gurl Crystal holdin me so dainty wrapped in a pink blankie!!! It waz bery bery funny!!! Me wriggled like da wild cougar me really iz n Mum told Crystal to hold on tight!!!!! Me really put up a fight fer guud effect so Mum had to help hold me down!!!! Me den did da hissin n put da ‘biteybite’ on eberybody ‘cept me haz no teefiez so dem Hu’manz were gigglin n sayin how cute me iz!!!!! By diz point me iz bloody er bery fur-ious!!!!!!!!
Waz da torture over?? Apparently (VBP) not.
Dere waz one more fing to do: put da ointmint in me eyez. Diz waz last straw so me really started swearin in Siamese n whipped me head back n forth!!!
OH MY CAT!!! ‘Uncle’ got da ointmint in da eyez n when Crystal n Mum went to put me in karrier me fought dat just to make a point!!!
Next fing me knowz me iz snuggled in da karrier wif Dot da Ladybug stuffie n eberyone iz tellin me how cute me iz!!!!!!! CUTE???????
SERIOUSLY??? Me iz a fearsum, wild cougar kitteh!!! BEMEMBER??? Next time me goez to da Vet me iz gonna pee n poop all over EVERYONE!!!
By da way da urine test waz fer Diabetes which me doez not have…so nana-na-nana Mum… iz a worrier fer nuthin’!!!!
As fer ‘Uncle’Dave don’t call us; we call you!!! (Maybe……..)Nylablue-new-couch-2010

After da Pawty at Savannah’z

Published January 4, 2013 by NylabluesMum

CAT-tentment Yow Yow Katz, da Nylabue here!! Me had such a guud time at Savannah’z 1st Gotcha Party yesterday!!!! Diz iz me today:

Nylablue slinky

Me injoyed da Meowgarita’z n da tuna cake n played gamez n danced da Macatrena wif Savannah!!! WE both hab come such a long way frum bein in a Shelter/Prison n habin a guud home iz da bery best fing of all!!!!

Lookin at me Mum last nite me realized (VBP) just how lucky n blessed me iz to be here!!!! Fankz Savannah fer invitin me n me hopez we can do diz agin next year!!!!