Catmas craziez

Published December 22, 2012 by NylabluesMum

Eeooww me Fur-endz: Da Nylablue here…dere iz so much actibity goin on here me Mum haz not bin on da computer. Me sitz on da closed computer lookin furlorn hopin she wuud get da hint, yow, yow….den me sitz on da counter lookin bored hopin n hopin:Beautiful disinterestFinally da Mum got da hint n said, “Nylablue do you want to do a blog befur our birfdayz!!! YOW!! It shure took you long enuff Mum to figure diz out!!!!

Now da Mum haz bin out ebery day doin shopping n buyin alot of pressiez fur da 2 leggedz in her fambily: fer her Sister, me Aunti Stacey who iz lubly n her 2 kitz n da older kit haz 2 kitz of her own so Mum haz been hustlin’ n bustlin’ about like a crazy Hu’man. Me haz bin snoopervizing da wrappin of da pressiez n nappin to get me strength (VBP) back:Me-sleep-in-big-bedWhen me getz into her bed she all wayz coberz me up. It iz bery sweet of her to wurry so much about me.

Mum haz bin actin weird tho; seemz ebery nite  n me had to sit her down n hab a talk wif her. She haz bin stressed out n in alot of pain tween the broken toe n da bone dizease she haz….so we got all snuggly on da couch n me asked what waz wrong wif her?? She started to cry n she told me she missez her past husband Paul. Me neber met him but me haz heard many storiez. He waz not able to move n had to use a wheelchair to get around. He n Mum were married from Dec.23rd, 1984 until he died April 30th, 1996….poor Mum!! Me can only ‘magine what she iz feelin’. He waz a handsome fella:Paul late 80'sThe 2 kitz are his niecez who are now all grown up n send Mum cardz ebery year.

So Mum had a weepy n me head butted her bunchez in lubbed on her n she iz feelin much better. Well maybe not  much better, but she iz smilin more n not cryin all da time. She sayz she needz to be wif 2 leggedz or she will dissolve (VBP) in a puddle of tearz n me cuud not bear dat at all!!!  Me knowz she iz missin him in finkin about dere wedding all dem yearz ago….Poor poor Hu’Man…..

We wish eberyone a bery Merry Catmas!! Monday Mum n me cellybratez our birfdayz n den she goez to Aunti Stacey’z. Me be back on here at the end of the week. Be safe n hab a great hollyday!! Me be here guardin da place fer Mum n waitin to get back on da computer!!!Nylablue guarding door



20 comments on “Catmas craziez

  • I am happy to see you shared Paul with all your WP friends. So sorry you have still been having pain with your gums and toe. Sure hope that toe gets all well very soon. You all have a wonderful and Happy New Year sweet Sherri-Ellen and sweet Nylablue. We hope and pray 2013 brings you nothing but happiness, love and good health. Hugs and nose kisses from all of us to you both. Love you!

    • Hi Maggie & Chancy~ Things all right here now; it was just one of those things!!!! My toe has healed well & gums quiet.
      I admit I still miss Paul alot. It seems to get harder as time passes…..but I soldier on 😉
      We wish you all the best of health, happiness, peace & good times for 2013 also!!
      Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue too.

  • Hey Nylablue and SherriEllen! I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and enjoyed your birthdays! =^.^= I’m sorry you were feeling sad SherriEllen, I’m sure your husband is watching over you and is happy you have other humans that love you and Nylablue who looks after you. How is your toe doing now? Nylablue I just love that photo….I wish I could dash through the snow, but it’s been mostly sunny here! Have you seen the snow bunny again? He looks like he’d be so much fun to play with! Hope you are both OK and having a lovely relaxing week. Bisous Bailey

    • Eeoww Bailey…We DID haba great Catmas! Me Mum let me open da giftz on da 24th fer da birfday n den she went away fer 3 dayz with me Aunti Stacey n her family. me had Aunti Anne here to care fer me n it waz lubly!
      Mum’z toe iz gettin better n she can walk better now (she iz such a klutz!)
      Mum got thru da funk she waz in thankz to me Aunti Stacey n her kitz n da grandkitz!
      “Snowy” haz been back a few timez to eat da bird seedz speshelly when it iz snowin out!!!
      Me Mum iz buzy wif unpackin’ n dishez n chorez n phone callz so me iz bein her secreterry!! How waz yer CAtmas Bailey?? me must check yer blog! Fankz fer stoppin by. LUB Nylablue n her Mum….

  • Hi, Nylablue and Mom. Nylablue, thank you so much for taking care of Mom when she is sad. I also wanted to tell Mom that I am sorry about her broken toe. I hope Christmas and New Year’s are *great* for both of you, and I hope 2013 is a really excellent year with many blessings in store for you!

    • Yow. me poor Hu’Mum haz such bad luck it seemz…da toe iz gettin better n Mum bein careful! Mum doing much better after a bizit to her Sister’z….me cussin gabe me LUV treatz n da iz guud; no dey iz YUMMY!!!
      We wish you a bery happy n successful (VP) New Year…
      Lub Nylablue.

  • Hey Nylablue, Jet here. Hi Miss Sherri-Ellen.

    Please tell Mom we send her our deepest sympathies for her loss. Tough time when the memories hit. You are a sweet feline to help her feel better. Yes, 2 legged company will surely help as well.

    We hope you both celebrate a wonderful birthday and an upcoming year filled with physical comfort, love, abundance and … lots of laughter… Mom and I agree that laughter stuff helps you get through a lot.


    • Hello Jet you handsome boy! Thank you for your kind words. I am feeling a bit better..memories are at least a comfort of sorts. Nylablue has been a great help keeping me focued on HER, hehe so I am not moping around…
      I am sorry I haven’t been to your blogs to reply; it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster here so please bear with me Jet….I’ll do better in the New Year!!!
      Bye for now Sherri-Ellen & snoozing Nylablue….

  • Hey, hey, hey gurl furriend Nylablue!! And waves paw to Miss Sherri Ellen! I forgot your birthdays are on Monday…glares at Mom staff…harummppfff…that means you and my Mom are all those funny animal with horns…Kapreekorns!! Mom’s B-Day is 29th!! You be happy Miss Sherri Ellen with your sister and we all look ahead to being with you and Nylablue when you get back. (pssssttt…whispers behind paw to Nylablue…why don’t you hop in my 3 Way Teleport Tunnel and come over here while Mom Sherri-Ellen is gone…come on, you can do it! )

    • Hi Savannah: The Hu’Mum here…yes I am a Capricorn….hehehe!!!! So is Nylablue as she celebrates the same day as me!
      Nylablue is terrified of tunnels….but you never know….
      Right now she is snoozing on her new Christmas blankie a friend in our building made her!! She has worn herself out helping me pack & wrap gifts & trashing the tree….hehe!
      Catch you when we return to Cyberland 😉
      Bye for now, Sherri-Ellen.

    • You iz right dat eben wif sadness dere iz happy stuff…me Mum iz doin much better today. me iz helpin her get thingz done to goto Aunti’z n that iz cheering her up!!! Me helped with the wee tree last nite….me got caught chewin it so me waz in truuble…but it made Mum laugh so it waz worth it 😉
      Merry Christmas Annie n critterz xo Nylablue.

  • This is a hard time of year to be alone. Even though we miss our loved ones all year, Christmas & New Years are especially hard. We wish we had magic words to make your Mummy feel better but all we can offer is our love and friendship. Maybe there’s a little magic in that? Merry Christmas.
    Purrs to you,
    Mistletoe & Hitch …and our HuMom, Dorothy
    RWB (readers without blogs)

    • Eeeoow Mistletoe n Hitch n Dorothy….Merry Catmas!!!! Me iz keepin da Mum company n helpin her wif wrappin giftz n packin n stuff…n me got caught gummin da tree on da table so Mum cuud tel me off….me did dat to divert (VBP) her attenshun n IT WORKED!!! Me iz bery bery clever, MOL!!!!
      WE will be off fer 4-5 dayz so will catch up wif eberyone den!! Have a bunderful holiday. Lub Nylableu n her Mum Sherri-Ellen

  • Hi Nylablue and “Mom”……it can be sad this time of year for lots of people who miss their loved ones who have gone over the human’s rainbow bridge. I’m glad you two have each other to hug and enjoy and celebrate your birthdays together! That’s wonderful and special. Hope you both have a lovely holiday and remember, we never lose our loved ones – they are always with us….always!!

    Holiday Hugs from Sam and his Mom 😀

    • Yow Sammy you iz right bout dat!!! Mum tellz me many storiez of her Hu’manz who have gone on n she shure had alot of peeple with her at one time….now it iz just her n da Sister n her family so me doez me best to lub her her n fill dat empty spot….
      Mum sayz it iz true da departed onez are wif her in her heart n mind so not totally gone….You iz bery wise Sammy!!
      Holiday Paw Patz to you Sammy n Mum from Nylablue n her Mum!

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